Shinty: MacAulay Cup

Shinty: MacAulay Cup

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Shinty: MacAulay Cup: 20/08/2011

Kyles Athletic and Newtonmore go head-to-head for the 2011 Artemis MacAulay Cup Final.

Oban Camanachd v Glenurquhart

Shinty: MacAulay Cup: Oban Camanachd v Glenurquhart

Glenurquart appearing for the first time since the 1970s against Oban Camanachd at home.

Kyles Athletic v Newtonmore

Shinty: MacAulay Cup: Kyles Athletic v Newtonmore

Jonathan Sutherland presents the Artemis MacAulay Cup final live from Mossfield Park.

2016 Final: Inveraray v Kinlochshiel

Shinty: MacAulay Cup: 2016 Final: Inveraray v Kinlochshiel

Shinty coverage of Inveraray v Kinlochshiel in the MacAulay Cup final.