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The Heroes of Telemark

The Heroes of Telemark

The Norwegian resistance try to destroy a Nazi heavy water plant. With Kirk Douglas.

The Armoured Might of Lance Corporal Jones

1. Dad's Army: Series 3, The Armoured Might of Lance Corporal Jones

The men add an armoured car to their fighting strength.

London to Antwerp

1. Coast: Series 6, London to Antwerp

The team starts in London and then explores the curious coast of Belgium.


11. Dad's Army: Series 3, Branded

The bravery of the gentle and well-mannered Private Godfrey is called into question.

Number Engaged

5. Dad's Army: Series 9, Number Engaged

Mainwaring's motley crew is put in charge of a vital telephone line.

Never Too Old

6. Dad's Army: Series 9, Never Too Old

Corporal Jones falls in love and decides to marry.

The Making of Private Pike

2. Dad's Army: Series 9, The Making of Private Pike

Pike and his girlfriend borrow Captain Mainwaring's new car to go to the pictures.

Wake Up Walmington

1. Dad's Army: Series 9, Wake Up Walmington

Captain Mainwaring's platoon masquerade as traitors to test the town.

The Face on the Poster

6. Dad's Army: Series 8, The Face on the Poster

Mainwaring's recruitment drive gets off to a bad start.

The Godiva Affair

4. Dad's Army: Series 7, The Godiva Affair

The platoon decide to Morris dance at a festival.

Gorilla Warfare

3. Dad's Army: Series 7, Gorilla Warfare

During an exercise, Captain Mainwaring poses as a secret agent.

Everybody's Trucking

1. Dad's Army: Series 7, Everybody's Trucking

A big exercise is jeopardised when the platoon find a steam engine blocking the road.

The Recruit

7. Dad's Army: Series 6, The Recruit

While Captain Mainwaring is in hospital, Sergeant Wilson lets the vicar join the platoon.

Things That Go Bump in the Night

6. Dad's Army: Series 6, Things That Go Bump in the Night

The van transporting the platoon breaks down outside what looks like a deserted house.

The Deadly Attachment

1. Dad's Army: Series 6, The Deadly Attachment

Captain Mainwaring and his platoon are instructed to guard a captive U-boat crew.

The Triple Cross

The Triple Cross

Second World War adventure based on the real-life exploits of double agent Eddie Chapman.

The Eagle Has Landed

The Eagle Has Landed

A squad of Nazi paratroopers are sent to England to kidnap Winston Churchill.

Turkey Dinner

6. Dad's Army: Series 7, Turkey Dinner

Mainwaring's Home Guard platoon decides to give a turkey dinner to the old-age pensioners.

Sgt - Save My Boy!

4. Dad's Army: Series 4, Sergeant - Save My Boy

Pike loses his way in a minefield during night manoeuvres.

Christmas Special

Wartime Farm: Christmas Special

Ruth Goodman and Peter Ginn return to Manor Farm to recreate the Christmas 1944.

Entertaining the Troops

Entertaining the Troops

Documentary about the performers who kept up the troops' morale during WWII.

Female Agents

Female Agents

A group of French servicewomen try to rescue a British army geologist in Normandy.

Britannia at Bay

6. Andrew Marr's The Making of Modern Britain: Britannia at Bay

Marr concludes his series with a vivid account of Britain in the Second World War.

Whitstable to the Isle of Wight

1. Coast: Series 4, Whitstable to the Isle of Wight

Neil Oliver visits Whitstable and ventures offshore to the remarkable Red Sands sea forts.

France: Cap Gris-Nez to Mont Saint-Michel

2. Coast: Series 4, France: Cap Gris-Nez to Mont Saint-Michel

Neil Oliver visits the hidden remains of a fortress built by Henry VIII on Cap Gris-Nez.

Put That Light Out

7. Dad's Army: Series 4, Put That Light Out

Captain Mainwaring sets up an observation post in the lighthouse.

Battle School

2. Dad's Army: Series 3, Battle School

Captain Mainwaring and the platoon spend the weekend at a training camp.

My Brother and I

10. Dad's Army: My Brother and I

1975 Christmas special. Captain Mainwaring has an unexpected and most unwelcome guest.

Tender Comrade

Tender Comrade

A grieving mother-to-be moves in with friends to cushion the emotional blows of the war.

We Dive at Dawn

We Dive at Dawn

World War II drama about a mission to hunt and destroy a dangerous German battleship.

Getting the Bird

4. Dad's Army: Series 5, Getting the Bird

Walker arranges for Jones to get some off-ration pigeons.

A Soldier's Farewell

3. Dad's Army: Series 5, A Soldier's Farewell

A cinema visit and a toasted cheese supper make Mainwaring dream that he is Napoleon.



A WWII pilot sets out to find the Nazi collaborator responsible for his wife's death.

The Baby Born in a Concentration Camp

The Baby Born in a Concentration Camp

The story of Anka Bergman, who gave birth to her daughter in a Nazi concentration camp.

Christmas in Wartime

Songs of Praise: Christmas in Wartime

Celebrating the second Sunday in Advent at the Holy Cross church in Greenford, Middlesex.

Episode 2

2. The Dark Charisma of Adolf Hitler: Episode 2

Tracing how Hitler led the German people to war in 1939 and the victory in France in 1940.