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Pudsey's Big Welsh Party

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# We're here in Swansea, at Pudsey's Big Welsh Party.


# And I'm Wynne Evans to get the party started


# So much Welsh talent from across the nation


# And all we're asking for is your kind donation


# And Jodi Bird will be taking flight.


# The Baby Queens, they're all agreed to help raise cash


Yes, hello and welcome to Pudsey's Big Welsh Party,


coming from the Great Hall at Swansea University!


We have a great show for you tonight,


and the first of our brilliant guests is a group of


unlikely lads who have only gone and bagged themselves


a residency on the strip in Las Vegas ? ladies


and gentlemen, boys and girls, it's Tenors of Rock!


# There's a lady who knows # All that glitters is gold


# And she's buying a stairway to heaven


# When she gets there, she knows # If the stores are all closed


# With a word she can get what she came for


# # And she's buying a stairway to


heaven # And she's buying a stairway to


heaven # Baby I ain't fooling


# I'll have to send you back to school


# Way down inside I'm going to give you my love


# Want a whole lot of love # Want a whole lot of love


# Yeah, yeah, yeah # Want a whole lot of love


# Still got a whole lot of love # I'm here to say


# Let loose # People looking to the stars


# Each and every one of ours is running wild


# Yeah, yeah, yeah # Want a whole lot of love #. Thank


you. Gareth, tell us about this


Las Vegas booking. We've been going back to Vegas a few


times, and we got the attention of some bookers. We got a phone call


when we were in Manila. Only two other Welsh acts have done this,


Shirley Bassey and Tom Jones. We cannot really believe it. Tom is a


legend out there. Five is great, but six would be better, wouldn't it?


Yeah! Let's do it. Thank you very much to the Tenors of Rock. You can


donate ?10 by your mobile to Children in Need. We have to tell


you the terms and conditions. Tonight, we have to sing the terms


of conditions to you to make it more interesting.


# Texts will cost your donation, plus your standard network message


charge # And all of your donations


# Will go to BBC Children in Need # You must be 16 or over


# And please ask the bill payer's permission


# For more information # And for terms and conditions


# Go to our website # Please donate your money today #.


Never have I been so interested in the terms and conditions. We will be


hearing more from Jodie later on. Now, throughout the show we'll


have our pick of the best of last night's fundraising extravaganza


on BBC One. First up is this performance


from Little Mix. Welcome to Haringey Shed,


one of the amazing projects funded Today, the children think they're


here to rehearse our version They just think it's


an ordinary rehearsal, but they're in fact in for a little


bit of a Little Mix surprise. Whilst the children are going


through their warm-ups, unbeknown to them, we'll be


watching their every move. We've put a team of workmen


in disguise in the studio to really throw them


off the scent. And the staff and all the volunteers


are all involved. All right, ready,


Terry, thanks, mate. Sorry, we're just trying


to do one chorus. # All the girls


on the block knocking at my door # Want to know what it is


make the boys want more # All the girls on the block


knocking at my door # Want to know what it is


make the boys want more # And it's called


Black Magic... # I was, like, oh, my gosh! I can't


believe Little Mix were here. And it's like my dream world has


come true. We wanted to come down here and see


what everyone does So, what sort of activities


do you do here? We do acting, singing,


and playing instruments. So what would you guys


say is the best thing If you mostly come


here all the time, It was really amazing


when they just popped out of there because we never


knew they were there. Little Mix were burst out,


I was actually crying. It was the best day


I've ever had, ever. Now, one of the big highlights


of every Children in Need is where choirs from around the UK


all sing together to help raise This year was no exception,


and I went along to one of the local Swansea schools as they rehearsed


for this year's song. So I've come to this primary school


to find out how rehearsals have been going. We asked some of the kids


hear what they think of Children in Need. Let's get this choir into


shape! I want you just clap. One, two, three, four. So what is


Children in Need all about? To help children that are in need, and that


need help with some things. Yes? It just helps other children get a


better life. Can't argue with that. What have you been up to this week?


Trying to get lots of money. Now time to pass on some of my many


years of musical training. Don't show that bit! What is it like being


in the choir? It's really fun being in the choir, because I like


singing. Not everyone gets to do this. I might get a bit nervous. I


don't think I'm going to be nervous, because I will be singing with other


people. Singing is great. We will be superb in Swansea. We are going to


be the best. Why is Children in Need so good? Pudsey Bear. We are


donating money and it is a special day. I really, really love Children


in Need, because you are helping people by raising money. And we will


be seeing the full song with the massed UK choir later on.


Plus we've got magician and Britain's Got Talent


winner Richard Jones, more of the best bits from last


night's show and also lots of homegrown Welsh talent,


all helping us raise as much money as we can for Children in Need.


And talking of Welsh talent ? time for some music now from a band


They have a bit of a gender imbalance going on -


there are five girls and one boy in this band ? is that allowed?


Of course it is, please give a big welcome to Baby Queens!


# Thinking the ways that I can break it to you


# This love's overdue, gotta be honest with you


# I wish my mind would feel the way my heart feels


# This emotional attachment is so real


# This predicament is one big mystery


# This predicament is one big mystery


They are brilliant, thanks so much for joining us in Swansea tonight.


Last night, of course, was the big Children in Need show


from Elstree, and here's one of my highlights.


Keeping the Welsh connection going, Rob Brydon was in the chair for one


of my favourite shows. Good evening and welcome


to a very special edition of Would I Lie To You


for Children In Need. On Lee Mack's team tonight,


ten-year-old unicorn And 11-year-old football mad


Jack from Wrexham. And on David Mitchell's team


tonight, nine-year-old self-confessed tomboy


Zara from Nottingham. And nine-year-old aspiring inventor


Adit from Harrow. This is the autograph I got


from Lee Mack after I accidentally Now, Lee, maybe you could read to us


what it was that you wrote It certainly sounds like the sort


of joke you'd to try to make. So where did this happen,


Kitty? It was in a Waitrose


cafe. Very working class


and down-to-earth. Could you change that


to ASDA or Lidl? Lee Mack was in a Waitrose cafe


having a pheasant wrap? I wanted to get his attention,


so I walked over. Why didn't you want to


meet her again? Why did you wish


you'd never met her? I think it was to do


with the scalding pain in my legs. So, what do you think


then, David's team? I don't think you would


write on a napkin. OK, right, Kitty,


truth or lie? I can play a TV theme tune


on the thing Rob is about to I tell you what, this


is going to be interesting. I mean, first of all,


what is it? Well, I don't know,


you're so small, Rob, It could be something


you find in a Kinder Egg. Well, you tell us,


you know what it is, Adit. It's not a trumpet, it's not


a trumpet. You say you play the theme tune


to a television show? That's a good question,


which show? I can't really remember


the other ones. You see, now we're in this tricky


situation, aren't we, because if we ask him to play it


and he's telling the truth, he will deliberately not be able


to play it, won't he, to trick us. I think if we just discuss it,


and then if it's true, Adit will play the tune,


and if it's not true, You think it's true and he's


pretending he didn't know what kind of instrument


it was? I'm going with Jack


and saying it's true. You are watching Pudsey's Big Welsh


Party. from the Great Hall


in Swansea University! Been busy raising


money for Children in Need - and this next


film is just one example of where that money


is spent in Wales - it's a This is Cwmparc at the end of the


Rhonda Valley. There's one road in and the same road out. Like many


parts of the valleys it's a former mining town with a strong sense of


community. And one of the focal points of this community is Alison


House, a former old people centre which for 15 years has been a safe


centre for young people to come, played learn and have fun. And this


place wouldn't be here without Children in Need. Ask almost anyone


in Cwmparc and they will know Beth Williams. She is the driving force


behind Alison house and she is like a second mother to lots of these


young people here. Bev's everything, you can always trust her. Awarded to


diesel Fisher for outstanding performance in the challenges. She's


such an easy person to get on with. She's loyal, respectful, and


anything you need, just ask and she will help you. Terry came here as a


teenager and Bev stuck with him through some tricky times. From the


ups and downs, from turning 18, I decided to go on the wrong path but


I was fortunate enough to have somebody like Bev go out of her way


to say, come on, let's give you a boost. Bev asked Terry to volunteer


on a sent him on courses and sent him for interviews. He has a


full-time job working on the railway. When I look at Kerry I


think, look how well you've done. You had problems, look how well he


has done. You can see that there are ways out of things. I come back to


visit, I see the youngsters in my shoes five or ten years ago, helping


out and volunteering. You realise them how lucky you are to be able to


use a club like this. Hopefully the funding will carry on. And that's


the point. Without your donations, Alison house would shut and Bev


wouldn't be able to do what she does, helping children become adults


and showing them it is good to help others. We have kids here five years


old, sitting in the corner, don't know what to play with, don't know


what to do. The old ones will come along and take them under their wing


and that's fantastic. That's the best feeling in the world for me.


Best job in the world, I love it. This is so much more than a youth


club. It's a special place which, for 15 years, has been a vital part


of Cwmparc. When people are in the shop buying Pudsey Bear and things,


it's all coming to good causes like ours. You are helping causes like


ours, thank you very much. Perhaps we should leave the last word to


Diesel. It's fun, there are lots of things to do around here, it's the


best thing you can basically do. Here is the star of that film,


Diesel. What does Alison house mean to you? My childhood, all my


memories and everything. How crucial is the Children in Need funding? It


is crucial, we are in a deprived area and Children in Need has been


funding us for 20 years and without it we would not be able to run. Did


you enjoy seeing yourself in the film? Yes, and I was so proud of


everybody, especially Diesel. Absolutely brilliant.


Well, if you want to help projects like Alison House,


you can give ?10 right now by texting from your phone.


And here are the terms and conditions.


# Texts will cost your donation plus your standard network charge


# And your donation will go to Children in Need


# Yes, your donation # Yes, your donation will go to


Children in Need # Your donation will go to Children


in Need # You must be 16 or over


# And please ask the bill payer's permission


# For more information and full terms and conditions


# Go to bbc.co.uk/Pudsey # Yes, your donation will go to BBC


# # Will go to BBC Children in Need.


Thank you very much. And as promised, this is the moment when


our choir sang their hearts out for Children in Need.


the UK Children's Choir, including pupils from four local


# Sometimes in our lives we all have pain


# We know that there's always tomorrow


# So just call on me, brother when you need a hand


# I just might have a problem that you'd understand


# So just call on me, brother when you need a hand


# I just might have a problem that you'd understand


# If I have things you need to borrow


# For no-one can fill those of your needs


# If there is a load you have to bear


Well, I am sure you agree, our choir was amazing!


Let's take a look now at another highlight


from last night's big Children in Need show.


I couldn't have wished for anything better than this performance from


the cast of the West and's latest show, Aladdin.


# A whole new world # 100,000 things to see


# I'm like a shooting star # I've come so far


# I can't go back to where I used to be.


# A whole new world # With new horizons to see


# An chase them anywhere # There's time to spare


# Let me share this whole new world with you.


# A whole new world # I swear we'll be


# For you and me # You've got three wishes


# Master, you're in luck # Because up your sleeve


# The magic never fails # You've got some power in your


corner # You've got some punch, all you've


got to do is run that lamp # Mr Aladdin, Sir,


# What will your pleasure be # Let me take your order


# You've never had a friend like me # Come on, kid


# Listen up # Can your friends do this?


# Can your friends do that? # Can your friends do this?


# Can your friends do that? # Can your friends go, abracadabra?


# Somebody call me a taxi # And I'll take it home


# Come on! # Mr Aladdin's cave Sir


# You ain't never had a friend, never had a friend


# Never! # Had a friend like me!


# Never had a friend like me #. Now, we're in The Great Hall,


which is a brand new venue on the huge Swansea Bay campus


of Swansea University. And earlier on this week,


this very building hosted a night of comedy to help raise money


for BBC Children in Need. So I'm down here in Swansea for what


I've been promised is going to be a great night of comedy, but I will be


the judge of that. Let's check it out. Good evening and welcome. A


quick round of applause for Children in Need night! Come on, here we go.


Nice to be here. It was my birthday recently, and as a present, my


girlfriend got me a square box for the flat. And now, every time I say


a swear word, I have to spend the night at home. Have a walk down our


lovely canal system, and over the other side of the canal, I saw a


little baby seagull with a broken wing. I rang the RSPCA.


Unfortunately for me, I got through to the West Midlands switchboard,


which did nothing to the stereotype. I said, I'd like to report an


injured seagull. She said, you would like to report a ninja seagull? I'm


from a place called Chatham. I know it was the birthplace of the chavs,


because I was a chav. I used to get a bus in two BH have. I am not in


character. I always dress like this. It is not 1975. Putting it out there


early on, because when I did a gig from Llanelli, I freaked a lot of


the audience out. They thought I'd come from the future. We are taking


part in something called the one-liner challenge tonight. It


could change your life. Who is up for it? I'm here backstage with some


of the high-quality talent, and I've brought some of our guinea pigs with


us. Any advice for this lot before the one-liner challenge? Timing, and


don't worry about the audience. You cannot see them anyway. Just enjoy


yourself. If you enjoy yourself, they will. Two very different


styles. Do you feel confident? Absolutely. Let's unleashed the


Dragon. Welcome! What did the cheese say when it looked in The Mirror?


Pellu me! - Mac Halloumi. The other evening I


was in the kitchen washing up, when I picked up a saucer, and I happened


to glance at it. To my amazement, there was a group of spiders on it.


They were kicking around a very tiny football ball. One takes out a tiny


whistle, and he says, I've been watching you for a few minutes, and


that's not good enough. Remember, in two weeks, you are playing in the


cup! It was fantastic. I really enjoyed it. It wasn't too bad. A fun


experience. Hopefully get to make it on TV. Ladies and gentlemen, give it


up for them! And natural. Like Ross Noble, but more beautiful. Thank you


to everybody who took part, laughed, and paid to get in.


It was a great night of fundraising for Children in Need.


Now time for a performance from someone very special.


She first appeared on Britain's Got Talent,


Singing All Of Me, accompanied by our musical director,


# What would I do without your smart mouth?


# Drawing me in and you kicking me out


# What's going on in that beautiful mind?


# My head's under water but I'm breathing fine


# You're crazy and I'm out of my mind.


# Love your curves and all your edges


# How many times do I have to tell you?


# Even when you're crying you're beautiful too


# My worst distraction, my rhythm and blues


# I can't stop singing, it's ringing in my head for you


# My head's under water but I'm breathing fine


# You're crazy and I'm out of my mind


# Love your curves and all your edges


# Love your curves and all your edges


Thank you Jodi - what an amazing performance.


Acra how has life been since Britain's got talent? Life has been


great, Simon Cowell and I are still besties. And you have just done your


A-levels. They went well, I am so grateful. Plans for the future? Some


very exciting project up in London that I can't talk about. That's what


we love, projects in London that we talk about.


And you can still help us raise as much money as possible


And here with the terms and conditions, is Jodi!


# To donate ?10, text the word Donate to 70410


# Plus your standard network message charge


# And please ask the bill payer's permission


Now we are in Swansea University, where earlier this week,


lots of students got involved with fundraising


Raising money for Children in Need, come on guys! Haircut, ?5.


Candyfloss, ?5. Thank you, have a nice day. I'm in my hometown of


Swansea, lots of fundraising going on. I am protecting icy conditions


later on. But first it into the warmth of the students nursery. How


cute are these fundraisers? Sponsored Kate, lots of colouring,


the children are wearing pyjamas. Where are your pyjamas? Mine are at


home. No pyjamas but she put something in the pot. Helping the


kids today. Or the sports science societies are playing their parts.


Go Swansea for Pudsey. Their kids have a special Pudsey twist. We've


got all the sports team in these socks, we are hoping to sell 1000 by


the end of the week to raise ?5,000 for Children in Need. I braved the


rain to meet the ultimate Frisbee team. Ultimately I'm pretty useless.


Great chance to give back to the community. We are really keen on


raising money for children. These Pudsey Sox are a cool way of doing


that. Children in Need mean Strictly and the dance Society have laid


their parts. We did a Strictly Come Dancing event, we had a winner at


being of the night. How much did you raise? ?474. After such an


impressive effort from all, those icy conditions are now unavoidable!


This is for Pudsey after all. If you can't beat them, join them!


This year we were reminded of the incredible support Terry Wogan gave


to Children in Need. I picked this performance from take that as my


highlight. # You, you're such a big star to me


# You're everything I wanna be # But you're stuck in a hole


and I want you to get out # But I know it's time


for you to leave # We're


all just pushing along # Trying to figure it out,


out, out # All your anticipation


pulls you down # When you can have


it all, you can have it all # So come on, come on,


get it on # Don't know what you're


waiting for # Your time is coming


don't be late, hey hey # Stop being so hard


on yourself # It's not good


for your health # I know that


you can change # So clear your head


and come round # You only have


to open your eyes # You might just


get a big surprise # And you might want to smile,


smile, smile # So come on, come on,


get it on # Don't know what you're


waiting for # Your time is coming


don't be late, hey hey # You're all that matters


to me # So come on, come on,


get it on # Don't know what you're


waiting for # Your time is coming


don't be late, hey hey # You're all that matters


From the Albert Hall in London back to the great Hall in Swansea and my


chance to meet the reigning champion of Britain's got talent, magician


Richard Jones. Loads of things I did not know about


you, you only took magic two years ago, you still in the Army in the


cavalry? Yes, a lot of people assumed I left the army when I won


but I am still there. I took up magic when I joined the Army,


travelling the world, a lot of time on coaches and aeroplanes to learn


sleight of hand techniques. I have fast tracked the last few years.


Swansea will be your home over Christmas, you are doing a panto?


I'm really looking forward to the panto season, hoping to see as many


people are here tonight in December. What are you going to be, Aladdin or


something? I'm Merlin. Absolutely brilliant. At the grand Theatre?


Yes. I presume you are going to do some magic? Absolutely. I need to


macro volunteers. Can we have two volunteers from the audience? You,


madam. And you, Madam as well. Fantastic, give them a round of


applause as they come up. Thank you very much for joining us. If you


could join us on the sofa. Going to do a bit of mind reading. I've got


some books here. I'll give you the dictionary, and if you both take a


book. We will try to find a word at random. Would you mind saying stop?


Stops. Look at the page number we have stopped on and find it in your


books as quickly as possible. Quick as you can, find the page. I just


want you to remember the first word on the first line of the page for


me. You have both got a word locked in your mind. Now it all depends on


how well I can read people. I'm going to try it with yourself. Think


of your word, have you got one? Yeah. Good stuff. I don't know why,


but I'm getting a number. I'm getting a number. I don't know why.


Does that mean anything to you? Knows.


It's not a number plate or something. What is the word you are


thinking of? Design. This is a tough one but I'm going to try and put


this back with a big finish. You've got the dictionary in your hand. Can


you turn to page 88, quick as you can. Hopefully this will be a big


finish. You chose design. 88, there should be two columns, left and


right. Look down the left column, count down 12 words and tell us what


is that word? Am I allowed to show it to the camera? Go for it. Design.


Thank God. There we go. Wow. Wowee. Thank you, Cheers. Richard Jones,


thank you so much. Now it's time to see a film about a little boy called


Eli. Eli is for now. When he was born,


there was a high number of children born with downs. We had a network of


parents of children, and we started doing more activities together, and


then we eventually decided to form a hands up for downs. Just a few hours


after Eli was born, the doctor sat us round the table and said, we


think he's got down syndrome. For me, he was just my little boy. I


didn't mind that he had Down's syndrome, he was just my boy. You


find the things that are needed and required, and you think that if you


need it, you will get it on the NHS. But that is not how it works. We


started looking at services, and it is hard. So we started looking at


fundraising. Can you find? Without the Children in Need funding, our


children would not be accessing one-to-one speech and language


provision. It's just been amazing. To be able to join in with other


children and play games, important things like sentences, who is going


neck? Whose turn it is? Eli can join in. It is very rewarding them that


you are helping them to successfully join in conversations, and enjoy


communication. It's lovely to see that. Goodbye, Eli. And that is why


we are here. Seeing the difference


that your donations can make to young people like Eli,


it explains why we are all here tonight, and there's still time


to give money to help children You can give right now


by text or via the website. # To donate ?10, text


the word Donate to 70410 # Plus your standard network


message charge # And please ask


the bill payer's permission Now, we have a certain bear


who's desperate to join Gareth, can Pudsey have a go, too?


Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, a very special


performance from Pudsey # I'm just another heart


in need of rescue # And I'm gonna hold on for


the rest of my days # Cos I know what it means


Whoa-oh-oh # To walk along


the lonely street of dreams # Goin' down the only


road I've ever known # Like a drifter I was


born to walk alone # Again


# If you wanna be a singer or play guitar


# Man, you gotta sweat or you won't get far


# Cos it's never too late to work nine-to-five


# You can take a stand or you can compromise


# You can work real hard or just fantasise


# But you don't start living till you realise


Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls. The Tenors of Rock. We need


everybody on their feet, and hands in the air!


Because of you, Children in Need helps children across the UK. All


across the UK. From Scotland. To England. Wales. To Northern Ireland.


Because of you, help is never far away. Your parents are always there


for you, but she's someone else. She's very special. Because of you,


there is a bright future. Because of you, there is help in the toughest


times. I knew from that moment on that he would be OK. You have helped


children smile and laugh, even when life feels really hard. Children in


Need can make a difference, and it's all because of you. Any-macro thank


you. Thank you. You. Thank you. Well, we've come to the end of the


show. Thank you to everybody who has donated and supported Children in


Need. Thanks to Pudsey. Thanks to our hosts, Swansea University, and


to our artists, Tenors of Rock, Richard Jones, Baby Queens, and Jodi


Bird. Jodi is going to join me now and our choir to sing us out. From


Swansea, good night. # When I'm down


# And all my soul is so weary # When troubles come


# Then I am still # Right here in the silence


# Until you come and sit a while with me


# You raise me up so I can stand on mountains


# You raise me up # To walk on stormy seas


# I am strong when I am on your shoulder


# You raise me up # To more than I can be


# You raise me up so I can stand on mountains


# I am strong when I am on your shoulders


# I am strong when I am on your shoulders


And I'm so pleased to say, Wales raised a record breaking million.


Christine, what would you like to drink? Have you any white wine? Yes.


I'll have a large white wine, and a whisky and soda.


Make sure that chicken's cooked properly. I will.


I had a couple of peri-peri drummers when I was at that air show.


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