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The Finale

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Hello, we have made it through the snow to Blackpool. For the next


hour, we are live with access all areas to all the build-up here at


the Strictly Final. So, hold tight and enjoy the ride. 11 weeks ago,


14 celebrities walked away from their past. They faced one mission


- to immerse themselves in a world of dance and become Strictly


Champion. Two things stood in their way - their feet and the judges.


Illegal lifts will not be tolerated. I didn't get that bit! Why didn't


you keep in hold? You are a walking zi SAS ter -- disaster. There was


lafter, injuries, wardrobe malfunction -- laughter, injuries,


wardrobe malfunction and Russell Grant. But only the strongest will


survive. It's down to the final three. Jason Donovan, Chelsee


Healey and Harry Judd. Their fate waits for them at Blackpool Tower


Ballroom. There can be only one winner. Stick Strictly Come


Dancing: The Final. It is nearly Live from Blackpool, this is


Strictly: It Takes Two The Finale 2011. Please welcome your host, Zoe


Ball! APPLAUSE Hello, Blackpool. Welcome to It Takes Two. We are


live in the Blackpool Tower. It is beautiful. The home of dance and


where tomorrow night one of our finalists will finally be crowned


Strictly Come Dancing Champion 2011. Look who is here. Lulu is here.


Audley is here. Edwina is here. Luly, what is this about you


singing at the service station - Savage told me all about it!


PROBLEM WITH SOUND I refused. I refused. What did you sing?


Christmas song. Silent Night. imagine. How happy are you, Audley,


that it is not you dancing on that floor for the final tomorrow? Do


you wish it was you? Should it have been you? No, no. The right people


are there. Really looking forward to it. I am loving the coat! Over


the next hour, I will be chatting to all our finalists, all the


professional dancers. We will be seeing what they are wearing and we


have an exclusive look at the rehearsals and casting their expert


eye over the whole proceedings we have Ian Waite and Karen Hardy.


APPLAUSE Do you mind if I lean on your desk? Do. Carry on. When we


did our final, we did it in the normal studio. Harry, Jason and


Chelsee get to dance here. How different it will be for them to


dance on this floor rather than in the studio? Look at it. It is


gorgeous. Gilded balconies and ceilings. I can vouch the


atmosphere is awesome. If you can't dance here, you can't dance


anywhere. A really springy floor. It is. Karen, you have had a look


today, we have all been looking, how are they looking? They are


looking great. The simple thing that we have to say is who can deal


with the pressure and who can't. Take those nerves rk pack it


together and send it to that audience. --, pack it together and


send it to that audience. You have to get them standing out of their


chairs. We are talking about you! I shall be picking your brains later


on. Ian and Karen. APPLAUSE Now, in a moment, I will be talking to our


first finalist couple, Chelsee and Pasha. Before that, here is the


story of how the Waterloo Road starlet and our Strictly new boy


have found themselves in the final three. Chelsee, the man you will be


getting close to on the dancefloor is Pasha Kovalev. The moment I was


told that I was going to be dancing with Pasha, just buzzing! First


impression of Chelsee is that she's very endearing, she is just a kid


who is having fun in life. Love it! Back to waltz. Your phrasing is


excellent. I always say I can't do it before I have tried it. Can't do


no more. Chelsee is distracted. We have to rehearse. Don't confiscate


my phone. Pasha has whipped me into shape, so my concentration is fully


on the salsa. You have the energy of a wild kitten. Chelsee and I are


doing cha-cha. A lot of hip action. I will tone it down a little so it


I will tone it down a little so it is not as bouncy. You come out and


you give it some welly. quickstep is fast, energetic.


see you are tired. We need to polish a little bit more. If we get


more time, the judges will see it. Two words - first-class! I want to


create this step where we almost kiss each other. Oh no, Pasha. I'm


not into that. I don't think Pasha will bring the passion out into me!


I had a bit of a wardrobe malfunction. You have nothing to


cry about. You covered that so well. I just embarrassed myself on live


TV. You didn't. On a live show, you never know what can happen. So I'm


going to take all the comments off the judges and put my best foot


forward and go for it. I know how to get the best results out of my


dance partners. It is about attitude. We want the same thing.


Make you look beautiful. Can you change them pants? I like you in


jeans! You have changed your pants! Push and ankle down. Keep dancing


like that, nobody will put you in the corner. This week I'm dancing


the foxtrot. We have to make sure her character is changed. It's a


tough job. I love watching you. I don't expect you to be able to


dance with this much ease and elegance. Well done. Chelsee is


struggling the most with her own mindset. I don't like it. Not funny.


This is probably one of the toughest weeks. I am telling you it


was near-perfect! Argentine tango requires a lot of passion. Sorry! I


reckon I will have trouble with this one. Why are you screaming


when I lift you up? It tickles! over it! I want you to lose your


inhibitions. When you do, you will go through the roof. It is movie


week, I'm dancing the jive. Requires a lot of stamina, footwork.


The hardest thing is the kicks. fairytale really has a happy ending.


This gets you fast-tracked to the semifinal! We have two dances, the


American Smooth. It is concentrated love in the minute-and-a-half


trying to find something. Trying to find something. Urgh! And the paso.


Be an actress. Hold on, you are! The way you phrase the music, it


takes years and years to be able to master that. You have that


naturally. Pasha doble? It was fantastic! After every number, I'm


so proud of chel Che. I know we did our -- Chelsee. I know we did our


best. I thought I would have been out the first week. To still be


here now is mind-blowing. Chelsee and Pasha! It's something that I


could only have wished for. I was a great journey. We had some amazing


numbers. It's all beautiful. Please welcome Chelsee and Pasha. APPLAUSE


I don't want to panic you. If we check the clock, less than 24 hours.


Just more than 24 hours to go. they right? That's right. Don't


panic! How have rehearsals been going today? Today, they have been


surprisingly OK. LAUGHTER There was one dance I'm worried about. Which


one is that? The showdance. It has a few tricks in it. I had a moment


yesterday, didn't I? A little. a little one. A little bit of doubt.


Yes, because of the lifts, it scared me. But today... Here is a


bit of your show dance rehearsal. Tell me about it. You are dancing


to Beyonce, aren't you? Yes. Lucien was telling you yesterday about


discos. Look at that move! Amazing. You had a moment yesterday...


throws me about! He does. Also, last week, you were talking about


how big the Tower Ballroom is. Now you are here, are you impressed?


Wow, it is amazing. It is so stunning. It is really rich. It is


beautiful. I can't believe I'm dancing here. Does it feel magical?


It does. It feels amazing. It has been a tough week for you all. Four


dances to learn. You have to do two dances before the first elimination.


How important is it to get those two dances perfect? One of which is


the judges' favourite and one is your show dance? We need to nail it.


Need to nail it. Yes. Simple as that! Judges' dance that you are


doing, of course, is - what have they chosen? The jive. You are


doing the jive. Have you changed anything from when you did it


before? Or are you keeping it as it was? What are we doing, Pash?


That's a good question! We didn't change anything. We were working on


polishing it and working on some details. It worked the first time.


We want to make it more precise. Lift my knees up. Yes. Remember


what Len said. Will you be wearing the ears and the green paint?


show is pretty tight on schedule. It will be a bit of ears, a bit of


paint, but not the full make-up! You have so many quick changes.


I didn't like him when he was in the Shrek outfit. I'm not liking


that he is not going to wear it! There is no pleasing you! Is there


anything you are particularly worried about? Erm... A lot of


things, yeah. Like? Want to give us a list? I'd be here all night!


will you say to Chelsee before she comes out in front of the crowd


here at the Tower Ballroom and the 12 million-plus people who are


watching the final tomorrow? Well, the only one thing I can tell her -


look in my eyes and dance with me. That is it. Oh! Of course I can do


it. If you can do it, it will be OK. She does it every week. Do you


think you can win? Do you believe it is in here? You know what? I


have not thought about winning. I don't think I can. But even to get


this far is amazing. It is a big achievement in itself. For me,


personally. So if I don't win, which I'm not expecting to, just to


be in the final is amazing. Your friends and family are very proud


of you. They have recorded some very special messages for you. We


need the Glitterball tissues! child, Chelsee was always happy,


singing, dancing about. She was never still. She would watch DVDs,


musical DVDs over and over until she learnt them off by heart.


to be in like a band, like a tribute band to the Spice Girls.


She was Scary Spice. The Strictly thing came as a bit of a shock.


Beverley said to me, "Mum, Chelsee has something to tell you." She's


on Strictly. I can't believe it! First time I saw her, we were


emotional wrecks. Tears, lump in my throat. It was the best moment ever.


I think Pasha has made her look absolutely amazing. He's brought


the best out in Chelsee, that's for sure. We have never come across


anything like this before. No. isn't us. Every time I go out of


the door, somebody is saying, "Didn't she do well?" It is so


emotional. I can't do it. When I grow up, I want to be like Chelsee


and I want to follow her footsteps. She is honest, she is hard-working,


and she deserves to win. We want to wish you all the luck in the world,


just go out and enjoy it and give it all what you've got. APPLAUSE


Emotional! It is emotional. Look, there's some for you. Pasha was


wiping my tears! I know. How much are you going to miss your Pash


when this is over? This is where we get happy! I'm only joking. OK.


will miss him so much. I will be really upset, he knows that. Yes.


Bless you. Then we have the tour, so after the tour... Exactly.


Listen, you have been such a pleasure. Thank you. Your energy is


infectious, we think you are amazing. I'm starting now. Good


luck to Chelsee and Pasha. Do it for the girls, Chelsee! APPLAUSE


Thank you. Oh my goodness. It goes without saying that our finalists


will look fabulous on the dancefloor for each of their four


dances. I popped backstage to see Vicky to see how things are shaping


up. I don't understand what goes where. We are in wardrobe. Vicky is


here, head of wardrobe. Final tomorrow. How stressful has your


week been? Quite high, not too bad. We should mention costumes have


been stunning all series. Thank you. You have a cast of thousands. It is


not just you. Teresa and Michelle over there. Thank you, ladies. So


many boys and girls helping you? People can't ever believe how hard


and long they work so we can't say everybody, but thank you. First of


all, Chelsee doing a showdance to Beyonce - look at this! That is


absolutely breathtaking. A bejewelled swimsuit. How many


jewels are on there? Far more than any other week. Has she tried it


on? She can't wait to shake her booty! She will look stunning.


Aliona and Harry are doing an American Smooth. This is Aliona's


dress. Again, look at the jewels. There's so many. They are all stuck


on by hand? Yes. Hours and hours of work. There eegs been no limit this


week to the crystal -- there's been no limit this week to the crystal


cupboard. Can you give us some fashion facts? Godets, about eight


metres of feather boa, same in crinoline and the lining. Also,


they are doing their show dance to Great Balls of Fire. This is her


show dance dress. It is. '50s reference, lots of petticoats.


imagine her legs will go up in the air quite a lot? They do. She has


pants on? She does. More jewels. And Kristina is doing the salsa in


this small piece of string! Look at that. There's nothing to that. How


does she hold it up? I know! Again, look at that frilling and the


dripping bits. Stunning! We should mention one of the boys, here is


Harry's Great Balls of Fire outfit. We will have a reveal, so we have a


test section going on here. guns are coming out for the final!


That's what we want. Well done. You have done sterling work. Good luck


tomorrow. Big round of applause for Vicky. APPLAUSE Thank you very much.


Isn't it beautiful? Please welcome a few familiar faces. It is all our


celebrity dancers, past and present. And our pro dancers. APPLAUSE


Russell, Anita, may I nestle between you? You can. We love you.


You are back? I'm so thrilled. I'm wearing my - I have just got off


the coach! The outfit isn't as glittery as I would like. You can


borrow this afterwards. They whisked us in. I heard you had an


interesting journey? We did. Lulu was singing at the services. This


is the BBC! We got stuck in a snowdrift in Stafford and then


basically we got here eight hours later. You are here! Can we sing?


# Oh we do like to be # Beside the seaside. #


Anita, welcome back. How much are you missing Strictly and dancing?


The first week my body was in shock. Yes. My poor legs thought why


aren't we doing what we have been doing all this time? It is


wonderful. I know. Have you missed - Rory, hello. Naughty Jordan and


Boagie! What are you going to be doing on the show? It is a group


dance. It is a gang brawl. By the time we have finished rehearsing -


we haven't seen your partners for some weeks! So we are all back with


our partners. This room is amazing. This was a warehouse. The props


guys have done a great job! last time I was here was 1984, I


come up on that big organ and... I'm not going to talk about that.


With Terry Wogan. It was a New Year's Day show. I came out on that


huge organ. Terry Wogan was with me and that was a welcome to 1985. I


was! This is surreal for me, too. Nancy, did you come on the coach?


You didn't fly by jet? She so did! You came on the coach? No! I have


to keep up my standard. You do, of course. Can I say thank you for


your party? Pleasure. Are you looking forward to being back in


the arms of Anton Du Beke tomorrow? Of course. I don't know where he is.


He ran off! He is hiding. Thank you. Alex is down here. I didn't mean -


who do you want to win? Put me on the spot! I think the right three -


these are so naughty! They are. is very tough. But... If I was


pushed, Harry. You said it! It is out there. You will be doing live


links later on? Apparently. Perfect! Let's go along. Hello, Dan


Lobby. How is it for you to come back? Who fell? Brendan Cole! It is


your own fault! Too naughty. How is it for you to come back? It is nice.


Still scary as ever. The prospect of dancing. No-one can give you a


hard time. There will be loads of people on the dancefloor so I can


hide! I spend most of the time behind Huggy Bear. Where is Savage?


How much do you wish it was you in the final tomorrow? No, the three


best dancers are there. Harry, Chelsee and Jason are great.


gets your support? I like Harry and Chelsee. We love Jason, too. We do.


We love the three of them. We came in and we saw Jason doing - it was


unbelievable. I'm sorry. Who is going on? And Holly is down there


and Edwina and Nat. Who gets your vote? I can't decide. I love them


all to death. Each one of them deserves to be there. It is up to


the people at home. Lovely to see you. A little round of applause.


APPLAUSE You want me and Audley to eject Brendan? If you could? It is


time to catch up with another one of our finalists. I will be talking


to Harry and Aliona in a moment. Here is the story of how the Little


Drummer Boy became a hot contender for the Strictly title. Your


partner will be Aliona Vilani. She will teach you things you never


knew you could do! LAUGHTER Aliona is an excellent teacher. We both


like to work hard. We both have a good time as well. Where's the


smile? Harry needs to remember to play it up to the audience and to


enjoy himself. I felt you were depositing the steps rather than


dancing through them. It lacked any real forward and back hip action.


knew what Craig was saying. I worked on that. I know I can do


what he said I was doing wrong. It is only week two. I'm exhausted.


That is it. Come on, sloth! Me and Aliona are very similar. She is a


mixture between Yoda and Arnold Schwarzenegger. The calmer you are,


the more power you can give it! have to have this frame. It is just


so hard. I can't do that. You can. Harry, you can dance! Yes! But,


Aliona, you have got to sort his posture out. We are dancing the


jive. Getting into character for the dance is helping me. I have had


concerns that I look feminine. Women hips. If you look silly, you


can blame it on the character you are playing. Harry, you have


finally arrived! The jive you can have fun with and get into it.


Whereas the waltz is more classical and very technical. So I have got


to switch over and really try and get into the feel of the waltz.


first half was fantastic. So then what do you do? Let's mess it up,


walk up the stairs, and whisper in each other's ear hole. I didn't get


that bit! We got the first 10 of the see re- s. Amazing. We are


dancing the tango. He portrays this dark side really well. I start


getting frustrated. And the dark side comes out. Intense, hypnotic,


erotic. 10! Samba this week. I haven't been worried yet. I'm


worried now. I need a snack. Let's do it. Break. Do it. Nuts. Want to


try some? That was a samba full of pecs-appeal! I like the dance.


only challenge is the lifts. It was filth and I loved it! Come on!


are going to perform our salsa at Wembley. That lift that you did


with Aliona where you went into the splits, that was brilliant.


Quickstep is quick. And there's lots of steps. Come on, Harry, move


those feet faster! You have a lazy left foot. That's all I could find


wrong with it. First three tens of the series now and winners of


swing-a-thon. I genuinely can't believe it. Speechless! Our aim is


to try and improve and keep getting better. I would be very gutted to


be knocked out this close to the final. You turned something that


could have been tragic into magic. If we mess up, we could be going


home. I'm just wild about Harry and nothing has changed. I'm telling


you, you are dancing royalty! absolutely loving my Strictly


experience. I can't bleech it is nearly over. It is something --


believe it is nearly over. It is something I will never forget.


will definitely miss seeing Harry's adorable face every day. It's been


the most wonderful experience and I just can't thank everyone enough


who has been involved. So I'm a lucky man. APPLAUSE Please welcome


Harry and Aliona. APPLAUSE That really made me laugh when she was


saying she was going to miss your adorable face. Oh, it is so


fantastic x. You are here. Just more than 24 hours, 32 minutes to


go until the show. Have the nerves kicked in yet? I feel like I need


24 hours and 32 minutes sleep before I am ready! No chance!


are OK. Friday's are always trying to stay chilled, and tomorrow is


when the nerves kick in. What do you do, breathing, lie down? I am


consumed by anxiety and I sit quietly on my own and don't talk to


anyone. He asks me to go over the steps. Just to reassure myself, I


ask if she is OK! How hard have you pushed him in training this week?


Well, throughout the series, I always push him every week harder


and harder, so this week he did it to himself. Which made my job


easier. So we both worked really hard. It was a really full-on team


effort which was great. Good training. You have trained him up.


He knows how to doit. We are in the Tower Ballroom. Today we had a look


at your American Smooth. It is looking stunning. It is so romantic


and Aliona, we saw your frock, it will be a heartbreaking number. Are


you loving it? Yes, I am. I absolutely love the song. It is a


joy to dance to music like this. MUSIC: "Can't Help Falling In Love"


By Michael Buble It is such a great version of the song. If anything, I


have enjoyed the slower ones more. It is an amazing way to express


yourself. You do create that feeling? I just think it is such a


great thing to experience, to have to be able to dance to music.


also think because he became so much better now, he after he got


the dance down, he actually can now enjoin dancing it. Yes. You know it.


You know the steps. Now you can enjoy it. We also had a look at


your show dance. Ladies and gentlemen, it is quite special.


Loving the fact that your top there, the sleeves are coming off! We have


already discussed it! Lots of lifts. You were talking about how many


lifts you were doing. Are they coming together? I managed to punch


myself in the face today! Well done(!) I was trying to take off my


troulzers and... Nice! You topped the leaderboard in the semifinal.


Can you do that again tomorrow? Can you take the trophy home? I think


any three of us could. It will be very close. Very interesting. But


we will, as always, be doing our best. Aliona, you missed out on the


Glitterball Trophy last year. How much do you want it? Erm... I'm not


thinking about the Glitterball or winning. Liar! I'm not. I'm more


concentrated on doing great performances and enjoy the last two


or four dances that we are left with. How will you make your first


two dances count tomorrow? Each couple gets to do judges' dance and


show dance and someone is eliminated. How will you make those


two brilliant so everybody picks up the phone? Keep practising. That is


all we can do. Can I say that these two have been on that floor almost


all day today. Lunch, shower, we were trying to do an interview,


and... People went to have lunch, we were still there. You have had


huge support from Tom, the rest of the band, your girlfriend, your


mum? Tom was on the show last night. He is wonderful. How important has


that been? It is massively important. Without friends and


family, it is tough to see how you would get through an experience


like this. You are put out there on your own and the pressure is so


intense and you - it is hard to deal with it. Aliona has been


amazing to help me through that. Friends and family are just


obviously amazing. Funnily enough we have a few messages from home


for you. It is lovely. Harry growing up was always full of beans.


You knew he was around from day one. We used to have parties at my house


with him and his brother used to be dancing on the balcony. He loves to


be centre of attention. I really fancied Harry. He is an adorable


person. I just fell for him immediately. I think the stand-out


dance has to be the quickstep. It was sublime. I did sob my way


through the Viennese waltz. Stunning! Stunning. His dancing is


just amazing. I just can't believe it. Shows you what you can learn


with a professional! Let's use this opportunity to say how brilliant


Aliona has been. I think amazing. Fantastic. So proud of him. I feel


he's already won in my eyes because he's done so well. He deserves to


be in the final. He's a really beautiful dancer. Everyone at home


has been tuning in every week. We all want him to do well. Good luck.


Do your very best. You know we are all behind you. Maurice and I want


to say good luck for tomorrow night. You will be absolutely brilliant.


All you can do is your best. I know I will be sat there beaming with


pride. Good luck. There you go. not crying. You are! That is OK.


Maurice the cat. He had a yawn. Top marks for your mum for the amazing


jumper. I know. So lovely to see my best friend, James. When he was


younger, he was very ill and, you know, it is just... Bless you. It's


been such an emotional week. We have loved speaking to you every


week on It Takes Two. Don't make me cry! You have been astounding.


Bring it, Judd. I will do my best. Good luck tomorrow. Thank you so


much. APPLAUSE Oh dear. Everyone's eyes on the Strictly Glitterball -


everyone's eyes through tissues. We have had our smaller awards this


week. This is the final one, tragically, for the last time I


hand you over to Ian Waite and Karen Hardy. Karen, what is your


next award? The next glorious Glitterball is for the most


expressive verballisation by a comment by a judge or a contestant.


The nominees are: I only say what I see. Lumpestuous. Jason Donovan.


Audley Harrison. Which of these nominees is our beautifully blessed


winner? Ian, the winner is Craig Revel Horwood. He does have a few


words of thanks. I can't be there because I am very, very busy,


darling, I do have a life! But this I will treasure it, and my thoughts


and all my love are with the people that voted for me. Thank you so


much. Mwah! Lovely words from Craig. Back to you, Zoe! He doesn't have a


life. Craig is in pantomime playing the Wicked Queen. He does that so


well! The Glitterball hosts join us now, Ian Waite and Karen Hardy.


APPLAUSE You were tearing up there? I was. Give me a tissue. Somebody


has left the door open, it is freezing! OK, it is crunch time. It


is the final. Our three finalists have seen off the competition. Four


dances. Who is going to win this competition? Karen, you have lifted


the trophy with Mark Ramprakash. Yes. How will they be feeling right


now? What do they need to do when they go out on the dancefloor?


have to pull everything together and I think the biggest dance that


we are looking for has to be that show dance. Get all those nerves


together and put it into that. We have seen their ballroom. We have


seen if Latin. There are thousands of Strictly parties throughout


Great Britain. They are all waiting to see the showdance to see what


great music, what is that hidden away lift, that ace up their cards,


something special. That is the magic that we are looking for.


Deliver that show dance and... want a showdance that will make you


punch the air and go give me that phone! Yes. Let's go through the


three contenders. First, Chelsee. Each of them have their strengths


and weaknesses. Which dance do you think shows what Chelsee has above


the other two? I have chosen some of my pictures to take you back. I


went back and I remembered Chelsee in her samba at Wembley. That


moment that Pasha was very clever and left her on the floor on her


own, there she is, what did Craig say? Vertically challenged! How can


he say that when she brought the house down? 6,000 people. She was


amazing. It was the beginning of showing her strength. Then out


comes her partner. Her knight in shining armour. That is what the


final is about, the uniting of a fart nership and the chemistry all


the way -- in the partnership and the kem triall the way through to


the final. -- chemistry all the way through to the final. How have they


been doing in rehearsals today? judges' choice is their jive. It is


a non-moving dance. So they are not able to get around the floor so


every move that they make has to be exaggerated. They have to do it to


their fullest extent and the last time we saw a jive in the final was


Jill Halfpenny with a 40. pressure then! We want 40s. Let's


talk about Harry. He has performed consistently throughout the


competition. Which dance shows he has something that others don't


have? I will take you back to the tango. I said too much of a


showdance. That was the moment this boy came alive for me. In this


dance, I saw great ballroom. That perfect hold that he's got from


elbow to elbow. I saw his - look at that. Did you see the aggression?


Everything had been quite internal before. Almost like Mark Ramprakash


but out came those expressions and that determination. That, he could


have danced that here tomorrow as a showdance. It was fantastic.


looks good as a vampire. He does. A bit too good! Not all of us can


carry that off! You have tried it! He was telling you off, I think!


was. How was Harry looking out on the floor in Blackpool today?


quickstep. He has a big floor which could work to Harry's advantage. As


you can see, he is using every inch. Every corner. And as you know, I


think it is fantastic. It was great. Can he get a ten from Craig this


time? He's got to give him a ten, surely. Yes. He has to demand it.


danced the quickstep here in the final. Get it in again! I can't


help but tell everybody. Did you win? No! Shut up! The length of


your legs... Jason. Karen, what was the dance from Jason for you that


made you think, hang on a minute, this boy's got it? Right back to


week one, 12 weeks ago, when Jason came out on the floor for the first


time. Look how great he was then. The pressure that he has had on his


shoulders from day one, he brought magic to the dancefloor, he set the


record, he set the path for everybody to move up to. He's had


to hold that throughout. He's brought us entertainment. And


together with him and Kristina, they have been first-class. So,


again, another great couple in the final. Ian, how did Jason look on


the dancefloor today? He was there having great fun with our makeshift


judges there. He goes and dances in front of them. And they loved to


have a little... Come on! She is enjoying herself. It is a great


camp dance. It is a great crowd- pleaser. And I think it will be a


great... A great start to the show. I don't think they are starting the


show. Considering that was his third week, that was week three, so


just goes to show how good he was. Top of the leaderboard for the


first three weeks. What would you say to your partner before they


went on the floor tomorrow? The big thing for me is - and I used to


take this on to the floor with me - if you think you are doing your


best, just push it that little bit more. Worthy of Jason Donovan, I


think! LAUGHTER You have both been gorgeous. Thank you so much for


joining us. Karen Hardy and Ian Waite. We love you. Thank you.


APPLAUSE Jason and Kristina have just about recovered from their


rehearsals. They are here next. Here is their story. Love you both.


Especially for you is Kristina Rihanoff. Kristina is a very strong


focused woman. She wants the best out of me. It is all about hips and


back. I'm not a dancer. This is not my comfort zone. I keep doing a


Michael Jackson impersonation. Jason Donovan is in cha-cha-cha!


Now Strictly is in business! Oh! was a very special night. The hips


don't lie. Jason is a perfectionist. He works so hard. He is wearing my


out. I want to map out again from here. I decided to put an elastic


band around Jason and my hips. Bring on the tools. That is your


elbow leading you. It was full of flare and personality. Can you be


top of the leaderboard two weeks running? I think so! I am loving


Strictly. I am having such a great time. Fantastic! Stu-penHdous!


keep delivering. I am blown away we have been top of the leaderboard


three weeks in a row. I don't know where we are. Argh! It is the first


routine I haven't nailed. Jason! You have to enjoy each week. This


week might be my last week. tried to make a big meal out of


this paso and you got indigestion. The highs were incredibly high and


the lows can sometimes be pretty depressing. Am I finding it


difficult? Yes. Does it stress me out? Yes. But sometimes in life you


have to go back to go forward. Jason! Let's dance! The quickstep


puts a smile on my face. It is quick and it is tough. It is a


mathematical equation dance. One, two, three, four, nine... I can't


count! I was never a mathematicianist! Great concept.


Great choreography. You are back on track. Well! We are back on form!


The honeymoon period is over. This is where the hard work begins.


three, four. Jason, frame. haven't found it yet. There's lots


of shapes, lots of lines. It will be a tough one. I got a little


bored. The whole thing didn't gel. You win some, you lose some. I'm an


Aussie. We will fightback! Why did you stop? Don't stop. Use your head.


I am pushing Jason because I want to bring the best out of him.


Quicker, quicker. No. Look... a slippery floor. I don't think


that is the reason. That had such drive. You were back in the zone


tonight. I'm on my way to Wembley! This one is quick, quick. It will


be a sweaty day, guys. Jump, jump. It is so fast. Wow! I suppose that


would have been phenomenal if it wasn't for that last moment, but


amazing. Hi energy, slapstick, nobody can accuse you of using


Botox! Gene Kelly's shoes are big to fill but I loved it. It looked


like it was going to be the perfect night for us. We found ourselfs in


the bottom two. Dancing again in next week's semifinal are Jason and


Kristina. To stay in this competition means the world to me.


You had fun, you captured the spirit of the samba. If you are


going to do your best dance of the series, what better time than the


semifinal! This experience has been like nothing I have ever done in my


life. I will be forever grateful that he was my partner. I believed


this is something I will never ever forget. I'm so extremely proud of


him. Please welcome Jason and Kristina! APPLAUSE Firstly, 24


hours and 14 minutes. Thanks for putting on the 3D glasses. BBC, JD


in 3D! He doesn't normally wear a vest. You have come off the floor.


Yes. From dancing all day. What is it like being here in Blackpool,


the home of ballroom, ready for the final tomorrow? It is cold! Yes.


mean, just the whole sort of atmosphere of this room is...


Fantastic. The floor, you know, just the sort of the way the floor


is. It has a spring to it. Yes. He loves it. Your first Strictly Final.


How are you feeling? Absolutely overwhelmed and very happy. It is


my first final in four years. So Jason, thank you so much for taking


me here. For working so hard. You have made... You have made a


lady very happy. It's been good. saw your new dance, the salsa. You


have brought a party spirit to this show. Yes. How is the salsa? Are


you enjoying it? Look at those hips! I actually, funnily enough


this has been a difficult dance to get my head around. But, you know,


having run it through ten, 15 minutes, no an hour ago now, it


seemed to go quite well. It is always nice when you get people's


reactions. That is the one thing about the show, you work one-on-one


with someone in a rehearsal space for sort of six or seven hours a


day, it is not until you put it on to the floor and you start to get


feed back that it starts to come alive. Yes. I any... I love when


people clap certain moves. That was amazing. We do it at home. Look at


that line! Yes. You feel a bit of love. We felt love. It drives you


on. It is great. Your choreography has been complimented by the judges.


It has been top notch. Thank you. That must feel special? Yes. We


don't have too many compliments from the judges, usually. This year,


they have been very nice. To all the pros I think. I work my hardest


to make him shine. The magic happens when you get a great song,


someone's choreography, like Kristina, someone who applies


themselves and that is when the whole thing comes together. I think


if I was to walk away from this experience with one thing, it is


those moments when you get those hairs... You do. It is a cliche,


but it is so special, it is so special. I think this weekend


defines the last three months, you know. It is the pinnacle. Also,


something that is very special, because we had a look at it earlier


on, your show dance. It is spectacular. Thank you. Here is a


little clip. There's costume changes, it is amazing. It all


comes off and out. You have canes, leaps, and this is one of the


dances before a couple is eliminated. So it has to be big.


Down he goes. How much are you enjoying the showdance? I love the


showdance. I think it really is everything we are, which is showbiz,


entertainment, lots of fun, we have a bit of Charleston, quickstep, a


bit of jive, you know, there's the canes, jazz hands. We love jazz


hands! It is entertainment. It is energy and entertainment. I think


sometimes that is what this show should be about, you know... Very


much. You have brought that. Your kids have been loving watching


their dad. Have they? We have some special messages for you. Hold


tight. Don't! I'm going to go. we go. When Jason was a kid, it was


very energised. Very hopping around all over the place. My favourite


dance that my dad has done would be the Argentine tango? At home,


ethinks he is funny, but most of the time he is not. I'm in awe of


his dancing ability. It is wonderful. We thought he was really


embarrassing because he had never realised on the first week that he


was actually kind of good, we got a bit more excited. Movie night,


where he did Singing in the Rain, I was amazed. I thought it was


fabulous. The Argentine tango, when he got 40, I was so excited. We


were jumping up-and-down. He's told me about Kristina. She's done so


well. She is a great talent. What everybody is amazed at is the


ability the that he's got now and he's only got that through


perseverance and hard work and dedication. Good luck for Saturday


night and we hope you do well. are very proud of you. Keep trying


your best. We love you. Everybody here, 12,000 miles away love you so


much. You are doing so well. And all the very best and lots of love.


APPLAUSE He's almost as serious as me! Now I see where you got it


from! He is so serious. Wow! He is beautiful, your dad. All the way


from Australia. Look. We are crying. The crew have gone. We have tried


so hard! Can we just say we have loved your spirit. Thank you, Zoe.


Thank you so much for coming on. Good luck tomorrow. Bring on the


tools! Jason and Kristina! APPLAUSE Now, as well as their friends and


family, our finalists have had great support from all of you at


home. We have really enjoyed hearing what you have to say about


the show. For the last time, it is your Points of You. I would love to


find Harry on our Christmas tree. We love you. I love you, I love you,


I love you Chelsee, I love you, I love you, Chelsee! I really think


Jason should win because he is so persistent. His arg nine tango is


worth every bit -- his Argentine tango is worth every bit of that 40.


Can I say, Zoe, I voted for you when it was your sturn in Strictly


and I thought you were -- turn in Strictly and I thought you were


wonderful. You are doing an amazing job with Strictly 2. It has been a


brilliant series. Thanks a lot. Thank you very much. Right now, we


have a very special treat for you. It is Strictly's most glamorous


judge, Alesha Dixon! Thanks. I am glad you are here. You can stop me


blubing! It gets so emotional. know. You know, like I do, how it


feels? I remember the night before the final, like shedding a tear,


because I was so sad that the experience was coming to an end. It


is bittersweet. You are buzzing for the final, but you are like, I'm


not going to get to dance with this wonderful partner of mine. You have


a come-down afterwards? You do. It is horblg. You are in this bubble.


-- horrible. You are in this bubble. Nothing exists outside the world of


Strictly. Your friends and family are in it with you. It will be the


best final that we have ever seen. I know. The final of finals! Yes.


What do you think is the hardest part of the final? Four dances to


do tomorrow, what is the toughest thing for them? The hardest thing


is staying focused. They are exhausted. The fatigue. It is not


losing the finess of the dancing, the excitement and the buzz of the


final is wonderful. It is almost like a test of endurance. So one


dance done, two dance, three dance, four dance. You have to keep that


focus the whole way. That will be their biggest challenge. Last week,


we had the first two lots of 40 of the series. Yes. Do you think it


will be tens ago-go tomorrow night? I hope so. I did say to Craig


please pull out the ten paddle. He wants to doit. He did it twice last


week. -- He wants to do it? He did it twiest last week. Harry deserves


-- Twice last week? Harry deserves a ten off Craig. I never got a ten


off Craig. Also, it is not just four judges tomorrow, 12 million-


plus judges tomorrow. Everybody at home will be there with their phone


ready to vote. What do you think will make them pick up the phone?


An exciting show dance. Brilliant choreography. I think the


contestant that has The Eye of the Tiger and says, "I want to win."


Tomorrow, potentially, they could up it a notch. They could all win.


They are all winners at this point. Whoever takes home the trophy is a


bonus. Thank you for coming in. have been wonderful! You have been


wonderful. I love you! Thank you, Alesha. Thanks, guys. That is


almost it. We hope you have enjoyed watching. Before we say a goodbye,


and good luck to our finalists, here are some of our favourite


moments. Please welcome your host, it is Zoe Ball. Hello. Welcome to


the brand-new series of It Takes Two. Double, double, toil and


trouble, Nancy and Anton have left the Strictly bubble! What I heard


is... Firm handshake. It is to pretend to make love on the


dancefloor. My underpants are on back to front! You had to make an


entrance. Spin, spin. Fabulous. Seven! Hopefully, on the line is


Harry's mum. Hello. Hello, Zoe. Thank you very much. I'm wearing a


skirt. It may not happen again. We have somebody here who wanted to


have a quick word with you. Hello. Let's go for it! Can we go for a


little walk? That is really nasty! I was told to come smart-casual!


man! And at the same time and you twist your body. Nice! Come on!


love that dress! We want that dress. APPLAUSE It is beautiful. Look at


that. We want to see you wearing that in the training room. It is


not camp! We are worried they might not finish yours in time so we have


this for you! Here is your very own James Jordan medallion. Look at


that. Wearing a fetching Jason- inspired T-shirt with the slogan,


"It's about the journey, not the destination." Have a listen to this


special message. Hi, this is Bob, I think Brendan is just a fantastic


dancer. I have gone all... Stop laughing. Snort! Snort alert!


Drunken sailor! Lovely to see you. What shall we do? Bring it in.


Hello! Smoulder! Can you take me home?! Woah! You are going to look


like... Does it tickle? It is very cold. Oh! Bella. Ciao! I'll call


you. It is huge. You have got an incredible set of... Of what?


as in the studio set! This is a family show. When ever I do Sean


Connery, it has an effect on Erin! Cushion down! I can't bear it.


Congratulations, 79. Whatever! done. Russell, you have brought us


fun. Very emotional. It is. We have the Glitter Tissues. Have one. Get


it together, Ball! Make a wish! Blow it! APPLAUSE It Takes Two this


year - fantastic! Well done. that is it. Thanks to all the


amazing boys and girls who have worked on It Takes Two. You all


rock. Many thanks to our celebrities and the judges and the


pro dancers and good luck to our finalists, Jason and Kristina,


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