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Click: 11/05/2017

A guide to all the latest gadgets, websites, games and computer industry news.


Click: 11/06/2011

A special show from the world's biggest computer games expo in Los Angeles.


Click: 30/07/2011

Click gets to grips with 3D printers, and tunes in to French IPTV.


Click: 06/08/2011

Click marks the 20th anniversary of the web, and asks if mobile phones are safe to use.


Click: 13/08/2011

Click goes behind the technology that helped to organise the past week's riots in the UK.


Click: 20/08/2011

The click team experience the extreme end of immersive gaming.


Click: 10/09/2011

Click visits Europe's largest tech show, IFA in Berlin.


Click: 17/09/2011

Guide to the latest gadgets, websites, games and computer industry news.


Click: 01/10/2011

Guide to the latest gadgets, websites, games and computer industry news.


Click: 15/10/2011

The tech show travels to Japan to see the protoypes of what could be tomorrow's gadgets.


Click: 22/10/2011

Click explores defence technology, from vanishing tanks to airborne spy bots.


Click: 29/10/2011

Guide to the latest gadgets, websites, games and computer industry news.


Click: 05/11/2011

Can in-car technology reduce the rise in insurance premiums and make us safer drivers?


Click: 12/11/2011

How many popular gadgets can the smartphone really replace? Plus, cheap calls abroad.


Click: 26/11/2011

Click is in Turkey checking out new ways to pay using just a mobile phone.


Click: 03/12/2011

Click looks at tech that helps preserve your memories. Plus tech news and Website Reviews.


Click: 10/12/2011

When analogue telly gets switched off, could that improve your internet connection?


Click: 17/12/2011

Marc Cieslak asks whether you should let your toddlers loose on your tech.


Click: 24/12/2011

Guide to the latest gadgets, websites, games and computer industry news.


Click: 31/12/2011

Guide to the latest gadgets, websites, games and computer industry news.


Click: 07/01/2012

Is 2012 the year of 4G? We reveal what the next generation of mobile networks will deliver


Click: 14/01/2012

Click is in Las Vegas, at the Consumer Electronics Show.


Click: 21/01/2012

Guide to the latest gadgets, websites, games and computer industry news.


Click: 28/01/2012

Click meets the authors who prefer to tell their stories across multiple platforms.


Click: 04/02/2012

Special investigation into the latest threats to online banking and internet transactions.


Click: 11/02/2012

Guide to the latest gadgets, websites, games and computer industry news.


Click: 18/02/2012

A look at the brand new Playstation Vita, and tech that can be controlled with gestures.


Click: 25/02/2012

Featuring health gadgets plus the next generation of wearable tech.


Click: 03/03/2012

The latest smartphones and tablet tech from the Mobile World Congress 2012 in Barcelona.


Click: 10/03/2012

A special edition to mark the anniversary of the earthquake and tsumani that struck Japan.


Click: 17/03/2012

Click visits the South By Southwest Interactive festival in Texas.


Click: 24/03/2012

A look at technology companies in the classroom and the future of wireless powering.


Click: 31/03/2012

Click makes its own special effects action movie - using just a phone.


Click: 07/04/2012

What do you have to do to get a phone signal? Plus the self-destructing USB stick.


Click: 14/04/2012

Future cities - how will buildings adapt to humans and become more like us?


Click: 21/04/2012

The tech team visit a futuristic expo in Liverpool. Includes tech news and Webscape.


Click: 28/04/2012

A look at whether your influence online can affect how others treat you in the real world.


Click: 12/05/2012

Can an internet connection be all you need to get an Ivy League education?


Click: 19/05/2012

Click travels to India to look at the tech that is trying to count its enormous population


Click: 26/05/2012

An exploration of the Google way of working - free massages and dance classes for all.


Click: 02/06/2012

The gadgets designed to keep you safe and let your family know where you are.


Click: 09/06/2012

A report on the latest gaming innovations from the E3 Electronic Entertainment Expo.


Click: 16/06/2012

Click is in southern California, meeting the robot that is saving lives in the Pacific.


Click: 23/06/2012

Click checks out Microsoft's challenge to the iPad, plus the latest tech news and webscape


Click: 30/06/2012

In Brazil, where people are using Twitter to help change the world's environment.

Paperless Special

Click: Paperless Special

Could prototype flexible display technology spell the end of glossy magazines?


Click: 14/07/2012

Some of the new ideas coming out of London's Silicon Roundabout, now dubbed TechCity.


Click: 21/07/2012

The Olympics will see companies competing for coverage on social media. Is it worth it?


Click: 04/08/2012

Are gadgets taking over our lives? Click looks at the phenomenon of 'information overload'


Click: 11/08/2012

Click learns to code in a day. Plus, what is coming next for mobile mapping?


Click: 18/08/2012

Click looks at the tech that helps your loved ones stay independent into their later years


Click: 25/08/2012

Featuring a new hybrid engine, a virtual car showroom and small business and technology.


Click: 01/09/2012

Click is in Thailand looking at new technologies that will help future flood victims.


Click: 08/09/2012

The team are hypnotised by the latest TVs at Europe's largest technology trade show.


Click: 15/09/2012

Does the iPhone 5 live up to the hype?


Click: 22/09/2012

Reports from the Amazon rainforest on what locals make of their first mobile data network.


Click: 29/09/2012

Looking at technology that could let drivers get on the road without touching the wheel.


Click: 06/10/2012

Click looks at whether extended use of mobile devices could cause repetitive strain injury


Click: Kenya

In Kenya, Click looks at how technology can save lives, and goes elephant tracking.


Click: 20/10/2012

Guide to the latest gadgets, websites, games and computer industry news.


Click: 27/10/2012

A test drive of Windows 8 and a look at the robots that could learn to look after us.


Click: 03/11/2012

The tech show reports on next week's US elections.


Click: 10/11/2012

Featuring wet computing prototypes and the hottest gaming titles expected this Xmas.


Click: 17/11/2012

Technology news show. How close are we to having 3D printers in our house?


Click: 24/11/2012

Including Nintendo's new console Wii U put through its paces and tech news and web reviews


Click: 01/12/2012

Click discovers how tech has become the latest word in fashion.


Click: 08/12/2012

A motorbike that doesn't fall over and the latest crop of tablet computers.


Click: 22/12/2012

A look back at some of 2012's biggest tech stories, including Swedish self-driving cars.


Click: 29/12/2012

The best of 2012, featuring a look back at lifesaving Robots and filmmaking on your phone.


Click: 05/01/2013

Guide to the latest gadgets, websites, games and computer industry news.


Click: 05/01/2013

Guide to the latest gadgets, websites, games and computer industry news.


Click: 12/01/2013

Click comes from the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.


Click: 19/01/2013

A look at healthy gadgets, super hi-vis TVs and waterproofing phones.


Click: 02/02/2013

Click investigates whether a new private file-storing site could encourage piracy.


Click: 09/02/2013

How social networking and mobile phones are changing the way people find love online.


Click: 16/02/2013

The team try DIY computing - how easy is it to build something useful?


Click: 23/02/2013

Click gets its first taste of the Playstation 4, examining the new specs and the new games


Click: 02/03/2013

Click comes from the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. With tech news and web roundup.


Click: 20/04/2013

Click looks at the growing trend of life-logging.


Click: 27/04/2013

Click takes a ride around a smarter city where transport information is pulled together.


Click: 25/05/2013

With a report on the new Xbox One and a look at what makes the latest smart watches tick.


Click: 01/06/2013

The tech that's lighting up San Francisco. With tech news and web reviews.


Click: 08/06/2013

Featuring the world's first digital currency and the creator of the world wide web.


Click: 15/06/2013

Includes a close look at the big rivals Playstation 4 and Xbox One.


Click: 22/06/2013

The ethical hackers who break into systems with permission.


Click: 29/06/2013

User-friendly guide to the latest technology news, issues, gadgets and apps.


Click: 06/07/2013

Click discovers how important aesthetics are to Google.


Click: 13/07/2013

Online safety seen through the eyes of kids. How aware are they of the dangers of the web?


Click: 27/07/2013

Click takes a look at a futuristic home, and reports on the rising trend of tech repairers


Click: 03/08/2013

The indie games developers taking inspiration from real life.


Click: 10/08/2013

Why learn a language when you could just download one?


Click: 07/09/2013

How the internet and 3D printing is changing the design industry.


Click: 14/09/2013

Click tries out a 41 megapixel phone and unearths a few surprises at the IFA tech expo.


Click: 21/09/2013

Click looks at tech helping preserve the past, plus homemade 3D scanning.


Click: 28/09/2013

How nature's Nordic forces are changing Iceland's technology landscape.


Click: 05/10/2013

As the battle for games console supremacy heats up, Click looks at the new contender.


Click: 12/10/2013

Click is at Japan's biggest tech show, where we try on a superhuman exoskeleton.


Click: 19/10/2013

Featuring the latest works of digital art, and what happens when the tech breaks down.


Click: 26/10/2013

Click takes a tour around the futuristic city of Singapore.


Click: 02/11/2013

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak on technology partnerships and smart watches.


Click: 09/11/2013

The creator of BitTorrent on the company's efforts to break its association with piracy.


Click: 16/11/2013

Click gets hands-on with the Sony PS4 as it rolls-out across North America.


Click: 23/11/2013

Click visits America's largest 3D printing factory and tries out the Xbox One.


Click: 30/11/2013

Click looks at how we might interact with our computers in the future.


Click: 07/12/2013

Could 3D printing be the next copyright battleground? Plus, a Christmas guide to tablets.


Click: 14/12/2013

A look at tech aiming to keep cyclists safe, smartphone accessories and Webscape.

Christmas Special

Click: Christmas Special

Learn the tech behind magic tricks, and get a helping hand from next-gen robots.


Click: 04/01/2014

Looking at how technology is being used around the world to solve specific problems.


Click: 11/01/2014

Click reports from the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.


Click: 18/01/2014

Click gets behind the wheel of some pretty smart cars.


Click: 25/01/2014

Click goes under the radar to try on the tech that blinds Big Brother.


Click: 01/02/2014

Click goes to court with the founder of the private e-mail service used by Edward Snowden.


Click: 08/02/2014

Click tries out the latest in hi-tech toys at the UK's biggest toy fair.


Click: 15/02/2014

Click travels to Ghana to find out what happens to tech when we throw it away.


Click: 22/02/2014

Click visits the visual effects company behind hit film Gravity.


Click: 01/03/2014

Click visits the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona for the latest smart phone technology.


Click: 08/03/2014

Click investigates how hackers can use public wifi to steal sensitive information.


Click: 15/03/2014

The show gets hands on with the latest video game previews.


Click: 22/03/2014

A comprehensive guide to all the latest computer industry news.


Click: 29/03/2014

Click finds out how West Yorkshire CSI can tell what you've touched from your fingerprint.


Click: 05/04/2014

With Julian Assange and how advertising is using technology to target customers.


Click: 12/04/2014

Click goes inside a cyber squat with some of Europe's most influential hackers.


Click: 19/04/2014

Click plays the tech that can tease a tune out of anything.


Click: 26/04/2014

How wearable technology could help your health and productivity.


Click: 03/05/2014

Click travels to New Zealand to meet up with MegaUpload founder Kim Dotcom.


Click: 10/05/2014

Could a $7 device bring computing to the world's poorest people?


Click: 17/05/2014

Click visits the European Space Agency to find out more about 'pocket' satellites.


Click: 24/05/2014

Does making a gun 'smart' make it safer? Click tests a new gun tech.


Click: 31/05/2014

This special edition focuses on Israel's high-tech scene.


Click: 07/06/2014

Click visits the West Bank to check out its burgeoning tech scene.


Click: 14/06/2014

The team are in Los Angeles for E3, the world's largest gaming expo.


Click: 21/06/2014

Click visits Los Angeles to look at the latest tech in the battle against gun crime.


Click: 28/06/2014

The man creating a keyboard for his eyes, plus the behind the scenes tech at Wimbledon.


Click: 05/07/2014

Click checks out the latest in interactive digital experiences.


Click: 12/07/2014

A look at the tech that allows you to watch the World Cup at 30,000ft.


Click: 19/07/2014

Click takes a look at the addictive nature of real-life simulator games.


Click: 26/07/2014

How much is your phone saying about you, without your knowledge?


Click: 26/07/2014

How much is your phone saying about you, without your knowledge?


Click: 02/08/2014

The Commonwealth Games is streaming 360-degree footage to a VR headset.


Click: 03/08/2014

A comprehensive guide to the latest gadgets, websites, games and computer industry news.


Click: 09/08/2014

Click is up in the air to find out how to fly and film from drones big and small.


Click: 16/08/2014

Click travels to Las Vegas for DefCon, one of the biggest hacking conferences in the world


Click: 16/08/2014

Click travels to Las Vegas for DefCon, one of the biggest hacking conferences in the world


Click: 23/08/2014

Click travels to Philadelphia to meet Evan Blass. Plus what does the internet sounds like?


Click: 30/08/2014

Including building the ultimate dance anthem and food labelling developments.


Click: 06/09/2014

How a teaching app in Malawi could have huge potential in classrooms around the world.


Click: 13/09/2014

Click is in Berlin at Europe's largest technology show, IFA.


Click: 20/09/2014

How the crowd is helping to track down extremists. Can twin lasers improve the 3D movies?


Click: 20/09/2014

How the crowd is helping to track down extremists. Can twin lasers improve the 3D movies?


Click: 27/09/2014

Click meets the architects using visualisation technology to build cities of the future.


Click: 24/10/2015

Featuring hydrogen-powered cars plus a closer look at the All Blacks rugby team.


Click: 31/10/2015

Click is down under following the world's largest solar-fuelled race in Australia.


Click: 07/11/2015

Inspired by James Bond, the team visits Berlin's new spy museum.


Click: 15/11/2015

The smartwatch gets serious and connecting to the internet through your lights.


Click: 21/11/2015

Click looks at a project that hopes to use walking to create a new digital currency.


Click: 05/12/2015

Click is at the Big Bang Data exhibition to see the latest in data visualisation.


Click: 19/12/2015

Around the festive table there's Daleks, cocktails, robot racing and a capella singing.


Click: 26/12/2015

The first of two shows highlighting the best bits from 2015.


Click: 01/01/2016

The second of two shows highlighting the best bits from 2015.


Click: 09/01/2016

Click is at the world's largest electronics show, CES in Las Vegas.


Click: 23/01/2016

A look at how 3D printing could be about to change our lives.


Click: 06/02/2016

Click tries out the world's tiniest printer and checks out high-tech home security.


Click: 13/02/2016

The team go behind the scenes of $100m crowd-funded game Star Citizen.


Click: Cern

Click goes deep underground in the tunnels of Cern.


Click: 27/02/2016

Click visits the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona to look at the latest smartphones.


Click: 03/03/2016

A guide to all the latest gadgets, websites, games and computer industry news.


Click: 12/03/2016

A special 360-degree episode filmed with cameras that capture a full sphere around them.


Click: 19/03/2016

We meet the Syrian refugees using innovative tech in Jordan's Zaatari camp.


Click: 26/03/2016

In a drone special the team race drones and then take them down with the help of an eagle.


Click: 02/04/2016

Will graphene change our lives? Plus, a new smartphone designed to be pulled apart.


Click: 09/04/2016

Click features the smallest types of tech known to mankind.


Click: 16/04/2016

Click looks at the next generation of TVs with High Dynamic Range (HDR).


Click: 23/04/2016

Click looks at the immersive world of virtual reality sound, plus a VR tour of Chernobyl.


Click: 30/04/2016

Click explores going into space on the cheap, and reports on a new type of hairdryer.


Click: 07/05/2016

Can you predict when you will get ill? Click explores personalised medicine.


Click: 14/05/2016

Click meets a blind man who runs ultramarathon's with the help of an app.


Click: 21/05/2016

The team tries out robot exoskeletons and asks where robotics and ethics meet.


Click: 28/05/2016

A look at ad-blocking software and how it can affect content creation.

Hay Festival

Click: Hay Festival

Click meets some of the biggest tech minds at Hay Festival and tests gadgets for dogs.

Designed In China - Part 1

Click: Designed In China - Part 1

In China, the team explores the latest surveillance tech and driverless cars.


Click: 18/06/2016

With reports from LA on the world's biggest video games expo - E3.

Designed in China: Part Two

Click: Designed in China: Part Two

The team travel to Shenzhen to meet with some of China's largest technology companies.

Designed in China: Part Three

Click: Designed in China: Part Three

Click meets the robotic monks of Longquan Temple.

Click US special

Click: Click US special

The team visits Nasa Jet Propulsion Labs, and get transported to Mars.

US Special - Part Two

Click: 16/07/2016

In the second episode of Click's State of America special, the team visit Silicon Valley.

US Special - Part Three

Click: US Special - Part Three

Click heads to Los Angeles to see if an artificial intelligence can direct a music video.


Click: Gigafactory

Click chats to Tesla boss Elon Musk and helps set a Guinness World Record.


Click: 06/08/2016

Click explores No Man's Sky. Plus the hackers on the right side of the law in Las Vegas.

Spy Special

Click: Spy Special

Click reports from Defcon in Las Vegas, the world's largest hacking convention.

Designed In China - Part One

Click: Designed In China - Part One

Click visits Beijing, exploring the latest technology on driverless cars.

Designed in China: Part Two

Click: Designed in China: Part Two

The team travel to Shenzhen to meet with some of China's largest technology companies.

Back to School

Click: 03/09/2016

How technology is being used in classrooms plus educational games, gadgets and apps.


Click: Launches

Click looks at the latest product launches from the world of technology.


Click: 10/09/2016

A guide to all the latest gadgets, websites, games and computer industry news.


Click: 17/09/2016

A guide to all the latest gadgets, websites, games and computer industry news.


Click: 24/09/2016

A look at bots influencing social media in the US election.


Click: 01/10/2016

Click looks at a new process that could revolutionise the solar energy industry.

Japan Special

Click: Japan Special

The team use technology which allows humans to understand dogs.


Click: Cybathlon

Click comes from Zurich and reports from the very first Cybathlon.


Click: 22/10/2016

Click travels to Rwanda to see how drones are being used to save lives in rural areas.


Click: 22/10/2016

Click travels to Rwanda to see how drones are being used to save lives in rural areas.


Click: 29/10/2016

Going down under at one of the world's toughest drone challenges.


Click: Nuremberg

Looks at how VR is being used to help prosecute Nazis at WWII concentration camps.

Quiet Zone

Click: Quiet Zone

A guide to all the latest gadgets, websites, games and computer industry news.

Disability Tech

Click: Disability Tech

A team of reporters with disabilities take on the latest assistive tech.


Click: 10/12/2016

Forget self-driving cars, Click takes to the skies in an autonomous aircraft.


Click: Health

Artificial intelligence in the healthcare industry, and 3D printing and building design.

Xmas Special

Click: Xmas Special

A festive look back at all the best bits from Click in the past year.


Click: 31/12/2016

Click's first live stage performance from the BBC's New Broadcasting House.


Click: 07/01/2017

The Click team is in Las Vegas at the massive electronics show CES.


Click: 14/01/2017

A look at the latest developments in cars and home safety from Las Vegas.


Click: 21/01/2017

Click ventures to the edge of space in a hi-tech hot air balloon for space tourists.

Space Special

Click: Space Special

The team report on how NASA plans to transform how we explore and experience space.


Click: 04/02/2017

Can a human give artificial intelligence a real live voice?


Click: 11/02/2017

Click visits 500 Years of Robots at the Science Museum in London.


Click: Projectors

A look at how visual technology can change our perceptions.

Rogue One

Click: Rogue One

A look at Industrial Light & Magic's work on Rogue One.


Click: 04/03/2017

Click goes live in 360 from Europe's largest tech conference, MWC in Barcelona.

Air Quality

Click: Air Quality

Click looks at solutions to pollution, including diving drones and a network of sensors.

India - Race to the Moon

Click: India - Race to the Moon

Click is in India to discover how the country is innovating for the future.

All Aboard India's Technicolour Dream Train

Click: All Aboard India's Technicolour Dream Train

How Google is turning India's 163-year-old railway into a fibre optic network.

Inside Brian's Brain

Click: Inside Brian's Brain

Click visits Brian Eno for a rare peek inside the studio - and mind - of the artist.

Do Androids Dream of Chocolate Cake?

Click: Do Androids Dream of Chocolate Cake?

A look at whether voice-controlled personal assistants live up to the hype.


Click: Pre-Crime

Chicago police are using tech to predict the location and perpetrators of future crimes.


Click: 22/04/2017

Click visits Paris to check out the world's biggest startup space.


Click: 29/04/2017

Click investigates a company claiming to offer 'absolute security'.

Doctor Who and the Nanoracers

Click: Doctor Who and the Nanoracers

Click goes back to school with teaching tech, plus scary sounds with Doctor Who.


Click: 07/05/2017

A guide to all the latest gadgets, websites, games and computer industry news.

Great Balls of Fire

Click: Great Balls of Fire

Click looks at fusion energy and its potential as a limitless source of clean power.

Robots Storm the Castle

Click: Robots Storm the Castle

Click focuses on cyber security, with a look at biometric identification.

Fifty Shades of Spray

Click: Fifty Shades of Spray

Tech to turn anybody into an artist, and virtual reality art galleries.

50 Shades of Hay

Click: 50 Shades of Hay

Click visits the Hay Festival and chats to some of the biggest names in technology.

50 Shapes of Goo

Click: 50 Shapes of Goo

Click looks at how first responders deal with terror attacks with a new VR training tool.

To Live and Game in LA

Click: To Live and Game in LA

Click tries out the latest games, gadgets and consoles at E3.

Cirque du Click

Click: Cirque du Click

Click reports from LA on the 'future of fun' plus Uber's plans for self-driving cars.

Lettuce Entertain You

Click: Lettuce Entertain You

Click looks at food glorious food, including fake kippers and burgers.

City Clickers

Click: City Clickers

Click investigates why consumers may soon have to pay more for internet access.

Eye'll Be Back

Click: Eye'll Be Back

Click meets the robots of the future and the human eyeborg. Includes tech news.

Virtual: The Reality

Click: Virtual: The Reality

What is the truth about virtual reality? Next big thing, or next big flop?

Fear and Coding in Las Vegas

Click: Fear and Coding in Las Vegas

Click is at the hacker conventions in Las Vegas looking into cyber security.

What happens in Vegas...

Click: What happens in Vegas...

Click looks at solar roads and explores hacker conventions in Las Vegas.

Unexpected Item in Bagging Area

Click: Unexpected Item in Bagging Area

Going up sideways in a lift Willy Wonka style and Click gives VR a right kicking.

Social Care

Click: Social Care

This week, a look at how technology is being used to look after the elderly.


Click: AaaaaaaaaAR

Spencer asks why boys outnumber girls in tech and Dan explores IFA.

We Are Sailing

Click: We Are Sailing

The tech show takes a seat in the world's toughest yacht race.

Click or Treat

Click: Click or Treat

Click provides a virtual reality fright for Halloween.

Going Ape

Click: Going Ape

Click meets performance capture legend Andy Serkis and reviews the new Xbox One X.

Up, Up and Away

Click: Up, Up and Away

Spencer is in China to see what a turtle can teach us about space travel.

Made in China

Click: Made in China

Spencer is back in China to get a behind the scenes look at a mobile phone factory.

Fixing Kenya's Fire Service

Click: Fixing Kenya's Fire Service

Click looks at an app which hopes to be the Uber for emergency services in Kenya.

Access for All

Click: Access for All

A look at what is being achieved when tech meets disability.

Child's Play

Click: Child's Play

A look at Generation U. Plus how children learn about technology and stay safer online.

Quantum at Solstice

Click: Quantum at Solstice

Click investigates the weird world of quantum computing. Spencer meets Marina Abramovic.

Merry Clickmas

Click: Merry Clickmas

The team comes together to indulge in 2017's most desirable gear and gizmos.

Best Bits

Click: Best Bits

The best bits of the tech show from 2017 including tech for cats and a visit to Fukushima.

Technology News

Click: Technology News

A comprehensive guide to all the latest gadgets, websites, games and computer news.

Live and Clicking

Click: 06/01/2018

Highlights from the recent 'live' show, including advice about how to stay secure online.

Viva Las Vegas

Click: Viva Las Vegas

Click reports from the world's biggest tech show, CES.

High Tech Highway

Click: High Tech Highway

Click visits the US to see how predictive analytics help in emergencies.

Cheating Death in Silicon Valley

Click: Cheating Death in Silicon Valley

Click investigates technologies promising to help you live longer.

Law and Order: Dubai

Click: Law and Order: Dubai

Click is in Dubai meeting the newest members of the police force, police bots.

The Sky's the Limit

Click: The Sky's the Limit

Click takes to the skies to report on flying cabs and smarter airports.

Let There Be Light

Click: Let There Be Light

A remote village in the corner of the Himalayas receives electricity for the first time.

Your Face or Mine

Click: Your Face or Mine

Click investigates deep fakes, software used to swap faces in video.

All Aboard to Barcelona

Click: All Aboard to Barcelona

Click heads to the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona to explore the world of smartphones.

International Women's Day

Click: International Women's Day

Click heads to the USA to meet survivors of sexual abuse.

AI, Robot

Click: AI, Robot

In part one of Future of Work, Click asks if artificial intelligence can save the NHS.