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Weather World: 28/08/2015

Nick Miller reveals the stories and science behind some of the year's wildest weather.


Weather World: 24/12/2015

Nick Miller looks back at some of the extreme weather that has been making news in 2015.


Weather World: 25/03/2016

Nick Miller visits York to examine why the historic UK city has been making the headlines.


Weather World: 26/08/2016

The team looks back at the wild weather that has been making the headlines.


Weather World: 24/12/2016

The BBC Weather team bring you the stories behind the forecasts.


Weather World: 14/04/2017

The BBC Weather team spend a day at Belfast International Airport.


Weather World: 26/08/2017

The BBC Weather team on why city weather is so different from the coast or the countryside


Weather World: 22/12/2017

Nick Miller and Sarah Keith-Lucas look at how 'fake weather' is made for TV programmes.