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Jersey Girl

Jersey Girl

An unemployed, widowed man manages to stay devoted to his baby girl.

Episode 1

1. Up for Hire Live: Episode 1

Four recruits are sent on a work experience of a lifetime, starting at the bottom.

Episode 4

4. Up for Hire Live: Episode 4

There is a look at starting a business, while the four recruits become CEOs.

Episode 3

3. Up for Hire Live: Episode 3

Is personality more important than qualifications? The recruits head to Europe.

Episode 5

5. Up for Hire Live: Episode 5

How has their work experience affected the four recruits and what does the future hold?

Episode 2

2. Up for Hire Live: Episode 2

Does business take young people seriously? Plus the recruits become shop managers.

Episode 1

1. Geordie Finishing School for Girls: Episode 1

A group of posh girls leave the Home Counties to experience life on benefits in Newcastle.


19. Saints and Scroungers: Series 2, Watkinson/Tag

A man claims he's reached rock bottom but has cheated the taxpayer out of 118,000 pounds.

The Argument

6. Him & Her: Series 1, The Argument

Steve and Becky have a drunken argument, and Becky gets locked in the bathroom.

Waiting for Work

Waiting for Work

1963 film on unemployment followed by a report on how it changed the north's politics.

The Toast

1. Him & Her: Series 1, The Toast

Steve and Becky's plans to stay in bed are scuppered when her sister Laura arrives.

The Birthday

2. Him & Her: Series 1, The Birthday

It's Steve's birthday and everyone wants to go out and get plastered - except Steve.