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European Parliament

European Parliament

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European Parliament: 03/02/2016

Proceedings including the debate on February's meeting of the European Council.


European Parliament: 05/07/2016

Live coverage of the debate on the conclusions of the European Council summit.

US Travel Ban

European Parliament: US Travel Ban

Live coverage of the European Parliament's Constitutional Affairs Committee's session.

Guy Verhofstadt

European Parliament: Guy Verhofstadt

Coverage of a committee session on Brexit negotiations with the UK, from Wednesday 3 May.


European Parliament: 15/05/2017

Live coverage of debates in the European Parliament.

Moussa Mahamat

European Parliament: Moussa Mahamat

Speech in Strasbourg by the new chair of the African Union Commission Moussa Faki Mahamat.


European Parliament: 17/05/2017

A debate on the conclusions of the European Council summit from 29 April.


European Parliament: 17/05/2017

Plenary session in Strasbourg, with a debate on preparations for the G7 summit.


European Parliament: 17/05/2017

The speech to the European Parliament by the UN secretary general Antonio Guterres.


European Parliament: 18/05/2017

Live coverage of the European Parliament plenary session in Strasbourg.

Asylum, Migration and Integration

European Parliament: Asylum, Migration and Integration

Debate on asylum, migration and integration fund and migration policy.


European Parliament: 17/01/2018

Live coverage of proceedings in the European Parliament in Strasbourg.


European Parliament: 13/03/2018

Live coverage of European Parliament proceedings in Strasbourg.