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3. Wild China: Tibet

The remote Tibetan plateau is home to chiru antelopes, wild yaks, foxes and bears.


8. Hands on Nature: 10 Minute Cutdowns, Mull

Chris Packham checks out the wildlife on the Scottish island of Mull.

Butterflies: A Very British Obsession

8. Natural World: 2010-2011, Butterflies: A Very British Obsession

Wildlife documentary featuring the fascinating lives of Britain's butterflies.

Land of the Panda

5. Wild China: Land of the Panda

A look at China's heartland, home to the giant panda and the golden snub-nosed monkey.

Tides of Change

6. Wild China: Tides of Change

Nature, culture and modern man jostle along China's east coast in a battle for resources.

Beyond the Great Wall

4. Wild China: Beyond the Great Wall

Examining the extreme landscapes in northern China, where life is always on the edge.

Herdship Farm

4. Hands on Nature: 10 Minute Cutdowns, Herdship Farm

Janet Sumner visits Herdship Farm in Upper Teesdale.

The Beautiful South

1. Wild Wales: The Beautiful South

Iolo looks at wildlife in Pembrokeshire, the Brecon Beacons, Glamorgan and Gwent.

The Heart of Wales

2. Wild Wales: The Heart of Wales

Iolo witnesses extraordinary displays from hen harriers and black grouse.

Episode 3

3. Lost Land of the Volcano: Episode 3

Steve Backshall descends into the crater of a giant extinct volcano in New Guinea.

Episode 1

1. Lost Land of the Volcano: Episode 1

Wildlife cameraman Gordon Buchanan discovers the nest of the world's smallest parrot.

Episode 9

9. Animal Park: Series 9, Episode 9

Kate Humble is the first to be introduced to a pair of new sea lion pups.

Episode 9

9. Nature's Top 40: Episode 9

Chris Packham prepares to be deafened by one of the UK's noisiest songsters.

Episode 10

10. Nature's Top 40: Episode 10

Chris Packham reveals the UK's number one wildlife spectacle.

Episode 5

5. Autumnwatch: Live 2011, Episode 5

The team present from the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust's Slimbridge reserve.


Countryfile: 23/10/2011

Matt and Ellie learn how the picturesque village of Slindon in Sussex is being kept alive.

Episode 3

3. Autumnwatch: Live 2011, Episode 3

Wildlife filmmaker Johnny Kingdom is on the trail of the red deer rut.

Episode 3

3. Autumnwatch Unsprung: 2011, Episode 3

Chris, Michaela and Martin are joined in the studio by wildlife film-maker Johnny Kingdom.

Heligan: Secrets of the Lost Gardens

3. Natural World: 2011-2012, Heligan: Secrets of the Lost Gardens

Looking at the secret lives of the wildlife in one of Britain's favourite gardens.

Episode 10

10. Springwatch: 2011, Episode 10

Liz Bonnin is getting to grips with a family of foxes at a landfill site in Essex.

Episode 3

3. Springwatch Unsprung: 2011, Episode 3

Kate Humble, Chris Packham and Liz Bonnin answer audience questions.

Episode 12

12. Springwatch: 2011, Episode 12

The marathon live wildlife event reaches its climax.

Episode 9

9. Springwatch: 2011, Episode 9

Liz Bonnin begins her exploration of a landfill site in Essex.

Woods, Moor, Heath

3. The Truth about Wildlife: Woods, Moor, Heath

Chris Packham investigates the state of the nation's woods, heaths and moors.

Episode 7

7. Springwatch: 2011, Episode 7

Iolo Williams takes to the water to reveal puffins at their best - diving for fish.

Episode 2

2. Springwatch Unsprung: 2011, Episode 2

Kate Humble, Chris Packham and Iolo Williams answer audience questions.


1. Unnatural Histories: Serengeti

A look at how the Serengeti wilderness in Africa has been shaped over time by mankind.


2. The Truth about Wildlife: Coast

Chris Packham looks at what's going on with the nation's wildlife and its conservation.

Episode 4

4. Springwatch: 2011, Episode 4

In Scotland, it's Charlie Hamilton-James' final day with the beavers.

Attenborough and the Giant Egg

Attenborough and the Giant Egg

David Attenborough returns to the island of Madagascar on a very personal quest.

Episode 20

20. Animal 24:7: Series 6, Episode 20

Featuring Cracker, the injured puppy simply put out with the rubbish.

Episode 18

18. Animal 24:7: Series 6, Episode 18

The story of Babe - the emaciated Great Dane and rescue for the cat stuck up a tree.

Episode 17

17. Animal 24:7: Series 6, Episode 17

The RSPCA are needed to deal with a pack of German shepherds living a life of grime.

Episode 19

19. Animal 24:7: Series 6, Episode 19

Inspector Ian Burns tries to persuade a cat lover to part with some of his collection.

Episode 15

15. Animal 24:7: Series 6, Episode 15

An operation to rescue chinchillas, chipmunks and rabbits from a life of squalor.

Episode 13

13. Animal 24:7: Series 6, Episode 13

Presenter Tom Heap is on the trail of the whale lost in the city of Glasgow.