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Gateway to the Highlands

6. Railway Walks with Julia Bradbury: Gateway to the Highlands

Julia takes an epic walk through the unruly territory of Scottish clans and Rob Roy.

Julia Bradbury's Icelandic Walk

Julia Bradbury's Icelandic Walk

Julia Bradbury walks the 60 kilometres of Iceland's most famous hiking route.

The Kruger

3. South Africa Walks: The Kruger

Julia Bradbury heads out on foot in one of the world's most famous game reserves.

The Garden Route

1. South Africa Walks: The Garden Route

Julia Bradbury walks the sun-drenched Garden Route on Africa's southern coastline.

The Green Kalahari

4. South Africa Walks: The Green Kalahari

Julia Bradbury walks in the Augrabies Falls National Park, encountering simple rural life.