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Episode 6

6. The Fades: Episode 6

The end of the world is coming, and all that stands in its way is Paul. It is inevitable.

Episode 5

5. The Fades: Episode 5

Paul searches for meaning to his resurrection while more reborn Fades infiltrate the town.

Episode 4

4. The Fades: Episode 4

Paul's loved ones struggle in the aftermath of his accident. A stranger menaces the town.

Episode 3

3. The Fades: Episode 3

Paul's friendship with Mac and relationship with Jay are pushed to breaking point.

Episode 1

1. Sugartown: Episode 1

Jason's surprise engagement party for Emily is derailed by the return of his brother, Max.

Let's Do It

3. Miranda: Series 2, Let's Do It

Miranda doesn't know how to cope when several men turn their affections towards her.

Before I Die

2. Miranda: Series 2, Before I Die

Worried about what people may say about her life, Miranda decides to try and do some good.


5. Miranda: Series 1, Excuse

Miranda's mother insists on throwing a party to introduce her daughter to suitable men.


4. Miranda: Series 1, Holiday

Being young, free and single, Miranda books herself a holiday - in a hotel over the road.


2. Miranda: Series 1, Teacher

Miranda joins an evening class to learn French, the language of love.


1. Miranda: Series 1, Date

Miranda gets overexcited by the prospect of her first real date.