Grand Final Eurovision Song Contest

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Grand Final

Graham Norton introduces and commentates on live coverage of the 62nd Eurovision Song Contest, held in Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine.

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This programme contains scenes of Repetitive Flashing Images.


MUSIC: Te Deum - Marc-Antoine Charpentier


This is it. The waiting is over. Good evening to everybody back in


United Kingdom. May I bid you a warm welcome to the grand final of the


62nd Eurovision Song Contest. We're coming to you live from Ukraine. I


should tell you, those aren't balls that boy is throwing, no, that's a


load of old beads. Traditional Ukrainian beads. They are bouncing


around the country showing you all the different sorts of people who


live in this place, because the theme this year is celebrate


diversity. That's where we are. Kiev. It's


chicken Kyiv. I had some for my dinner tonight. I feel like I've


drunk a pint of butter. We can promise you a cracking Eurovision


tonight. There are some classic moments. In the last few years the


semifinals have weeded out some of the Euro lunacy. But not this year!


And there they are. Nine and a half thousand fans inside the


International exhibition Centre in Kiev. It's a grey, damp night


outside, so there is a slight smell of wet dog in the arena. This is a


new tradition, the flag procession. Where all the countries present


themselves before they perform. 26 countries will perform this evening.


Selected from the semifinals. Tonight, they are performing for


your votes at home. But if you remember from last year, they've


introduced this new way of delivering the results, which makes


it much more exciting. The jury is around Europe watched... The man is


talking... The grand final of the Eurovision Song Contest. I told them


that, they know what we're watching. Here we go... And there is the


first. IMRI for Israel. The professional juries have already


scored the songs. For the UK our jury


members were Mary Hammond, Roxanne Heydaree,


Jay London, Kipper Eldridge, We thank them for their time,


patience and expertise. The phone vote will be tallied separately and


added to the jury vote. Two different ways. Jury vote first,


then everything can change as the popular vote is added. There is a


short video on the BBC website that explains how it all works a lot


better than I just did. There is a whole world of Eurovision on the


website. You can also follow the action with us on Twitter and


Facebook. Let us know what you're up to so I can give you a shout out


later. Either way, for anyone partying and playing along, there is


a scorecard for tonight's final, which you can print off, on our


website. Everyone's been really delighted by


the atmosphere here in Kiev, because it was quite a tens lead up to this


contest this year. Quite political. Of course, it ended with Russia


deciding to withdraw from the competition. You can see where their


votes go. That is Francesco Gabbani from Italy, he was the bookies


favourite, slightly skipping down the odds now. There were also


technical difficulties putting the show won, but they seem to be


overcome. It's actually a really slick show tonight, as you can see,


the staging is spectacular. Salvador from Portugal. Who is the new


bookies favourite. I'll tell you more about him later.


Croatia! That's a Eurovision moment right there. I've seen quite a few


union Jacks in the crowd. There is the BBC delegation. Hello!


Australia! Isaiah from Australia, one of three performers just 17


years old. That Ukrainian producers have decided the running order


tonight. And the good news is the UK are performing in 18th spot, which


actually is really good, I think. And remember, 1997 was when we last


won this. 20 years, what a lovely way to celebrate that anniversary.


No pressure, Lucie. Talking of Lucie, she is up next. There's our


girl, Lucie Jones. She has done a terrific job for us out here this


week. She's won herself so many fans and after every performance, every


rehearsal, the bookies odds have been cut and cut. I think she's


really in with a shout... Lets say top ten, not dream too high. Working


that camera. She's good, isn't she? There is the BBC delegation again.


Germany! Belgium! Now, the Ukraine will be


walking out last night as hosts, but the producers of the show decided


the performance order and picked Ukraine's position out of a hat.


They got 22, which is a very good position. What a lucky hat that


turned into. Another one of the 17-year-olds. France! Tonight that


will be some 26. But last out of the gates are the home team. Ukraine! A


mighty cheer goes up for them. Well, that's it.


Those are the 26 countries performing tonight. Please welcome


your hosts... The theme is celebrating diverse city, so let's


see who they've chosen to host. Oh, it's three white men. Well done.


These guys are... Good evening Ukraine, Europe and


beyond! Welcome friends near and far


to the Grand Final of That's Vova. Alex is in the middle,


he's very Oleksandr Skichko, Volodymyr Ostapchuk, and Timur


Miroshnychenko. Or as we say in Ukraine -


Dobryi vechir! It is truly an honour to be hosting


this magnificent event, live Tonight is a celebration


of music's power That's Timur, he is a personality


powerhouse, Timur. Tonight we are proud


to welcome you to Ukraine, and we hope you will love it


He said Vova. I can't mock the jackets because I've worn worse.


Last year the mighty Ukrainian singer Jamala wowed Stockholm and


has brought Eurovision here to Kiev for the first


I can't believe that was 12 years ago.


But even back then, the three of us were


Certainly as cool... What? Oh no, oh my god. The quality of the comedy...


Is what you'll be getting the rest of the evening.


I think you're forgetting millions of people


in America, China and everyone watching on the


Timur is our Eurovision fact machine.


That's like a love machine, but for facts.


Tonight I'll be with the performers in the green room,


bringing you closer to the artists - sharing the fun, excitement and


Okay guys, see you on the other side!


A well earned round of applause for Timur, he's been sparkling thus far.


Tonight is the climax of a remarkable


It began with a song, and it ends on this stage.


But they're in the right place - because Eurovision has the best


performers the ultimate international music prize.


That's why you need to call in and vote for your favourites.


The numbers you need are on screen now.


Half of the votes tonight will come from the national juries,


You can vote up to 20 times, but not for your own country and


Chaque chanson a son propre numero de


That's right, lines would open until after the last song has been


performed. When the time comes, UK viewers


will not be able to vote by We have 26 acts


waiting to deliver the But you have heard enough of our


voices - now it's time to hear There's just one thing


left for us to say... Let the Grand Final of the


Eurovision Song Contest They are excellent at speaking at


the same time, they've cracked that. The countdown to the vote is


excellent. I should remind people many of tonight 's performances


contain flashing images and strobe effects. So let's get this party


started. First up, it Israel. His name is IMRI and he's singing a song


called I Feel Alive. These postcards are designed to tell something about


the act. IMRI goes to the gym. I would not have guessed that. This is


a big night for IMRI. He was a backing singer only last year and


tonight he is front and centre. It's actually a really fun, upbeat song.


He's a very engaging, charismatic performer. But I fear performing


first he may get lost. Here we go, first song of the Israel.


# The secret of my life is never giving up


# Walking through the stars brings me to the start


# I was waiting way too much for something good to come


# Was waiting way too much, it's like an hourglass


# I wanted you to know that every piece broke from you


# The years I've been alone far away from home


# Baby, I can now escape away with you


# I was waiting way too much for something good to come


# I wanted you to know that every piece broke from you


# Alive, alive, alive, oh


# I wanted you to know that every piece broke from you


It has begun. Some number one. IMRI representing Israel.


Verka herself will be making an appearance later. So, to the dreaded


second position, no-one has ever won in this position. Can Kasia Mos


change this? She is representing Poland with her song, Flashlight.


She has a dog shelter. She's also a pussy cat Dolman, with a burlesque


show in Poland. This is her father, who is a conductor and I think her


brother's a violinist, her mother is a violinist. They're all very keen


with the fiddling. Her brother will be fiddling with her on stage


tonight. Song number two for Poland.


# They try to tell us that we don't belong


# Creeping round at the depth of night


# Just two shadows in love we were ghosts


# When we're together, we're untouchable


# It's like a flashlight burning in our eyes


# You call the dogs off, I got them hypnotized


# You never catch us, take us by suprise


# Running faster at the speed of light


# Falling deeper, got you in the sight


# We're shadows in love, we were ghosts


# Fire, like a burning desire


# It's like a flashlight burning in our eyes


# You call the dogs off, I got them hypnotised


# You never catch us, take us by suprise


# Running faster at the speed of light


# Falling deeper, got you in our sight


# Bringing down your eyes in the sky #.


# Yeah # Oh, no, no.




Kasia Mos representing Poland. She looks exhausted. Thank you so much,


I love you. That's good to know. No-one has won in the second


position. Of course, being Poland it may change things. They have this


huge diaspora, nearly 20 million Polish people live outside the


country and can vote for Poland. Like last year they only got seven


votes from the juries, but from the popular vote, they got 222. Quite


the difference. This is Belarus. The band are


Naviban. The song is Story of My Life. It's one of my favourites in


the competition. It's a bit Mumford the competition. It's a bit Mumford


Sons. Whoever has done the stage, however, oh, dear. For some reason,


they're dressed like hippies at a wedding and someone stuck them in a


boat. I fear they may sink without trace.


Song number three for Belarus. # Kol'ki dzyon


kol'ki spatkannyaw # Sherah padzei


nas pakidaye # Historia mayho zhytstsya


Budze svyatsits' yashche yarchei # U nashai kryvi sontsa zaygraye


Usya pryhazhosts' tvaikh vachei # Dze bydzesh ty - ya adshukayu


Yarkia momanty znoidzem khutchey # Sennyashni dzen'


stane pachatkam # Novykh zhadannyaw


lepshykh idei # Historia mayho zhytstsya


Budze svyatsits' yashche yarchei # U nashai kryvi sontsa zaygraye


Usya pryhazhosts' tvaikh vachei CHEERING AND APPLAUSE


Oh, that wasn't there before, ladies and gentleman. I can apologise.


Forget the strobing lights. She nearly went overboard. Oh, could


they be from Britain. Possibly. What a happy crowd. I do like that song.


It's a really good song. You never know, it might do well. It's already


three years since Conchita Wurst won. Can Nathan Trent do the same.


He's performing a song called Running on Air. Nathan Trent is his


stage name. His real name is very difficult. A few people have been in


touch. Alex, Kelly, and Eva, Robbie, Bev and Ann and the kids in Kent.


And west Hollywood no less. And all the family in Ashford. Right now.


Let's listen to song four, for Austria.


# And I'll keep running as fast as I can


# Hey now, if you push me down I'll get up again


# Hey now, if you let me drown I'll swim like a champion


# I'm sure there'll be good times, there'll be bad times


# But I don't care 'cause I'm running on air


# All pretending that their life's a mess


# 'Cause whatever you want, whatever you need


# And I'll keep running as fast as I can


# Hey now, if you push me down I'll get up again


# Hey now, if you let me drown I'll swim like a champion


# I'm sure there'll be good times, there'll be bad times


# But I don't care 'cause I'm running on air


# Hey now, if you push me down I'll get up again


# I'm sure there'll be good times, there'll be bad times


# But I don't care 'cause I'm running on air #


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Nathan Trent there got the memo that


more people have won wearing white than anybody else. All smiles now.


But tomorrow he's got to lug that moon back to Vienna. Song number


five is Armenia. The performer is called Artsvik. The song is Fly with


Me. Armenia nearly always in the top ten, but they have never won.


Tonight could change that. It's a real build of a song and she has got


an extraordinary voice and real stage presence.


# Take it from my heart it's gonna be your beat


# Take it from my soul it's gonna be your heat


# Over deeps, over hills


# She casts her wings and now it feels


# A sun whosE love and light's the same


# Fly with me high, oh, high, with me high, oh, high


# Never stop believing that love will take us high


# Fly with me high, oh, high, with me high, oh, high


# Never gonna stop believing that love's for you and I


# Fly with me high, oh, high, with me high, oh, high


# Never stop believing that love will take us high


# Fly with me high, oh, high, with me high, oh, high


# Never gonna stop believing that love's for you and I #.




I think that might do well. Really sincere passion and performance, it


might just cut through in the way that Jamala did last year for


Ukraine. Hope you're enjoying the show. You can get in touch on the


BBC Eurovision social feeds, Twitter and Facebook. I should tell you the


union Jack just fell off the war in the commentary booth. I hope it's


not an omen. Time for song six. The Netherlands. These three girls form


under the name OG3NE, it's written more complicated than that but


that's how you say it. The song is Lights and Shadows. They are three


sisters, two twins and the other one. Good game everyone. See if you


can spot who's the other one. I got it wrong. A real family affair.


Their father co-wrote the song and it's dedicated to their mother, who


has been suffering from ill health. Some six, lots of close harmonies


for the Netherlands. # It won't reach the corner


where you strongly fight # At this place


they know the game # Outside the world will turn


and feel the same # Than the one who carries


all the burden # I can only hope


once you fly you'll be free # Cry no more,


feeling all alone and insecure # You have been


going through these stages # It lightens up the space


but no-one knows # Is a double feeling


when you cannot be # Than the one who lifts us


on your shoulders # I can only hope


once you fly you'll be free # Cry no more


feeling all alone and insecure # You have been going through


these stages # You got the biggest score,


you're heaven-sent # No-one will doubt


that you're an angel # Cry no more,


feeling all alone and insecure # You have been going through


these stages Great vocal there from OG3NE. To


stop you are giving the non-twin is the tall blonde on the right. -- to


stop your are doing. Netherlands fans in the audience. Look,


they're's Vova... Oh, and Alex. Let's meet somebody. Yeah, let's


meet somebody. Where do you come from? Austria, Vienna. Make noise


Austria. Are you a massive Eurovision fan? I've been there


times already. I start singing a song, you continue. This is the most


popular Eurovision song ever... #... Volare, cantare nothing has


gone wrong, this was planned. 200 million people. Can Vova top that?


We have fans from the Netherlands, Poland, Germany, all over the world.


Guys, everyone should now tell me who is Ukrainian Brummie or you? So


sits down... We will do the traditional Ukrainian dance...


Three, two, one... Bug can do something, checked that out! Oh my


God, thank you so much. Thanks for chatting, guys. It was a great chat,


it really was. Now a performance from Sunstroke Project.


As the evening goes on I think those forays into the crowd are going to


get more and more intense. Real crowd favourite now, song seven.


Sunstroke Project are representing Moldova with their song Hey Mamma.


If they look familiar it's because you may have seen them before, they


represented Moldova in 2010. Back then they limped home in 20 Second


Place but I think they might go a lot better tonight. It's a very fun,


upbeat song. If they look like a wedding band it's because they more


or less are. They do attract brides. There is a good costume thing in


this which so far has never gone right. If you think my job's easy,


check out the guy pretending to play the saxophone for three minutes.


Song seven, Moldova. # You will never hide


what you think of me # Know, you worry,


but it don't meant to be # It's your girl


and maybe should sleep at home # She will disappear


tonight with me. # Do


what other guys did before. # It's your girl


and maybe should sleep at home # She'll be back


home till sunrise #. APPLAUSE


CHEERING That is one rough wedding. Leave it,


Shelley! You've had a lovely day! The crowd loving it, though. Big


happy song for Moldova. Song seven. We move on to Joci Papai, singing a


song called Origo. Representing Hungary. By the way, don't worry, he


hasn't brought his mother 's ashes on stage with him. It is, in fact, a


mini milk churn, which, who knew, can double as a musical instrument.


Well, I say musical... By the weather hasn't been a stage


invasion, the woman is a fully trained dancer, she is meant to be


there. # Engem negyevesen


megszolitott az Isten # Egy igazi fegyvert


adott a kezembe # Tobbet gyakoroltam vele mint


egy szamuraj # Benne bizhatok,


mindig az igazat mondja # Ez egy olyan szovetseg,


ami marad orokke # Fel nem aldozhato,


o a legfobb kincsem # Sejtelmes erok laknak


a gyerekben # A hurjaim tamadnak,


sirnak a testekbe # Hiaba is veded ki,


mereg a hangszerbe # Nagy tomegeket itattam at vele


# Hallod a Dallamom, # Ezrek konnyei folynak


a gitaromon The dancer trying to hide there. I


wouldn't blame her. Song eight for Hungary. Next up is a song and nine.


Last year we started a mini tradition. If you have a drink in


front of you, be it wine, vodka, beer, cocoa, T, just a glass of


water, why not raise it with me now and toast the memory of the late,


great Sir Terry Wogan. The man who was and always will be the voice of


Eurovision. Song nine is Italy. Francesco Gabbani. Occidentali's


Karma is the title. It was absolutely the bookies favourite, it


was going to win no doubt about it, because it had been a big radio hit


all across Europe and tens of millions of YouTube hits on the


music video. And it is a great, catchy song, however, they made the


decision to include this... A gorilla. Inside Beckerman is Italy's


leading choreographer. It is catchy. # Contemporaneo come


l'uomo del neolitico # Nella tua gabbia


2x3 mettiti comodo # Soci onorari al gruppo


dei selfisti anonimi # Quando la vita si


distrae cadono gli uomini CHEERING AND APPLAUSE


There it is. Will it be the winner? It might well be. If you're going to


get someone to dress as a gorilla, at least get a decent outfit. That


looked like a couple of old car seats sewn together. The crowd loved


it. That song has been played all over Europe. Just a reminder that a


number of tonight's performances contain flashing images and strobing


effects. Next up, Denmark. Her name is Anja. She's the second Australian


performing this evening. Anja was born and raised there and moved to


Denmark, suspiciously recently. A few more shout out, Solihull, Renee


in ox stead. Mark, Bailey and Madge in Wapping. And Andrew and Sebastien


in southern France celebrating a wedding anniversary. Will Anja be


celebrating later? Song ten for Denmark.


# Always around, you're never holding me down


# Putting up my walls so that I last better


# Don't know why I do it because were together


# Always holding back from you its on my mind


# Tonight I'm gonna try for you real harder


# Show you all the love I've held inside


# Show you all the love I've held inside


# Tonight I'm gonna hold you closer than before


# Tonight I'm gonna hold you closer than before


# Putting up my walls so that I last better


# I don't know why I do it because where together


# Tonight I'm gonna try for you real harder


# Show you all the love I've held inside


# Tonight I'm gonna hold you closer than before


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE We know where you are. We'll be in


touch. Thank you Anja. That was Denmark. Song ten. Next up is


Portugal. Now Portugal have never won and have been waiting 53 years,


longer than any other country. But tonight, it is extremely likely that


may change. This young man is called Salvador Sobral and the song is Amar


Pelos Dois. It really is Marmite. It's not everyone's cup of tea. But


the people who like it, absolutely love it. In a night of bells and


whistles and gizmos and gimmicks, this is something completely


different. It is very simple. It's a sort of nostalgic tune, like


something from La La Land. He appears to be completely unfazed, a


boy in his bedroom, singing a song written by his sister. Portugal,


song 11. # Ouve as minhas preces


# Peco que regresses # Ouve as minhas preces


# Peco que regresses CHEERING AND APPLAUSE


Big reaction here. Is it endearing. Is it charming? Is


it annoying? I Veer between the two. He's a lovely boy, Salvador Sobral.


He's had a lot of health problems, but he could be tonight's champion.


Just a quick thank you for our Eurovision fans. There is so much


love in this room. Not for you Alex. We will come down to say hi to you


very soon. Don't touch Alex's hair, it took nine hours to make it.


Actually nine half. Stop! Here is one of our favourites. Dean says, I


can't believe that in just a few hours, it will all be over and we


will be wondering what to do with our lives. So will we. But for now.


Yes you will. I wouldn't read all those tweets.


Now it's Azerbaijan with Skeltons Yes, song 12, Dihaj and Skeltons.


Azerbaijan always do very well. I'm sure they will tonight. The


stageling, well, answers on a post card please. I read the lyrics to


see if they would help me, they didn't. There's a chalk board, a


ladder and a man with a horse's head on top of the ladder. You keep


thinking, oh, this will make sense in a moment. No. It's three minutes.


Really can't figure it out. I'm sure they will get lots of votes. Song


12, Azerbaijan. # Standing in a mirror lane


wondering what to do # Another day and gravity's got,


got another hold of me # I never dreamed that this could be


happening, not to me # But if he came falling down


falling so hard, I started believing # (I can only


trick you once, bad boy) # (Talk is cheap, don't speak


in tongues, bad boy) # Drum drum


drum, bring out the guns # (Drum drum drum, bring


out the guns, bad boy) # The world is spinning


faster by the minute # This bittersweet sensation got a,


got another hold of me # Talk is cheap don't


speak in tongues, bad boy # Drum drum drum, bring


out the guns, bad boy # Talk is cheap, don't


speak in tongues, bad boy # (Drum drum drum, bring out


the guns, bad boy) # Fuss and fight won't


get you tons, bad boy # (I can only


trick you once, bad boy) # (Talk is cheap don't speak


in tongues, bad boy) # (Drum drum drum, bring


out the guns, bad boy) Azerbaijan, song 12. Answers on a


postcard. She kindly gave us some personal chalk. I'll be bringing


that home with me. Ladies and gentlemen if anyone's in the kitchen


or upstairs, call them now. This is a classic moment of Eurovision Song


Contest. His name is Jacques Houdek and his representing Croatia. When I


heard the song on the CD I assumed it was a slightly mismatched do it.


But, ironically for a man singing a song called My Friend, he doesn't


appear to have any. So he's thingy it all himself. It is something to


behold. I've seen it now about six times, I am not tired of it yet.


It's genius. Song 13 for Croatia. There are only two ways to live your


life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though


everything is a miracle. # I pray you'll see the light


and find your way # I pray you'll see the light


and find your way Yes! You're watching the Eurovision


Song Contest... I love that. You know he's done a version where he's


half man half drag, he must have, surely! We are halfway, ladies and


gentlemen, that was song 13 of 26. Song 14 is Australia, let's not get


into it... His name is Isaiah and the song is Don't Come Easy. Now,


this is a big deal for Isaiah, he's only 17 years old. He's never been


to Europe before and this must be an intimidating experience for a young


man like him. It's a catchy pop ballad. My one tip would be, don't


start looking at his eyebrows or you won't be able to stop. Australia,


song 14. # I can tell by your eyes


you want more than this # But can we be much


more beyond these sheets # I used to move in


fast to erase my past # But it never works


No it never lasts no # In my mind I gotta


get things right APPLAUSE


CHEERING Thank you so much, Europe. Thank


you. That's Isaiah. I wish we could see more of Alex and Vova, we need


some more. The incredible Isaiah


Firebrace from Australia. Still to come,


a giant head, glittery cannons and a conveyor


belt full of Swedes! Is saying Swedes, not sweets. Timur!


I know what you're thinking, why am I in a hot tub of the future? This


is the green room. The books are equipped with comfortable seating,


nibbles... The contest began with seven nations. Give yourselves a


cheer. Did they? It's sort of blank verse,


it's rather beautiful. I hope you have some


good karma tonight! And here is the Netherlands -


Can OG3NE's perfect harmonies


win them the perfect We'll see. Anyway, girls, good luck.


Tonight we have some Eurovision firsts. Belarus... They are singing


in Belarus for the first time in Eurovision history. Thank you guys


for flying in to see us. And here is the first Roma to represent Hungary.


Good luck to you, Joci Papai. Here everyone is free to cut loose and


express themselves however they wish, they don't even have to wear


shoes, there have been five barefoot winners in Eurovision history. It's


all about exposure. In 1981 the UK act boxes stunned viewers with their


rip away skirts. Heap mispronounced that in rehearsal, I was set to


apologise. -- Bucks Fizz. I don't know what they are paying Timur,


it's not enough. He's really working hard. We've already enjoyed 14 act


that the Eurovision grand final. The standard has been incredible. Such a


wonderful crowd in here tonight! Especially the amazing energy coming


from you guys in the front row. Really! So now, please put your


hands together for the enchanting Demy from Greece! Kumar shout outs.


The Lord Mayor of Manchester himself and his lady may arrest are enjoying


Eurovision. Lauren, Lloyd and the gang are


cheering on Lucie. This lady is Demy, representing Greece with her


song This is Love. It's a great big... Well, sort of disco ballad.


It's got lots of things that you row fans will enjoy. Beautiful singer


must Tom King disco beat. -- Eurofans. And 2/2 naked men


splashing around in a paddling pool. Song 15, Greece.


# Holding on to what we had can be so complicated


# Could be time to move along


# Watched the river running dry


# How I want you here for ever and ever


# You and me as one everywhere


# Holding on to what we had can be so self-destroying


# Remember how we laughed and played around


# How I want you here for ever and ever


# You and me as one everywhere


# You and me as one everywhere


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Oh, poor thing. I think nerves may


have got to her. She's certainly performed it better than that in


rehearsal. But still it's a big old stomping dance number. Maybe it


won't affect her votes. The next of the big five. They are of course,


Italy, Spain, France, and the UK. And Germany. They get an automatic


pass into the Grand Final. In this case it's probably quite lucky. His


name is Manel Navarro. The song is Do It For Your Lover.


It's a kind of relaxed siesta, cute song. They've given it a Californian


beach feel, which doesn't quite seem to fit. Song 16, Spain.


# A veces cuesta decir todo lo que uno piensa


# A veces la vida causa estragos sin que te des cuenta


# A veces parece que es como una melodia


# Frustrada y perdida no nos deja ver la luz del dia


# Do it for your lover, do it for your lover, baby


# Do it for your lover, do it for your lover, baby


# Do it for your lover, do it for your lover


# Do it for those you ever care and love


# Do it for your lover, do it for your lover, baby


# Do it for your lover, do it for your lover, baby


# Do it for your lover, do it for your lover


# Do it for those you ever care and love


# Just do it, just do it, just do it for your lover


# Do it for your lover, do it for your lover, baby


# Do it for your lover, do it for your lover


# Do it for those you ever care and love


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Some dodgy notes in there. I wonder


if there's something going wrong technically. Or maybe he's just not


great. If he's got a lover and she's a music fan, yeah, maybe single now.


If you just joined us, you haven't missed Lucie Jones yet. She's flying


the flag for the UK in one song's time. This is song 17, Norway. JOWST


is the name of the singer. He stepped into the breech when the


original singer came to his senses. He's wearing a mask on stage.


Alexander is singing it. The song is called Grab the Moment. We just have


to get through this and then we have Lucie. All right, hold hands, deep


breaths. Here we go. # They read me


like a book that is open # While punching on a


bag and I'm choking # I'm looking for a sign


while they're stepping on my mind # But I hide behind


a simpleminded notion # Feeling like a fool


that was chosen # Really need to get


that good vibe going # I'm gonna kill that


voice in my head # I'm gonna kill that


voice in my head # Getting kinda heavy


on my shoulders # Try to stand straight


but I'm boneless # Got a pocketful of prose


while I'm walking on my toes # And I'm coping with


a map that is roadless # I'm quiet in a corner


seeking action # I wanna be bold but


I'm only getting old # I need to stop drowning


in distractions # I better get


that good vibe buzzing # I'm gonna kill that


voice in my head # I'm gonna kill that


voice in my head # There's a calling


for that leap # There's a fire


in my soul # I'm gonna kill that


voice in my head # I'm gonna kill that


voice in my head CHEERING AND APPLAUSE


Thank you so much Europe. I love you. Thank you. That went well in


the hall. Oh. Just when we were enjoying ourselves.


So Vova, we have hosted two semifinals


and now we are going into the Grand Final.


I can't believe it is going this well.


Not bad if you consider that three weeks ago, I was trying


to learn English by watching Friends.


And Timur took lessons from Vitali Klitschko.


Yes, that is the real Vitali Klitschko. He's the mayor of Kiev.


It came from a multi-talented Eurovision


star, a man so cool he makes James Bond seem shy and awkward.


Comedy alert, ladies and gentleman: Eurovision Song Contest, we are now,


welcome peoples of the world. That's really good television presenting.


Mans, what are you doing here? As the host of the highly successful


2016 Eurovision Song Contest. I wondered if you guys wanted any


tips.. Thanks, we got this. Sure, sure. Presenting a live show to over


200 million viewers, interacting with 42 countries while dealing


with... The unexpected. Whilst still smiling and delivering factual


information. It's easy. You don't need me. Mans, maybe a few tips


wouldn't hurt. Good morning Europe, whatever happens a Eurovision host


must always stay happy and positive. Your house burned down. That's


brilliant. OK. Keep the action going even if you're in pain. Work on your


cover laugh. LAUGHTER


So much to do. You're strong, reliable, you're the world's best


friend. You're dancers. There is nothing you don't know about


Eurovision. Now the perfect Eurovision host understands the


power of the dramatic pause. Vova? Yeah. What's in your pocket? The car


keys. Good. Now ask me what's in mine. OK, what is in your pockets?




A wallet. Wake up! Show time. You have ten seconds to hit the stage.


Go, go. Don't wait for me. We are a team. Month man left behind. Final


lip you get it. Eurovision is about working together. Welcome to Kiev,


Ukraine. To the Eurovision Song Contest 2017. You're ready. They


seem about the same to me Mans. Perhaps if you'd stayed a bit longer


in boot camp. We couldn't have


done it without you. There's Mans and Edward just down


the hallway from me. Voting does not start until after we've seen all 26


songs, don't try just yet. Mirror, mirror on the wall -


who's up next? The beautiful Lucie Jones


from the United Kingdom. Yes, here she is. Lucie Jones,


representing the United Kingdom with her song Never Give Up On You.


She has been doing wonderful work all week. After every performance,


every rehearsal, the bookies' odds have been cut again and again. It's


popular with the fans in the hall. The staging is stunning. I think


you'll be really pleased with it. Hopefully, there'll be dancing in


the streets of a little village just outside Cardiff in Wales, where


Lucie is from. Her mum and dad, her brother and fiance are in the hall.


There's the BBC delegation, cheering her on. Good luck, Lucie Jones! .


Song 18 for the United Kingdom. # Tell me your secrets,


I'll keep them safe # No sign of weakness,


it's a sign of a faith # You're not defeated,


you're in repair # Don't have to call me


I'll always be there # If you could see


how far you've walked # Together we'll dance


through this storm # Together we'll dance


through this storm # I'm right beside you,


you're never alone # If you could see


how far you've walked # Together we'll dance


through this storm # Now you can see how


far you've walked # The mountains climbed,


the oceans crossed # Together we'll dance


through this storm # Together we'll dance


through this storm #. APPLAUSE


CHEERING Flawless. Surely one of the best


vocals of the night, and an amazing ovation. Not just from the Brits,


from everyone in the stadium tonight. Listen to that, Lucie Jones


must be thrilled with herself. I'm sure everyone watching at home is,


too. That has to be one of our strongest entries in the last few


years. Hopefully, hopefully that is reflected in the votes later on.


What a terrific performance. Really emotional, soaring, beautifully


staged. I thought it looked stunning. This next song is Cyprus,


his name is Hovig and he's singing Gravity. This is a very nice, catchy


pop song, but following on from the United Kingdom it kind of


disappears. See what you think. Song number 19.


# I can be the cure, oh


# Let me be your heart and your company


# I'll let you be the one who can lean on me


# I'll catch you when you fall, when you're fallin' free


# Let me be your wings when you're flying high


# I'm gonna raise you up till you touch the sky


# I'll catch you when you fall, when you're fallin' free


# Let me be your wings when you're flying high


# I'm gonna raise you up till you touch the sky


# I'll catch you when you fall, when you're fallin' free


# I'll catch you when you fall, when you're fallin' free


# Let me be your wings when you're flying high


# I'm gonna raise you up till you touch the sky


# I'll catch you when you fall, when you're fallin' free


# I'll catch you when you fall, when you're fallin' free


Thank you! That's Hovig. Lots of support here in the convention


centre. For Cyprus. Now, it's time for another bit of Eurovision Magic


ladies and gentlemen. So 20 is Romania. This is Ilinca ft. Alex


Florea. Now, if I say this song is wrap meets yodelling you may think


that sounds awful, but, in fact, it's... Well, no, I'm sticking with


it, it's not, I really like it. It's very fun, it's very silly, but a


real crowd pleaser and a floor filler. It's very different and it


might do very well. It's called Yodel It!. Enjoy!


Hey, hey! Want to sing a song? Sing it!


# You never show the spark that makes you glow


# You always say no to the right things


# Don't try to hide the light inside of you


# Today might be the day when you will make it, baby


# If you never try, you'll never be alive


# You are gonna miss out on this ride


# Yodelei, yodelei, yodelei, yodeleio


# Yodelei, yodelei, yodelei, yodeleio


# Yodelei, yodelei yodeleio


# Now what's the use of being so confused


# Of doing all this work you really don't want to be doing?


# But you'll be fine, it's time to feel alive


# Don't stop from reaching for the stars and keep on moving


# So bring it on, bring it on, I'm a dreamer


# If you don't believe it, come and see me, I will teach ya


# If you never try, you'll never be alive


# You are gonna miss out on this ride


# Yodelei, yodelei, yodelei, yodeleio


# Yodelei, yodelei, yodelei, yodeleio


# Sitting alone at my desk on a nine-to-five program,


# Get another coffee, get another one to make it through


# Don't you hide that light inside of you


# Come and show me what you wanna do


# If you're stuck in a place feeling incomplete


# If you wanna run, feeling like a misfit


# Come on sing along, come on sing this song


# Yodelei, yodelei, yodelei, yodeleio




. I'm no expert, that yodelling sounded amazing. Ilinca claims to be


the only yield lower in Romania, probably because the others don't


talk about it. Maybe that is the first rule of yodelling club. -- she


claims to be the only person who can yodel in Romania. Another of the big


five now, this is Germany. Her name is Levina and her song is Perfect


Life. She splits her time between Berlin and London, so if you think


you know her, maybe you've seen her in the street waiting for a bus or


something. The song was written by Lindy Robins, who wrote Amy Lovato's


skyscraper. Judging by the song, she is quite a fan of Sia. Hello to


Johnny Wu and everybody up the glory club.


Nearly there, this is song 21 to Germany.


# Sometimes it's wrong before it's right


# That's what you call a perfect life


# Gathering thorns from the stems of a thousand roses


# Weathering storms on the long way home


# I look for the sweet in every bitter moment tasted


# In every last mistake I see the other side


# Sometimes it's wrong before it's right


# That's what you call a perfect life


# Sometimes it's wrong before it's right


# That's what you call a perfect life #.




. Thank you so much. Dyakuyu. Levina representing Germany. Some very


happy people. OG3NE from Netherlands enjoying it. Timur! Eurovision 's


fan the wait for the competition to arrive again is a long one. It's a


year, Timur. This year there is another special event for your


calendar, a brand-new competition is searching for the best choir in


Europe. They will descend on Riga in July to compete for the title of the


Eurovision choir of the year. I'm distracted by Lucie Jones over his


shoulder. What is this now? This sounds good. July? Enrique? Amateur


choirs! All over Europe? Well, that's a date for the diary!


July sorted. Get ready to cut loose. Some local


heroes are taking the stage. The style is rock. The country is


Ukraine. A mighty roar goes up. These are the home boys. They're


representing Ukraine with a rock number called Time. As I say we have


had a wonderful time in Kiev. They are put on a really slick,


technically perfect show. I think the city's enjoyed hosting the


competition, having all the visitors here. But judging by this song, I'm


guessing they don't want to have us back again next year.


Just the sense I'm getting. The song is called Time. The


question you ask is - how can three minutes be this long? Song 22.


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Something for everyone. Jokes aside,


because it is the only rock number in the contest this year, that could


end up doing very well for Ukraine. A few more shout out, the we love


pop boys in Glasgow are watching, cliff, Ross, James, Shaun, Johnny,


Jono, Joff. There is a party in bell size park and Rhona walker is


watching too. This young lady is a young lady. Her


name is Blanche and she is another one of the contestants who is only


17. She's representing Belgium, with her song City Lights.


It is a song that's been a big radio hit across Europe, so the crowd will


react when the music starts. They know this song. It's a very credible


pop song. The problem is, I think she's so young, she is sort of


overwhelmed by this experience. Hopefully she can try and enjoy her


performance tonight. It's song 23 for Belgium.


# Let's put some light into our lives


# But keep the storm that's in your eyes


# Let's put some light into our lives


# To lose it all. # To lose it all.


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE It is a cracking pop song. But I


just hope she's enjoying it a little more than she appears to. I think


she's happy it's over at least. Just so vulnerable, just only 17. Still


great job Blanche. New jackets. An outstanding


performance from Blanche. Yes, I have the power to make


the audience download the Eurovision app with my


authentic TV host smile. They're good at doing things


together. That's the nicest freaking thing


anyone's ever said to me. And now it's Sweden's Robin


freaking Bengtsson. That word appears a lot in the lyric


of this song. This young man couldn't be more


different from Blanche from Belgium. He is a, yes, he's quite a confident


performer. His name is Robin Bengtsson. This song is a sub-Bruno


Mars affair. Sweden really have this down to a tee now. This is such a


slick performance. They've thrown everything at it, for no discernible


reason they start back stage. What they get on stage, there's tread


mills, lights. Yeah, this will do well, I'm sure. Being song 24, I'm


sure it will help them. Robin Bengtsson, I Can't Go On.


# With just one look you make me shiver


# When you look this freakin' beautiful


# I can't go on I can't go on


# When you look this freakin' beautiful


# I can't go on I can't go on


# When you look this freakin' beautiful


# When you look this freakin' beautiful


# I can't go on I can't go on


# When you look this freakin' beautiful


# I can't go on I can't go on


# When you look this freakin' beautiful


# I can't go on I can't go on


# When you look this freakin' beautiful


# I can't go on I can't go on


# When you look this freakin' beautiful


Thank you, Europe! That is Sweden. They know what they're doing. They


can butt these things together. And it's the last of our 17-year-olds.


This is song 25, Bulgaria. That boy, it is a boy, Kristian Kostov is his


name. The song is Beautiful Mess. He is literally just turned 17. He was


born in this century. He's the only performer tonight to be able to


claim that. This might be a winner as well. Again, it's been a big


radio hit around Europe. Compared to some of the other youngsters, this


guy is so at home on stage. He loves performing. Here's Kristian Kostov


for Bulgaria. # And the lights all fade


to black again APPLAUSE


CHEERING Kristian Kostov. I do think it's


remarkable such a young performer is that amount of poise and an event


such as this and on a stage like that. When you see him backstage, I


mean out of that sort of androgynous garb, he is just a kid. He doesn't


look old enough to be here. We've done it ladies and gentlemen, this


is song 26, our final song of the evening. The last of the big five,


France. Her name is Alma and the song is Requiem. It was doing quite


well with the bookies. Performing last is always going to be


difficult. Terrific graphics, though. Mind you


if you're looking at the graphics something's gone terribly wrong,


hasn't it? But they are good! It's the last one, song 26 for France.


# Les siecles passent et disparaissent


# Embrasse-moi, dis-moi que tu m'aimes


# Fais-moi sourire au beau milieu d'un requiem


# Embrasse-moi, dis-moi que tu m'aimes


# Fais-moi danser jusqu'a ce que le temps nous reprenne


# You take my smile and make it bright


# On pleure mais on survit quand meme


# Les etincelles deviennent des flammes


# Les petites filles deviennent des femmes


# On pense qu'elles ont de l'importance


# Embrasse-moi, dis-moi que tu m'aimes


# Fais-moi sourire au beau milieu d'un requiem


# Embrasse-moi, dis-moi que tu m'aimes


# Fais-moi danser jusqu'a ce que le temps nous reprenne


# You take my smile and make it bright


# On pleure mais on survit quand meme


# Embrasse-moi, dis-moi que tu m'aimes


# Fais-moi sourire au beau milieu d'un requiem


# Embrasse-moi, dis-moi que tu m'aimes


# Fais-moi danser jusqu'a ce que le temps nous reprenne


# Embrasse moi, tell me that you love me


# Embrasse moi, tell me that you love me


Thank you. Great finish to the show. The crowd really like that, they


wanted to party. There are some French fans cheering her on. That's


it, all 26 countries have performed. We have heard our winner, ladies and


gentlemen. We have seen the last act. For us they are all winners.


For us, they are all winners, but there is own one trophy.


Voting will open shortly and remain open for approximately 35 minutes.


Please don't vote yet as your vote will not count and you may still be


charged. Remember UK viewers cannot vote by text, calls cost 15p plus


access charge. You can also vote with the Eurovision app, votes made


via the Apple cost 15p from a mobile. The winner will be decided


by 50-50 combination of jury and public vote. For full conditions go


to the website. Here are the numbers you will need when the vote opens...


To vote from your landline... It's a serious moment in this


contest and be honouring it with Eurovision royalty. Ladies and


gentlemen, please welcome the extraordinary Verka Serduchka! With


her ma'am. Yes, she came second in 2008 but she's still living off the


glory here in Ukraine. Verka and her mother. Hello everybody. I think


it's the same mother she had in 2008. We can't be sure. She's quite


a loose cannon. Sieben sieben ay lulu... Sieben sieben ay lulu...


We already know who's... She has already started drinking tonight,


so... I can believe that. We have a very special moment, would you be so


kind as to join us in starting the voting. Please! Verka, please.


Please! She's been rehearsing. Europe...


Start voting now! Finally. Thank you, Verka. Yes, the lines are open


and will be open for approximately 35 minutes. So if you'd like to vote


for Israel, dial the number followed by 01.


If Poland's your favourite, that's the number plus 02.


If Belarus is getting your vote, dial the number and add 03.


If you want Austria to win, dial the number plus 04.


To vote for Armenia, it's the number plus 05.


If you think the Netherlands deserves to win, dial the number and


add 06. To vote for Moldova is the number


plus 07. If you're voting for Hungary you'll


need the number plus 08. Is Italy your favourite? Dial that


number plus 09. To vote for Denmark dial the number


followed by ten. If you're voting for Portugal, it's


the number plus 11. If you want Azerbaijan to win, dial


that number and add 12 at the end. To vote for Croatia, it's the number


plus 13. If Australia get your vote, it's the


number plus 14. Is grease your favourite? Then dial


the number with 15 at the end. -- Greece.


To vote for Spain dial the number followed by 16.


If you want to Norway to win, dial the number plus 17.


Song 18 is Lucie Jones for the United Kingdom. Sweet that you might


want to but viewers in the UK cannot vote for Lucie Jones. Nothing clever


or interesting happens, just don't bother doing it. Good luck, Lucie,


hopefully other people are dialling. Back to someone you can vote for.


Cyprus. Dial that number followed by a 19.


It's near your favourite? If it is, you'll need that number plus 20. --


is Romania your favourite? To vote for Germany, dial the number


followed by 21. To vote for the Ukraine, it's the


number followed by 22. Is Belgian your favourite? You'll


need the number plus 23. To vote for Sweden it's the number


plus 24. If you think Bulgaria deserve the


crown, it's that number followed by 25.


And finally, if you think France should win, then dial that number,


followed by 26. Remember, UK viewers cannot vote by


text don't try to text. So those are all the numbers.


One of our brightest stars, the creator and the biggest-selling


Ukrainian album of all time and a former Eurovision winner.


I'm delighted and honoured to introduce, Ruslana.


It's Ruslana. If zombies did aerobics, it would look a bit like


this. Ruslana there. Five, six, seven,


eight. Stick with it. The next part of this act is pretty special. It's


really rather good. There's going to be a recap of all the songs in a


moment. You know the drill by now, to vote for your favourite dial the


number or to vote by your mobile then followed by the number of the


country you want to vote for tonight. UK viewers cannot vote by


text or for the United Kingdom. Go to for full


terms and conditions. Johnny is throwing a party for the cast of


Cats. Nicki, Will, Dave, Jade as well. Ben and papa are there. Matt,


Cameron, Peter, Tim, are stuffing chickens. Kiev? Paul, Rachel, James


and Amy, oh, Amy about to have a baby. There's excitement. Morgan


having a party in Vauxhall and Andy and knell are watching in Suffolk.


Tim, Gaby, Craig, Jamie and Marvin, plus golda are watching in Soho.


Barry, Martin, Ken, they're in Dulwich. Then Stuart, Shaun and


Chris are on the South Bank. Malcom, Peter, Monica, Chris, Adam, Richard,


they're in London. Also Emma, Sam, Maggie and Pindi, is that a dog or


person? You're partying in Potter's Bar, where else. Go Lucie, I'm with


you. I do hope people are picking up the phone across Europe and voting


for Lucie. Please, please, please give a shout out to your Belgian


fans Chris, Julia and Bo, following you in Belgium. I feel Belgium are


going to do very well tonight. Young Blanche that was the best she's


done. It really stands out that song. Shout out to the UK's largest


Eurovision party, euro glitz, 80 members of the UK family at the City


cinema in York. Emma is looking forward to this night. Please shout


out to Sophie and Charlotte. Sophie starts her GCSEs on Monday, I


offered her a nice meal out, she said no, "It's Eurovision. Are you


regretting that now Sophie? James, Tricia and Hamish watching on a make


shift projector pretending we are there, cheering from Glasgow. Craig


and Matt at a party with Matt, Sarah, Chris and John in Worcester


attempting to make Ukrainian dishes, lovely honey cake I believe and the


buttery Kiev. The bunting is hung, the Bucks Fizz is popping, euro


buffet will be laid with everything from the chicken dippers to gravlax.


This is from Suffolk, Karen. Barry in Dorset. And just a reminder UK


viewers you can't vote for Lucie, much as you want to, you can't.


Nothing interesting or clever happens, you just can't. Hopefully


other people are. Julie and John are having a dance-off with their dog


Hattie. What a fab evening. Cassie, and Dean are watching surrounded by


a lot of flags and an international themed buffet. Nothing better. Henie


in London are preparing for a 10 k race in the morning. Wow. Preparing


with a large cheese board. Mark is 30, and Nathan is 27. They're having


a Eurovision party in Edinburgh tonight. This is Peter in Belfast.


He's got 12 friends crammed into his house watching TV. Cheering on


Lucie. Having food and drink for family and friends. 26 courses with


each dish related to the country performing at the time. Hectic but


great fun. A lot of washing up, Steve from Liverpool. Nina in


Chipping Norton, crazy party, 20 people in a room the size of a shoe


box. We love Eurovision and have been doing parties for the last ten


years. Last one for a while, Jen, Eurovision party tonight will be


Eurovision themed outfits, food, games and a sweepstake. We'll be


enjoying all evening with our friends in Manchester. OK. It's onto


the next part of the interval acts. Stick with this. It gets very good.


Now it's time for a truly unique performance, bringing together


contemporary sounds and the musical heritage of Ukraine,


Please put your hands together for Onuka featuring NAONI,


It's a slow start, but it really builds to something special.




CHEERING Thank you! That it in the middle was


really stern. A stunning performance


from the very unique Onuka. Time now to meet some more


of Eurovision's amazing fans. I'm here with Luc Spencer-Gardner,


who has travelled to Welcome to Kiev. I can imagine it


was a long trip. Only 24 hours. Not so long.


It's been awesome. This is just an amazing experience, great artists,


great performers, it's just been great. Great. Is it your first live


Eurovision show? My drift. Kiev, Stockholm, Vienna, Malmo and


Dusseldorf. The Golden collection of Eurovision! Great. Now I've noticed


a cheeky Eurovision T-shirt. 200 million people... Are watching this.


200 million of us. I love that! Actually, it's from...

:32:58.:33:00., a new online place where Eurovision


I wonder if this is like QVC in Ukraine, it probably is. What are


you expecting? I have no idea. It's not an easy call. I'm going for the


UK. Yes! Well done, sir, whoever you were. I wasn't listening to your


name but I'm thrilled you're here now, saying things like that.


As many of you will know, Eurovision has a younger relative,


the Junior Eurovision Song Contest for singers aged nine to 14.


The winner was a hugely talented Mariam Mamadashvilii from Georgia.


There is a proud mother in the wings. There she is! Now this little


princess is next to me. Give it up for Mariam Mamadashvilii! The


rapport between these two is really special. Thank you for having me


here, I hope to see everybody in Georgia in November. What month was


that? The 12th of never did you say? It's an 26th of November in to


police it. That's great. We will visit in


November this year, that's great. Welcome. As a performer I should ask


you this question. Do you hope to sing at Eurovision 1-dayer? Actually


I was thinking about it because when I won Junior Eurovision I


experienced a lot of things and I want to experience again. That's


great. We'll see. But now... Conversation really flows, he's


great with kids. Why don't you try hosting for example? I'd love to.


Couldn't get much worse. You'll be posting the Eurovision Song Contest.


Here you go. Cue card. The red light. Applause!


Ladies and gentleman, I think you'll agree,


all of our performers have dazzled, entertained and amazed.


But this is a competition and only one act can win.


Vote with your hearts, but most importantly, your fingers.


And now, a reminder of this year's Eurovision stars.


You know the drill by now... You convert by text. Details on the


screen, full terms and conditions on the website. Jared Watts to people


watching. The Matthews on holiday in Dorset celebrating two 16th


birthdays but they will be watching Eurovision. Charlotte, Carmen,


Laura, Lauren, Vicky, Chloe and Emma will be watching on a big screen in


Liverpool followed by an Abba tribute band. Quite the night. Shout


out to Gwen, David, Alex, Hannah and Emily and having a pizza party. The


bubbly is flowing. Good luck to Lucie. Yes, good luck. It was good


that Australia man at least mentioned the United Kingdom, people


are aware we're here. The Hill family hosting their annual


Eurovision party, they had to cut into the Ukrainian honey cake. It


sounds delicious. We are celebrating our silver wedding anniversary


watching Eurovision tonight, quality entertainment, go Lucie. Ian, Rob,


Daniel and everybody else at the Maidenhead Eurovision party. They've


dressed as European countries. The partygoer who dressed as Switzerland


brought Toblerone. Other chocolates are available. Sweden...


Switzerland... You can get them in Sweden, too. Say hello to Sam and


his dog, Toby. And mum Stella and friends Caroline and Mary in


Cornwall. Hello from the Murrays in Aberdeen. Cat, Duncan, Fox will be


watching. Gareth and the crew in Cardiff having a big party dressed


as different countries and using different cuisines from around


Europe. It's quite the thing. The Barcelona budget enjoying a


Eurovision party in Stratford tonight. Ella is watching with her


son, Vincent. In Southampton. Dinesh, Paul and their bulldog


tucking into a cheese and pineapple her job. There was a lot of love for


Lucie but will there be votes? Soon we'll find out. Nym and Dan watching


the show in their best Eurovision outfits. Detachable Bucks Fizz


skirt. I'm watching with my friend Kristin and Tracey.


And of course a reminder you can't vote for Lucie. People in the United


Kingdom cannot. That was Tracey Emin Kirsten in Bristol. Hen party


weekend for Bryony. She's at the Stirling with all her girls watching


it. Well done, Bryony, have a nice wedding. A lonely Brit camping it up


in Tokyo getting ready for Eurovision. We start watching at


4am. Champagne on the chilled ready to go. That Keith Grant. Please say


hello to big con and Lauren watching in Belfast. Soon the phone lines


will be closing and then we will be getting the jury vote followed by


the popular vote. A lot of people asking about Brexit and the effect


it might have on the United Kingdom. I have just say no one out here has


mentioned it, not a peep out of them. It's as if people don't care


that we are leaving the EU. I suppose a lot of these countries


aren't in the EU and those that are are concerned with their own


business, not ours. So... Also not to be too blunt, we can't do much


worse, so hopefully there will be a Brexit effect. That is a reminder of


all 26 songs. Now onto the last part of the interval.


And now, it's time to remind ourselves of the reason why


Last year, she stunned Stockholm with a majestic performance that won


We present a world exclusive, the first ever television


It is our very great honour to present the shining jewel


Please show some love for the incredible Jamala!


And she is really a massive star here. There's posters all over town,


she is doing a big series of concerts.


You may have witnessed a bare bottom earlier in this performance. We


apologise if that offended you. Back to Jamala.


Jamala. I like her. She's like your aunt who's had a glass of wine.


Thank you so much for this amazing show. Thank you, Kiev! Tribute to


Verka. Lots of union Jacks. Well, it's nearly time for the phone lines


to close. It's like choosing a chocolate from a box, it's really


difficult to do because they are all very delicious.


But if you think one special act deserves the win,


then this is your last chance to vote.


The final 60 seconds of voting begins now!


We're not doing the countdown from 60... We're not.


Update your profiles later and use your phones to vote.


There are just a couple of seconds left.


A moment on your phone could win your act the Eurovision throne.


All the numbers you need are on the screen now or you can


It was about them and now it's about your rewarding them with one


of the most treasured prizes in music.


Will you give them your vote and change their lives forever?


This is quite torturous. Very long minute.


Seven, six, five, four, three, two, one...


Thank you Alex and Vova. That is it. The lines are closed. Please do not


call or use the app, your vote will not count and you may still be


charged. Very soon we will hear from the


spokespersons of all 42 national juries. They will award half of the


total points. After that, we will see how you, our wonderful audience,


have decided to award the decisive second half of points.


First we need to check if the jury voting has gone according to the


rules. I smell aries moo. We must consult with the smartest person in


this room. Now he is, the grand wizard, our very own Gandalf, but


without the beard and the pointy hat, so please welcome, the


executive supervisor of the Eurovision Song Contest, Mr Jon Ola


Sand. Is he here, have we managed to get him?


Thank you Vova and Alex for your very creative introduction.


I can confirm that we have processed all the votes


I saw him earlier. I didn't speak to him. I thought it best not to.


That means we are now ready to take that special journey around


First we'll be hearing from last year's host country, Sweden.


Good evening Europe, and good evening Kiev!


What a night, you've done such a great job. Good luck to the


contestants tonight. May we have your 12 points. Of course. 12 points


from the Swedish jury go to... Portugal. He's the bookies'


favourite. And Australia are getting ten points straight off the bat.


Thank you very much for this amazing show. It was really lovely. Like


most of Azerbaijany men watching on TV, I would like to be in Kiev


tonight as well, just to support. But unfortunately, I have to be here


in the studio... Sounded creepy. I'm not quite sure what he's saying.


Please may we have your 12 points. Our 12 points go to... Belarus.


And now to San Marino and Lia Fiorio.


I'm so happy to break a record this year by commenting 24 ESC shows


Look at me, I've totally missed that we have six points. We're not going


home empty handed. May we have your 12 points.


Look at us, on the left-hand side of the scoreboard. Portugal 12 points.


Another four for us. Thank you Latvia.


Greetings from Latvia, thank you for fantastic sleepless nights. What, it


kept awe wake? We'll let you get back to bed in a minute. Our 12


points go to... Romantic Pop Idol from Portugal.


Remember, these are only the juries' votes. So maybe across the board,


the juries' experts they liked the song, they liked the performance.


But we don't know what the popular vote thought.


From Israel, we have Ofer Nachson, who has been announcing the Israeli


This is IBA channel one calling frommier use legal. For the past 44


years, Israel has participated in the Eurovision Song Contest, winning


three times. But tonight is our final night. Shortly, IBA will shut


down its broadcasting forever. So on behalf of all of us here in IBA, let


me say thank you Europe for all the magical moments and the beautiful


years. That is very sad. And hopefully we shall meet again in the


future. Now, the result from the Israeli vote.


This is looking like a clean sweep for Portugal with the juries. But


only with the juries. Next up is Montenegro,


where there's a party going on. Welcome to the party. Good evening


Ukraine. It was an amazing show and we wish good luck to all finalists.


Now, let's see how Montenegro has voted. Well 12 points go to...


Nice corner of the city they've chosen. Thank you guys for the


wonderful evening tonight. Congratulations. Thank you very


much, may we have your 12 points. Of course. Our 12 points go to Italy.


So far it's Portugal the juries are enjoying.


Now to lovely Valletta, where Malta's Miss Universe 2016,


Martha Fenech, is ready to give us her country's points.


Steady Vova. She's ready to give us her phone number... Sorry, her


country's points. Good evening Kiev, good evening


Europe. Are you ready for our 12 points? Yes, we are. Please tell us.


Portugal just getting a ten. Malta's 12 points go to... Italy.


That was a shame. Last year they gave us 12 points in the jury vote.


But not tonight. Tonight it goes to Italy.


Let's hear from Illiya in the former Yugoslavian republic of Macedonia.


Hey there, Illiya, any message for the Eurovision world?


Three points for us, thank you very much. Looks like he's just stopped a


magic show. Just doing this in interval.


Europe dance, never mind if you are alone


Great show, Kiev. Thank you very much. Hopefully I'm not here alone.


May we have your 12 points. Again ten for Portugal. The 12


points goes to... Bulgaria. Thank you so much. That's clearly


Copenhagen behind her. Please reveal the winner


of your 12 points. The jury of Denmark sends 12 points


to... Sweden. No surprise there. Over to Austria now and Kristina


is joining us live from Vienna. Quite a foggy night there. Have we


got a point, thank you. I'm very excited to announce the


points of the Austrian jury. Here we go. Our 12 points go to... The


Netherlands. The three sisters from the


Netherlands. To Norway now and two


young men who are huge stars in their own right,


hello Marcus and Martinus. Very late for them to be up, isn't


it? Apparently they're huge Popstars. Hello Europe, and hello


Ukraine! Welcome to the party. We are happy to take part in this


amazing evening that gathers so many countries and so many people of all


ages. Yes, we are really excited to share the Norwegian votes with all


of you. Please do it. May we have your 12 points. Oh, we got points.


Thank you. Yes, 12 points from Norway goes to... I like it, like


it, Bulgaria. Only about a year younger than him.


Probably will be here next year. And now we welcome Nievs,


speaking to us from beautiful I hope she's going on afterwards.


Vova calm down. Good evening Europe,


good evening Kiev. Congratulations for this amazing


evening. We really enjoy. It Still haven't finished that cathedral. May


we have your 12 points. Portugal possibly? Yes of course.


Now, the 12 points from the Spanish jury go to... Portugal! There you


go. Over to Finland, which is


currently celebrating 200 Hello Europe. Two for us. Yes so far


we have won just one. But we promise to win again within the next 100


years! And now please your 12 points. Our 12 points goes to:


Sweden! Congratulations. Again, no surprises there.


We are still on the left side of the scoreboard. The Eiffel Tower,


goodness. Do you think she gave the other half of that jacket to your


man from Croatia. Three points for us.


Thank you all for this incredible show, celebrate the diva city, what


a wonderful message of love. Thanks and you're welcome in Paris


any time. Oh, thank you very much. So just leave your phone and we'll


call you, a bit later. May we have your 12 points. This is like an


international version ever first date.


Sure. Les 12 points de la


France son attribues a... Portugal! Well, Salvador is


certainly captured the imagination of the jury is across Europe, doing


very, very well. Greece's spokesperson has a long


Eurovision history, having appeared Good evening, Constantinos


Christophorou. I thought it was a falling star.


It's those light up things you can buy. Thank you for your nice words,


we did it the Greek way into cows and five.


Helena Paparizou, and our first ever win in the contest.


You are our lucky charm. The 12 points of the Greek jury go to...


Such a nice name for me to pronounce... Cyprus. Aww. No


surprise there. Now don't boo him. Let's go to Lithuania, where Egle


is waiting to speak to us. Vilnius looks lovely this time of


year. Good evening, Eurovision family, what a glorious night. Lots


of love from Vilnius. I won't forget to say...


Lithuania's jury has voted. And our 12 points go to that magical song


and voice... Portugal. Another 12 points. What's great about this is


we have no our dear -- idea how the viewers have voted. Everything could


change. That's the best bit of talent they could find? Thanks,


Australia. I take it all back. He looks lovely. Was there a power cut?


Thank you so much for a great show and congratulations to all of the


contestants, you didn't beautiful job. Don't sound so excited. Can we


have your 12 points? Yes, I'm very happy to say that the Estonian jury


gave its 12 points to... Bulgaria! Still in the game. When the jury


votes come in I guarantee you countries like Azerbaijan and


Croatia will do much better. Good evening, Kiev! First of all, I


want to thank you for this wonderful show, you did a great job, really.


Very handsome hosts in Ukraine. Thank you very much, by the way,


Moldova has very nice and beautiful spokesperson. May we have your 12


points? Get a room, this is embarrassing. Of course, here are


the results from Moldova. Our 12 points go to... Romania! Romania!


The yodelling. I expected them to do well but the popular vote, I didn't


expect jury to like it that much. A second dancing fountain. Four points


for us, thank you very much, Armenia.


We go now to Iveta Mukuchyan in Armenia, who represented her


country at Eurovision 2016 with the song Love Wave.


Good evening Kiev and hello to the whole Eurovision family. Guys, I


miss you all so much. We miss you, too. I hope you did.


Armenia has voted, our 12 points go to... Portugal.


What an extraordinary thing to happen to this young man.


So we have had almost half of the national jury points.


Let's have a look at how the leaderboard is shaping up.


In third place it in Italy. In second place its Bulgaria. In the


first place, Portugal. With 186 points. Spare a thought for Spain


and Germany, we've been there, we know how it feels. Good job Lucie


Jones, she's on the left-hand side of the scoreboard. And long may she


stay there. This is getting very serious right


now, Alex, I think we need to remind ourselves that this is a party. And


perhaps we need a little, you know, like fun break. Just a thing. #


DANCING LASHA TUMBAI. How about Verka? Ladies and gentlemen, Verka


Serduchka! Yes, this is as simple as it seems.


It's just Verka working the audience. For quite a long time.


About two or three minutes. Timur has got in there with Alma. #


DANCING LASHA TUMBAI they are going into the crowd. Good luck, Verka.


# DANCING LASHA TUMBAI. It's as if they didn't know these moments were


coming up. I suppose you can overthink these things. Filling


telly, isn't it? Well, that's all we have time for.


We can continue now. Let's continue our journey around the world to get


those jury votes. Right now we're going to Bulgaria. Welcome to the


party! It's quite quiet in Sofia tonight, isn't it? Dubstep back.


Looks like you're having a lot of fun over there. Wish I could have


been able to see the performances live but somebody had to announce


the points for Bulgaria. Without further ado, 12 points go to


Austria. Austria 12 points! Let's go to Bo


Halldorsson in Iceland. He sung for his country in 1995


and is also the proud father Thanks for a wonderful show. May we


have your 12 points? You sure can. 12 points go to Portugal! I mean, he


was tipped to do well but I think even he looks a little


shell-shocked. That he's doing this well the jury 's.


Now it's Serbia, where Sanja is speaking to us from Belgrade.


Dobryy vechir, good evening Europe, hello Eurovision. This is Serbia


calling, greetings from Belgrade. Guess what... I have the voting


results. May we have your 12 points? If courts. And the 12 points from


the Serbian jury go-to... Portugal! Congratulations! Portugal 12 points.


This really is extraordinary. The juries are not being very political


at all. Here we go... Good evening to you. Thank you very


much for having us. Hello world. And to Kiev, a very special good evening


of course. It's fantastic to be participating again this year.


Australia is up early this morning and our jury has voted. May we have


your 12 points? Our 12 points go to the United


Kingdom! United Kingdom 12 points. I'm so happy for her! Lucie Jones


and the rest of the delegation delighted. That Emmelie de Forest


sitting beside her. One of the writers of the song.


And now we can go to Guilia in Italy, who is ready to tell us


Hello. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to share our good karma


with you. Thank you for being with us this evening. Please can we have


your 12 points right now? Of course. Italy's 12 points go to...


Azerbaijan! Azerbaijan 12 points. The song Skeletons. It's Barbara.


Six for us, thank you, Germany. Good evening, this is Hamburger calling!


We Celebrating Diversity here thousands of fans. Barbara's having


quite the evening. We really like your energy and your audience. Give


it up for Germany right now everyone here! CHEERING


May we have your 12 points? Barbara smiling, despite the fact Germany


have nothing. Our 12 points go to Norway. To JOWST. And now we


travelled to Portugal. Now we travel to Portugal,


where we are joined by Filomena, who is herself a former


Eurovision host. Congratulations to all the


Eurovision production team, congratulations Alex and Vova.


A message for Salvador, who is in the lead so far. 12 points going


begging, who gets them? Our 12 points goes to... Azerbaijan.


Azerbaijan, interesting. Switzerland is up next with Luka


delivering their verdict. Good evening, Switzerland. Nothing


there. Good evening Europe Switzerland calling, thanks for


Celebrating Diversity tonight. We try to do our best. May we have the


12 points? Of course. Here are the results of the Swiss jury and our 12


points go to... Portugal! But a points.


Over to the Netherlands now and another former


Eurovision participant, Douwe Bob Posthuma.


Aww. Five points for us, thank you very much. Good evening Kiev and


good evening all you beautiful people out there, how are you guys


doing? Great, what is the name of this beautiful dog? This is Tammy,


the most wonderful girl in the world. That's great. This is getting


stranger and stranger. You or the beautiful dog tell us your 12 points


please. Our 12 points go to... Portugal. Another 12 for Portugal.


It really obviously resonated with juries across Europe.


Next, we have Ireland and Nicky Byrne, known to millions


of you as a member of the hugely successful band Westlife.


What Ireland didn't make it to the semifinals. Might we get 12 from


there? Dobryy vechir, Kiev, Dublin calling. Congratulations on a


fantastic show for Europe and Australia tonight. Thank you, what


about your 12 point? Yeah, what about them? Come on, Ireland. Sure,


the jury have voted and 12 points from Ireland go to... Belgium! What?


Say what now? I mean, I like the Belgians on, too, but...


To Georgia now, where former Eurovision singer


Does he no he's on television? Is he on a very tall cherry picker?


Thanks for an amazing evening. Thank you, you seem to be very enjoyed


right now. Can we have your 12 points right now? Our 12 points go


to... Portugal. D Portugal 12 points.


Off to Cyprus next. Five points for us.


Good evening. Hello Kiev from Paphos,


the European Capital of Culture. I know everybody's pretty thrilled


to find out how Cyprus voted, so one thing I should do, pun intended, is


to give our 12 points to Greece. Congratulations. Just phone it in.


Oh, let them. Over now to Belarus


and Alyona Lanskaya, who represented her nation


at Eurovision in Malmo 2013. So great to be here


with you tonight. Yeah, go on.


Our 12 points go to... Bulgariana. Still in the game actually. They


keep the 12s going to Portugal. But Bulgaria has been scoring


consistently along the way. Hello and I have no idea how the


Hungarians voted but I surely know how the Romanians voted. So hello


Europe, good evening Kiev, what a pleasure to see you in such a great


mood tonight. Six for Portugal. Here in Bucharest, we are yod eling for


joy, fun and excitement for your great show, thank you. Thank you


too. Now the essential, 12 points go tonight to... The Netherlands.


That's their second 12 of the evening.


Let's see how the good people of Hungary voted.


Three points for us. Thank you for this beautiful


evening. We enjoyed the show. It was fantastic. Great show and great


mood. Thank you very much. And may we have


your 12 points. Please. Hungary gave 12 points to... Portugal.


Oh, ten points for us! Thank you so much. That is a fantastic result.


This is Slovenia calling. That bodes well for the public vote. We're all


nervous and impatient. Here are the votes of the jury: 12 points, our


top mark go to... Portugal. United Kingdom 87 points, that's


already well in excess of what Joe and Jade got last year. She's done


very well already, Lucie Jones. Two points for United Kingdom.


They're flying in now. THEY SPEAK FRENCH Our 12 points go


to... Sweden. Germany now have some points and


Spain still nothing for Spain. I'm not sure the popular vote will


help them much. Very glamorous and they've given us


five points. Thank you very much. Good evening Kiev. Hello from Poland


and greetings to our neighbours. What about your 12 points, did you


get it? Yes, Poland sends 12 points to Portugal.


Next we have Katrina from the United Kingdom,


well known to Eurovision fans as lead singer of former winners


I see we've given ten to Australia. Netherlands did well and Bulgaria.


It's fantastic to be part of this spectacular event.


It brings back wonderful memories of when I won for the UK in 1997.


Don't remind us. Thank you, 1997, the year you were


born. Yeah. Katrina's going to love that. May we have your 12 points.


The 12 points, from the United Kingdom go to... Portugal.


Yes the UK jury agreed with the rest of Europe and gave 12 points to


Portugal. Now let's hear from


Ursula in Croatia. Quite the dress. When it's finished


at least, stunning. Police reveal whom you would like to


send your 12 points. Seven Portugal. So... 12 points from the Croatian


national jury go to... Hungary. Only two more countries to vote. Can


we get over 100 before we head into the popular vote?


Greetings to all of you from Czech Republic.


It's a big honour to be part of this great event again.


Oh, 99 and 12 for Portugal. Sorry, I'm focussing on the UK. We need one


more point, if we get a point from the Ukraine...


Now it's time to hear our home result, as we go to Eurovision


star Zlata, who is right here in the beautiful city of Kiev.


That is not the weather outside, I tell you that now.


Ten for Portugal. Nothing for us so far.


I'm terribly excited about tonight's show and this


is the world of music, peace and love.


Please tell us your 12 points. Finally, our 12 points go to...


Belarus. Story of my life. So that is the


jury vote completed. We have 99 points, we're on the left-hand side


of the scoreboard. This is going quite well. So far.


We have heard from our national juries.


We are now halfway through the voting and it's really exciting.


The juries watch a different performance. They watched last


night. So Vova, how does the televotes


points system work? In each country, the public vote


for their favourite song and those votes are converted into a second


set of one to eight, The points from all the different


countries are then added together and we announce who got


what starting with the country Countries can't vote


for themselves, we all know that. So the most points a song could win


from the audience vote is 492. That would be if 41 countries gave


the same song 12 points. Now Timur is having the ultimate


Eurovision nerd experience, sitting at the Scrutineers' desk


with our executive supervisor. So let's find out if all those


televotes have been I feel like I'm getting to sit next


to the captain on a plane. They're like the Muppets with


accents. So this is only the second time


in Eurovision history that the national jury votes


and audience votes have been That's correct and as we saw


in Stockholm, it made These two personalities coming


together like this, it is electric (! )


So Mr Sand, have the televotes been calculated correctly?


Yes, we have the televotes from all 42 countries,


which have been counted and pooled together.


I can confirm that the scores are 100% correct.


That means it's time to reveal those points,


Yes. Then I will hand back to Alex and Vova for an exciting end to the


show. I think this is the bit


where you say... That was quite painful. This is the


exciting bit. This is quite quick. And soon we will know who has won.


They're doing this... In first place, it is Portugal. Will Portugal


hold onto the lead? There are a lot more points to come.


We will now reveal the points starting with the country


It has been an incredible journey and this is it.


Time to see who will be crowned the winner of the 2017


There is Jamala bringing the trophy onto the stage. With zero points, it


is Austria. With two points, it is Australia.


Three points, it is Germany. Five points, it is Spain. With the


same amount of five points, it is, Israel. This is good. The longer


they don't say... With eight points, it is Denmark.


12 points to the United Kingdom. 15 points to the Netherlands. 21


points to Armenia. 24 points to Ukraine. With 29 points, it is


Greece. With the same amount of points of 29, it is Norway. Very bad


for them with the popular vote. With 32 points, it is Cyprus. With 33


points, it is Belarus. With 41 points, it is Poland. With 42


points, it is Azerbaijan. Now, as you can see Portugal is still in the


lead with 382. Now can we stay on the left-hand side? It is possible.


There's everything to play for and now, we are about to find out which


song you thought was the best one. The country that has got the tenth


highest score from the televotes is... With 90 points, it is...


France. I fear we will end up on the right-hand side of the scoreboard.


But very high on it. Congratulations. So close to the


left. The country that received the ninth highest score from the


televotes with... 103 is... Croatia. The nation that has got the eighth


high score with 126 points is... Sweden.


So Sweden haven't won but Bulgaria could still win and it could be


Portugal. With 152 points its... Hungary! Well done, congratulations.


Of course Italy were favourites all along. They could still do it. So


the country with the sixth highest score with 208 points is... Italy!


That's it, they are doomed. So, it's Portugal or Bulgaria. Depending on


how the viewers thought about it. Both of those countries have done


very well. With 224 points is... Romania.


We will be just edged off the left-hand side. In the lead we have


Portugal with 382, followed by Sweden and Italy with 334. But still


more points... I wonder if Belgium could do it if they really scored


highly, Belgium could also do it. Or Moldova. I love this new system,


it's great. Let's do it... Only four countries left, that has not


received their points of your telephone yet. These four countries


are... Portugal, they've been waiting 53 years, they've never won.


Is tonight their night? Bulgaria. 17 years old, he must be so nervous.


Moldova. Hey Mamma was a big crowd favourite. And Belgium. Who will


take the Eurovision trophy? Another 17-year-old. Let's find out right


now. The country that received the fourth highest score from your


votes, with 255 points is... Belgium! So they haven't done it.


Still it was not enough to pass the leader. Currently Portugal is in


first place with 382 points. But still more points to come. Moldova


must have done incredibly well. Only three countries left to receive


votes from you, our wonderful audience. And these countries are...


Portugal, Bulgaria, and Moldova. The country given the third highest


score, with 264 points, is... Moldova! They haven't won. So this


is it. Bulgaria or Portugal. Portugal is still in the lead. For


others it was our best result since 2011 when Blue were our entry, so


Lucie can be very proud, but right now it's about the winner. Only two


countries left to receive their points for your telephone. The two


top songs according to the telephone at... The exhibition centre is


chanting Portugal. Portugal and Bulgaria. Well they get enough


points right now is Jim Mark and who will win the contest this year? So


the country with the second highest score, with 337 points is...


Bulgaria. It's all over. And this actually means that we have our


winner. Tonight. We still have 376 points for Portugal. Wow, what an


amazing result for this unassuming young man with his gentle ballad. Oh


my God! They've been waiting 53 years to win this competition. So


there's hope for us all, ladies and gentlemen. We've only been waiting


20. This is Portugal! Salvador Sobral. In a night of flashing


lights and dancing guerrillas people responded to a very gentle ballad.


Quickly we'll show you how you voted in United Kingdom. We give one point


a hungry ONUKA NAOFI to Italy, three to Belgium, four to Sweden,


five to Croatia, six to Moldova, seven to Romania, eight to Portugal,


ten to Poland and our 12 points, interesting, went to Bulgaria, not


Portugal. We wanted Bulgaria to win. But Portugal have. A resounding


victory it is. Who is that man? So he's making his way to the stage.


He looks as nonplussed now as he has throughout this competition. Here he


is meeting Jamala, last year's winner. There he is holding the


trophy. The winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 2017. Salvador Sobral.


I'll tell you now, that there us. It's been a little tense all evening


and that's just pushed us over the edge. Indoor fireworks everyone.


Relax. Salvador Sobral is now being led


over to the main stage where he'll perform the song again. It should be


said that after he was elected in Portugal he had to have several


operations for hernias and he has an ongoing heart condition, which means


he's often unwell. He missed several rehearsals. But he's smiling


tonight. Salvador. It's really hard to say


even something, but I would like if you want to say, even a message for


those who voted for you, now it is time to do this. OK... I want to say


that we live in a world of disposable music, fast-food music


without any content, and I think this could be a victory for music


with people that make music that actually means something. Music is


not fireworks, music is feeling. So let's try to change this. And bring


music back, which is really what matters. Seems like a losing battle


at Eurovision, but in the rest of the world, you're quite right, sir.


Once more, you're winning song. Thank you so much, thank you. He's


trying to get his sister to the stage. Getting ready to perform once


again. His sister performed for him at some of the rehearsals when he


was unwell. She composed the song as well. The first win in the


Eurovision Song Contest, first time ever, congratulations. Huge


congratulations from Ukraine, from the whole world, for you, the


ultimate winner. And now you know that the amazing year comes to an


end. And it's time for us to say goodbye, unfortunately. Goodbye! No,


they are still going. If you want more Eurovision, log on to the


website. Thank you everyone for watching us, thank you Eurovision


for this opportunity to show Ukraine, because we love Ukraine, we


love our motherland, really. That is very sweet. We're a modern and very


open country, we welcome you and thank you very much for being with


us. And thank you to all the acts, they were incredible this year.


Let's say thanks to all the fans who have visited Kiev. We hope you will


come again. Friends, will you? So yes, Kiev is actually a beautiful


city, I have to say. It's very attractive. They have put on a great


show tonight. One more time... Give it up for Portugal! I'm sure we'll


see you again. This is it. The winner of the Eurovision Song


Contest 2017. That his sister. This is the longer stint of any


Eurovision Song Contest song ever. 18 seconds. -- longest intro.


Huge congratulations to Portugal. The first time they've won in 53


years. There is his trophy. Hold it high. We must also say, a huge thank


you and congratulations to Lucie Jones. Lucie Jones, who did the UK


proud. She came 15th which is perfectly respectable. A big thank


you to her from everyone on the BBC delegation. I'm sure everyone back


in the UK. Representing us brilliantly. Hope you enjoyed it.


See you again next year in Lisbon. And Graham Norton, a very good night


to you from Kiev.


Graham Norton introduces and commentates on live coverage of the 62nd Eurovision Song Contest, held in Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine. Representing the United Kingdom is 26-year-old musical theatre star Lucie Jones, who performs Never Give Up on You, which was co-written by former Eurovision winner Emmelie de Forest.