Hands on Nature

Hands on Nature

A guide to the UK's wildlife hotspots

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10 Minute Cutdowns

10 Minute Cutdowns

A guide to the UK's wildlife hotspots


1. Hands on Nature: Islands

Discover where to go swimming with seals and where to get really close to puffins.


2. Hands on Nature: Parks

Chris Packham visits some of the country's parks and estates to spot red deer rutting.


3. Hands on Nature: 30/11/2005

Chris Packham uncovers the secrets of one of the country's top locations for rockpooling.


4. Hands on Nature: Uplands

Wildlife series. Chris Packham shows how to spot the mountain animals of the Cairngorms.


5. Hands on Nature: Wetlands

Nature series. Chris Packham listens to the mysterious call of the bittern in Lancashire.


6. Hands on Nature: 05/12/2005

Chris Packham is in rambling country with his foolproof guide to spotting native snakes.


7. Hands on Nature: Waterways

Chris Packham reveals the best places to spot wildlife on the UK's waterways.


8. Hands on Nature: Woodland

Chris Packham reveals the secrets of successful badger watching.


9. Hands on Nature: Grasslands

Chris Packham explores the orchids and insect life of the South Downs.


10. Hands on Nature: Estuaries

Chris Packham presents a guide to the UK's wildlife hotspots.