Bob's Mini Projects

Children's animation. Short stories covering all the little jobs the gang take on as they build Sunflower Valley

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Bob's Mini Projects: Bob's Hammock

Bob finds a spot for his hammock and tries to relax, but he keeps getting called away.

Bob's Mini Projects: Sun Time

Bob explains all about the earth, sun and how sun dials work.

Bob's Mini Projects: Lofty and the Otters

Lofty helps some otters cross a road he and Dizzy are cementing with a lift in his bucket.

Bob's Mini Projects: Recycling Pilchard

Pilchard manages to get into a recycling bin. Do cats need recycling?

Bob's Mini Projects: Bob and the Hedgehogs

The team builds a crossing for hedgehogs.

Bob's Mini Projects: Dizzy's Tree

Dizzy learns why trees are so important.

Bob's Mini Projects: Wendy Weaves a Basket

Wendy teaches Dizzy about weaving.

Bob's Mini Projects: Muck's Water Butt

Muck doesn't waste any rain water that falls in his digger.

Bob's Mini Projects: Spud the Tree

Spud thinks that being a tree sounds like fun.