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Series 1

Series 1

Preschool series. The adventures of four colourful creatures called Teletubbies.

Series 2

Series 2

Preschool series. The adventures of four colourful creatures called Teletubbies.


4. Teletubbies: Monkeys

The Teletubbies see some children in South Africa watching monkeys.


4. Teletubbies: Running

Dipsy runs all over Teletubbyland.



Pre-school comedy combining fun, fantasy and education.

Watering the Garden

7. Teletubbies: Watering the Garden

Preschool fun and education. The Teletubbies watch some children watering the garden.

Indian Dancing

9. Teletubbies: Indian Dancing

Po fetches the other Teletubbies to watch some girls perform an Indian dance.

My Mum's Breakfast

10. Teletubbies: My Mum's Breakfast

The Teletubbies watch a little girl make breakfast for her mother.

Sitting and Standing

10. Teletubbies: Sitting and Standing

The Teletubbies play a sitting and standing game.

My Pretend Friend

11. Teletubbies: My Pretend Friend

Laa-Laa comes out of the house, does a little dance and calls the others for a big hug.


12. Teletubbies: Llama

The Teletubbies watch Oliver and his llama. Po is feeling happy, making Dipsy happy too.

Mud Hole

13. Teletubbies: Mud Hole

It's time for Tubby Toast. Po and Tinky Winky are so excited that they fall over.

Up the Hill

14. Teletubbies: Up the Hill

The Teletubbies watch two girls climb a hill and look at the view. Then Po climbs a hill.

My Dad's a Policeman

18. Teletubbies: My Dad's a Policeman

The Teletubbies are sitting at their table when they hear a funny noise.

Our Story

32. Teletubbies: Our Story

The Teletubbies run off to watch some children tell a story with their drawings.

Animal Plates

67. Teletubbies: Animal Plates

Some voice trumpets rise and make funny animal noises.

Honky Tonk Piano

99. Teletubbies: Honky Tonk Piano

A piano appears in Teletubbyland.

Baby Elephant

101. Teletubbies: Baby Elephant

The Tubbies see two children watching a herd of elephants in a safari park.


200. Teletubbies: Squeezing

Laa-Laa comes and joins the others to watch some children squeezing things.

Nativity Play

240. Teletubbies: Nativity Play

The Tubbies watch some children perform a Nativity play.

Mum's Portrait

301. Teletubbies: Mum's Portrait

The Teletubbies play games amongst the hills and watch a little girl painting.

Gold and Silver

302. Teletubbies: Gold and Silver

A voice trumpet rises and sings Po a nursery rhyme.

This Is Our Park

308. Teletubbies: This Is Our Park

The Teletubbies watch some children playing in the park and take turns on a seesaw.


309. Teletubbies: Grasshoppers

The Teletubbies play a jumping game in Teletubbyland.

Ten Pin Bowling

311. Teletubbies: Ten Pin Bowling

The Teletubbies watch two girls go ten pin bowling. Laa-Laa plays with her ball.

Asian Storyteller

313. Teletubbies: Asian Storyteller

The Teletubbies enjoy a hug, before listening to a lady tell a story about four friends.

Dog Kennel

315. Teletubbies: Dog Kennel

A voice trumpet makes woofing sounds, which the Teletubbies copy again and again.


316. Teletubbies: Scrapbook

The Teletubbies watch a little boy show his friend his scrapbook.

Collecting Stones

317. Teletubbies: Collecting Stones

The Teletubbies sit down for Tubby Toast. After they've eaten, some more toast arrives.


319. Teletubbies: Firefighter

The Teletubbies watch a boy whose dad is a firefighter. Laa-Laa sings a fountain song.


320. Teletubbies: Goats

The Teletubbies watch two children and their goats. A dancing teddy bear appears.

Buying a Sari

321. Teletubbies: Buying a Sari

A girl goes to the shops to buy a sari. The Noo Noo tidies up the Teletubbies' blankets.

Jack and the Beanstalk

322. Teletubbies: Jack and the Beanstalk

The Teletubbies watch a little girl read the story of Jack and the Beanstalk.

Going In and Coming Out

323. Teletubbies: Going In and Coming Out

Laa-Laa is playing indoors with her ball, but the Noo Noo catches it and tidies it up.


324. Teletubbies: Seals

In order to see what everyone else is doing, Tinky Winky gets on top of the dome.

Move with the Drum

325. Teletubbies: Move with the Drum

While the Teletubbies are sleeping, Tinky Winky sings a loud song and wakes them up.


326. Teletubbies: Puppies

The Teletubbies walk about in a huddle, before watching a girl with lots of puppies.

On Top and Underneath

327. Teletubbies: On Top and Underneath

The Teletubbies watch some children playing an 'on top and underneath' game.

Barrel Organ

328. Teletubbies: Barrel Organ

The Teletubbies watch some children who have a barrel organ. A man turns the handle.


329. Teletubbies: Sleepover

The Teletubbies take their favourite things to bed. Laa-Laa struggles with her ball.

Afro-Caribbean Vegetables

330. Teletubbies: Afro-Caribbean Vegetables

The Teletubbies watch some children buy different sorts of vegetables.


331. Teletubbies: Trikes

The Teletubbies watch children have fun riding their trikes. Po is riding her scooter.


333. Teletubbies: Jabadao

The wind blows Tinky Winky's skirt, Dipsy's hat, Laa-Laa's ball and Po off her scooter.

Silvie's Fish Pond

334. Teletubbies: Silvie's Fish Pond

Dipsy follows a rain cloud and then his hat falls in a puddle.


335. Teletubbies: Bluebells

Po sees a bluebell in the grass. Tinky Winky and Dipsy come to look at the bluebells.

Paddling by the Sea

337. Teletubbies: Paddling by the Sea

The Teletubbies watch a group of children playing in the sea.

Stretching Words

338. Teletubbies: Stretching Words

Po falls off the slide and then watches some children stretching words with Stickman.

Obstacle Course

340. Teletubbies: Obstacle Course

The Teletubbies watch some children tackle an obstacle course.

Rumble Tumble Fun

342. Teletubbies: Rumble Tumble Fun

A bouncy cushion then appears in Teletubbyland, and they all take turns to bounce.

Bird Bath

343. Teletubbies: Bird Bath

The Teletubbies see some children who are watching birds in a bird bath.


347. Teletubbies: Cricket

A little boy plays cricket with his dad.

My Home Is a Boat

349. Teletubbies: My Home Is a Boat

The Teletubbies see some girls who live with their mum and dad on a boat.

Grandad's Pigeons

350. Teletubbies: Grandad's Pigeons

The Teletubbies watch a little boy with his grandad's pigeons.

Action Story

351. Teletubbies: Action Story

Laa-Laa tells Tinky Winky and Dipsy the story of Po.


352. Teletubbies: Rickshaw

The Teletubbies watch children riding on a rickshaw.


354. Teletubbies: Dragonflies

The lion and bear play their hide-and-seek game, and some children watch dragonflies.

African Dance

355. Teletubbies: African Dance

The Teletubbies perform a skipping dance, and some children dance an African dance.

Washing the Goat

356. Teletubbies: Washing the Goat

The Teletubbies watch a group of children washing their goat in the river.

Floating Boat

357. Teletubbies: Floating Boat

The Teletubbies watch children making a boat and Tinky Winky's bag falls in a puddle.

Violin (Spain)

359. Teletubbies: Violin (Spain)

The Teletubbies watch a Spanish girl play the violin for her friends. They watch Po dance.

Crazy Golf

360. Teletubbies: Crazy Golf

Po watches a little boy playing crazy golf. The Teletubbies are playing a hiding game.

Tabla (India)

361. Teletubbies: Tabla (India)

The Teletubbies rush off to see a little Indian boy playing on a drum called a tabla.

Hanging Out the Washing

362. Teletubbies: Hanging Out the Washing

The Teletubbies watch children hanging out their washing. A clothes line appears.

Picking Chillies (Spain)

363. Teletubbies: Picking Chillies (Spain)

The Teletubbies watch Spanish children picking chillies. There's tubby toast for everyone.

Girl in the Back Garden

364. Teletubbies: Girl in the Back Garden

Little Bo Peep has lost her sheep and comes to Teletubbyland to find them.