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Episode 1

1. Michel Roux's Service: Episode 1

The trainees experience the brilliance of Michelin-starred service.

Episode 7

7. Michel Roux's Service: Episode 7

The trainees must offer a bespoke private dining experience to some very special guests.

Episode 8

8. Michel Roux's Service: Episode 8

The trainees take over service at Michel Roux's own restaurant in their final challenge.

Episode 6

6. Michel Roux's Service: Episode 6

Michel wants his seven protégés to take over lunch service at Laserre.

Episode 5

5. Michel Roux's Service: Episode 5

To test his trainees, Michel sets up their very own pop-up restaurant.

Episode 4

4. Michel Roux's Service: Episode 4

Michel takes his group into the world of five-star hotel service on a holiday weekend.

Episode 9

9. Instant Restaurant: Episode 9

Fashion student Rhiannon Rowlands goes up against Anne Everitt, who grows her own veg.

Episode 8

8. Instant Restaurant: Episode 8

This time it is the New Age vegetarian versus the full-blooded lord of the manor.

Episode 6

6. Instant Restaurant: Episode 6

Two Salford friends go head-to-head with old-fashioned baking versus a gourmet menu.

Episode 7

7. Instant Restaurant: Episode 7

A kung fu fan's Greek taverna battles with fine dining on a budget. With Nadia Sawalha.

Episode 18

18. Instant Restaurant: Episode 18

Former holiday rep Karen Bielby goes up against Martin Le Vogeur.

Episode 20

20. Instant Restaurant: Episode 20

Lynn Robinson's wartime rations go up against Perry Staker’s menu of17th century England.

Episode 17

17. Instant Restaurant: Episode 17

A menu of local produce goes up against a unique take on Indian food.

Episode 19

19. Instant Restaurant: Episode 19

Writer Sophie Partridge and auctioneer Paul Arrowsmith go head-to-head in Dartmoor.

Episode 16

16. Instant Restaurant: Episode 16

Karen Squires' menu of world tastes goes up against Paul Kunzli's sea theme.

Episode 15

15. Instant Restaurant: Episode 15

Jane McElroy's fine dining goes up against David Waite's upmarket bistro.

Episode 12

12. Instant Restaurant: Episode 12

Ex-military man John Whale goes up against Kira McLeary's Caribbean Instant Restaurant.

Episode 10

10. Instant Restaurant: Episode 10

Amateur cooks Debi Backhurst and John Stephens discover if they have what it takes.

Food and Restaurants

Real Chinese: Food and Restaurants

A taste of the huge range of food on offer in Beijing and tips on how to order.

Episode 1

1. Instant Restaurant: Episode 1

It is French chic versus English eccentricity as Mathilde Delville and Paul Hayes compete.

Episode 2

2. Instant Restaurant: Episode 2

Nicola Coleman dishes up fine dining while Sasha Cappocci prepares a Moroccan feast.

Episode 3

3. Instant Restaurant: Episode 3

In this edition, a Chinese menu is up against British one with a Malaysian twist.

Episode 4

4. Instant Restaurant: Episode 4

The amateur cooks cope with power cuts and tackle home-made pasta.

Episode 5

5. Instant Restaurant: Episode 5

Chaplain Ian Delinger competes against civil servant Judith Burrows' French menu.