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Behind Closed Doors

Spotlight: Behind Closed Doors

Stephen Dempster reports on the disturbing death of baby Cameron Leslie.

Legacy of Murder

Spotlight: Legacy of Murder

How the Stormont appointment of Mary McArdle is causing controversy for Sinn Fein.

East Belfast Riots

Spotlight: East Belfast Riots

A look at the reasons why violence flared in East Belfast recently.

The Whistleblower and the Watchdog

Spotlight: The Whistleblower and the Watchdog

Vincent Kearney reports on the crisis in the Police Ombudsman's Office.

Race for the Presidency

Spotlight: Race for the Presidency

Declan Lawn examines if Martin McGuinness's past is an issue in his presidential candidacy

The Benefits Crunch

Spotlight: The Benefits Crunch

Will welfare reforms really break a benefits culture or push the poor to the margins?


Spotlight: Special

With Arlene Foster, Raymond McCartney, Conall McDevitt, Mike Nesbitt and David McWilliams.

Orange Divided

Spotlight: Orange Divided

Stephen Dempster examines the controversy surrounding an Orange Order complaint.

NAMA - Safe as Houses

Spotlight: NAMA - Safe as Houses

Jim Fitzpatrick investigates the fall out from the property crash.

Getting Away with Murder

Spotlight: Getting Away with Murder

Investigating the 20-year-old murders of Lesley Howell and Trevor Buchanan.

Lost Generation

Spotlight: Lost Generation

Mark Carruthers uncovers the challenges facing those struggling to find work.

What about Dublin?

Spotlight: What about Dublin?

Stephen Dempster examines the role of the Irish state during the Troubles.

The Saltire and the Union

Spotlight: The Saltire and the Union

Mandy McAuley explores the issues around Scottish independence.


Spotlight: Special

An audience puts questions to a panel of public figures. Mark Carruthers hosts.

Death at Work

Spotlight: Death at Work

Ciaran Tracey asks whether the waste industry should be more tightly regulated.

Drowning in Drink

Spotlight: Drowning in Drink

Stephen Dempster reports on the rise in alcohol consumption in Northern Ireland.

Deadly Liaisons

Spotlight: Deadly Liaisons

Mandy McAuley investigates the controversy surrounding supergrass trials.

Sean Quinn's Missing Millions

Spotlight: Sean Quinn's Missing Millions

Jim Fitzpatrick reports on the global hunt for Sean Quinn's missing millions.

North Belfast Housing

Spotlight: North Belfast Housing

Mandy McAuley reports on a deal over a multi-million pound project in North Belfast.


Spotlight: Special

Debate with Sammy Wilson, Gerry Kelly, Jim Allister, David McWilliams and Deirdre Heenan.

Daylight Robbery

Spotlight: Daylight Robbery

Brian Hollywood reports on how vulnerable pensioners are being conned out of their savings

City of Fear

Spotlight: City of Fear

Investigating Derry's self-styled vigilante group, Republican Action Against Drugs.

Drugs on the Doorstep

Spotlight: Drugs on the Doorstep

Drugs dispensed by doctors are now being sold by dealers. Jennifer O'Leary investigates.

The Politics of Parading

Spotlight: The Politics of Parading

Exploring the politics of parading following a summer of tension over Loyal Order marches.

Spotlight Special

Spotlight: Spotlight Special

Noel Thompson presents debate including Ian Paisley and John O'Dowd.

Belize Oil

Spotlight: Belize Oil

Looking at Tony Quinn and his company's influence and involvement in a Belize oil company.

Dissidents and the Drugs War

Spotlight: Dissidents and the Drugs War

The consequences of the murder of Real IRA leader Alan Ryan.


Spotlight: 06/11/2012

Noel Thompson examines the threat posed by dissident republicans.

Farming in Crisis

Spotlight: Farming in Crisis

Brian Hollywood investigates the crisis facing farmers in Northern Ireland.

Sex Trade

Spotlight: Sex Trade

Simon Boazman asks whether Sweden's ban on buying sex would work in Northern Ireland.


Spotlight: Special

Discussion with Jeffrey Donaldson, Declan Kearney and David McNarry. With Noel Thompson.


Spotlight: 05/02/2013

Stephen Dempster tackles questions of identity.


Spotlight: 12/02/2013

Ciaran Tracey investigates drug abuse in Northern Ireland's prisons.


Spotlight: Special

A panel of public figures answer topical questions posed by a studio audience.


Spotlight: 26/02/2013

Enda McClafferty investigates the scale of electricity fraud across the country.

Horsemeat: The Insider

Spotlight: Horsemeat: The Insider

Jennifer O'Leary investigates a criminal conspiracy to export horsesinto the food chain.


Spotlight: 07/05/2013

An insight into Mrs Thatcher's public persona regarding her stance on Northern Ireland.


Spotlight: 14/05/2013

The negative equity crash and the deals the banks are doing to try to write it off.

Same Sex - Different Rights?

Spotlight: Same Sex - Different Rights?

Jennifer O'Leary investigates controversy in Northern Ireland over the gay marriage issue.


Spotlight: 28/05/2013

Simon Boazman reports on the controversial plans to develop the former Maze Prison site.


Spotlight: 18/06/2013

Noel Thompson chairs a studio debate with a panel of public and political figures.


Spotlight: 03/07/2013

A major investigation reveals political interference in the Housing Executive.

Spotlight at 40

Spotlight: Spotlight at 40

Spotlight marks its 40th anniversary by recalling some of its significant investigations.


Spotlight: 29/10/2013

Stephen Dempster reports on a resurgence in UVF activity in Belfast.


Spotlight: 05/11/2013

Jennifer O'Leary investigates a former IRA prisoner turned businessman.


Spotlight: 12/11/2013

Ciaran Tracey investigates the security services' fight against dissident republicans.


Spotlight: 19/11/2013

Are the dark days of recession really behind us? Jim Fitzpatrick investigates.


Spotlight: 26/11/2013

Jennifer O'Leary assesses whether or not Gerry Adams is still a help to Sinn Fein.


Spotlight: 03/12/2013

With Arlene Foster, John O'Dowd, Naomi Long, Billy Hutchinson and Rita Duffy.

The State of Emergency

Spotlight: The State of Emergency

Declan Lawn looks at the pressure on Northern Ireland's accident and emergency departments

Dirty Business

Spotlight: Dirty Business

How one of the biggest illegal dumps in Europe ended up in countryside outside Derry.

The Provo and his Property

Spotlight: The Provo and his Property

Why the bankrupted former millionaire Tom McFeely is turning to the British courts.

Housing Fraud: The Hidden Scandal

Spotlight: Housing Fraud: The Hidden Scandal

The scams denying the homeless a home and costing the taxpayer millions every year.

Duty to Tell

Spotlight: Duty to Tell

Declan Lawn investigates problems at the Royal Victoria Hospital's A&E department.

Letters of the Law

Spotlight: Letters of the Law

Jennifer O'Leary reports on a case at the heart of the storm over on-the-runs.

Spotlight Special

Spotlight: Spotlight Special

Debate hosted by Noel Thompson. The panel includes Simon Hamilton and Conor Murphy.

Guns and Government

Spotlight: Guns and Government

An investigation from Florida on a man who armed the IRA during the ceasefire.

Not Going Away

Spotlight: Not Going Away

Declan Lawn on how the Boston College history project shattered the IRA's code of silence.

Ulster bank/Collateral Damage

Spotlight: Ulster bank/Collateral Damage

Jennifer O'Leary investigates claims that a leading bank forced businesses into insolvency

European Election Debate

Spotlight: European Election Debate

Candidates for the European Parliament face an audience of voters.

Death on the Border

Spotlight: Death on the Border

Spotlight learns why there is a call for an inquiry into the Lord Justice Gibson killing.

Police, Camera, Actions

Spotlight: Police, Camera, Actions

The implications of a district court judge's dismissal of recent public order cases.

Pride and Prejudice

Spotlight: Pride and Prejudice

Declan Lawn reports on the contentious Orange parades in Ardoyne.

Spotlight Live: Paisley Death/Scotland

Spotlight: Spotlight Live: Paisley Death/Scotland

Could stalemate at Stormont threaten Ian Paisley's devolution legacy?

Race, Crime and Punishment

Spotlight: Race, Crime and Punishment

Why do the perpetrators of racial offences in NI appear to escape justice?

Cancer: Devolution of Care

Spotlight: Cancer: Devolution of Care

Stephen Dempster investigates the impact of the health funding row on cancer services.


Spotlight: 29/09/2015

Looking at how Northern Irish people are responding to the Syrian refugee crisis.

At War with the Bank

Spotlight: At War with the Bank

An investigation into a clash between the Bank of Ireland and a Tyrone businessman.


Spotlight: 17/11/2015

Jennifer O'Leary assesses the challenges the SDLP faces.


Spotlight: 24/11/2015

Reporting on army spy Stakeknife, who is alleged to have had a role in multiple murders.


Spotlight: 01/12/2015

How scammers conned a pensioner out of her life savings.


Spotlight: 08/12/2015

A demand that the files of civilians shot dead by soldiers during the Troubles are opened.

The Good Republican

Spotlight: The Good Republican

Jennifer O'Leary investigates leading republican Thomas 'Slab' Murphy.

First Minister's First Month

Spotlight: First Minister's First Month

Examining first minister Arlene Foster's rise to top of the political establishment.


Spotlight: Special

A studio audience questions a panel of public figures on the week's big talking points.

Robert Black - Caught on Tape

Spotlight: Robert Black - Caught on Tape

The life of murderer Robert Black, jailed for killing Jennifer Cardy and three other girls

Selling Northern Ireland

Spotlight: Selling Northern Ireland

Mandy McAuley uncovers a scandal at the heart of the sale of NI property loans.


Spotlight: 01/03/2016

Conor Spackman assesses the mood in Northern Ireland ahead of the EU referendum.


Spotlight: 08/03/2016

How loyalist paramilitary factions continue to dominate communities.


Spotlight: 15/03/2016

A look at links between the Irish criminal underworld and dissident republicans.


Spotlight: 24/05/2016

Conor Spackman investigates the delay in redeveloping Casement Park in west Belfast.


Spotlight: 31/05/2016

Peter Coulter searches for two girls who have disappeared in Northern Ireland.

The Paedophile Doctor

Spotlight: The Paedophile Doctor

Chris Moore investigates why a convicted paedophile was not struck off by the GMC.

Stalking Law

Spotlight: Stalking Law

Stephen Dempster asks why NI doesn't have legislation making stalking a specific crime.


Spotlight: 28/06/2016

Spotlight asks what the UK's decision to leave the EU means for Northern Ireland.


Spotlight: 06/09/2016

Uncovering secret recordings that expose corruption around Nama's NI property deal.


Spotlight: 13/09/2016

Jim Fitzpatrick explores how immigration curbs could affect the NI economy.


Spotlight: Spy in the IRA

Jennifer O'Leary examines a clash between the state and the IRA in the intelligence war.


Spotlight: 27/09/2016

An investigation of the arrest of Pat Hickey, president of the Olympic Council of Ireland.


Spotlight: 04/10/2016

Stephen Dempster investigates how loyalist paramilitaries control some communities.


Spotlight: 11/10/2016

Bronagh Munro investigates a political fight over funds.


Spotlight: 18/10/2016

A studio audience puts questions to a panel of public figures.


Spotlight: 22/11/2016

Mandy McAuley talks to Naomi Long, the new leader of the Alliance Party.


Spotlight: 06/12/2016

Conor Spackman investigates a multi-million pound blunder over a green energy scheme.


Spotlight: 13/12/2016

A special investigation into scammers who conned an elderly Northern Ireland woman.


Spotlight: 14/02/2017

Following the fall of Stormont, can power sharing there can ever really be stable?


Spotlight: 21/02/2017

Jennifer O'Leary looks at the challenges over making power sharing work at Stormont.


Spotlight: 07/03/2017

Mandy McAuley meets those campaigning to stop army veterans being tried for killings.

The Doctor Won't See You Now

Spotlight: The Doctor Won't See You Now

GPs in Northern Ireland are threatening to quit the NHS and go private.


Spotlight: 21/03/2017

A studio audience put questions to opinion-formers. Noel Thompson presents.

Martin McGuinness: Armalite to Ballot Box

Spotlight: 28/03/2017

Jim Fitzpatrick charts the journey of Martin McGuinness from man of war to man of peace.


Spotlight: 23/05/2017

Chris Moore tells the inside story of a Craigavon sex abuse case.

Brexit: Border Battle Line

Spotlight: Brexit: Border Battle Line

Jim Fitzpatrick travels to Brussels in search of answers over Brexit negotiations.


Spotlight: 24/10/2017

A studio audience put questions to a panel of decision makers.

PIP: The Disability Benefit Shake-Up

Spotlight: PIP: The Disability Benefit Shake-Up

Peter Coulter assesses the impact of the new personal independence payment.

Prescription Addiction

Spotlight: Prescription Addiction

Lyndsey Telford investigates the rise in deaths from prescription drug abuse.

The High Stakes Game

Spotlight: The High Stakes Game

Conor Spackman investigates the controversy around fixed odds betting terminals.


Spotlight: Bombardier

Has the government fought the implementation of US trade tariffs on Bombardier Belfast?