13/07/2011 The National Lottery: Wednesday Night Draws


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It's time on 13th July and we're live from Lottery HQ with your


Wednesday night host, the lovely Myleene Klass. Thanks Alan, hello


everyone and welcome to the show. What an incredible week it's been


so far and it's only Wednesday! The reason for the excitement? Well if


you haven't already heard last night's EuroMillions jackpot of 185


million euros has been won right here in the UK. That's right,


Europe's biggest ever jackpot which rolled 14 times has now been


scooped up by one extremely lucky UK ticket holder. The exchange rate


at the time of draw means the ticket is worth an incredible �161


million. And, if that ticket is owned by a single player they will


have automatically been catapulted on to the Rich List ahead of the


likes of Tom Jones and Ringo Starr. How amazing is that? But they're


not the only ones to turn mutli- millionaire overnight because a


further three very lucky tickets in the UK matched the first five main


numbers and one Lucky Star winning them �1.7 million each. Those wins


plus the UK Millionaire Raffle mean that we created an incredible five


millionaires, all in one night! If you haven't checked your tickets


yet and want to watch yesterday's draw online then head to the


website. And the next EuroMillions draw will be right here on Friday


at 11.35pm. But you don't have to wait until then to win big because


it's time for the first live draw of the night and your chance to win


a fantastic �500,000 pounds. It's Mr D, it's over to you. Release the


Excalibur and set of balls numbered to have been chosen tonight. If


Independent adjudicator, Sian Fleet-Milne, and Draw Master, Matt


Chamberlain. On Saturday over 256,000 lucky tickets won a prize.


Well done if one of those tickets belongs to you. Are we ready to


Release the 14 Thunderballs. So, have you matched with any numbers


yet? If you've matched with three or more from the first machine then


you are already a winner. But, don't worry if you haven't matched


with any balls so far because matching with the Thunderball alone


will still win you a cash prize. I'm keeping everything crossed for


you. Right Alan, I think it's time to try and add some more


millionaires to the week's tally, what do you say? Let's do it


Myleene. OK, here we go. Here comes So, Alan, what's up for grabs


tonight? Tonight's estimated Lotto jackpot is: �2.2 million.


that's a brilliant bank balance booster! So Alan, let's go. Release


those big money balls. On Saturday night Lotto created more


millionaires, as three lucky tickets matched all six numbers


drawn winning just over �2.4 million each. Congratulations if


one of those winners was you. is the machine ready? Good luck


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 59 seconds


Millionaire's row midweek looks That brings tonight's winning to a


close. But another guaranteed millionaire is set to be created on


Friday with the UK Millionaire Raffle and there'll be a fantastic


�12 million up for grabs in the EuroMillions draw. To find out if


you're set to become another of the week's lucky winner's tune in


Friday at 11.35pm with the lovely Kate Edmondson. OJ Borg will be


here on Saturday night with the weekend's Lotto and Thunderball


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