24/12/2016 The National Lottery Live


The National Lottery Live including the Lotto and Thunderball draws. And there is a special Christmas performance of Home for Christmas from The Military Wives Choir.

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Tonight's National Lottery Draws were pre-


recorded earlier this evening in front of an independent


Hello and welcome to The National Lottery Live.


The two big money jackpot draws coming up for you -


And, to celebrate Christmas, there are more chances to win tonight!


In addition to the regular prizes there are an extra 200 prizes


of ?20,000 in tonight's Lotto Christmas Eve Raffle!


Plus, Christmas music for you too...


So, let's gets started, here's Thunderball!


Our draw master tonight is Tony Born and the draws are being overseen


Start by drawing Now to the Thunderballs themselves.


There are 14 of those inside our second machine


and you have to choose just one of them.


So here are those Thunderball numbers again, only this time


do you have your Christmas jumper on? Of course Axel good, I am


pleased to hear it! Now, from Saturday 7th January,


the National Lottery draws will be moving to their new home


on BBC iPlayer. Results will also be


available on BBC One straight after the 10 o'Clock News,


via the red button and as usual, at bbc.co.uk/lottery


and following the links. In just a couple of minutes,


The Military Wives Choir with a song Remember there are even more chances


to become a millionaire now. An estimated ?20.6 million!


rollover jackpot is... We are using Merlin and set of balls


eight. on Lotto and the Millionaire Raffle


in the last week alone. Congratulations to them


and to you if you were a winner. Does it have sparkle on it? Or over


it! Can be done to press the button... Good luck! Superb!


So Millionaire's Row this Saturday night looks like this,


Now, could you be a lucky winner in tonight's Millionaire Raffle?


For more information about the 20 prizes of ?20,000 and the extra 200


special prizes of ?20,000 in tonight's Lotto Christmas


Eve Raffle, head online or press the red button.


Now, here's The Military Wives conducted by Hilary Davan Wetton


# When the bells are ringing, you'll hear our prayers


Thank you to the Military Wives Choir!


I will be back next week on New Year's Eve...


You can catch up on all the results of this week's draws


by watching BBC One on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday straight


And you can see this week's Lotto, Thunderball and Euromillions draws


by visiting the website and watching online.


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