The Good Old Days

The Good Old Days

Entertainment series which ran from 1953 to 1983 and recreated the atmosphere of the music hall with songs and sketches of the era performed by modern-day performers.

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Series List


1. The Good Old Days: 19/02/1976

Old-time music hall programme, originally broadcast from Leeds in 1976.


2. The Good Old Days: 13/08/1980

With the Player's Theatre Group, the King's Singers, Bernie Clifton and Frankie Vaughan.


3. The Good Old Days: 24/12/1983

A celebration of music hall favourites from the famous City Varieties Theatre, Leeds.


4. The Good Old Days: 25/03/1976

Music hall show, filmed at the Varieties Theatre Leeds in 1976, with Edward Woodward.


5. The Good Old Days: 27/04/1973

Featuring Beryl Reid, Roy Castle, Lorna Dallas, Gino Donati and the Valla Bertini.


6. The Good Old Days: 11/03/1976

With Ronnie Corbett, Kenneth McKeller, Rosemary Squires and the Looneys.


7. The Good Old Days: 01/03/1974

With Ken Dodd, Lyn Kennington, the Jan Hunt Panto and performers from the Players Theatre.


8. The Good Old Days: 18/03/1976

With Frankie Howerd, Helen Gelzer, Wayne Sleep, Cherry Gillespie and Sandy Powell.


9. The Good Old Days: 06/01/1977

With Ken Dodd, Beatrice Aston, John Bouchier, Bill Drysdale and Christine Cartwright.


10. The Good Old Days: 10/02/1977

With Frankie Vaughan, Mike & Bernie Winters, Maryetta Midgley and Zena Millar.


11. The Good Old Days: 16/04/1972

A 1972 edition of the old-time music hall programme, with Eartha Kitt and Arthur Askey.


12. The Good Old Days: 01/02/1974

With Terry Scott, Georgia Brown, Ray Allen, Michel Gallois and Los Gauchos.


13. The Good Old Days: 06/04/1973

With Bernard Cribbins, Sandie Shaw, Bill McCue and Frances Van Dyke.


14. The Good Old Days: 20/07/1973

Guests include Charlie Drake, Wilfred Pickles, Lorne Lesley and Hugh Paddick.


15. The Good Old Days: 08/02/1974

Guests include Roy Castle, Jean Bayless, Peter Wallis and Los Aguenitos.


16. The Good Old Days: 26/12/1974

Guests include Edward Woodward, the King's Singers, Sheila Bernette and Wilma Reading.


17. The Good Old Days: 17/01/1975

With Ken Dodd, Barry Kent, Lyn Kennington, John Bouchier and Saxburger.


18. The Good Old Days: 24/01/1975

With Georgia Brown, Barry Cryer, Katinka Seiner, John Inman and Barry Howard.


19. The Good Old Days: 31/01/1975

With Terry Scott, Arthur Askey, Sheila Steafel, Patricia Cahill and Duggie Brown.


20. The Good Old Days: 14/02/1975

With Roy Castle, Ray Allen, Sue Longhurst, Joyce Blackham, Kathy Jones and Albert Aldred.


21. The Good Old Days: 21/02/1975

With Nick Moll, Bernard Cribbins, Valerie Masterson, Bill Pertwee and Terence Alexander.


22. The Good Old Days: 08/01/1976

With Arthur Askey, Georgia Brown, Eira Heath, Ray C Davis, Tudor Davies and Sheila Steafel


23. The Good Old Days: 22/01/1976

With Moira Anderson, Tessie O'Shea, Ken Goodwin, Harry Towb, Joe Melia and Stuart Gillies.


24. The Good Old Days: 29/01/1976

With Danny La Rue, Dorothy Ross, Francis van Dyke and members of the Players Theatre.


28. The Good Old Days: 20/01/1977

With Val Doonican, Sheila Steafel, Rita Morris and Dailey & Wayne.


30. The Good Old Days: 03/02/1977

With Barbara Windsor, Norman Collier, Valerie Masterson and Jan Hunt.


31. The Good Old Days: 28/12/1976

With Danny La Rue, Duggie Brown, Lyn Kennington and David Ellen.


32. The Good Old Days: 26/12/1959

A Christmas edition with Morecambe & Wise, Patricia Bredin, Cardew Robinson and Noberti.


33. The Good Old Days: 17/02/1977

With Les Dawson, The King's Singers, Patsy Gilland and Peter Gale.


34. The Good Old Days: 24/02/1977

With Larry Grayson, Fenella Fielding, Hinge and Bracket, and Anna Sharkey.


35. The Good Old Days: 10/03/1977

With Ron Moody, Teresa Brooke, Melanie Munro, Arthur Askey, Josef Locke and Aimi MacDonald


36. The Good Old Days: 31/12/1977

With Larry Grayson, Vince Hill, Billy Dainty and members of the Players' Theatre, London.


37. The Good Old Days: 10/01/1978

With Ken Dodd, Jan Hunt and members of the Players' Theatre, London.


38. The Good Old Days: 17/01/1978

With John Inman, Lyn Kennington, Ray C Davis, Tudor Davies, Keith Harris and Norma Lunbar.


39. The Good Old Days: 31/01/1978

With Les Dawson, Lorna Luft, Stephanie Voss, Bryan Burdon and Bill Drysdale.


40. The Good Old Days: 07/02/1978

With Mike Reid, Wilma Reading, Sheila Mathews, Michael Darbyshire and Frankie Ferrer.


41. The Good Old Days: 14/02/1978

With Alfred Marks, Moira Anderson, Arthur Askey, Sheila Steafel and Barry Cryer.


42. The Good Old Days: 21/02/1978

With Ron Moody, Hinge & Bracket, Duggie Brown, Rita Morris, Alan Randall and Peter Gale.


43. The Good Old Days: 28/02/1978

Leonard Sachs presents the old-time entertainment show, first broadcast on 28 Feb 1978.


44. The Good Old Days: 07/03/1978

With Roy Castle, Barbara Windsor, Robert Tear, Benjamin Luxon, and Ted Durante & Hilda.


45. The Good Old Days: 14/03/1978

With Ken Dodd, Kenneth McKellar, Jan Hunt, Francis Van Dyke, Pat Mooney and Bartschelly.


46. The Good Old Days: 31/12/1978

With Roy Castle, Dolores Gray, Robert White, Eira Heath and Russ Stevens.


47. The Good Old Days: 11/01/1979

With guests Frankie Vaughan, Lennie Bennett, Jerry Stevens, Barbara Law and Ray C Davies.


48. The Good Old Days: 25/01/1979

With Norman Vaughan, Maryetta Midgley, Keith Harris, Pat Mooney and Benny Garcia.


49. The Good Old Days: 15/02/1979

With Roy Castle, David Kernan, June Marlow, Deryk Parkin and Alan Randall.


51. The Good Old Days: 01/03/1979

With John Inman, Rita Morris, The Balladiers, John Wade, Julie Royce and Raymond Bowers.


53. The Good Old Days: 05/04/1979

Featuring Roy Hudd, Jenny Till, Pat Mooney, Peter Gale, Terri Rogers and Barbara Windsor.


54. The Good Old Days: 24/04/1979

Featured artists include Les Dawson, Peter Hudson, Joan Merrigan and Paul Rhodes.


55. The Good Old Days: 02/01/1980

With John Inman, Gemma Craven, David Kernan, Bernard Spear and Gino Donati.


56. The Good Old Days: 02/07/1980

With Moira Anderson, Jack Douglas, Robert White, Audrey Jeans, Jenny Till and Omar Pasha.


57. The Good Old Days: 09/07/1980

With Bernard Cribbins, Lorna Dallas, Sheila Bernette, Julia Sutton and John Rutland.


58. The Good Old Days: 06/08/1980

With Max Wall, Denny Willis and Company, Eira Heath, Grace Kennedy and Deryk Parkin.


59. The Good Old Days: 20/08/1980

With Ted Durante and Hilda, Sheila Buxton, Billy Dainty, Liz Robertson and Arthur Askey.


60. The Good Old Days: 31/12/1980

Danny La Rue, Duggie Brown, Robert White, Keith Harris, Teresa Cahill and Bablu Mallick.


61. The Good Old Days: 02/07/1981

With Roy Hudd, Lorna Dallas, Robert White, Richard Stilgoe, Jenny Till and Tom Mennard.


62. The Good Old Days: 09/07/1981

With Bernard Cribbins, The King's Singers, Sheila Steafel, Rita Morris and Jenny Wren.


63. The Good Old Days: 16/07/1981

With Roy Castle, Clive Dunn, Anna Dawson, Maryetta and Vernon Midgley, and Dudley Stevens.