26/03/2016 The National Lottery Draws


The National Lottery Live hosted by Gaby Roslin, including the Lotto and Thunderball draws. Guest Aled Jones pushes the Lotto button.

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Hello and welcome to the National Lottery Live.


Tonight, could it be you on Thunderball or Lotto?


The Lotto rollover jackpot is ?28.2 million.


And to push the Lotto button this evening,


a singer who's about to tour the country, but not


Now, with a top prize of half a million pounds, it's Thunderball!


Julie, please start up both machines!


Our draw master tonight is Julie Hamilton and the draws


are being overseen by an independent adjudicator.


Excalibur two and set of balls one was selected by David Cook from


Potters bar. The Lotto draw and Millionaire


Raffle are coming up very soon, but before that, let's


meet tonight's guest. An international star at 14,


he's made 30 albums to date and sung Now, he's about to duet with someone


he knows very well indeed. So, who are you going


to be singing alongside? This is where you tell the nation it


is you! Absolutely not! It is my younger self, the last


album I made as a boy, I was 15, it was never released, it was


languishing in an airing cupboard. You had to keep them warm otherwise


the music would be erased. I listened to it, it is the best thing


I have ever done as a kid, and I decided to put the adult voice


together with the boy. It was in a pair of your old underpants. My


Spiderman specials! Shall we have a listen?


You look very emotional. I did not know what it would sound like, but


it is almost identical. The producer said, did you feel that? It was the


hairs on the back of my arm standing up. Nobody has done anything like


that. The first time ever. 30 years, the difference. I am touring the


cathedrals, 22 dates, from May, Britain's cathedrals, I cannot wait,


Ely, Liverpool, and where it all started, anger. And your album out.


The 1st of April. Let's talk about Bestival and Rob da Bank. I will be


the MC, the history of drum and bass at Bestival. I am so nervous. He


will DJ, I and the MC. I never thought I would have that


conversation with you! I never thought I would play Bestival! I


will not laugh! Everybody else will! Last year, you joined us for the


lottery awards. Lovely egg, we surprised her. She takes no


prisoners, she is an amazing woman, Edna, it was lovely to give


something back to her. You can find out more about Aled's


surprise for Edna by visiting bbc.co.uk/lottery and


following the links. We can see you every night on BBC


Two. Yes, for Too Much TV, one more week. I am watching dramas


constantly on catch up. The Night Manager! You will do a bit of


presenting tonight. Just you and Dolly Osmond has done it!


Remember, there are even more chances to become a millionaire now.


Tonight's Lotto rollover jackpot is an estimated ?28.2 million.


We are using Guinevere and set of balls number one.


Over ?14 million has been won in prizes on Lotto


and the Millionaire Raffle in the last week.


Congratulations to you if you were a winner!


OK, it's time to push that button, Aled.


Now, could you be a lucky winner in tonight's Millionaire Raffle?


Yes, here is the result of tonight's Millionaire Raffle of ?1 million!


Thanks, Alan, and thank you, Aled!


in the Millionaire Raffle tonight for the further 20 prizes of ?20,000


Full results of all the draws will be available later via the red


button or by visiting bbc.co.uk/lottery and


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