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Good evening, and welcome to Children In Need 2016.


Hello, welcome to the Children in Need studio. I am Ade Adepitan and I


am here to guide you through the best bits of Children In Need 2016,


which happened on this stage last night. We have so much to pack in.


Team GB do strictly, EastEnders deal 80s movies, Craig David, the cast of


Aladdin and Doctor Who, Would I Lie To You? And Eddie Redmayne and his


Fantastic Beasts. We had best move on, he does not mess about. Are you


ready? Here we go. MUSIC PLAYS.


Team rickshaw 2016, here they come. The children think they are here to


rehearse, they are in fact in for a surprise.


Your response to the show was absolutely overwhelming will stop


thank you so much to each and everyone who have given and raised


money. It really is appreciated. There is still time to make a


donation to help change a life and here is how you can. To donate ?10,


text the word Donate. You can also make a donation online.


Last night, Pudsey took over the Strictly Ballroom and this year four


Olympians swapped their tight spandex for sparkling dance gear.


Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, on your marks, get set,


dance. CHEERING Going for gold tonight


are for medal winning They have been limbering up


backstage and are ready to go. So let's welcome them -


our Children in Need stars! Gold medal-winning canoeist


Joe Clarke and his partner Janette Hockey gold medallist Hollie Webb


and her partner Neil Jones. Taekwondo silver medallist


Lutalo Muhammad and his And two-time gold medal-winner rower


Helen Glover and her They lit up Rio this summer


and are hoping to light up this All four of our couples will compete


in one special group performance, but they'll be judged individually,


and only one couple will walk away with the Children


in Need Pudsey trophy. And not only are they rising


to the Strictly challenge tonight, they're also hoping to raise


lots of money for thousands of disadvantaged children living


right here in the UK. There's no voting tonight,


as our Children in Need champion will be chosen by four


very important people. The athletes trained hard for the


Olympic Games, but how hard did they train tonight? I am Hollie Webb and


I was a member of the Team GB hockey team. It was the greatest moment of


my life. I probably should not say that. It should have been when I got


engaged. I'm Helen Glover, and I'm two-time


Olympic rowing champion. Glover and Stanning defend


their Olympic title! Steve and I got married three


weeks after the Olympics. He did Strictly, actually, in 2014 -


he's really, really intrigued I'm Lutalo Muhammad,


Olympic silver medallist In my Olympic final, I was leading


up till the last second. Each time I do watch it,


I do feel some of the same emotion. I was so close to being


Olympic champion! I mean, I don't cry or anything -


I'm far too manly for that. I'm Joe Clarke, I'm a kayaker,


and I won gold in One of the first things my mum said


to me was, "When are Training's


going really well. The harder I try, the more


confused I'm getting. I'm really scared that my mind's


just going to go blank. Really nervous - probably more


nervous than I was at the Olympics. She's worked me really hard


and never given me any rest so hopefully it's worth it


in the end and I can win Dancing for the Pudsey


Glitterball Trophy, MUSIC: The Edge of Glory


by Lady Gaga So they are choosing


our champion tonight - let's find out if the judges


think our athletes are on the right track


with that performance. Well, may I just say first of all,


thank you so much for giving Craig, our athletes are of course


incredibly fit, they're also Well, yes, it did, as a matter


of fact, and I'm very proud of them But I'm going to be talking


a little bit about Hollie. I'm going to say, if I could ever


play hockey, darling, You are absolutely


amazing at that. Well, I can't believe,


actually, all of you, how much But I have to say, I couldn't


take my eyes off your Divine lines that you made,


lovely lunge at the very end. So who will be crowned


Children in Need champions? Tonight, the judges will make


a group decision, while they confer, On behalf of all the judges, Len,


as head judge, can you please tell May I first say, if they gave out


medals for commitment and effort, you'd all be gold medallists,


because you were brilliant. But we have come to a conclusion,


and our winners and Children in Need Oh, I don't


believe it! You came so close to


winning gold in Rio. I just want to say a big


thank you to the judges, And of course to my lovely


dance partner Karen. Brilliant, thank you so


much for taking part. A huge thank you to all our couples


and to you at home for We'll be back very soon,


but in the meantime... That was brilliant! Thanks to


everyone at Strictly and of course, those fantastic Team GB Olympians.


Well done, dies! Still to come on Children In Need's best bits, music


from Craig David, East Enders go back to the 80s and Eddie Redmayne


is in search of a pretty fantastic beast. But before all that, we


should never forget why Children In Need happens every year. Here's a


reminder. Because of you, Children In Need


helps children across the UK. All across the UK. From Scotland! To


England. Wales. To Northern Ireland. Because of you, help is never far


away. Your parents are always there for you but this is someone else.


Because of you, there's a brighter future. Because of you, there's help


in the toughest times. I knew from that moment on that it would be OK.


You have helps children smile and love, even when life feels really


hard. What you have done is amazing. But there is so much more to do. So


please, phone tonight and do something incredible. One thing you


must do tonight is picked up the phone. Go on! Go on! We need you. We


need you. Because of you, Children In Need can make a difference.


Because of you, my child got her smile back. Because of you, I've got


friends. Because of you, my daughter can walk again. Because of you, my


son can talk again. Because of you, I've got a friend. Children In Need


can make a difference and it's all because of you. Thank you. Thank


you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.


To donate ?10, text the word donate 270410. Text messages will cost ?10


plus your standard message charge. Visit the Children In Need website


for more information. You can also make a donation online. Your money


makes a huge difference to disadvantaged children and young


people right across the UK. So please give whatever you can. And


now, he was standing right in this spot, looking good and sounding good


last night. Singing this here's Children In Need single, it is Craig


David. # But I've been


called into the light # Something about


you makes me stronger # But all the lows,


they feel like highs # When I'm with you


I can hear them singing # The tears will fall


when my eyes close # Lay me down


# Don't let my feet touch the ground # Try to say the words


but make no sound # Show me that you'll always be


around # But time let us


down Every year, the cast of Eastenders


do something amazing the Children In Need and last up was no different.


The residents of Albert Square when back in time for a musical


celebration of the very best of iconic 80s films. It happened right


here, and let me tell you this, it will take your breath away. Oh,


yeah! MUSIC: Take My Breath Away by


Berlin. # Give me time, I'll make you forget


the rest # I've got more in me


# And you can set it free # I'm going to learn


how to fly # I'm going to make


it to heaven # Light up the sky


like a flame # I had the time of my life,


and I owe it all to you # Don't be afraid to lose


control # You're the one thing


I can't get enough of # Because I've had


the time of my life # Jack, get back, come on before


we crack # Jack, get back, come on before


we crack # Jack, get back, come on before


we crack Woolford has never looked so Glam


and that is what Children In Need is all about, raising money while


having the time of your life. The other part is about coming together


to help disadvantaged children and young people in every corner of the


UK. This is a film about Macs and how his best mate Chloe has


transformed his life. -- always. It's where the face


forms differently. The ears don't have


ear holes like mine. You're going to be deaf


if you have that. Max has no ear canals,


so although everything inside works, no sound gets in, so he has very


unusual hearing aids. My hearing aids are like special


hearing aids I have. He has implants in his head


which they attach to. The sound goes into those,


vibrates, and then he can hear. With his hearing aids in,


Max's hearing is OK. But it's at night when the problems


begin. In bed, he has to take the hearing


aids out and he can't hear a thing. He would come downstairs,


keep coming down, keep calling. It just made me feel


terrified at night. It got to the point where


he actually did not It's all like silent and it just


freaks me out a bit. It was just really, really difficult


getting him to sleep. It's just the feeling


of being alone. Sometimes the mind


plays tricks on you. Chloe is a specially


trained hearing dog. Thanks to you, she's just one


of many dogs across the UK that support deaf children in their


daily lives. She lies right there and I love


that just because I can Him knowing that he can be


woken by Chloe makes It makes him realise


he is not isolated. It's like having the best friend


in the world times ten next to you. In the past, Max has had people


that have made nasty All of that just chips away,


knocks his confidence. Some people treat me differently


because of the way I look. Now when they say hello to Chloe,


they say hello to me too, and that just makes me


feel so happy. I feel like she's


part of the family. You can also make a donation online.


Still to come, music from the Children in Need children's choir


and a sketch from Eddie Redmayne and friends. First, an early Christmas


present. An appointment with the doctor, and I mean Doctor Who. A


scene from this year's Christmas special.


What is happening? What are you doing?


Special agent Dan Dangerous from Scotland Yard.


They have institutes all over the world but always


New York is not a capital city, is it?


You don't need to point out the mistakes, that is not what you are


for. I would call security,


but they might leave you alive. I do not want any awkward questions


about the intruders. I was forced to shoot for my


own protection. Tell them you shot us


in the back in self-defence. We'll be laughing all


the way to the slab. Face me


now. It's like someone


knocking on the window. We are on the 100th


floor. The window, like everything,


is built to withstand a blast equivalent to 4


nuclear explosions. Please understand it is against my


personal code to cause lasting harm to an individual, however, light to


moderate injuries are fine. Will the dock to get out of that? You will


have to wait until Christmas to find out -- Doctor Who?


Next Rob Brydon with a special episode of Would I Lie To You? Good


evening and welcome to a special edition of Would I Lie To You for


Children In Need. On Lee Mack's team tonight,


ten-year-old unicorn And 11-year-old football


mad Jack from Wrexham. And on David Mitchell's team


tonight, nine-year-old self-confessed tomboy


Zara from Nottingham. And nine-year-old aspiring inventor


Adit from Harrow. Ah, now then, there's


a box under the desk. Could you first of all read out


the card, Kitty, that's in there, and then when you've read it out,


place the object on the desk. This is the autograph I got


from Lee Mack after I accidentally Now, Lee, maybe you could read


to us what it was that It certainly sounds


like the sort of joke Very working class


and down-to-earth. Could you change that


to Asda or Lidl? Lee Mack was in a Waitrose cafe


having a pheasant wrap? I wanted to get his attention,


so I walked over. Kitty, why would you want


to get his attention? So you walked up to him,


and did he seem friendly, Kitty? Yeah.


He might have been with, like... And then I was like, "Oh,


sorry, sorry, sorry." And then we got someone to come


and clear it up. And then I said,


"Can I get your autograph?" And then when you gave it to me,


I was like, OK, wow. They don't care about autographs any


more, it's all this, innit? I don't know if he had his phone


on him, but a selfie, then. You'd have asked for


a selfie on my phone? And then expected me to say,


"Here, have this?" Why didn't you want


to meet her again? Why did you wish


you'd never met her? I think it was to do


with the scalding pain in my legs. And how do we know that that's


a Waitrose napkin? Do you know the difference?


No. Because if you do,


we're in business. Would you like us to pass


you the evidence? "I wish we'd never


met," no full stop. So, what do you think


then, David's team? I don't think you would


write on a napkin. I can play a TV theme


tune on the thing Rob Wow.


Yes, wow, indeed. I tell you what, this


is going to be interesting. Well, I don't know, you're so small,


Rob, it's hard to get a perspective. It could be something


you find in a Kinder Egg. Well, you tell us,


you know what it is, Adit. It's not a trumpet, it's not


a trumpet. You say you play the theme tune to a


television show? Yeah.


Which one, which TV show? That's a good question,


which show? OK.


Any others? I can't really remember


the other ones. You see, now we're in this tricky


situation, aren't we, because if we ask him to play it


and he's telling the truth, he will deliberately


not be able to play it, I think if we just discuss it,


and then if it's true, Adit will play the tune,


and if it's not true, I don't think it's true


because he said he knows how to play a theme tune and he said,


"I can't remember the others." So you're not happy that he's


changing the story. Yeah, my wife's got a similar


face to that. You think it's true and he's


pretending he didn't know what kind I'm going with Jack


and saying it's true. That noise signals time is up


and it's the end of the show. In real life,


lying is a bit like me. I agree with Rob Brydon, honesty is


the best policy. Every year on Children in Need we have a lot of


fun in the name of helping disadvantaged children all over the


UK. This is the story of Byron and how your kindness enabled one boy to


make a very big splash. Learning to swim is something every


child should do. And five-year-old


Byron is no exception. He has swimming lessons once a week


and he's doing so well. But for Byron, learning


to swim is tough. He has cerebral palsy,


which makes it hard for him And that's where


Sally-Anne comes in. She's a specially trained swimming


instructor funded What does she teach


you? Have you seen an improvement


in Byron since he started swimming? He couldn't use his limbs


independently of each other. The next stage for Byron


is independent swimming. And I do believe he will be


able to achieve that. At home, Byron doesn't


have the freedom he has in the pool and he misses out on doing simple


things with his younger brothers. But when he is in the pool,


Byron not only gets fantastic exercise, he also gets special time


playing with his whole family. It's just really nice because Byron


is in a lot of discomfort and gets in a lot of pain so to see him not


necessarily pain-free but being allowed to


play with his brothers, I think it's amazing that something


so small like being in a swimming pool with your family can make


people so happy. And it's because of your donations


that Byron and other children To donate... For more information


visit BBC .co .uk/ Pudsey, where you can make a donation online.


Last night Rhys Price came alive at the cast of West End musicals came


to the party. The genie from Aladdin gave us a medley of their greatest


hits. I suppose you want to see it? Your wish is my command.


# Follow me to a place where incredible feats are routine


# See the dervishes dance in ridiculous pants


# Then romance to your heart's delight


# Come on down, come on in, let the magic begin


# More often than not are hotter than hot


# Could fall and fall hard out there on the dunes


# Arabian nights Arabian nights


# Shining, shimmering, splendid


# Tell me, princess, now when did you last


# Over, sideways and under On a magic carpet ride


# No one to tell us no Or where to go


# I'm like a shooting star I've come so far


# I can't go back To where I used to be


# With new horizons to pursue # Every moment gets better


# I'll chase them anywhere # There's time to spare


# Let me share this whole new world with you


# A whole new world # A whole new world


# That's where we'll be # That's where we'll be


# A thrilling chase # A wondrous place


# Well Ali Baba had them forty thieves


# But master you're in luck 'Cause up your sleeves


# You got a brand of magic never fails


# You got some power in your corner now


# Some heavy ammunition in your camp


# You got some punch, pizzazz, yahoo


# See all you gotta do is rub that lamp


# And I'll say Mister Aladdin, Sir


# Let me take your order Jot it down


# You ain't never had a friend like me


# Can your friends do this? # Can your friends do that?


# Can your friends do "Abracadabra, let her rip!"


Somebody, call me a taxi, we're takin' it home!


# You ain't never had a friend, never had a friend


# You ain't never had a friend


OK, still to come, Eddie Redmayne gets his wires crossed in the world


of witchcraft and wizardry. But first, one of the most uplifting and


inspiring moments of every Children In Need. 1577 children, nine towns


and one amazing performance. This is the Children In Need children's


choir. # Sometimes in our lives


we all have pain # We know that


there's always tomorrow # So just call on me, brother


when you need a hand # I just might have a problem


that you'd understand # So just call on me, brother


when you need a hand # I just might have a problem


that you'd understand # If I have things


you need to borrow # For no-one can fill


those of your needs # If there is a load


you have to bear Is exactly what Children In Need is


all about, people coming together from all across the UK to do


something amazing to help others. This is a film that is a great


example of how the money you donate can bring hope and happiness into a


young child's life. This is Kristian's story.


When we get in the car, he's always intrigued.


He doesn't necessarily know where he's going.


You can actually see him getting gradually more excited as he's


He doesn't use any means of communication apart from his smile


Just to see a smile, it just means everything.


When he was just seven months old, Kristian developed a rare


form of epilepsy where seizures are relentless.


He was a tiny little baby in our arms having


His whole body tensing and shaking uncontrollably.


For four years, he didn't have one day break of seizures.


With each seizure, it's killing brain cells


For now, Kristian's seizures are more under control.


But he has been left with profound learning difficulties.


He's seven but his brain is functioning more


You have to be near him at all times because he just doesn't have any


real sense of how to behave in a way.


He doesn't have a concept of danger, so you've got to keep


It consumes your whole life, your whole world.


Five years ago, the family were put in touch with Haven House,


a children's hospice supported by Children in Need that offers


It's given Kristian a special place to play.


When you take him there, it's like, he can't get out


He's just gone in the blink of an eye and he's


He knows everyone and everything in there.


Your donations pay for Stacy, a healthcare support worker.


Kristian is just a lovely little boy, so full of life.


It's just a pleasure to look after him when he comes here.


He will just take your hand and lead you to wherever he wants to go.


They've got everything that you could possibly


But the biggest thing, really, is that he can be somewhere


He hasn't got somebody behind him saying, "Don't do that.


He's got people saying, "Here you go.


You must be 16 or over and ask the bill payer's permission. Visit the


website address below for more information and you can also make a


donation online. it is Blockbuster time. Grab your


popcorn and make sure you are sitting comfortably.


Please get behind this year's Children in Need.


Sorry, I didn't mean to bother a Paralympian hero,


I'm just trying to get through to Pudsey Bear, please.


Look, when we went to the interview for this job, after we lost our last


one, you said that you knew how this all worked.


Yes, thank you, that would be lovely.


What do you mean, "Let's try this one"?


Nonnatus House, Sister Julienne speaking.


Semi-invisible, beard, squirts ink out of his


Let me guess, let me guess, let me guess.


Gelatinous, large hat, loves custard!


Destroyed three galaxies with his megasonic death ray!


Right. Then no, that's not him.


Well, I don't know who you're talking about.


Thank you very much for your call. Have a good life.


How on earth did we manage to patch him through to a transdimensional


Might be because I spilt my banana milkshake on the console.


Orange and raspberry Victoria sponge sandwich cake.


Sorry, I didn't have it that time, but I think I've got it...


The dispute over pay conditions has been formally settled.


You'll have to be quick - I'm reading the news.


We can't seem to find Pudsey there.


Have you seen him, by any chance?


I think you've got the wrong number.


That's great, but that's quite enough cake, thank you.


I'll just pop it down here, should you want it.


Simon, hi there, it's Eddie Redmayne here.


I like you, but I'm afraid it's a big fat no from me.


Come on, make it quick - I'm busy.


Well, it's obvious what's happened here.


You've clearly been put through to me by the Twit Twins


You've made fundamental errors and shown a total lack


of leadership, and for that reason, you're fired.


Oh, was he talking about us or Eddie?


Eddie, hello, we're struggling to put you through -


Don't put me on hold, please don't...


# And on Thursday and Friday and Saturday


I wish these guys would hurry up, man.


I think we'll have to try another one.


You've reached Major Tim Peake.


Tim Peake? Yep.


I thought that you were back on earth now.


It's just, I really miss space.


Oh. Well, don't let me disturb you.


Hello, you're through to National Treasure Graham Norton.


Mel and Sue keep putting me through to the wrong people.


Oh! I can help you with that.


Enormously. Thank you.


I'm full. I don't want anything more to eat.


Things are really hotting up in the Premier League.


Technically, we have no idea what we're doing.


Get off! My leads!


I am just trying to get hold of Pudsey Bear.


Oh, and you're saying that Jamie Dornan is some kind


of superfan who has his room covered in Pudsey teddies and Pudsey posters


I'm really not saying that. I was...


Well, you know, you're wrong, OK?


There's a very high chance this next one is going to be Pudsey.


As it's Children in Need today, we are taking requests all day long.


What is your name and where are you from?

:06:17.:06:19. name's Eddie and I'm from London.


I'm done. Thank you very much.


Mary thought you might like a slice of Battenburg cake.


I'll just leave it here.


Hello, Britney Spears speaking.


Who's Pudsey? I...


No, I didn't actually get your number, I was...


Oh, right, no, I get it. Basically, it's Mel and Sue's fault.


I get that. Er, they are...


Eddie, this is definitely Pudsey.


This year on Children in Need, please, whatever you do,


Instead, I urge you, please, to show your support by calling


03457 33 22 33 and donate what you can.


Or if you'd like to donate online, please go to


Your money really does make a massive,


That is it for this year and what an amazing night it was. Huge thanks to


everyone involved and to you for watching. Every penny of your


donation goes towards changing the lives of disadvantaged children in


the UK. If you have not donated, text in, there is time to make a


difference. We send a lot of texts everyday, so why not send one that


really matters? See you in 2017. Goodbye for now. The first totaliser


of Children In Need 2016. Children In Need has always been


about one man, Sir Terry Wogan. Sadly no longer with us but will


never be forgotten. Every single penny goes to make a difference to


children's lives. The final totaliser is...


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