09/04/2016 The National Lottery Live


The National Lottery Live including the Lotto and Thunderball draws, hosted by Gaby Roslin. The button is pushed by Matt Cardle.

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Hello and welcome to The National Lottery Live with


And tonight, we've got ten chances to become a winner


on the Millionaire Raffle, so keep your tickets handy


And pushing the Lotto button for you is


singer and West End star Matt Cardle.


So, let's get started with the first live draw -it's


Our draw master tonight is Julie Hamilton and the draws


are being overseen by an independent adjudicator.


Excalibur two and set of balls ones were selected by Lucy Moore from


Gerard 's cross. We're busy people, things to do,


places to go, phone calls to make. That's the first one, number 19. 39


balls to pick from in the first machine, you just choose five of


them, that's how the game works. Here's another one. Number three.


Three opportunities per week to play this game. Wednesday, Friday and


Saturday. 26 is next. Here is another one for you, this time we're


talking number 30. Finally, from this, our first machine, which is it


to be? The answer is right there. The steam. Next it is the turn of


the thunderbolts themselves. -- Thunder balls themselves. Round and


round they go. Number eight. Here are tonight's Thunderball numbers


again. In ascending order. Albums. He has the X factor.


to say that. Use the gorgeous Matt Cardle.


to say that. Use the gorgeous Matt nervous about going to the West End.


to say that. Use the gorgeous Matt Terrified. Then you went and won and


award. It went better than I ever could have expected.


award. It went better than I ever debut for Memphis. What was it like


taking part? Incredible, the most amazing cast, crew, the whole


company was amazing, the Shaftesbury Theatre, everyone from the stage


door to the stage. Look how beautiful Beverley is. Is it thanks


door to the stage. Look how to her you were in it?


door to the stage. Look how call from her manager to say they


were looking for a new Hughie. I fell in love with everything about


it, then that's what happened. More shows, do you think?


thing comes along, definitely more. Your fans will be pleased. They are


even happier about the tour you have announced. For my fourth album, the


warm up tour to my fourth album. The best thing about it is I get to do


it in the middle of writing an album. What do you mean warm up?


Normally you release an album that to it. You learn about the songs,


the way you can sing them, on tour. I get to do it now and finished the


album after. It's all about the venue for this tour, we've


hand-picked the most stunning venues we could find. You say it's


intimate, how intimate does it get? Be careful, it's after 9pm... Little


bit of acoustics, little bit of full bands. The whole range of stuff. We


will play old stuff and brand-new stuff as well. Lots of fans want the


old stuff. They'll get a bit of both. Even the stuff you did on X


Factor. Even a bit of that, yeah. You've written the new album, partly


written, yourself. Yes, I've co-written all the albums so far,


it's all from personal experience. This time round it has been a


different team of writers and producers, different sound, it'll


surprise people, hopefully, in a good way. It's a lot more electronic


than previously, it has been more indie before. Try something a bit


fresh. It's such good news. I'm coming if it's all right. London to


Scotland. All the details are on the website. Thank you very much indeed.


Let's lay Lotto. -- play Lotto. OK, let's released those big-money


balls. An estimated 4.2 million. We are using are for and set of balls


number three. Over ?49 million has been


won in prizes on Lotto and the Millionaire Raffle


in the last week - wow! And well done to Simms Cross


Syndicate from Widnes who won one million pounds


on the Millionaire Raffle! And the ticket holder who scooped


Wednesday night's jackpot of over 35 million. The largest win for a


single ticket holder ever. 35mm. That's huge! Good luck, mum. That


has guaranteed your Sunday lunch. We do know The National Lottery creates


on average more than 20 millionaires every month? 51, also joined us a


couple of weekends ago. The two be drawn this Saturday night, number


47, paraded itself before us last weekend as well as it happens.


Here's the next one. Number 34, to date you as players have raised over


34 billion for The National Lottery projects. Number 25 drawn seven


Wednesdays ago as well. If you need one, a bonus. Tonight's is number


18. Millionaires Row looks like this in ascending order...


Take a deep breath. Could you be a lucky win in tonight's Millionaire


Raffle? Ten prizes of ?1 million each for


the millionaires raffle. Well done, Alan, thank you for that.


Thanks Alan and thanks Matt. Well done, Alan, thank you for that.


Best of luck with the tour. Full results of all the draws


will be available later via the red button or by visiting


bbc.co.uk/lottery Next week we have Tom Kerridge from


Bake Off: creme de la creme.


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