100 Women

100 Women

High-profile women from the spheres of entertainment, sport, business and politics speak to BBC presenters about their work, life and ambitions

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Life, Death and Cheerleading

3. 100 Women: Life, Death and Cheerleading

A group of inspirational cheerleading grandmothers in Arizona who refuse to act their age.

Breaking the Glass Ceiling

4. 100 Women: Breaking the Glass Ceiling

Nuala McGovern examines why so few women get a seat at the boardroom table.

Education for Everyone

4. 100 Women: Education for Everyone

Divya Arya on why education in India is often regarded as more important for boys.

Safer Streets

4. 100 Women: Safer Streets

The 100 Women Challenge is on public transport in London and Nairobi.

Levelling the Playing Field

4. 100 Women: Levelling the Playing Field

Julia Carneiro is in Rio de Janeiro tackling the issue of sexism in sport.