Life in the Freezer

Life in the Freezer

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The Bountiful Sea

1. Life in the Freezer: The Bountiful Sea

Looks at how the abundant wildlife survives some of the hardest conditions on the planet.

The Ice Retreats

2. Life in the Freezer: The Ice Retreats

The thaw begins and animals like the humpback whale follow the retreating ice.

The Race to Breed

3. Life in the Freezer: The Race to Breed

It's summer in Antarctica, and the race to breed is on for two million fur seals.

The Door Closes

4. Life in the Freezer: The Door Closes

Autumn stirs harsh seas which batter Antarctica, leaving penguins to struggling to feed.

The Big Freeze

5. Life in the Freezer: The Big Freeze

During the Antarctic winter conditions are so extreme that most animals desert the region.

Footsteps in the Snow

6. Life in the Freezer: Footsteps in the Snow

A look at how today scientists manage to live at the Pole all year round.