31/10/2015 The National Lottery Live


The National Lottery Live, including the Lotto and Thunderball draws, hosted by Ore Oduba. Markus Feehily promotes his new single Only You, from his album, Fire.

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Hello and welcome to The National Lottery Live.


Two big money draws for you tonight, Lotto and Thunderball.


Pushing that famous Lotto button is a singer,


who's launched his own solo career after 14 years with one of the UK's


Markus Feehily will be here in just a couple of minutes.


But first, with a top prize of half a million


Julie, please start up the first machine!


Our draw master night is Julie Hamilton. Excalibur three and set of


balls number one were selected at random this afternoon. There have


been over 448 winning ticket this week. Well done to you if you were a


winner. Start the draw please, Julie.


Three opportunities per week to play the game, Wednesdays, Thursdays and


Saturdays. There is even a prize for matching with just the Thunderball


itself. This is for the top prize of half ?1


million. The Lotto draw is coming up


in a just a minute, but first let's He was one member


of a hugely successful Irish boy band Westlife, that had 14 number


ones and sold over 45 million albums and now Markus Feehily has stepped


out on his own. # Only you, only you.


# You, you, only you, only you... And Marcus is here, good to see


you. You are on your own, how does it feel? It feels fantastic, it is


exciting, I have been working on the album for quite a long time and the


fans are giving me feedback and it is good. Do you see the boys? Not


enough, we are overdue a session in the pub. Everybody is busy doing


their solo stuff. There is no bad blood. There is the call-out. You


have worked with a few different producers. I have experienced a


little bit. There are things closer to Westlife like Only You. It is a


pop ballad. There is some dark stuff on there. It is a break-up album. It


was a dark time? It was a dark time, but I am happy now. With Only You,


the song from the new album, it is special for you and the fans, isn't


it? The first two videos were high production and this time we got the


fans to send in footage of themselves with their special people


because that is what the song is about. I even put in my own


goddaughter as well. She is so cute. She is beautiful. We love merely.


Hello, Millie. What about next year? You want to take this out on the


road? I am talking to management about putting live dates on. Singing


the songs live is the natural progression, so I am looking forward


to that. Touring is something you like doing, but it will be different


because you have not got the other boys with you. I have got other


musicians, so I am not completely alone on the stage. It is different,


but I am getting used to it pretty quickly. You had three years between


the end of Westlife and starting your solo career, what did you do? I


like to keep creative, so I refurbished the House, I refurbished


an old 1950s van, I like to keep things creative and I do not like


sitting around doing nothing. You are a busybody. I like sitting on


the sofa watching television, but I like to keep it going. Multi-skilled


and multitalented, Markus Feehily, everybody. Now it is time for the


Lotto. Juile,


let's release those Lotto balls! Remember there are even more chances


to become a millionaire now. So, tonight's Lotto jackpot is


an estimated ?6.7. We are using Arthur and set of balls


number four thanks to Mr Cook. Over ?14 million has been won


in prizes on Lotto and the Millionaire Raffle in


the last week including one ticket holder winning the jackpot last


Saturday night of ?4.3 million. Congratulations to them


and to you if you were a winner! OK, it's time to push


that button Markus! Alan, thank you. Could you be a


winner in the raffle? And don't forget to check


your tickets also to see if you've won one of the 20 prizes of ?20,000


in the Lotto Raffle tonight too. Thank you, Markus,


for joining us this evening! Full results of the draws will be


available later via the red button


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