29/03/2014 The National Lottery Live


Kate Garraway presents the live draws including Lotto and Thunderball, with a musical performance by Lisa Stansfield.

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Hello, everyone, and welcome to The National Lottery Live.


Right then! Who's in the mood for winning big this weekend? Which of


you is going to wake up tomorrow morning a whole lot richer? If


that's music to your ears then good news, there are several chances for


you to win big tonight. First up is the Thunderball draw with a top


prize of half a million pounds. And then it's the nation's favourite


game, Lotto. With an additional 50 prizes of ?20,000 courtesy of the


Lotto Raffle. Also coming up a little later is one


of the most unique voices ever to emerge from Rochdale, and the UK for


that matter, yes, the soul superstar with 20 million album sales to her


name is back. Lisa Stansfield will be playing us out with Picket Fence


very soon. But first... Here's Thunderball.


Start up those machines, please, Matt! Excalibur two and set of balls


number eight. Our draw master tonight is Matt Chamberlain and the


draws are being overseen by an independent adjudicator. There have


been over 490,000 winning tickets on thunderbolt this past week.


Congratulations if yours was one of them pulled up # on Thunderball. OK,


let's start the draw, Matt! First out, it is 22. Next, 13.


The third offering will be 16. Next comes number five. And that is 31.


OK, then Matt, let's draw the Thunderball! And from the red


machine comes number 11. Let's see those numbers again in ascending


order. Thanks, Charles. Joining me now is a


multi award winning, multi-platinum selling and multi talented artist,


who, having taken almost a decade long hiatus, has made a hugely


anticipated return to the music scene, and boy are we glad to have


her back! Lovely to see you. Hello, Lisa! It's been nearly ten years


since we last saw you on stage. What have you been up to? I have done


quite a lot of sitting around but I made an album eventually and I am


going to go on tour, that is lovely. It is lovely to be back, quite


humbling people want me to still be around. 25 years since Been Around


The World. You still get the buzz? I can still enjoy it. And he will


perform in a moment. Before that, picture this, you are sitting at


home, your ticket in hand, you have matched five numbers, out comes the


sixth, are your hearts racing yet? I think I can hear mine! Here's Lotto.


OK, then, Charles, tell us what's in tonight's big Lotto jackpot?


The jackpot is an estimated ?4.3 million. Let's get things under way.


Release those weekend balls! There have been over 378,000 winning


tickets this week on Lotto. This includes one lucky ticket holder who


scooped the entire rollover jackpot on Wednesday, winning over ?7.6


million! Incredible! Congratulations and well done, whoever and wherever


you may be! Thanks, Charles. OK, Lisa, time for you to do the


honours! Good luck, everyone! The first one is 47. Last time that


joined us was 90 weeks ago for top next, 21. The fourth number drawn


the other Wednesday night. And that is 49, appeared Wednesday


before last. 16, last drawn three Wednesday 's back. And there is 14,


it joined us the Saturday before last. This one for the jackpot, it


is number eight. How about a bonus, finally. That is 29. Millionaires


Row the Saturday night looks like this, in ascending order.


Thanks, Charles, and thank you, Lisa! You can go and ready yourself


for tonight's performance. Can't wait for that.


Remember, there are also 50 Lotto Raffle prizes of ?20,000 up for


grabs tonight. To find out if you're a winner, full results will be


available later via the red button or by visiting bbc.co.uk/lottery and


following the links. Early indications show that the region


with the most Lotto raffle winners tonight is... The north-west, Isle


of Man, Wales and Yorkshire and Humber. I'll be back next week with


music from special guest Kian Egan but now, playing us out tonight with


Picket Fence, here's Lisa Stansfield! Have a good weekend and


happy Mother's Day tomorrow to all you mums out there!


# When I signed. # On the dotted line. # I didn't sign up for this.


# And when I swore. # On the Holy Bible.


# It didn't mean sheet # Because I fell in love with him.


# Up to my elbows. # Up to my cheek.


# I knew the man was trouble. # They gave me a shovel.


# And I digged him in. # In my defense. # I never wanted.


# No picket fence. # And to obey.


# That's not the way. # That's not the way.


# I rest my case. # Better get in line.


# For an orange suit. # Too much anger.


# And so much to lose. # So now I'm swearing.


# On the Holy Bible. # To tell the truth, the whole


truth. # And nothing but the truth.


# I fell in love with him. # In my defense.


# I never wanted. # No picket fence.


# And to obey. # That's not the way.


# In my defense. # I never wanted.


# No picket fence. # And to obey.


# That's not the way. # That's not the way.


# I rest my case.


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