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2. Antiques Uncovered: Travel

Dr Lucy Worsley examines a life-size train set, while Mark Hill looks at Wedgwood pottery.


17. Flog It!: Series 8 Reversions, Nantwich

Will Axon and Kate Bliss join Paul Martin in valuing antiques in Nantwich, Cheshire.

The Art of the Potter

3. Ceramics: A Fragile History: The Art of the Potter

How a group of craftsmen broke the monopoly of the ceramic factories with studio pottery.

The Story of Clay

1. Ceramics: A Fragile History: The Story of Clay

A look at the history of domestic pottery in Britain from Tudor times onwards.

Pottery Lottery

4. Flog It!: Ten of the Best 2011, Pottery Lottery

Paul Martin showcases ten of his favourite pottery items from the series.

Hartlepool and Swansea

4. Flog It!: Series 6, Hartlepool and Swansea

Hartlepool and Swansea go head to head to find the best antiques to sell at auction.