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Episode 11

11. Springwatch: 2012, Episode 11

The team celebrate the return of otters across the UK with some special footage.

Argentina and Peru

2. Deadly 60 on a Mission: Series 1, Argentina and Peru

A hunt for the mighty anaconda goes wrong when Steve is attacked by an unseen predator.

Episode 7

7. Animal Park: Series 9, Episode 7

A sea lion causes an evacuation from a tour boat and the otter pups get their first jabs.


3. Wild: Watching the Wild, Otters

Cameraman Charlie Hamilton James hunts for otters on the Isle of Skye.

Episode 10

10. Animal Park: Series 7: 30 minute reversions, Episode 10

A hidden 'carcass-cam' shows the ruthless efficiency of the white-backed vultures.