05/12/2015 The National Lottery Live


The National Lottery Live including the Lotto and Thunderball draws, hosted by Ore Oduba. Special guests Paul Heaton and Jacqui Abbott promote their new single I Don't See Them.

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Hi there. Good evening. Hope you are well. Welcome to the National


Lottery live. The Thunderball and Lotto draws are coming up and get


this, tonight's Lotto is worth an estimated ?20 million! Wow! I know.


So, our special guests song-write and sing with a unique style of


musical wit and wisdom. They are Paul Heaton and Jacqui Abbott.


# If I saw your face # It wouldn't compensate


# That's right. Paul and Jacqui will


be here soon. Let's get started with the Thunderball.


OK, Jeff, start up those machines, please. Our drawmaster tonight is


Jeff Brewin. The draws are overseen by an independent adjudicator.


There have been over 455,000 winning tickets on Thunderball this past


like week. Well done if you were a winner. Off we go. The first one


tonight: A total of 39 to pick from in this


machine. You choose five. Three opportunities a week to play this


game, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.


There is even a prize for just watching the Thunderball itself.


So, let's draw the Thunderball itself now. There are 14 of those


inside our second machine. We will draw one of them.


Jeff, you know what to do! This could be a big difference to what


you win. There are 14 in there. It's number 10. Here are tonight's


Thunderball numbers: Alan, nicely done, thank you very


much. The Lotto draw coming up in a minute. Before that, let's meet


tonight's special guests, Paul Heaton and Jacqui Abbott were two


members of one of the most successful bands of the 90s, The


Beautiful South. They made a return in 2014 with a hugely successful


first album and now their second looks set to continue that winning


streak. # Although you make no sound


# I still hear you #6ft under grown but I still hear


you Snores I am the man who turns to...


Paul and Jacqui are here. Welcome back! Great to have you. I don't see


them, the second single off the second album since your return. Tell


us about it. It's out now. It's out now, yeah. It was the video there, I


am dressed up as a fisherman in Scarborough. You look good, buddy.


If you can look good as a fisherman, yeah. Go on. It's a new single.


Yeah, as you say, it's out now and with the album it's a lot of fun. It


is really great to have you guys back together again. Tell us about


how it is that you did become one all those years ago. A long time ago


when we first started we met by accident and kind of got together


again this time around via social media of all things, I got a late


night response from him on Facebook just late at night. It was, would


you like to start singing again? It was a definite, it was great. It's


been a musical romance since. You have said lovely things about her,


Paul. Sort of lovely, yeah, I compared her to an old Rolls-Royce


in terms of something left in the garage that when you start it up


again it sounds and looks fantastic. Yeah, it's great, we love working


together. It's great. Next year looks set to be another big one, you


have the second album and you have sold out the Royal Albert Hall. It's


the last night of the tour, as well. We were chuffed to play it anyway,


but actually to sell it out, as well, yeah, it feels great. I am


sure fans are coming out of the woodwork all over the place with you


guys. You have a stalwart in Adele. That's right. We met her recently


and she announced to us we were her first ever gig. Maybe the reason


inspired to sing was seeing Jacqui. Or me. She's an inspiration or one


of you are, together you are. Guys, it's great to have you. Thank you.


Your moment is coming. Ready for this? We are ready. OK. They're


ready. It's time to go to work. Let's play Lotto.


OK, let's release those rollover balls. Remember, there are even more


chances to become a millionaire now. Here's tonight's Lotto jackpot!


It's the biggest jackpot in ten years, an estimated ?20 million. And


thanks we are using Arthur and with it the set of balls number three.


More than ?17 million in prizes have been won on Lotto and the


Millionaire Raffle in the last week, congratulations if you were a


winner. Thank you, Alan. Paul and Jacqui, a lot of money and


responsibility. Time to do your thing. Good luck everyone.


Excellent. We are off and running. The first one is about to appear.


Millionaires' Row this Saturday night looks like this:


Alan, the big money winning doesn't end there. You could be a lucky


winner in tonight's Millionaire Raffle.


You are such a slave driver! Tonight's Million Air Raffle number


is: Thanks, mate. Don't forget to check


your tickets to see if the further 20 prizes of ?20 million in the


Millionaire Raffle tonight are yours. Paul and Jacqui, great to


have you. Thank you very much. Thanks. Full results of all the


draws will be available via the red button or by visiting


bbc.co.uk/lottery and following links. You can catch up on all the


results of this week's draws by watching BBC One on Tuesday,


Wednesday and Friday after the news. Next week Diana Vickers will be


here. I will see you then. Bye. Do you ever have that dream


when you're falling?


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