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Talking Business

An in-depth look at what makes business tick and what is happening in the global economy.

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Talking Business: 31/10/2015

Yogita Limaye hears about the Skills India initiative.


Talking Business: 09/01/2016

How the German economy is coping with absorbing a mass migration of people.


Talking Business: 16/01/2016

Tanya Beckett looks at the economic climate for 2016.


Talking Business: 23/01/2016

Karishma Vaswani discusses the new ASEAN economic community with her guests.


Talking Business: 30/01/2016

Michelle Fleury looks at the world of advertising in New York.


Talking Business: 06/02/2016

Examining the business stories and economic trends that are re-shaping our world.


Talking Business: 13/02/2016

Tanya Beckett and her guests discuss cyber security in Talking Business, from London.


Talking Business: 20/02/2016

Karishma Vaswani examines the economy in Australia.


Talking Business: 27/02/2016

Yogita Limaye reports from Delhi. Has India become an easier place to do business?


Talking Business: 27/05/2016

Talking Business comes from Japan, as it hosts the meeting of G7 leaders.


Talking Business: 10/06/2016

Tanya Beckett explores the reasons why the UK lags behind other industrialised countries.

Designed in China

Talking Business: Designed in China

Karishma Vaswani explores the Chinese companies and brands attempting to go global.


Talking Business: 02/07/2016

Tanya Beckett and guests explore what a Brexit future might hold for British businesses.

State of America: Part One

Talking Business: State of America: Part One

Michelle Fleury is in New York discussing the State of America's economy.

State of America: Part Two

Talking Business: State of America: Part Two

Examining the business stories and economic trends that are re-shaping our world.


Talking Business: 17/09/2016

Examining the business stories and economic trends that are re-shaping our world.


Talking Business: 24/09/2016

Examining the business stories and economic trends that are re-shaping our world.


Talking Business: 01/10/2016

Examining the business stories and economic trends that are re-shaping our world.


Talking Business: 08/10/2016

Michelle Fleury and guests examine the backlash against free trade.


Talking Business: 15/10/2016

Karishma Vaswani hears why corruption seems endemic in some Asian countries.


Talking Business: 23/10/2016

Tanya Beckett hears from politicians, academics and business on the future of the EU.

BRICS 15 Years On

Talking Business: BRICS 15 Years On

Yogita Limaye asks what the grouping of BRICS nations has achieved.

Man versus Machine

Talking Business: Man versus Machine

The challenges and opportunities of machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Generations at War

Talking Business: Generations at War

Tanya Beckett and guests discuss generations at war.

Inauguration Special

Talking Business: Inauguration Special

A special edition of Talking Business from Washington with Michelle Fleury.

Not Enough Jobs

Talking Business: Not Enough Jobs

Yogita Limaye talks to entrepreneurs and employers in Bangalore.

Beyond Oil

Talking Business: Beyond Oil

A look at the challenge faced by Lagos to develop an economy not reliant on oil.

Fake News

Talking Business: Fake News

Michelle Fleury examines who is to blame for fake news.

Brand New World

Talking Business: Brand New World

Tanya Beckett hears from leading brand and advertising experts on the future of brands.

The New Silk Road

Talking Business: The New Silk Road

Karishma Vaswani discusses China's bid to cement its position as an economic superpower.

Going Global

Talking Business: Going Global

Tanya Beckett talks to experts about what it takes to break into overseas markets.

The Asia Financial Crisis: 20 Years Later

Talking Business: The Asia Financial Crisis: 20 Years Later

Karishma Vaswani presents a Talking Business special from the Astana Expo in Kazakhstan.


Talking Business: Dubai

In Dubai, looking at how patterns of trade are changing in the Gulf. With Ben Thompson.