Will (law)

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20. Heir Hunters: Series 4, Greatrex/Gaweda

The team investigates the case of Douglas Greatrex, who died in August 2009.


17. Heir Hunters: Series 4, Ring/Moore

The team investigate the case of Jean Ring from Seahouses, Northumberland.


11. Heir Hunters: Series 4, Hall/Cundall

Can the team at Fraser and Fraser's find anyone entitled to Alan Hall's estate?


22. Heir Hunters: Series 3, Watkinson/Clarke

The Fraser and Fraser team tracks down heirs of widow Hilda Watkinson, one of ten children


21. Heir Hunters: Series 3, Hanafy/Williams

The team enters a world of glamour and espionage tracing the heirs of Joyce Hanafy.


18. Heir Hunters: Series 3, Read/Yale

Investigators attempt to untangle Roy Read's complicated family tree.


19. Heir Hunters: Series 3, Bett/Hart

The team races to find heirs of Christopher Bett, who was adopted after his mother died.


1. Heir Hunters: Series 3, Fernandez/Cobb

A mystery leads the team from Kentish town to the streets of Jamalpur in India.