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Songs of Praise

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Pentecost Praise

Songs of Praise: Pentecost Praise

Diane Louise Jordan celebrates the Church's birthday with a special programme of praise.

Olympic Countdown

Songs of Praise: Olympic Countdown

Aled Jones gets to look around the new Olympic Stadium in London.

Enduring Hymns

Songs of Praise: Enduring Hymns

The Songs of Praise team in Oxford illustrate why hymns continue to inspire.

History Makers

Songs of Praise: History Makers

Aled Jones visits a popular London waxworks and introduces more great hymns.

London by Boat

Songs of Praise: London by Boat

Aled Jones takes a trip on the River Thames for an alternative view of London.


Songs of Praise: Dana

Irish singer Dana talks to Sally Magnusson about her remarkable life.

Summer in Salisbury

Songs of Praise: Summer in Salisbury

Pam Rhodes takes a summer break in Salisbury and attends a flower festival.

Fife's Famous

Songs of Praise: Fife's Famous

Sally Magnusson makes her first visit to the historic Kingdom of Fife in Scotland.

Fife's Finest

Songs of Praise: Fife's Finest

Prince William's former university tutor talks to Sally Magnusson in St Andrews.

Fife's Future

Songs of Praise: Fife's Future

Sally Magnusson discovers signs of hope on her final journey around the Kingdom of Fife.

The Weather

Songs of Praise: The Weather

Jones introduces hymns and stories inspired by a subject everyone talks about.

A Country Harvest

Songs of Praise: A Country Harvest

Aled Jones visits Pershore in Worcestershire. With hymns from the town's ancient Abbey.

September 11th - Building a Better World

Songs of Praise: September 11th - Building a Better World

Sally Magnusson meets young people whose faith is inspiring them to strive for peace.

50 Years Ago

Songs of Praise: 50 Years Ago

Pam Rhodes celebrates 50 years of Songs of Praise, with Sir Cliff Richard.

50th Birthday Celebration

Songs of Praise: 50th Birthday Celebration

Aled Jones presents an anniversary spectacular from London's Alexandra Palace.


Songs of Praise: Nottingham

David Grant discovers a city full of surprises and introduces contemporary hymns.

Bible Sunday

Songs of Praise: Bible Sunday

Aled Jones introduces traditional hymns inspired by The Bible.

Alfie Boe

Songs of Praise: Alfie Boe

Tenor Alfie Boe talks to Aled Jones about his journey from a car factory to Broadway.


Songs of Praise: Halifax

There is an exclusive performance from country music legend Glen Campbell.

Remembrance Sunday

Songs of Praise: Remembrance Sunday

Aled meets the veteran who has waited a lifetime for a memorial to his fallen comrades.


Songs of Praise: Doubt

Eamonn Holmes hears from people whose faith has been tested.


Songs of Praise: Prophecy

Diane-Louise Jordan unravels the mystery of how the birth of Jesus was predicted.

God Made Man

Songs of Praise: God Made Man

Sally Magnusson explores the significance of Jesus' birth, with seasonal hymns.

A Dickensian Christmas

Songs of Praise: A Dickensian Christmas

Aled Jones explores the life and faith of Charles Dickens, with Victorian-style carolling.

Stratford's Christmas Story

Songs of Praise: Stratford's Christmas Story

Featuring candlelit carols and Christmas readings, and festive music from Joe McElderry.

Christmas Day Big Sing

Songs of Praise: Christmas Day Big Sing

Aled Jones introduces a festive Songs of Praise celebration from the Royal Albert Hall.

New Year's Day Big Sing

Songs of Praise: New Year's Day Big Sing

Aled Jones introduces a Songs of Praise celebration from London's Royal Albert Hall.

The Year Ahead

Songs of Praise: The Year Ahead

Dan Walker looks ahead to the major events of 2012, which include the Olympic Games.


Songs of Praise: Calderdale

There are surprises in store for Aled Jones on a mystery tour in West Yorkshire.


Songs of Praise: Colchester

Pam Rhodes discovers how the Essex town of Colchester is facing a high-tech future.

21st Century Hymn Writers

Songs of Praise: 21st Century Hymn Writers

Aled Jones introduces a feast of traditional hymns by some of today's hymn writers.

Rick Wakeman

Songs of Praise: Rick Wakeman

Rick Wakeman performs some of his favourite hymns, including Morning Has Broken.

Ten Years of School Choirs

Songs of Praise: Ten Years of School Choirs

David Grant presents highlights from 10 years of The School Choir of the Year competition.


Songs of Praise: Temptation

Sally Magnusson meets people who have been seduced by life's temptations.

All Creatures Great and Small

Songs of Praise: All Creatures Great and Small

Aled Jones goes to the zoo to discover why the animal kingdom fascinates us.

Welsh Voices

Songs of Praise: Welsh Voices

Aled Jones explores the popularity of male voice choirs in Wales, past and present.

Titanic Centenary

Songs of Praise: Titanic Centenary

Eamonn Holmes reflects on the legacy of the Titanic and the many lives lost 100 years ago.

Mothering Sunday

Songs of Praise: Mothering Sunday

Aled Jones meets mothers including the foster mum who has cared for 93 children.

Mavis Staples

Songs of Praise: Mavis Staples

American gospel music legend Mavis Staples leads a London congregation.

Palm Sunday

Songs of Praise: Palm Sunday

The story of Jesus's last week is told with Bible readings by Julian Rhind-Tutt.

Easter Praise

Songs of Praise: Easter Praise

Aled Jones celebrates Easter Sunday from St Mary's Church in Portsmouth.

School Choirs 2012 Junior Semi Final

Songs of Praise: School Choirs 2012 Junior Semi Final

Six of the best junior school choirs perform a hymn of their choice to impress the judges.

School Choirs 2012 Senior Semi Final

Songs of Praise: School Choirs 2012 Senior Semi Final

The six best senior school choirs in the land compete for the top prize.

School Choirs 2012 Final

Songs of Praise: School Choirs 2012 Final

Russell Watson, Suzi Digby and David Grant choose the very best school choirs.

Creative Stratford

Songs of Praise: Creative Stratford

Diane-Louise Jordan introduces hymns from Shakespeare's parish church.


Songs of Praise: Spirituals

The Adventist Vocal Ensemble sing classic African-American spirituals.

Gospel Music Celebration

Songs of Praise: Gospel Music Celebration

David Grant introduces a toe-tapping gospel music special from St John at Hackney.

The Diamond Jubilee

Songs of Praise: The Diamond Jubilee

Aled Jones introduces hymns from the beautiful Old Royal Naval College Chapel.

Coventry Cathedral

Songs of Praise: Coventry Cathedral

Pam Rhodes celebrates fifty years of the architectural icon that is Coventry Cathedral.


Songs of Praise: Fatherhood

Aled Jones introduces hymns for Father's Day, and explores what fatherhood means.

God's Architect

Songs of Praise: God's Architect

Aled Jones discovers the remarkable story of leading church architect Augustus Pugin.


Songs of Praise: Dunblane

Sally Magnusson introduces hymns and songs from Dunblane's 13th-century cathedral.

St Pancras

Songs of Praise: St Pancras

Aled Jones meets staff and passengers at London's bustling railway interchange.

Olympics Hopefuls

Songs of Praise: Olympics Hopefuls

Dan Walker introduces hymns from the Old Royal Naval College Chapel in Greenwich.

The Final Countdown

Songs of Praise: The Final Countdown

Rower Debbie Flood talks about winning at the Olympics. With Aled Jones.

Only The Lonely

Songs of Praise: Only The Lonely

Aled Jones explores how people cope with loneliness.

Change the World

Songs of Praise: Change the World

Aled Jones meets people who have chosen to help others.

The Sound of Silence

Songs of Praise: The Sound of Silence

Aled Jones learns the value of silence and meets a modern-day hermit.

Portsmouth People

Songs of Praise: Portsmouth People

Diane Louise Jordan meets the novice sailors on a tall-ship fit for a queen.

The Great Outdoors

Songs of Praise: The Great Outdoors

Eamonn Holmes meets people who have a passion for faith and sport.


Songs of Praise: Greenwich

Aled Jones introduces hymns from the Old Royal Naval College Chapel in Greenwich.


Songs of Praise: Grandparents

Pam Rhodes meets the granddaughter of Call the Midwife author Jennifer Worth.

Once a Chorister

Songs of Praise: Once a Chorister

Aled Jones meets some famous faces who, like him, were once choristers.

Why Pray?

Songs of Praise: Why Pray?

Greater Manchester's police chief constable, Sir Peter Fahy, speaks about his faith.


Songs of Praise: Brighton

Stuart Townend leads the singing at Brighton's Church of Christ the King.

Russell Watson's Salford

Songs of Praise: Russell Watson's Salford

International tenor Russell Watson meets people in his home city of Salford.

A Tale of Six Towns

Songs of Praise: A Tale of Six Towns

David Grant explores the six towns that make up the city of Stoke-on-Trent.

Britain's Biggest Hymns Big Sing

Songs of Praise: Britain's Biggest Hymns Big Sing

Alfie Boe and Jaz Ellington perform with choirs and singers at the Royal Albert Hall.

Future Church

Songs of Praise: Future Church

Diane Louise Jordan discovers how the church is looking to future-proof itself.

All By Myself

Songs of Praise: All By Myself

Ann Widdecombe meets others who live a single life, including Roy Castle's widow.

Remembrance Sunday

Songs of Praise: Remembrance Sunday

Eamonn Holmes is in Enniskillen, where an IRA bomb exploded at the cenotaph in 1987.

Inside Prison

Songs of Praise: Inside Prison

Aled Jones is given access to HMP Wayland in Norfolk to meet staff and prisoners.

Scottish Voices

Songs of Praise: Scottish Voices

Songs and hymns from the National Youth Choirs of Scotland gathered in Dunblane Cathedral.

Advent Verse

Songs of Praise: Advent Verse

Poetry and music for Advent, with guests Sheila Hancock and Sir Derek Jacobi.

Christmas in Wartime

Songs of Praise: Christmas in Wartime

Celebrating the second Sunday in Advent at the Holy Cross church in Greenford, Middlesex.

A Welsh Christmas

Songs of Praise: A Welsh Christmas

Bill Turnbull joins in the Christmas preparations at St Davids in Pembrokeshire.

A Feast of Carols

Songs of Praise: A Feast of Carols

David Grant introduces carols by candlelight and Christmas readings.

Celebrating 2012 Big Sing

Songs of Praise: Celebrating 2012 Big Sing

Special episode celebrating 2012, with a choir of 5,000 singers at the Royal Albert Hall.

High Hopes

Songs of Praise: High Hopes

Hymns and songs from Liverpool's Hope Street and the Radio 2 Young Choristers of the Year.

Old Church, New Church

Songs of Praise: Old Church, New Church

David Grant explores the past, present and future of the Church in Stoke-on-Trent.

Scottish Artists

Songs of Praise: Scottish Artists

In Dunblane Cathedral, Sally Magnusson introduces hymns and songs by Scottish writers.

Lowry's Salford Then and Now

Songs of Praise: Lowry's Salford Then and Now

Russell Watson explores how Salford has changed since artist LS Lowry painted the town.

I Believe in Angels

Songs of Praise: I Believe in Angels

Pam Rhodes meets people who believe they have encountered angels.

Taking Stock

Songs of Praise: Taking Stock

Aled Jones discovers why Henry Olonga sacrificed his cricketing career.

The Gift of Music

Songs of Praise: The Gift of Music

David Grant explores how music transforms lives, with hymns from Portsmouth.

St David's Day

Songs of Praise: St David's Day

Aled Jones visits St Davids to discover how the city is celebrating Wales's patron saint.

Comic Relief

Songs of Praise: Comic Relief

To celebrate 25 years of Comic Relief, Tim Vine launches a hymn-singing challenge.

Senior School Choir Semi-Final

Songs of Praise: Senior School Choir Semi-Final

Aled Jones is in Liverpool as the best six senior school choirs in the land compete.

Enterprising Wakefield

Songs of Praise: Enterprising Wakefield

Bill Turnbull is in the city of Wakefield, where he visits the Hepworth Wakefield gallery.

Fame and Faith

Songs of Praise: Fame and Faith

How Bear Grylls, Danniella Westbrook and Lord Taylor of Warwick deal with fame and faith.

Connie Fisher's Pembrokeshire

Songs of Praise: Connie Fisher's Pembrokeshire

Connie Fisher introduces hymns and songs from John Owen-Jones at St Davids Cathedral.

Pentecost Praise

Songs of Praise: Pentecost Praise

David Grant is in Brighton for Pentecost Sunday, the birthday of the church.

County Fermanagh

Songs of Praise: County Fermanagh

Eamonn Holmes meets people whose faith plays an important role in their professional life.

The Queen's Coronation

Songs of Praise: The Queen's Coronation

The significant role of Westminster Abbey during HM the Queen's 60-year reign.

Hymns for All Reasons

Songs of Praise: Hymns for All Reasons

Pam Rhodes introduces hymns that reflect every human experience and emotion.

Hymns for All Occasions

Songs of Praise: Hymns for All Occasions

Pam Rhodes selects favourite hymns that mark the milestones in life.

Hymns for All Seasons

Songs of Praise: Hymns for All Seasons

Pam Rhodes talks to children about the Christian calendar and chooses hymns for the year.

The Greatest Story Ever Told

Songs of Praise: The Greatest Story Ever Told

How the story of Christianity is portrayed through the ancient Chester Mystery Plays.

Saintly Places

Songs of Praise: Saintly Places

Diane Louise Jordan joins the St Albans festival procession.

The Lindisfarne Gospels

Songs of Praise: The Lindisfarne Gospels

Bill Turnbull takes the ancient pilgrims' path to the Holy Island of Lindisfarne.

Irish Praise

Songs of Praise: Irish Praise

Musical celebration of hymns and songs by Irish composers from Belfast.

UK City of Culture 2013

Songs of Praise: UK City of Culture 2013

Eamonn Holmes is in Londonderry for the world's largest gathering of Irish culture.

Harvest of Land and Sea

Songs of Praise: Harvest of Land and Sea

Aled Jones visits Whitby and the North York Moors in search of some unusual harvests.

Tony Christie - My Story, My Music

Songs of Praise: Tony Christie - My Story, My Music

In a special programme, Aled Jones interviews singer Tony Christie.

Gospel Choir of the Year (1/2)

Songs of Praise: Gospel Choir of the Year (1/2)

David Grant introduces six gospel choirs from around Britain who must impress the judges.

Gospel Choir of the Year (2/2)

Songs of Praise: Gospel Choir of the Year (2/2)

The judges select the best gospel choir from six remarkable finalists.


Songs of Praise: Paisley

Sally Magnusson visits the Scottish town of Paisley, home to a world-renowned sculptor.

Big Sing: The UK's Top Ten Hymns

Songs of Praise: Big Sing: The UK's Top Ten Hymns

The results of a nationwide vote are sung by 5,000 people in the Royal Albert Hall.

Mountainous Wales

Songs of Praise: Mountainous Wales

Connie Fisher explores the Welsh landscape, and introduces hymns from Llandaff Cathedral.

The Wakefield Way

Songs of Praise: The Wakefield Way

David Grant encounters people inspired by the Yorkshire landscape along The Wakefield Way.

Great Storytellers

Songs of Praise: Great Storytellers

Pam Rhodes discovers how authors such as CS Lewis and JRR Tolkien inspire generations.

Christmas is Coming

Songs of Praise: Christmas is Coming

David Grant joins in the festive preparations on the Isle of Man.

Paul Jones

Songs of Praise: Paul Jones

Singer Paul Jones talks about how he went from militant atheist to devout Christian.

Young Voices

Songs of Praise: Young Voices

Sally Magnusson meets young people in Wigan on a mission to get the town singing.

Big Sing: The UK's Top 10 Carols

Songs of Praise: Big Sing: The UK's Top 10 Carols

Britain's most popular Christmas carols are revealed, following a nationwide vote.

New Year Honours

Songs of Praise: New Year Honours

Bill Turnbull meets people who have been publicly honoured for their actions.

Epiphany Sunday

Songs of Praise: Epiphany Sunday

David Grant discovers what can be learned from the wise men in the Christmas story.

The Holy Island of Lindisfarne

Songs of Praise: The Holy Island of Lindisfarne

Bill Turnbull meets people inspired by the tiny tidal island of Lindisfarne.

All Through the Night

Songs of Praise: All Through the Night

Diane Louise Jordan meets people who head to work while most of the country sleeps.

Phoenix from the Ashes

Songs of Praise: Phoenix from the Ashes

Bill Turnbull discovers churches once on the verge of closure that have been transformed.

Chinese New Year

Songs of Praise: Chinese New Year

Aled Jones visits London's Chinatown and introduces hymns from St Martin-in-the-Fields.

Sunday School Songs

Songs of Praise: Sunday School Songs

David Grant turns back the clock to the heyday of Sunday school classes.


Songs of Praise: Retirement

Pam Rhodes finds out how Liz Taylor's former body double is spending her retirement.

A City Within a City

Songs of Praise: A City Within a City

Huw Edwards looks forward to St David's Day with the people of Llandaff.


Songs of Praise: Lent

Pam Rhodes discovers why Lent is significant, and introduces hymns from Bradford.

Sport Relief 2014

Songs of Praise: Sport Relief 2014

Dan Walker visits a church transformed into a winter-themed sporting arena.

St Patrick's Day

Songs of Praise: St Patrick's Day

Eamonn Holmes is in Londonderry to meet people inspired by Ireland's patron saint.

Island of Culture

Songs of Praise: Island of Culture

Bill Turnbull celebrates the rich cultural heritage of the Isle of Man.

Candi Staton

Songs of Praise: Candi Staton

Candi Staton talks to Aled Jones about her faith and long career.


Songs of Praise: Wigan

Sally Magnusson talks to the head of the Catholic church in England and Wales.

Holy Week

Songs of Praise: Holy Week

Introducing hymns from Bradford Cathedral, singer Beth Nielsen Chapman and Tom Courtenay.

Easter Sunday

Songs of Praise: Easter Sunday

Bill Turnbull eats a traditional Polish Easter meal and learns about a Moravian custom.

School Choir of the Year 2014

School Choir of the Year 2014

The top junior and senior school choirs from around the UK compete for the 2014 title.

Lesley Garrett - My Story, My Music

Songs of Praise: Lesley Garrett - My Story, My Music

The celebrated soprano Lesley Garrett sings her favourite hymns at St Edmund's, Leeds.

Faith and Football

Songs of Praise: Faith and Football

Aled Jones looks forward to the football World Cup in Brazil.

D-Day: 70 Years On

Songs of Praise: D-Day: 70 Years On

A survivor shares their story of faith under fire and fighting the good fight on D-Day.

Pentecost Sunday

Songs of Praise: Pentecost Sunday

Diane Louise Jordan celebrates the birthday of the church with dance group Rebirth.

Father's Day

Songs of Praise: Father's Day

On Father's Day, Claire McCollum chats with Kristyn and Keith Getty.


Songs of Praise: Summertime

David Grant and Diane Louise Jordan pack their suitcases and head to the seaside.

Tour de France

Songs of Praise: Tour de France

Yorkshire's churches are getting involved with the Tour de France.

Commonwealth Games

Songs of Praise: Commonwealth Games

Sally and Diane are in Glasgow for the final countdown to the Commonwealth Games.

Scotland's Big Year

Songs of Praise: Scotland's Big Year

David Grant and Connie Fisher celebrate all things Scottish.

Outbreak of War

Songs of Praise: Outbreak of War

Bill Turnbull travels to Belgium to commemorate the outbreak of the First World War, .

Sacred Gardens

Songs of Praise: Sacred Gardens

Bill Turnbull and Claire McCollum are in London in search of sacred gardens.

Stop the World

Songs of Praise: Stop the World

David Grant learns how to Gregorian chant and Sally Magnusson goes cider-tasting.

Carnival and Culture

Songs of Praise: Carnival and Culture

Pam Rhodes meets participants in Europe's longest running Caribbean carnival.

Junior Songs of Praise

Songs of Praise: Junior Songs of Praise

The Gospel Choir of the Year lead family-friendly sing-along songs from Gateshead Quays.

Private Chapels

Songs of Praise: Private Chapels

Bill Turnbull takes a look at some of Britain's most fascinating private chapels.

Harvest Thanksgiving

Songs of Praise: Harvest Thanksgiving

As the programme celebrates harvest, Claire McCollum visits Kenya.

Finding Faith Afresh

Songs of Praise: Finding Faith Afresh

The bishop and archbishop of Liverpool lead a joint prayer for International Day of Peace.

Gospel Choir of the Year, Part 1

Songs of Praise: Gospel Choir of the Year, Part 1

David Grant introduces six of the best amateur gospel choirs in the country.

Tribute to a Queen - The Big Sing

Songs of Praise: Tribute to a Queen - The Big Sing

A musical tribute from the Royal Albert Hall to Her Majesty the Queen.


Songs of Praise: 01/11/2015

David Grant is in Rome as a special cricket match takes place.


Songs of Praise: 08/11/2015

Bill Turnbull presents a special Remembrance programme from the Imperial War Museum.


Songs of Praise: 15/11/2015

Connie Fisher discovers how cooking and singing is building bridges between religions.


Songs of Praise: 22/11/2015

The Archbishop of Canterbury gives his reaction to the atrocities in Paris.


Songs of Praise: 29/11/2015

John Craven visits Chatsworth House as it gears up to welcome 100,000 Christmas visitors.


Songs of Praise: 06/12/2015

It's Saint Nicholas Day, so there are festive features and carols galore.


Songs of Praise: 13/12/2015

Mary Berry lets Songs of Praise into her home to talk about festive family memories.

Christmas Big Sing

Songs of Praise: Christmas Big Sing

A feast of carols and festive music from the Royal Albert Hall.


Songs of Praise: 27/12/2015

Connie Fisher celebrates musical moments and stories of faith from the past year.


Songs of Praise: 03/01/2016

Ann Widdecombe goes behind the scenes of BBC drama Father Brown.


Songs of Praise: 10/01/2016

The Songs of Praise Gospel Choir competition is launched.


Songs of Praise: 17/01/2016

In the aftermath of the recent floods, John Craven uncovers acts of kindness in Cumbria.


Songs of Praise: 24/01/2016

David Grant meets residents at a rehabilitation centre for addiction to drink and drugs.


Songs of Praise: 31/01/2016

Libby Lane, first female bishop in the Church of England, reflects on the past 12 months.


Songs of Praise: 07/02/2016

Aled Jones presents a tribute to Terry Wogan. Josie d'Arby celebrates Chinese New Year.


Songs of Praise: 14/02/2016

Connie Fisher meets residents from what has been dubbed Britain's kindest village.


Songs of Praise: 21/02/2016

David Grant visits the Post Office church and the congregation in a tent.


Songs of Praise: 28/02/2016

For St David's Day, Richard Taylor traces the history of the patron saint of Wales.


Songs of Praise: 06/03/2016

For Mothering Sunday, Pam Rhodes meets grandmothers who are full-time carers.


Songs of Praise: 13/03/2016

Josie d'Arby discovers how 'Singing Medicine' helps patients at a Birmingham hospital.


Songs of Praise: 20/03/2016

John Craven joins Archbishop John Sentamu on his pilgrimage through the Diocese of York.


Songs of Praise: 27/03/2016

For Easter Sunday, Pam Rhodes goes behind the scenes at a community Passion play in Poole.

School Choir of the Year 2016

School Choir of the Year 2016

The top junior and senior school choirs from around the UK compete for the 2016 title.


Songs of Praise: 17/04/2016

Pam Rhodes finds out more about HM the Queen's faith ahead of her 90th birthday.


Songs of Praise: 01/05/2016

Simon Callow investigates William Shakespeare's spirituality, 400 years after his death.


Songs of Praise: 08/05/2016

Sally Magnusson is in Belfast to mark the centenary of the Battle of the Somme.


Songs of Praise: 15/05/2016

Connie Fisher meets the bloggers and tweeters spreading the Christian message.


Songs of Praise: 22/05/2016

Pam Rhodes finds out how the recreation of a 1950s street is helping people with dementia.


Songs of Praise: 29/05/2016

Claire McCollum is aboard the only remaining ship to have fought in the Battle of Jutland.


Songs of Praise: 05/06/2016

Passengers at Birmingham New Street Station are surprised by a performance of This Train.


Songs of Praise: 12/06/2016

Josie d'Arby joins 25,000 people at the annual Big Church Day Out in West Sussex.


Songs of Praise: 19/06/2016

For Father's Day, David Grant explores what makes a great dad.


Songs of Praise: 26/06/2016

Sally Magnusson commemorates the Battle of the Somme.


Songs of Praise: 03/07/2016

On Battle of Britain Memorial Day, Pam Rhodes visits RAF Duxford.


Songs of Praise: 17/07/2016

Following the EU referendum, Songs of Praise explores Christians' reactions to Brexit.


Songs of Praise: 24/07/2016

Josie visits the tiny Hebridean island of Iona to experience its unique spirituality.


Songs of Praise: 31/07/2016

Josie d'Arby returns to the venue for London 2012 to meet Olympic heroes and hopefuls.


Songs of Praise: 07/08/2016

Josie d'Arby marks the 300th anniversary of the birth of Lancelot "Capability" Brown.


Songs of Praise: 14/08/2016

Josie d'Arby enjoys the rich heritage inside Britain's only Romany museum.


Songs of Praise: 21/08/2016

Robert Beckford finds out about the Christian origins of carnival.


Songs of Praise: 28/08/2016

Aled Jones and the rugby league choir competition winners sing at Wembley.


Songs of Praise: 04/09/2016

Ann Widdecombe explores the making of a saint as Mother Teresa is canonised.


Songs of Praise: 11/09/2016

On the anniversary of 9/11, Sally Magnusson meets Christians who have responded with faith


Songs of Praise: 18/09/2016

It is London Fashion Week, and David Grant meets some models with a difference.


Songs of Praise: 25/09/2016

Pam Rhodes explores why the Great Fire of London in 1666 was described as an act of God.

Conscientious Objectors

Songs of Praise: Conscientious Objectors

Featuring a look at the treatment of British Quakers facing imprisonment during wartime.

The Big Sing 2016

Songs of Praise: 09/10/2016

Fabulous favourite hymns, old and new, from the spectacular Royal Albert Hall.


Songs of Praise: 16/10/2016

Kate Bottley is at Billingsgate Fish Market to prepare for a Harvest Festival of the Sea.


Songs of Praise: 23/10/2016

Aled Jones hears from two people whose lives were changed by the Aberfan disaster.

Gospel Choir of the Year 2016

Gospel Choir of the Year 2016

The top amateur gospel choirs from around the UK compete for the 2016 title.


Songs of Praise: 20/11/2016

Professor Robert Beckford explores the impact of Britain's first black churches.


Songs of Praise: 27/11/2016

Connie Fisher meets a man who gave the gift of life to a relative stranger.


Songs of Praise: 11/12/2016

The Reverend Kate Bottley visits Lapland with families of children with serious illnesses.

Dunster by Candlelight

Songs of Praise: Dunster by Candlelight

David Grant visits the medieval town of Dunster to take part in the candlelit procession.

The Christmas Big Sing

Songs of Praise: The Christmas Big Sing

Gareth Malone and Laura Mvula join Aled Jones for a feast of favourite carols.

Hampton Court

Songs of Praise: Hampton Court

To mark the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, Aled Jones visits Hampton Court Palace.

Escaping Debt

Songs of Praise: Escaping Debt

Josie d'Arby meets those whose faith has brought freedom from spiralling debt.

Isle of Lewis

Songs of Praise: Isle of Lewis

A look at Donald Trump's family connections to the Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides.


Songs of Praise: Hull

Aled Jones discovers what being the UK's City of Culture means for Hull.

Chinese New Year

Songs of Praise: Chinese New Year

Josie d'Arby celebrates Chinese New Year at a magic lantern festival in London.

Jane Austen

Songs of Praise: Jane Austen

Connie Fisher visits the Hampshire house where Jane Austen lived.

Welsh Pilgrims

Songs of Praise: Welsh Pilgrims

Aled Jones visits north Wales to follow the pilgrim trail to Bardsey Island.

Women Priests

Songs of Praise: Women Priests

Marking the 25th anniversary of the C of E's vote in favour of women's ordination.

City Farmers

Songs of Praise: City Farmers

Josie d'Arby is joining girls from inner-city London on a farm in Dartmoor.

Zeebrugge Anniversary

Songs of Praise: Zeebrugge Anniversary

Aled Jones is in Dover to hear first-hand accounts of the Zeebrugge ferry disaster.

Housing Crisis

Songs of Praise: Housing Crisis

Josie d'Arby looks at how the church can help with Britain's housing crisis.

Hospital Chaplains

Songs of Praise: Hospital Chaplains

Aled Jones follows the work of a hospital chaplain and witnesses life on the wards.

Mothering Sunday

Songs of Praise: Mothering Sunday

David Grant celebrates Mothering Sunday by meeting two supermums.


Songs of Praise: Peterhead

Josie d'Arby visits the fishing port of Peterhead.

The Yorkshire Dales

Songs of Praise: The Yorkshire Dales

The Reverend Kate Bottley is in the Yorkshire Dales for lambing season.

Easter Sunday

Songs of Praise: Easter Sunday

How the people of Manchester stage a performance of Christ's crucifixion and resurrection.


Songs of Praise: RSPCA

David Grant visits Leybourne Animal Centre in Kent, run by the RSPCA.


Songs of Praise: Cornwall

Josie d'Arby celebrates 30 years of saving lives with the Cornwall Air Ambulance.


Songs of Praise: Guernsey

Sally Magnusson hears from a woman who lived under Nazi rule in Guernsey.

The National Trust

Songs of Praise: The National Trust

Pam Rhodes explores how a Victorian clergyman became a founder of the National Trust.

Modern Nuns

Songs of Praise: Modern Nuns

Josie d'Arby meets nuns at a convent in Pembrokeshire.

Manchester Attack

Songs of Praise: Manchester Attack

Aled Jones discovers how Manchester is pulling together following the terror attack.

Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral

Songs of Praise: Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral

Josie d'Arby celebrates the golden jubilee of Liverpool's iconic Metropolitan Cathedral.

Carers Week

Songs of Praise: Carers Week

Radio 2 DJ Johnnie Walker and his wife Tiggy reveal what it is like to become a carer.


Songs of Praise: Mallorca

Connie Fisher joins the Street Angels of Magaluf as they patrol the Spanish party town.


Songs of Praise: Carlisle

David Grant travels along the Settle to Carlisle Railway.


Songs of Praise: Chatsworth

Aled Jones visits Chatsworth for its first ever flower show.

Modern Pilgrims

Songs of Praise: Modern Pilgrims

Sean Fletcher visits Mont Saint-Michel in France to meet some modern-day pilgrims.

North Wales

Songs of Praise: North Wales

Aled Jones takes to the hills with Mike Peters to raise money for NHS cancer services.

Summer Worship

Songs of Praise: Summer Worship

Katherine Jenkins reveals how the Battle of Hastings changed Christian history in Britain.

Love, Light and Unity

Songs of Praise: Love, Light and Unity

Josie d'Arby finds out how the Salvation Army supports the emergency services.

Port Sunlight

Songs of Praise: Port Sunlight

Claire McCollum is in Port Sunlight, a village built by a Christian entrepreneur.

New Wine

Songs of Praise: New Wine

Josie d'Arby joins thousands of Christians at the annual New Wine gathering in Somerset.


Songs of Praise: Edinburgh

Sally Magnusson is in Edinburgh to celebrate 70 years of its International Festival.

Celebrating Diana

Songs of Praise: Celebrating Diana

Songs of Praise marks the 20th anniversary of the death of Diana, Princess of Wales.

Croagh Patrick

Songs of Praise: Croagh Patrick

Claire McCollum travels to County Mayo in Ireland to visit Croagh Patrick.


Songs of Praise: Hereford

The Reverend Kate Bottley visits Hereford Cathedral and is shown its famous mappa mundi.

Milton Keynes

Songs of Praise: Milton Keynes

Sean Fletcher visits Milton Keynes as it celebrates its fiftieth anniversary.

Remembrance Enniskillen

Songs of Praise: Remembrance Enniskillen

Sean Fletcher reveals how the MOD is helping relatives of those declared missing in action

Love and Marriage

Songs of Praise: Love and Marriage

Katherine Jenkins marks Her Majesty the Queen and Prince Philip's 70th wedding anniversary

Gospel Choir of the Year Part 1

Songs of Praise: Gospel Choir of the Year Part 1

David Grant hosts the Songs of Praise Gospel Choir of the Year 2017 competition.

Gospel Choir of the Year Final

Songs of Praise: Gospel Choir of the Year Final

Seal judges the final of the Songs of Praise Gospel Choir of the Year 2017 competition.

Preparing for Christmas

Songs of Praise: Preparing for Christmas

Josie d'Arby visits a Christian Christmas tree farm and JB Gill gives the gift of blood.

Christmas in Winchester

Songs of Praise: Christmas in Winchester

Presenters choose their favourite carol, and some are sung by candlelight.

The Big Sing: Christmas Eve

Songs of Praise: The Big Sing: Christmas Eve

Katherine Jenkins and JB Gill celebrate Christmas with carols in the Royal Albert Hall.

The Big Sing: New Year's Eve

Songs of Praise: The Big Sing: New Year's Eve

Songs of Praise prepares for 2018 with hymns and songs from the Royal Albert Hall.

Epiphany Sunday

Songs of Praise: Epiphany Sunday

For Epiphany, Sean Fletcher visits a spectacular light festival in Durham.

Scripture Union and the Queen

Songs of Praise: Scripture Union and the Queen

Songs of Praise joins Her Majesty the Queen to celebrate 150 years of Scripture Union.

Methodist Central Hall Westminster

Songs of Praise: Methodist Central Hall Westminster

Hymns from the historic Methodist Central Hall Westminster with guest Julian Lloyd Webber.

Hope for Homelessness

Songs of Praise: Hope for Homelessness

Sean Fletcher joins a 4am tea run in London's Covent Garden to mark Homeless Sunday.

Pioneering Women

Songs of Praise: Pioneering Women

Rev Kate Bottley visits Mansfield College in Oxford to learn about Constance Coltman.

Tree of Life

Songs of Praise: Tree of Life

Bishop James Jones reveals the links between Christianity and forests to Claire McCollum.

Great British Hymnwriters

Songs of Praise: Great British Hymnwriters

Graham Kendrick tells Sean Fletcher about his contemporary anthem Shine, Jesus, Shine.

Today's Good Samaritans

Songs of Praise: Today's Good Samaritans

JB Gill meets the first person in the UK to donate an organ to a complete stranger.

St David's

Songs of Praise: St David's

Josie d'Arby is in St David's in Pembrokeshire exploring the city's saintly connections.

Mothering Sunday

Songs of Praise: Mothering Sunday

For Mothering Sunday, Katherine Jenkins meets brand new parents on a maternity ward.

New Beginnings

Songs of Praise: New Beginnings

The Rev Kate Bottley celebrates spring on a farm run by Christians in Derbyshire.