The Final Results So You Think You Can Dance

The Final Results

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We are about to reveal who is Britain's Favourite Dancer 2011.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 156 seconds


Welcome to So You Think You Can Hello, welcome back to the show.


Wasn't it great to see the top 20 dancers back again? Did you enjoy


that? Charlotte spun her hair off! Kenya applause the wonderful Mandy


Moore for putting that together. We are about to reveal the winner


of So You Think You Can Dance. The votes have been counted and in


apparently terrified. Please don't call, your vote won't count and you


will be charged. In the next half- an-hour we will find out whether


Katie, matts, Kirsty or Luke is Britain's Favourite Dancer 2011.


And we have Jennifer Lopez on the programme, she will be here with


her exclusive performance, just for you. Please join me in welcoming


back the four judges. Cisco Gomez, Louise Redknapp,


Arelen Phillips. Nigel, it is going to be a close call do you think?


Yes. What do you think the public should be looking for? They have


made their decision, so it is all over. I cannot advise any more.


is done, shall we get on with it? Let's remind ourselves of how the


drama unfold and earlier tonight, both on and off the stage.


It's is the final! Really nervous. I think I am the most nervous I


have been. Welcome to So You Think You Can Dance, the final. We will


find out who is sitting in the throne later on. Tonight, nothing


compares to you, so far. I am getting naked now, so you will have


to go. He was so smooth, you could dance in a puddle without making a


splash. Very hectic. Luke, KT you seduced each other, you seduced my


eyes, but to most of all, my heart. Matts, you were spot on. At the


Luke you hold your own in his backyard. You were living it, I


believe you. Katie, you are a staff from top to bottom. They have done


us all proud and they should be very happy with themselves. I will


be going to bed to not saying I did the best I can, or, if I wasn't as


good as I should have been. What a fantastic series and what an


amazing final. It is the culmination of blood, sweat and


tears. They have all played their part in making this such a special


series. We have our top 20 down here as well. Thanks for coming.


Let's take a look at how from thousands of hopefuls we found our


four fabulous finalists will stop nine months ago dancers from across


the nation came in their thousands to audition.


All of them desperate to impress the judges. No matter how many


years Sundance has trained, they will never look the way you do when


you dance. -- some dancers. have had no formal training? I did


have, yes. Go and get your money back. Very, very good. Come and get


your golden ticket. Welcome to So You Think You Can


Dance. The 20 who made it to the live shows, the battle was on.


guys have set the standard, flying high. Are you really? You are all


shades of wrong, but oh so right. He has come along way! When I say


to people, I need to feel your motion, that is exactly what I'm


talking about. But not everyone shone on the dancefloor. The best


thing about the routine was the lighting. Tom, you have the


personality of a pumpkin! I think you are so clumsy, nothing is


controlled. Nothing is finished. Only the strongest could survive.


Page and Ryan will be leaving. Stephanie, it is you leaving.


Luka, you did not connect with the public. Alice, you do not seem to


be making a mark. Charlie we don't feel you are


growing. Ritchie, Danielle. You'll be leaving us this evening. Only


the top 10 were left and the competition was about to get red


hot. You have grasped this competition


with both hands and you are not letting go. You are better and


better. Kirsty, it was not sharp or clean. Absolute nonsense. Of course,


there were more goodbyes. I have loved every single minute. I wanted


to say thanks, it has been amazing working with you. Thanks for giving


me this opportunity. This is only the beginning. I came on this


competition to show you shouldn't judge a book by its cover, I hope


that is what I have done. You have made my dreams come to. And then


there were only four. Doing this competition has changed my life. I


will be for ever thankful. You are every inch a staff. So You Think


You Can Dance has been the most fantastic experience of my life. I


will be very sad when it's over. You are every choreographer's dream.


The it is like nothing I have ever experienced. It is the best feeling


in the world. Kirsty, you were the temptress from the temple. So You


Think You Can Dance experience has been like changing. It is magical.


It feels like a million years ago. Louise, what has been the highlight


of the series? That is hard. There is so many. In the semi-finals last


week, the boys were amazing. My favourite couple stands has to be


Matt and Charlotte. I love the way they looked. What about you are


Lene? In the quarter-final, but boys just routine was hot. I felt


the show was taking off. But last Saturday in the semi-final when


Matt and Katie did their contemporary, I had goose bumps


where one does not even get them. That to meet was just moving.


was when she flew through the air with the greatest of ease. It was


incredible. It was her first contraction release and relax that


got me going. I was crying, shaking. You are a softie. Cisco, you have


had some memorable outfits? course. The what is your most


memorable moment? It is the contestants growth. We forget why


we do this. We see how professional they are and how they tackle it.


Some of them have been so inspirational and you should be


proud of yourselves. You are a greater representation of dancing.


Nigel? The boys just routine. Kiss of the Spider woman was


entertaining and something I will remember. Everyone gave a fabulous


performance at some point during this series. And the growth we have


seen. The only winner, and there will be a winner, but the true


winner is dance and the British public. They had seen some


incredible routines throughout the series.


This is it for two of Arkansas, the dream is about to end. Welcome back


the finalists, Katie, Matt, Kirsty and Luke.


OK. Throughout this competition the British public have been voting in


their hundreds of thousands and it is time to reveal the first set of


results. Congratulations to you all for making it this far.


All very worthy finalists, but only one person can be So You Think You


Can Dance. We are now going to say goodbye to one of you. The first


person leaving the competition tonight... Kirsty.


Come here my darling. You are fierce late showing how


much she has meant in this competition. But let's take a look


at her finest moments in the competition.


The So You Think You Can Dance experience has been like changing.


It doesn't get bigger for a dancer, this is it. Curse day, that was


amazing. -- Kirsty. I just love dancing so much. No matter what,


just go out there. I loved being on the stage. That was beautiful to


watch. As so many people have been voting and it is magical. It has


been a roller-coaster. It has been a wonderful ride. Look how gorgeous


you work. Did you ever think you would make it this far? No, I


didn't. I am absolutely grateful. Thanks for giving me this


opportunity. You have made my dreams come true. Everybody at home


who voted for me made my dreams come true, honestly.


If this can inspire anybody to go for their dreams, just do it


because it can happened. It can, and it did. Please put your hands


We can reveal the name of the second person leaving the


competition tonight. OK, we auditioned thousands of dancers,


the best of the best joined us on this stage. Now, after nine live


shows and over 100 amazing routines, it's time to reveal the second


person who will be leaving the competition. The next person to


Congratulations to Luke and Matt. Well done, guys. You guys can leave


the stage for me, I'll come and get you in a second.


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE OK. Let's look at your best bits.


Take a look. I'm so glad I auditioned. I enjoyed every minute.


I love what you did. Thank you very much. I've learnt a lot about


myself. It sounds corny, but it's true. Katie, Love, you are a star.


When I did a double spin-off the table I was proud of myself. It was


a cool trick. I don't have many of those. If I could sum up the


experience I would say it's fabulous and very showbusiness.


It's incredible. Katie, you were CHEERING AND APPLAUSE


I've learnt so much about myself, about dancing, oh, I'm lost for


words. Which everyone will tell su a shock. Strange for you. It's been


incredible. Like everyone said it's the most incredible experience and


the most amazing opportunity. All the choreographers and the work we


have done and and the other dancers. Can I thank the team. Because the


team at the BBC who have looked after us have been sensational. And


yourself. That's all right. I will take so much away with me. Yeah,


I'm lost for words, I don't know what to say. You've found a few,


they were lovely ones. Ladies and gentlemen, put your hands together


for the wonderful Katie. Before we rereveal our winner we have a treat


for you. It's the Final. We pulled out all the stops. She has come


from the USA for her first and only UK performance of her smash hit


single On The Floor from her new album Love, ladies and gentlemen,


# Love don't cost a thing # I'm still Jenny from the block


# I'm into you. Yeah, yeah. # J-Lo ya tu sabe no es mas nada Mr


Worldwide. # Let me introduce you to my party


people, in the club # It's a new generation.


# Of party people. # Get on up yeah


# You've got to get on the floor # If you're party people step on


the floor # If you're an animal tear up the


floor # We work on the floor


# Don't stap, keep it moving, put your drinks up


# Get your body up and make it work on the floor


# Let the rhythm change your world on the floor


# Tonight it's on the floor # Dance the night away


# Live your life and stay out on the floor


# Dance the night away # Grab somebody drink a little more


# How are you doing? # Here we go


# La la la la la la la la la la la la la


# Tonight we're going to be it on the floor


# La la la la la la la la la la la la la


# Tonight we're going to be it on the floor


# I know you've got it # Clap your hands on the floor


# Work it up on the floor # If you're a criminal connect on


the floor # On the floor


# Don't stop keep it moving put your drink up


# It's getting ill, it's getting sick on the floor


# We never quit, we never rest on the floor


# If I ain't rolling I may die on the floor


# Brazil, Morocco, London to I beta # Straight to LA New York and Ibiza


# Dance the night away # Now you sing


# Tonight we're going to be it on the floor


# La la la la la la la la la la la la la


# Tonight we're going to be it on the floor


# La la la la la la la la la la la la la tonight we're going to be it


on the floor # La la la la la la la la la la la


la la # Tonight, we're going to be it on


the floor # La la la la la la la la la la la


la la # Tonight, we're going to be it on


the floor # La la la la la la la la la la la


la la # Tonight we're going to be it on


the floor # The one and only, Jennifer Lopez!


OK. Before tonight's show we asked our four finalists to tell us


exactly what it would mean to them to win the competition. Here is


what Matt and Luke had to say. not going to lie to you, I love


this show. I'm proud of myself for getting here. This is going to be


something that I'm going to remember forever. It's fantastic.


As each week goes by the comments mean more and more. I believe you


are one of our best boys in this competition. You set pulses racing


and hearts pacing. That was absolute perfection. So You Think


You Can Dance has been the most fulfilling and we regarding thing


I've ever done in my life. If I was to be crowned Britain's Favourite


Dancer, it would just mean the When I first auditioned I was in


two minds, should I do this, should I not? Looking bad I'm so glad I


did. I wanted a sexy show, and I got it. The best thing about being


in the show is getting the opportunity to learn samba, paso


doble, hip-hop routines which were alien to what I've been trained in.


It make this is whole experience worthwhile. Luke, that was the best


I've ever seen you dance. Knowing you are reaching out to millions of


people just made it a great experience. I think you are


absolutely phenomenonal. I would love to win and I'd love to be


Britain's Favourite Dancer. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE This is the moment we've all been


waiting for. I'm about to reveal the winner of �50,000, the person


who will be dancing in Hollywood and crowned Britain's Favourite


Dancer. Good luck to both of you. The winner of So You Think You Can


Dance 2011, as voted for by the great British public, is... Matt.


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Congratulations, Matt. Well done


you. One minute. How are you feeling? You did it. Shall we take


a look at how you won? Take a look. So, sir, what does it mean winning


the competition? What a wonderful stage to do what I love and what


I've a massive passion for. For everyone to vote for me and support


me has been wonderful. I feel amazing. It's amazing. Thank you.


Nigel, worthy winner? Yeah. It will be a delight for me to take Matt to


Hollywood and see him dance there. He's got great character and great


style. He's going to fit right in. He really is. Everybody at home has


picked up the phone and voted for you. Is there anything you would


like to say to them? Thank you for voting for me every single week. I


was never in the bottom two because of everybody... You're never


speechless. What are you going to take away from the competition?


It's been the best, the best in my life and my career. All these


amazing dancers. Get over here, guys. Ladies and gentlemen, Matt.


It's been a fantastic series. My thanks to Sisco, Louise, Arlene and,


Cat Deeley presents the final results of the dance contest. With couples' routines, group performances and sizzling solos, the final four have been pushed to the limit. Who will fall at the final hurdle, and who will win the ultimate dancing prize of 50,000 pounds and the chance to perform on the American version of So You Think You Can Dance? Plus a very special live performance from Jennifer Lopez.

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