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Let's have a look at the clues - surrounded by Union Jacks,


a host of gorgeous men and more sequins than Beyonce's


-- Morsi Queensland Gina G's knicker drawer. It can been only one thing,


Eurovision is back. Yes, tonight, you will once again get to help


choose the song and dance that will represent the UK in Ukraine. That's


right! It's Eurovision: You Decide to stop take me to the stage, boys,


and watch out for my VPL. The trousers are riding very badly.


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Last year we organised the biggest


song search ever, but now we've gone even bigger. As well as being opened


to the public entries which were whittled down by the official


Eurovision fan club, songwriting camps across the UK and Europe were


also inspired to produce some of their finest work for our Eurovision


mission. After a final round of short listing by 15 industry


professionals, six songs were chosen, and tonight, they battle it


out to become the UK act for 2017. Their fate now lies in the hands of


the professional jury, and you at home. Tonight, our country's 60th


entry will be decided, live, from the worlds -- world-famous


Hammersmith Apollo. It's Eurovision decide.


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Bonsoir, buenos nachos, jo estet,


goeie avond, god kvall, iyi aksamlar and good evening


lovely Eurovisionaries and welcome to Eurovision:


You Decide 2017. CHEERING


We have got an amazing gang here tonight at the famous Eventim Apollo


in Hammersmith, to make a decision. I don't think I'm exaggerating to


call it the single most important decision of the year! Yes, I've just


had confirmation that that is no exaggeration! Just who will


represent the UK Eurovision 2017? Well, this year, we spread the net


far and wide with songwriters' camps all over Europe, British music


industry professionals doing what they do, and the public submission


process and blimey, did they deliver. We've had hundreds of songs


to choose from, so settle down now for the best 38 hours of your lives.


CHEERING No, no, we've whittled them down to


the final 60 were going to see and vote for tonight. I'm positively


thrumming with excitement. Let's bring them on. Here are our six act.


First up, it's Holly Brewer. This is Danyl Johnson, this is Lucie Jones.


Performing I Don't Wanna Fight, raise the roof for Salena. The


question What Are We Made Of, the answer talent, if you are Nate


Simpson. And finally, put your lovely hands together for our


youngest singer, with Freedom Hearts, it's Olivia Garcia. Wow! By


the end of the night, one of these singers will be crowned our winner


and in May, they'll be representing the UK in Kiev at the Eurovision


Song Contest 2017. Later on, off you go, my loves, don't milk it, off you


go. Later on, I'll explain how you can vote. But before we do that,


make sure you are registered and ready to vote. If you want to vote


online, go to and sign in or register for a BBC


account, so that you, my friends, are ready to go. But if you want to


vote by phone, I'll give you all the phone numbers you need later as


well. So let me just remove this bit of hair from my mouth. There we go.


Just like the thing's top in 2005, our show is bursting at the scene is


for you tonight, on top of those six amazing songs we are going to be


joined by some very special guests, including the Vamps. Now, some after


my's performances may contain flashing... Images, sorry, autocue


issues. I know, somebody has come on very exciting. It's time to kick


this party off. Sparkling Euro mirror ball, who's the greatest


Norwegian of them all? He's a Eurovision winner, he went on to


number one in seven countries and as well as a record maker, he's a


record breaker, getting the most points ever awarded under the old


voting system. It is time to Rybak and think of Norway, because it's


Alexander Rybak, performing his winning song, Fairytale. Hello!


# She was mine and we were sweethearts


# No one else, could make me sadder


# But no one else could lift me high above


# But when I do we'll get a brand new start


Alexander Rybak! Hello. It's a fairy tale to actually be with you in the


flesh. You never disappoint with that fiddling. Well done, my love.


Now, Alexander, what a performance. You of course won the Eurovision in


2009, we all remember that very clearly. Now, that was an amazing


springboard for you. What have you been doing since? You've done


amazing things. You know, after Eurovision, it turned out I got the


best fans in Europe. CHEERING


Thanks to the Internet, the best fans in the world really. I just


tried to surprise them. I've been touring with classical concert, with


Symphony orchestras, and I really love to co-work with other artists,


that's what I do. But Eurovision, that's where it started and


Eurovision is my calling card and I love it. Oh, it's so nice to see


you, Alexander. Give it up, ladies and gentlemen, Alexander Rybak.


Thank you so much for coming and kicking off our show with such


splendid stuff. See you later. We are going to go off to a museum


tomorrow, have a little day trip in London. Tonight, we're giving you a


chance to vote for which of our six performers and songs represent the


UK at Eurovision 2017. This year we are following the Eurovision Song


Contest's way of voting by also having a professional jury vote. We


will combine your public vote 50-50 with the professional jury's one. In


order to win, our artists need to impress both you at home and our


professional jury. Winning just one of the votes may not be enough, so


they need to smash it across-the-board. We are really


going to open the votes after we've seen everyone perform, and by the


end of the show we will indeed crown our winner. We'll give you all the


details you need later on in the show and all the information about


tonight's vote can be found on our website at


Our jury of music professionals are here tonight and once


all the acts have performed they will


After the vote has closed we will combine the points from


the jury with the points from the public vote and we'll have


Now three of our jurors will be multi


tasking as I've drafted them in to form my perfect panel.


I reckon they're going to have a lot to say!


And nobody has more to say than my first panelist.


He's a man filled with so much Latin passion and heat that he tans


from the inside, or at least that's what he insists, it's


Yes, good evening! CHEERING


What a wonderful crowd. They are amazing. Now, Bruno, you have a bit


of previous when it comes to Eurovision, haven't you? I'm going


to save the year, 1980. 1980, what was going on then, Bruno? Here we


go. You can feel it coming you can clearly see I was well packaged...


Bruneau, looking very much like a Formula One mechanics. Very much.


I'm not sure if your microphone is working, we know you are speaking.


There we go. That's working. That's better, Bruno, we need a great song,


great staging and charisma. How can you as a panel spot these things


tonight? They have to come up with something unique, unforgettable,


visually stunning, emotionally involving, devastating and


uplifting. Amazing, thank you, Bruno. Now, please welcome our next


panellist. She's a singer, she's a panellist, she is wanted by Scotland


Yard for murder on the dance floor. It's Sophie Ellis-Bextor. What are


you looking for tonight in the songs? First, I want to say I've


been smiling all day. I absolutely love.


CHEERING I'm looking for a great pop record,


but one that has unmistakable Eurovision charm. Wise words,


Sophie, thank you, my love. Finally, imagine knowing so much about


singing yet each -- that you can teach the angels yourself, well,


Charlotte Church. Please welcome CeCe Sammy. Now, CeCe, it's all


about the live vocal. They have to absolutely nail it. There's a lot of


pressure on them. What should they be thinking of as they sing? Do you


know, at the end of the day they'd have to believe in telling stories


and believing in themselves will stop gang, is that not a great


panel? It's fantastic to have you all on hand to share your thoughts


and opinions. But listen up, it's time to get to the business of the


evening. So here we go. Ok, first up, singing "I Wish


I Loved You More" is Holly Brewer. Let's find out a little


more about her. I've loved music ever since I can


remember. It's all I've ever known and all I want to do for the rest of


my life. Wherever I can perform, I perform. I work with wicked


musicians, doing corporate, weddings, we supported Jess Glynne


the other day which was incredible, and I bit, or I honestly adore it. I


would say I'm most inspired by not divas, but people who really sing,


and are so passionate about singing the music. Would I say I'm a diva?


Probably not. I'd like to be! The title of the song is I Wish I Loved


You More, so for me it's about having that person there who is so


perfect in so many ways, but unfortunately you just don't love


them in the way you should come you just don't love them enough. I think


that's a really hard emotion. My favourite lyric is the title, I Wish


I Loved You More, because it says so much about the song. That one lyric


tells you I wish I loved you more, and the rest of the song is telling


you why. I've definitely had a situation in my life where all those


feelings I've wanted to be there are not, so when I sing it I feel all of


that. That all comes back. To represent my country in the biggest


competition in the world would be a dream come true, so I hope people


get behind the song. I'm just going to go out and give it my all. Arnie


So getting the competition underway, Holly Brewer


# I know that two is better and some might even need a crowd


# Oooh, amen that the preacher talks about


# Oooh, amen I couldn't live without


# Every time we touch I wish, I wish I loved you more


# Oooh, amen that the preacher talks about


# Every time we touch I wish, I wish I loved you more


# You keep coming, you keep coming you keep coming back to me


# Oooh that the preacher talks about




Holly Brewer, come and get yourself here. What an amazing start to our


evening's proceedings. Get your breath back. Let's talk to the


panel. CeCe, what did you think of the vocal in that? Wow, wow, wow,


beautiful voice you controlled it, you told the story, you let us hear


that high sound. Beautiful! Bruno, do you think Holly's song has the


potential for what will be an enormous stage in Kiev? Yes of


course. I like the fact it was presented in a very strict elegant


way and it gave her space to build and tease me with the vocal until


the end... I wish I love you more! It is about projection, building and


building and killing it. That was the right path, well done. Sophie


URS songwriter what did you think of the lyrics? I am ticking power


ballad of my Eurovisionary tick list, use and that really well. It


was a big song and a slightly different perspective and fresh


lyric, it went down really well here. -- you sang that really well.


If you think that Holly has got what it takes


to represent the UK, you'll need to call


6 22 52 01 from a mobile or 09015 22 52 01 from a landline.


Thank you very much for being here by the way, just stay with me.


Calls will cost 15p plus any network access charge and please ask


the bill payer's permission before you call.


You can also vote online for free by visiting

:20:33.:20:35. where you will also find terms and


Voting won't open until all our acts have


performed so don't call yet, as your vote won't count and


Holly, thank you very, very much, that was amazing. Well done.


It's Danyl Johnson, with "Light Up The World".


I've loved music since a young age to be honest. Growing up in the


artists I really liked were Michael Jackson and The Police, I liked


Sting's voice, there was a thing about his voice that was amazing and


the showmanship of Michael Jackson and his sister Janet, I used to copy


the dance moves. My experience on the X Factor was absolutely


unbelievable, I mean, music can change people's lives and it


definitely changed mine. The song I'm singing is Light Up The World,


there are so many dark times we're living in, this song shines through


it and has that, everyone comes together and everyone has fun.


That's exactly what this song does and I can't wait for people to hear


it. My favourite lyric is, we can shine so brightly but I feel like


that line just... It's near the end of the song and it means everyone is


together and we can all shine. And we can all just enjoy that moment. I


think with music that is what you can do and hopefully with the energy


we are going to bring everybody together and shine bright. I love it


so much and I hope everyone else loves it just as much as I do. This


song gives the opportunity to out there and have fun. -- to go out


there. Performing "Light Up The World",


it's Danyl Johnson. # Light up, light up,


Light up, light up, # I can feel a change


in the air we breathe tonight # There's something 'bout


the look in your eyes # We couldn't see yeah,


standing in the dark # Waiting for a spark,


to light our story # I can feel a change


in the way you move tonight # Something 'bout


the lack of sunlight # The moonlight shows


the place where we're going # Instead of asking why,


raise your light up to the sky # They can't stop


what we've started #. APPLAUSE


CHEERING . Oh yeah. Danyl. That's a frisky


little manoeuvre. I can't give you the, sorry... Now, listen, you get


your breath back. Bruno, I'd like you to put your choreographer hat on


and tell us... There you are. Would that choreography work in Kiev? Yes


it would, because it has a wonderful boy band charm. It's uplifting, it's


fun. You have to make sure you maintain the sharpness and the


tightness as well as you maintained the vocals. Crank it up a notch and


make it even bigger! Now, CeCe, did Danyl shine brightly for you


tonight? Absolutely, you did, listen tonight is a celebration night,


everyone of you are amazing singers. I want you to think, if you end up


voted in by the public, I want you to reach out to them and sing your


heart away, you've got a beautiful voice. Lovely comments, Danyl. It's


safe to say Danyl was having a very good time on stage. Never too much,


Danyl. Did you have this feeling as well? I really did, you were


adorable up there, looked like you were having lots of fun and it was


translating to us. The public are looking for an uplifting, positive


pop song. This might be the one. Well done, Danyl. Stay right here.


If you think Danyl has what it takes to light up your addition, you will


need to call... -- light up your revision.


I think you've got some fairly major fans here already. Thank you so, so


much. Well done. Next up, my Next up, with "Never Give Up


On You", is Lucie Jones. music is a huge part of my life.


It's always just been something I go to when I'm happy, when I'm sad,


when I'm excited, there's always a soundtrack playing in my head. I've


performed in front of lots of people before live, I did The X Factor in


2009. That was amazing. Since then I've done a lot of live theatre,


I've been in legally blonde, ghost the musical, rent, Les Mis. My


experience will help me in this process because even though I will


be nervous, I trust myself in front of a live audience and that's


important as a Eurovisionary treat because it's a huge deal, there are


millions of people all over the world watching this one show. Aside


from theatre I've done television acting. I've done Midsummer murders


and the Sarah Jane adventures. The name of the song I'm singing is


never give up on you. -- Never Give Up On You. My favourite line in the


song is, together we'll dance through this storm. It's a beautiful


lying in itself and I really hope people can see I really mean what


I'm singing about. To have the chance to perform at Eurovision for


the UK, you are your country for the evening. Is there a bigger honour


than that? I don't know if there is, I think it would be incredible.


Performing "Never Give Up On You", it's Lucie Jones.


# Tell me your secrets, I'll keep them safe


# No sign of weakness, it's a sign of faith


# You're not defeated, you're in repair


# We'll stand tall, so you don't fall


# If you could see how far you've walked


# Together we'll dance through this storm


# Together we'll dance through this storm


# I'm right beside you, you're never alone


# If you could see how far you've walked


# Together we'll dance through this storm


# This madness, we're running through


# The mountain climbed, the oceans crossed


# Together we'll dance through this storm


# Together we'll dance through this storm. #


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Oh, Lucie, Lucie, oh, my love, she's


channelling Sandie Shaw, she's barefoot, that's very Eurovision.


Are you all right, my love? You did amazingly. Now, Sophie, did you feel


that emotion and intensity that was coming out of this amazing singer,


Lucie? You know, the song is one thing but the real magic, the


performance, was you, Lucie. You were fantastic, you brought us all


in and it felt like you were singing the song to someone. I just listened


to your story, it was powerful. Thank you, Sophie. Bruneau, no


choreography to speak of in that at all. Is it something we can do in


Kiev? Of course, because the hardest thing to do is standing on stage on


your own and captivate your public with a passion, the drama and power


of your performance, and the power of your voice. And you did that. The


tonality, the technique, was just magic. Beautiful. Thank you so much,


Bruno. And CeCe, what an incredible vocal performance. Is there anything


she can add? Incredible voice, Eurovision, you summed up what


Eurovision is about. A superstar voice. All I have to say is wow!


Well done, Lucie. If you want to send Lucie to Eurovision, you will


need to call... All vote online for free after we've


seen everybody perform. Lucie, thank you so much for a stunning


performance. Well done. Our fourth song is "Freedom Hearts",


and it's performed by Olivia Garcia. Being the youngest in the


competition makes me feel a little bit nervous, but at the same time,


I'm just so excited. When I'm at college I'm a bit shy and quiet, but


when I'm on stage I just come to life. Everything is just amazing, I


enjoy every second of it. I just love every part of music. The title


of my song is Freedom Hearts. Basically, the song is about


sticking up and standing up for people that don't necessarily have


the confidence to do it themselves, or maybe just so quiet they can't


actually scream it out. I suppose I relate to the song because I'm quite


a shy person and there's loads of big things happening to me. One day


I can be in college in a classroom, the next day I can be rehearsing to


maybe eventually performing for my country. My favourite lyric is


listen, in Freedom Hearts. When you see bad things happening in the


world you turn a blind eye and you think somebody will sort it, but it


never gets sorted. My favourite part of the whole song is probably the


ending. It starts building of the song and it drops, then it comes out


with this big note and it comes out and it's like I'm not done yet. I


want to make my family proud and I want to make my friends proud of me,


and to go on to Eurovision. I'm excited.


Performing "Freedom Hearts", it's Olivia Garcia.


# Failing from the start, made us fall apart


# Slowly fading out, should we run and shout


# Listen to whispers of all these freedom hearts


# Listen real closely, we'll find another start


# Someone said 'Yes We Can' but still we are torn apart


# You hear the same cry, we're on the same side


# Listen to whispers of all these freedom hearts


# Listen real closely, we'll find another start


# We won't be run down, no we won't stand down


# Mad men in suits, shiny hair and shoes


# Years passing by, still have a life


# Listen to whispers of all these freedom hearts


# Listen real closely, we'll find another start


# We won't be run down, no we won't stand down


# You hear the same cry, we're on the same side


# Listen to whispers of all these freedom hearts


# Listen real closely, we'll find another start


# We won't be run down, no we won't stand down


# If we play it right, we will win this fight


# We won't be run down, no we won't stand down


# You hear the same cry, we're on the same side


# Listen to whispers of all these freedom hearts


# We won't be run down, no we won't stand down


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Very strong use of flags. Olivia,


come on over, my love. Well done. Well done, that was brilliant. Now,


Sophie, Olivia here is 16 years of age. That's pretty extraordinary.


What a performance for one so young? Absolutely, I totally agree. It's


amazing and you did so well. I got to tick off flags on my Eurovision


check list, so thank you for that. My only concern about the song is I


like the song is quite crossgenerational and I think, would


my granny like this and I'm not sure what Sybil Baxter would think that


maybe the public is ready for something tougher, I'm not sure.


Thank you very much Sophie. Bruno, does Olivia tick the Eurovision


boxes? She's sticking it and she's kicking it. I love the fact it kind


of had the feel of rock 'n' roll outfit. Yeah, let's do it all


together! Let's get down, altogether. It had a little Leinster


Farney attitude, pushed that attitude, don't be afraid. Rock it,


let your hair down, people will join you in the fun. Well done. I think


he liked it, Olivia! And CeCe, were you amazed that such an enormous


voice came out of such a tiny person? Honestly, I did. I'm so


proud of you. You are a tiny, tiny little girl, with this huge voice


and honestly, everyone out there, not just in this country, everywhere


else in the world, would love to hear your voice. Believe in


yourself. You are an amazing singer, an amazing performer. Believe in


yourself. Thank you, CeCe. Olivia, I'm very pleased to see that the


outfit is not only gorgeous, but functional as well. There's a lovely


pocket therefore keeping your passport, if you need it to go to


Kiev in May. Stay with me, Olivia. If you think Olivia can do the UK


proud, you need to call... All vote online for free when the


vote opens after we've seen everyone perform. Olivia, thank you so, so


much. Good luck, well done. So, my friends.


Now, performing "What Are We Made Of?", it's Nate Simpson.


I love all music, jazz, rock 'n' roll, but my favourite artist in the


world has got to be Stevie Wonder and Prince, just for their musical


genius. They play every instrument, right incredible melodies. Music


which feels good, that's me. That's the core of who I am, really. One of


my favourite things to do is festivals. I was really lucky to


play Cheltenham Jazz Festival, but the real highlight was I got to play


with the line-up of so many of my favourite artists, British artists.


More recently I've been recording at Abbey Road, so many greats have


recorded there and it's a phenomenal experience. The title of the song


I've been singing is What Are We Made Of. My favourite lyric is, what


are we made off because we are only skin and bones. As humans all we are


as skin and bones. All the external stuff, it means nothing. What


connects as is love. It has something about it which talks of


the core of who we all are. I think that something which everyone will


relate to. To represent the UK for Eurovision would be amazing. You are


getting to represent the country on such an incredible platform. I'm


ready to go out there on that stage now I'd just give it my


3,000,000,000%, give it everything. I'm so excited.


Performing "What Are We Made Of?", it's Nate Simpson.


# We build these walls, we watch them fall


# We're drowning in our screts, the lies we keep between us


# Before we walk away, let's say we're sorry


# Before the sunlight fades, let's change our minds


# Maybe we will wake up in the morning


# Cos we are more than skin and bones


# What are we made of, what are we made of


# How can we let our future down if we don't even try


# Will you take my hand, can we make amends


# Cos we're breathing underwater and the struggle makes us stronger


# Before the sunlight fades, let's change our minds


# And maybe we will wake up in the morning


# What are we made of


# Cos we are more than skin and bones


# What are we made of, what are we made of


# How can we let our future down if we don't even try


# We've travelled to the moon, we've come so far


# We're searching for the truth, it's who we are


# Cos we are more than skin and bones


# What are we made of, what are we made of




Mate... Take a deep breath. Come on over. That was absolutely brilliant,


well done. Every single hair on my body is up, it's just, that was


amazing, goose bumps. CeCe, what an incredible vocal range. Is that


difficult to pull out of the bag? It's very difficult to do that for


each performance. You know, the beauty of that is you lost yourself


in what the lyrics were about. I sat here and I actually thought of


sitting at the final of your revision, that's what it took me


too, that place. -- the final of Eurovision. Count on your vocal


cords, tell the story, and have fun with it. That's what you did.


Sophie, historically at Eurovision ballads have done extremely well. Do


you think 2017A 's balladeer for the UK? It could well be. It reminded me


a little bit of Conchita with rise like a Phoenix. Your voice is really


beautiful. It could be the year of the ballot, who knows. Bruno how did


you feel about Nate's performance? I felt as if you sign everything just


for me. And that is a great quality. A great performer makes everyone in


the audience feel like you perform just for them. The richness of your


voice, the quality of your interpretation, you are emotionally


involved just in the right way. Everything crystal clear. Stunning!


Well done. Gang, if you think Nate is made of the right stuff to


represent the UK, you'll need to call...


Nate thank you so very much for your beautiful performance, that was


amazing. And with our final


performance of the night, it's Salena Mastroianni,


with "I Don't Wanna Fight". I started my work in function bands


mainly, just weddings, corporate events. Then I progressed from


there. Through recommendations I got to work with Rita Ora. I've done a


few gigs for Robbie Williams. The main man himself. I was fortunate to


perform on his New Year's Eve show on the BBC and I got to do


choreography and dancing alongside singing, got to go centre of the


stage. It was brilliant, I had such a great time. The song I'm singing


is I Don't Wanna Fight, a passionate song, I'm a passionate person. I


relate it to myself a lot. I think a lot of people will be able to relate


it to themselves as well. I had to rehearse a lot for this song, is


quite challenging, it's quite up there, so you've got to be on point.


My favourite lyric is, only love survives. It's very poignant and


very true. This is an resonate with me because I've been through the


same as a lot of people have been through in life, heartbreak, love,


you can sing it with all your heart. That's what I plan to do. I have the


passion, drive and determination to do your revision because I been


doing this for years. -- to do Eurovision. To be chosen as the UK


representative, I mean, that would be an incredible dream, an


incredible dream. I'm just really looking forward to getting on that


stage. Performing "I Don't Wanna Fight",


it's Salena Mastroianni. # Why can't we put our weapons down


We never meant to hit the ground # All the flaws inside our


walls that bring us down # And exhale this mental


tale that we have found # We've both been lost


but never found # If we put our weapons down


we should put down our weapons, # We should put down our weapons,


put down our weapons, # There's no limit, burning


spirits with our eyes # We don't listen to


intuition here inside # We've both been lost


but never found # We should put down our weapons,


put down our weapons # We should put down our weapons,


put down our weapons APPLAUSE


CHEERING Salena, oh my days. Well done. Well


done. Now, listen, we have got to strike some sort of a deal. Either I


give you my jacket or you give me your trousers. Because they were


meant for each other, come on. Well done, Salena. To the panel, Bruno,


Salena sang and danced at the same time, how is that humanly possible?


It is very, very difficult because you have to understand that you use


different muscles for singing and dancing. You have to maintain that


energy all the time and you have to be absolutely sharp on your notes as


well as your body. You can never miss a beat. Vocally and physically.


It is very very hard and you've done very, very well my darling. CeCe, do


you think Salena connected with that song? Absolutely, you connected with


it and you encouraged it so that other people in the audience would


want to join in with you in that chorus. That is very important. Well


done on that. Sophie, do you think this is the kind of song that would


go down well at Eurovish? The fact I can hardly hear you... It's quite a


crowd pleaser. I've got to take off my final two boxes. Questionable


backing dancer attire, the berries were a bold choice, and a son about


world peace. You looked great and it went down a treat. I'm sure what you


said was wise but we didn't hear a single word because the crowd was so


loud. Thank you for your words. If you think Salena as what it takes to


represent the UK, you'll need to call...


Thank you very, very much, Salena, for closing proceedings. Thank you


so much. The songs are sung, the dancing done


and it's time to get to We have seen all six of our talented


hopefuls perform and now a place in Ukraine is in your


and our jury's hands. You can vote for your


favourite song right now. Calls will cost 15p plus any


network access charge and please ask the bill payer's


permission before you call. Alternatively you can


vote online for free at


where you will also find full terms The vote closes in about 20 minutes


from now, so you don't have long to cast your


all-important vote. And while you're casting


your vote, our jury here As soon as the vote closes


the points from the jury vote and the points from the public vote


will be combined and it will be the song with the highest


combined points that wins. In the event of a tie-break,


the public vote is the decider. So our artists need to have


impressed both you at home and Winning just one of those votes may


not be enough. I can't stress enough - if there's


a song you love vote for it. If 2016 taught us anything


it was that when it comes to a vote nobody ever knows what might happen,


I mean Ed Balls still Your favourite artist


really needs your vote! If you're watching OnDemand, thank


you, I salute you, but please don't try to vote.


But if you're just not sure, here's a reminder of tonight's


brilliant performances and the all-important vote


# I wanna feel myself bursting, I want a rush I can't ignore #. #


# Light up the world tonight Light up the world tonight 's


# They can't stop what we've started # Together we'll danced through this


storm # I will never give up on you


# Listen to these freedom hearts # Singing we won't be run down


# No, we won't stand down # Cause we've got freedom hearts


# What are we made of, what are we made of


# We are searching for the miracle # What are we made of, what are we


made of # I don't wanna fight


# We can make it right, we can make it right


# Put down our weapons, put down our weapons, put down our weapons #.


We're told a few of you may be having technical difficulties voting


from your mobile. Please keep trying or you can vote online.


Now if you're still struggling to decide just who to vote


for, because let's be honest, they were all belting songs


and performances, then you'll want to take a look at this.


We've gathered great minds together to give their


insightful, astute and discerning observations on some


brilliant past Eurovision performances.


We interrupted some students who were busy watching bargain Hunt and


napping. Some were actually doing both at the same time. Here are the


opinions of the Next Generation, and they do talk a lot of sense.


Eurovision is the highlight of my year. The Olympics for music. We bob


in all types of music. It's a British tradition, everybody gathers


around to watch it. She's going for it, isn't she? Good voice, amazing.


She's obviously passionate about what she's doing, which really


stands out. LAUGHTER


# We are going up, up, up #. Wow, a bit slow Mo at the end. She


dumped him on the ground! That would play well in the student union. Oh,


that's pretty, I like that. I love the use of protection, they are


still singing with mics -- projection. It's modern, but they


keep it casual. # Skies are black and blue #.


It's an intimate performance, they sing to one another. You bobbing


look at that. -- look at that. She's sick, is amazing. I remember this


one. Australia. Oh. You won't understand, it's a power woman.


# It's the sound of silence #. Oh. She's got some lungs on her,


girl. I view! That's man's. Yes, yes. Is he wearing leather pants? I


love leather pants. The projection is really cool, so simple and


effective. How do they actually do that?


# We are heroes of our time #. # Dancing to the demons in our mind.


It's jumping around. It's a pic, amazing. He's really going for it,


isn't it? Yes. I remember watching this and the like, Eurovision has


gone up a notch. It's taking us to the future, this music. He's hot,


number one, always a good one. Number Ten, you've got cool special


effects. Special effects, good voice, good show. That's what


Eurovision is about. Turns out all you need to win


is great staging, stunning lighting, a catchy,


brilliant song, sung by an exceptional artist


with incredible stage presence


and who delivers a captivating and And here to prove how simple


that is with a special performance, they're just


brilliant, it's The Vamps. CHEERING AND APPLAUSE


Make some noise! # Cos I feel like I'm


always dreaming # Cos I feel like I'm


always dreaming # Cos I feel like I'm


always dreaming # You showed me how to find myself


when I needed it the most # Cos I feel like I'm


always dreaming # Cos I feel like I'm


always dreaming # Wide awake, that's okay,


as long as I'm with you # Cause I feel like


I'm always dreaming # The past is the past


today is today # Tell the truth that


I've been trying to hide # I've been waiting


for you way too long # Won't you come and take me


home # Oh I, I'm praying


this ain't all a dream # Can you, you,


wake me up before you leave # Cos I feel like I'm


always dreaming # Cos I feel like I'm


always dreaming # Wide awake, that's okay


as long as I'm with you # Cos I feel like I'm


always dreaming # Cos I feel like I'm


always dreaming #. # Cos I feel like I'm


always dreaming #. CHEERING AND APPLAUSE


The Vamps, playing close, my loves, boy is it good to see you all. Thank


you so much for a blistering performance. Now, what do you make


of our little Eurovision gang here tonight, the party in Hammersmith?


They are very loud, they are very, very loud, which is good. Thank you


for having is, thanks a lot. A little note, I hope you've got talc


inside your shoes. Why is that? They are big sweaters, I'm hoping you've


got some talc. Thank you so much, The Vamps, you're amazing.


Well, the vote is still open so once again, let's remind


ourselves of tonight's six acts all passionate about


representing the UK at Eurovision 2017!


You have about six minutes left to vote. To vote for Holly Brewer...


# Never give up on you #. For Olivia Garcia...


# Because we've got freedom hearts #.


# What are we made of? #. For Nate Simpson ...


# What are we made of? # What are we made of? #.


# I don't want to fight #. To vote for Salena Mastroianni...


It's not an easy choice to make at all, but with Eurovision


you'll always find that there comes a time for making your


In the meantime, there's a question I've


been pondering for a couple of years now.


No it's not war, what is it good for?


many roads must a man walk down before


Because we're in a new age of gender fluidity and it's


No, the question is - why exactly is Australia in the


Two years ago the head of Eurovision had a call from the Australian


commentator Julio, that would change the contest for ever. You bobbing


hello, Eurovision Song Contest headquarters. Hello, Australian


calling. Can we sing in the Eurovision Song Contest? Oh, you are


part Knott-macro -- you are not part of Europe. Millions of is watch it


every year. Of course you can be part of the Eurovision Song Contest.


Up according to this heavily accurate reconstruction, that is


apparently what they did. Hey, that's the UK and Ireland. Don't be


moving is out of the way now! They're not in Europe. Rules,


details. OK, Danni Minogue. It's true they have large headed koalas


but it hasn't answered the important question on everyone's's lips. Why


is Australia in the Eurovision Song Contest? Why is Australia in


Eurovision? Patients, we'll get to that. First, let's see how Australia


have fared, since their debut year, in 2015. Guy Sebastien was the first


dude to represent Australia. Guy is very respected and loved, so when he


got in it everyone was like, OK, we have to get behind this now.


# We can do tonight #. Amazing performance and I think his


performance and his approach set the tone. Is ignited Australia's


world-famous competitive side, and boy, did they come back with a


vengeance. I meant all this performer on the X Factor in


Australia and when she got to represent Australia at Eurovision it


was crazy, a big deal. Everybody was glued to the TV and I was so, so


proud. She has a voice that spectacular. She hits the big note


and I think if you are in the room, you kind of step back. To end up


second, wow, amazing. Yes, but why is Australia in Eurovision? So


Australia is in the Eurovision Song Contest, why? OK, here's the reason


why. The simple fact is, Australia's posed television broadcaster SBS is


part of the European broadcasting union, otherwise known as the EDU,


and this is a qualification requirement to enter the Eurovision


Song contest. Yes? You see? Interesting, isn't it? That's why


we'll see them in May. Oh, right! Douze points. Oh, yes, so it's


Australia being part of the European TV union makes total sense...


Please don't try to vote now, as it won't count


Dear Sophie, you took part, famously, in a high-pressure


environment that was strictly come dancing, and you did absolutely


brilliantly. You know more than anyone how these guys are going to


be feeling. What's going to be going through their heads now? Well, I


really was so impressed with the standard and there's been a lovely


warm atmosphere backstage all day, so I think they should be really


proud of themselves. They've done really well. What's done is done.


They did the best they meant to do and that's brilliant. Good advice,


good words. Bruno, how important is the old staging at the Eurovision?


We know it's an important factor, but how key is it? Well, it is a


means to create an impression. It has to complement the message of the


song. You can do it either with incredible graphics and creative


scenery, as we've seen in the past few years, astonishing.


Artistically, very, very high concept. Or, your face, amazing, --


or in your face amazing unforgettable routines works as


well. But if you are a very strong performer and a great singer, as we


see from the Australian goal, the great song with the great voice, can


win it, so it's up to you. You decide! Thank you, Bruno. And CeCe,


how do you think the Eurovision has changed over the last ten years? You


know, it's changed and developed so much more and I firmly believe it's


because people in the music and the entertainment world have now joined


forces together. They've acknowledged that this is a place


where it's not just naff songs, but actual hits, and artists, artists


who have been formed. Last year, for instance, Justin Timberlake paid


attention. Like I said, it's grown and developed so much. I really want


to encourage everyone out there in the world, in England, how British


music is great, and everywhere else, music is universal language and


that's what Eurovision is about. While we count unverified the


ranking from our jury and votes for you at home, we've got a little


treat. I think it's safe to say that


Sweden produced an amazing Eurovision last year,


and are going to be a pretty To relive some of the magic,


let's take a look once again at last year's hosts,


Mans and Petra, having a sideways ironic look on what makes


a good Eurovision song! If you want to win the Eurovision


Song Contest, we suggest that you listen and learn.


It doesn't hurt if the drums are played by gorgeous topless men.


It's proven very efficient throughout the years.


But, please feel free to try other alternatives.


It's proven very helpful to go the exact opposite way.


Show the viewers your country's ethnic background by using


an old traditional folklore instrument that no-one's


No, no - in this case, it's proven much more


This instrument is called a Swedish kvinnaboske -


a small roundish piece from the horn family, inherited from the Vikings.


In Eurovision, nothing says winner like a violin.


The violin, the drums and the kvinnaboske might make it


all feel a little bit old fashioned, but this can easily be


fixed by adding a DJ who pretends to scratch.


In real life of course, this is 30 years


old, but in Eurovision, it will give your number


You need to look memorable, something that the


Everything else might be important, but the song is essential.


Let it be about something everyone can connect to.


Abba actually won the competition with a song about war with Waterloo,


but this is not something we recommend.


Now when you have everything you need


and the pieces are gathered - go for it and don't look back!


# You can break the rules of fashion.


# So the audience can see that you're lovable - not desperate.


# As dancers will join us the expectations grow


# And win the Eurovision Song Contest.


# It's you and me and when we change the key.


# And we can guarantee that you will be the best.


# And win the Eurovision Song Contest.




That was very strong. Good to see that again. Now my lovely


panellists, a quick question. Why did the Babybird enter your


Eurovision: You Decide? Because it wanted to be a chick in Kiev!


LAUGHTER Melanie! My thigh muscles will feel


that tomorrow. You're like Bruce Forsyth. Tremendous Kiev, where all


these incredible for formers wants to be in May. -- incredible


performers. Weren't they amazing, everybody? All six of you should be


so proud of what you've achieved tonight. It's clear you poured into


your songs and performances emotion, passion and hard work, and we thank


you very very much indeed. OK, six superb performers have given us six


stunningly crafted songs from some truly great song writers. Now,


they've done all they possibly can. There is nothing left to do but find


out who you and the jury have chosen to represent the UK at your revision


-- at Eurovision 2017. Let's have a little bit of important tension


music, please. We've counted, verified and added together points


from our professional jury here, and from you at home. Now, let's find


out who has the highest number of combined points. The winner of


Eurovision: You Decide 2017 is... The winner is Lucie!


Congratulations, my love, come to me. Now, you are going to Kiev to


represent the UK at the Eurovision Song Contest 2017. How are you


feeling? I can't believe it, I can't believe you picked me, thank you so


much. I think she's pleased. You're going to need to prepare yourself to


perform again very, very well done. Commiserations to everybody else.


You did amazingly. Weren't they all fantastic? Lucie, you centre


yourself, you need to perform again. A lot of emotion here on stage, what


a night. And well done to you at home, I simply couldn't choose


between them which is probably why it's called Eurovision: You Decide.


Tonight wouldn't have been possible without our brilliant performers


and their talented songwriters and our fabulous panellists,


so let's have one last round of applause for all of them.


I'm going straight to Kiev to prepare.


to go until 9th and 11th May, when Scott Mills and I will be


over on BBC Four with the Eurovision Semi-Finals.


Until then, you'll have to make do with rewatching this over


But you can catch a live interview on Graham Norton's show


to close the show and that's with our winner.


It's Lucie Jones. With Never Give Up On You.


So until we meet again in May, Auf Wiedersehen, arrivederci,


# Tell me your secrets, I'll keep them safe


# No sign of weakness, it's a sign of faith


# You're not defeated, you're in repair


# We'll stand tall, so you don't fall


# If you could see how far you've walked


# Together we'll dance through this storm


# Together we'll dance through this storm


# I'm right beside you, you're never alone


# If you could see how far you've walked


# Together we'll dance through this storm


# This madness, we're running through


# The mountain climbed, the oceans crossed


# Together we'll dance through this storm


# Together we'll dance through this storm. #




Don't let go of that towel. I'm not! Hurry up!


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