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The Live Quarter-Finals

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because The Voice is lied! -- live! Yes, we are, and welcome to The


Voice arena. Please go wild for our superstar


coaches and their quarterfinal teams. He is out of this world. It


is the Prince of planet pop, Mr! And it is Sophie May,


Jermain and Iesher. He rocks, we roll, it is the king of the


Kaisers, Ricky Wilson! And singing for Team Ricky, Emily, Chris, and


Christina-Marie! Please be upstanding for the legend with the


lungs, the one and only Sir Tom Jones! And Sir Tom's talented trio,


Georgia, Bizzi and Sally! And especially for you, our very own


Queen of pop, the one and only Kylie! And make some noise for her


team, lead, Rachael and Jamie! -- league, Rachael and Jamie! Ladies


and gentlemen, it is our quarterfinalists!


Good evening, Great Britain! And good evening The Voice arena. We


finally, 100% live. They are definitely too. Are you ready? I am


ever so hot! Each coach has three artists ready to perform live for


the race first time. You can feel the tension in this arena. It is


mainly coming from those four seats with a little bit coming from up


here. Tonight, the coaches give one of their at a Fast Pass straight


through to the semifinal. That is one hell of a huge decision. And


then it is over for you guys devote for your favourite singer left in


the team. If you like what you hear, you can download performances


from our artists straightaway and for the first time ever, you can


vote online for free but please remove the tea register first. All


the details are on the website. Are you ready for your first-team? There


is a singing politician, time travelling teenager and a tiny girl


with a TARDIS sized voice, it is Team Will. My team is pretty


interesting. I have got the youngest team. It is


amazing to be on will's team. This is the final hurrah. Sophie May is


amazing. Iesher is shy, she is timid but she sings powerful. I think the


combination is darling. Jermain Jackman is top-notch. Three singers,


one can get a Fast Pass. The Fast Pass is like the Willy Wonka golden


ticket. Which will allow someone to skip the public vote and go straight


to the semifinal. In the vortex I'm expecting big things. That is the


mighty Team Will but only two of his artists can stay to sing again in


next week's semifinal. Your team are going to open the


show, are you ready for liftoff? They had better be ready. Ladies and


gentlemen of the UK, we are live. Don't let anything happen! First to


step in for Team Will is a 19-year-old who has more than music


ambitions and he's already big in Westminster.


Jermain Jackman! Am I right? How you been? Jermain is old soul, marinated


in gospel. Magnetic. It is so crazy to think that I met at


this music festival and he said to audition on this show. What matter


what are the odds of seeing me and I say go on The Voice and I are merely


1-2 turnaround for the guy this map.


So I met the leader of the Labour Party. It is like the Democrats in


America. I am passionate about politics. Being the first black


Prime Minister is definitely on my to-do list. I want to inspire more


young people. I want to show these things are possible. The Labour


leader Ed Miliband joins my life and 19-year-old Jermain Jackman. Music


is my first love. If I can involve politics, I will. It is now time to


bring out the big guns. I will treat it like an election campaign. I want


to show people their votes will not be wasted. I will wear this ribbon


with pride and make sure you are supported. Fingers crossed he was


there on Saturday night text thing. The live show is what I am most


scared about because anything can happen. I am not ready to go home.


You are already on Twitter, unbelievable, I love it. First into


the arena for Team Will, it is Jermain singing Treasure.


# Give me all, give me all, give me all attention baby. # I got to tell


you a little something about yourself. # You're wonderful,


flawless, ooh you're a sexy lady. # But you walk around here like you


wanna be someone else. # Ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh.


# I know that you don't know it, but you're fine, so fine.


# Ooooooooooohhhhhhhhh. # Oh girl I'm gonna show you when


you're mine, oh mine. # Treasure, that is what you are.


# Honey you're my golden star. # I know you could make my wish come


true. # If you let me treasure you.


# oh oooooh. # You are my treasure, you are my


treasure. # You are my treasure, yeah, you you you, you are. # You


are my treasure, you are my treasure. # Treasure, that is what


you are. # Honey you're my golden star.


# I know you can make my wish come true.


# If you let me treasure you. I have a feeling it will be a mega


selfie evening if we'll is anything to go by. You were the first


performer. That was a lot of pressure on you tonight. I am so


privileged to be here now and open up the first live performance from


series three of The Voice. is amazing. We have only just begun


and already will and Kylie are out of their seats and dancing around.


-- Will. Kylie, what do you think? Amazing! I think you will be singing


at the Treasury in the future! Politics, music? Music. Music is


your first love. Did it get your vote, Ricky? We should have more


politics delete macro politicians like that. You could sing the budget


and we would love it! It looked like you were having a great time. Tom,


he's only 19 years old, he has so much soul in his voice and he sounds


like an old soul, what influences can you hear in Jermain? He has got


a tremendous voice. He is like a baritone under ten are wrapped up in


one. When I first heard him sing, I thought he had a is voice and


tremendous range. I think he sang that song really well. I think it is


great. It was great, honestly. That is amazing. Will, we know he's a


phenomenal singer, do you think he would make a great Prime Minister? I


think he would make a dope Prime Minister. What did you think of his


performance tonight? I am really proud of you because during


rehearsals, you were pretty shy and pretty nervous of singing this song.


And you nailed it, you honed in, you made it your own. I love Bruno Mars


but you sang it the way Luther would have sung it. It sounded freaking


amazing. Thank you so much. What a sensational start to the show.


Pleased that your hands together for Jermain!


So once his three artists have fun, Will must decide who deserves a Fast


Pass to next week's semifinal. When the vote opens you can choose one


more of his acts. For the first time ever this year you can vote for free


online on the website. Let's crack on with the show. We all know that


Will is from the future. But he has made his match with a girl who


happily lives in the past. I think Sophie May was a singer in


the 40s and 50s who probably never got her shot and has decided to come


back to 2014 to have a shot again. A few weeks ago I was just an average


teenager living at home with my parents and grandparents ten minutes


down the road. But now I am moving to London on my own. You have


already moved out of your house? By myself, it will be so bad, I cannot


cook or clean or anything! Bring to the boil? ! Sophie has got many


gifts but cooking or domestic science is not one of them. He said


cooking is like is singing, really? ! I feel like I can talk to Will


about anything. I'll is new that I wanted to do music but it is the


drive to really focus on it. I am a fan of Sophie May. Take the


Moondance song and figure out a way to sing it. It is from the 1950s or


60s but with a modern twist. Maybe I am from a different era!


# Well, it's a marvellous night for a moondance.


# With the stars up above in your eyes.


# A fantabulous night to make romance.


# 'Neath the cover of October skies. # And all the leaves on the trees


are falling. # To the sound of the breezes that


blow. # And I'm trying to please to the


calling. # Of your heart-strings that play


soft and low. # And all the night's magic seems to


whisper and hush. # And all the soft moonlight seems


to shine in your blush. # Can I just have one a' more


moondance with you, my love. # Can I just make some more romance


with a-you, my love. # Well I wanna make love to you


tonight. # I can't wait till the morning has


come. # And I know now the time is just


right. # And straight into my arms you will


run. # Every time I touch you, you


tremble inside # And I know how much you want me


that you can't hide # Can I just have one more moondance


with you, my love # Can I just make some more romance


with you a--you, my love. # Can I have one more dance with




The wonderful Sophie May. How are you? Oh, my God, I'm


absolutely buzzing. You were so nervous earlier on when I saw you


this morning. How was it actually performing live for the first time?


Do you know what, I don't know what's happened, I've just


completely, just like, I don't know, it's a new me. I want to do it


again. I love that! Will, from the VT we


saw, it seems like you've gone from a vocal coach and singing coach and


a voice coach, to a life coach. To a who coach? A life coach. You're


helping her cook meals, telling her where to begin. Oh, yeah, it's her


first time living out here. She just moved from her family to be here for


the show. So she's cooking for herself. She burned a couple of


things. So I'm giving her tips. I stabbed my finger as well the other


day. Look. She has a dent. You couldn't even tell, because every


note you hit was perfect. APPLAUSE


Kylie, what did you think, did she get you moondancing? Firstly, you


don't need to be in the kitchen. You belong on the stage. You looked


perfect. You sounded beautiful and you have a natural elegance that you


can carry off this kind of scene. It was beautiful. Tom, how do you take


a song like that and make it your own? Well, she just did. Yes, she D


she's a lot prettier than Van Morrison. # it was really lovely.


You look great. You look marvellous. You look like a model you know and


sing wonderful. Ricky, I was watching you, watching


her, and you looked mesmerised. I look forward to hearing you sing


again in the semifinals. And no mat wear happens this week, next week,


or the week after, when you leave this competition, you sound like you


will make the kind of record I want to buy. I really enjoyed the song


choice, the attention to detail. Well done Sophie May, well done both


of you. Thank you very much coaches. Please put your hands together one


more time for Sophie May. APPLAUSE


So here comes Will's third and final artist, a girl who became the


fastest turn in the blind auditions. Yeah, Iesher. When she sang on the


blinds, first note... Cut through freaking steel. And I've been a fan


ever since. All I would do is put a mirror in front of your face so you


have more confidence. I'm fine thank you. Oh, my gosh, I can't believe


I'm through to the live quarter finals. It's amazing. How you been?


Really good. It feels like I can reach out and grab my dream. But


it's all to do with confidence. # There's no place I'd rather be #


Her confidence has grown, but come lives, I hope that confidence


remains. Sounds really good.


It's great to chill out with friends after a long day of rehearsals. I


thought we were watching a movie. Then popped out. Everybody


in the movie theatre, Iesher, listen up. I was like, "Hi!" I'm here to


remind you how amazing you are. I know you're probably worried or


stressed. You shouldn't worry because you're actually really dope.


I felt really special. It felt like my birthday. Enjoy your film, turn


off your phones. That was kind of great to keep going. See you later.


I'm going to get there, and I know I will, because it's in here.


# We're a thousand miles from comfort #


we have traveled land and sea. # But as long as you are with me, #


there's no place I'd rather be. # We're different and the same


# Gave you another name # Switch up the batteries


# If you gave me a chance, I would take it


# It's a shot in the dark, but I'll make it,


# Know with all your heart, you can't shame me


# When I am with, there's no place I'd rather be #


N-n-n-no, no, no, no place I'd rather be. .


# With every step I take # Stroling so casually


# We're different and the same # Gave you another name


# Yeah... If you gave me, oohhh # But I won't name


# When I am with you, there's no place I'd rather be


# No, no, no, no place I'd rather be # No, no, no, no, no place I'd


rather be # No, no, no, no, no place I'd


rather be # When I am with you, there's no


place I'd rather be # APPLAUSE


Did you enjoy it? I messed up a little bit. All OK? Yeah. Let's


start with Will then, do you think she messed up? Where did you mess


up? I really want to know where you thought you messed up, because I


thought you didn't. There was a bit of wanted to sing and I didn't sing


it. What part did you want to sing? A high part. Again. You have a


chance to sing it. I had a few adlibs. How would it


have gone if you would have executed it right. Are you ready, David and


the fantastic band are behind us. APPLAUSE


# No place I'd rather be I'd rather be


# No, no, no, no place I'd rather be # When I am with you, there's no


place I'd place I'd rather be # Are you happier with that? Yeah.


Will, happy? Just wanted to give you your fair shot. Kylie, delicate


flower, huge performance, does that remind you of anyone? Pocket rocket.


That's what you are. You're just a shining example of someone who


arrives on this show with crazy, raw talent and we're seeing you blossom


before our very eyes. You did a dip and went the other way, I didn't


miss anything. That was fantastic. She has that little look in her eyes


as well. Yeah, up a step, up a step, you should be really pleased with


that. Thank Thank you. What were your thoughts? I loved it. I didn't


know which way to look for a minute. You could see Kylie were into it


because you were moving around. I was like "hello", two for the price


of one here. You sounded great. I didn't notice


anything wrong. You were right there as far as I'm concerned. You look


great. I love the outfit. You have a built-in rhythm that's very natural.


You came across very natural to me and that's, I love that. I loved it.


Ricky, at this stage of the competition, it's about the whole


pack arges the whole performance, what due think to -- package, the


whole rrchs. What due think? A new British classic on Saturday night


TV. Awesome. Great song choice, both of you. I really enjoyed it. It was


incredible. Well done. It's the start of something amazing for you


as well. OK, so Will is about to give one of


his faem a fast pass into the semifinals. It's a golden ticket and


he is Willy Wonka. Please put your hands together to welcome back to


the stage, Team Will. APPLAUSE


So, this is your last decision of the entire competition. Then it's


all down to the dope British public. Did I say that right? Kind of, not


really, kind of. OK, brilliant. Surely, is this the hardest decision


you have to make? This is hard because you get so attached to your


team and you don't want to see anybody go home. Each one of them


are special in their own way and deserve to be in the finals. So


yeah, this is hard. OK, it's decision time.


Will, who's getting your pass straight through to the semifinals?


I don't know. I don't know. OK, all right. Do I say it now?


Whenever you're ready. Can they take off the scary music? I think there


you go, it's died down for you. That music is real haunting. Erm......


Everyone is freaking megadope, super fresh. Iesher you were fantastic,


smoking. Really. I don't know what you heard when you said you messed


up because that was fresh. Your outfit is nice too.


Sophie May, you look like an award, like a statue that you give to


somebody who just won a new award. Like, an iPhone award. You look


stunning and sounded amazing today. Like wow. That's one of my favourite


songs. You did a really spectacular job doing it.


APPLAUSE Jermain...


CHEERING Jermain, I like saying your name,


Jermain. Jermain. You surprised, I think, every single person in this


wonderful country, because we expected you to do the obvious type


of R soul song and you came with something up to date and took it to


the next level. You show that you're fearless, but concerned. When you


take that concern and turn it into something spectacular, wow, here


comes some great harmonic vernaculars. You chomped the neck


like Dracula. Will, can we have your decision. I'm taking Jermain. Did


you say Jermain? Yes! CHEERING AND APPLAUSE


Any words for Will? He's shaking. I can feel him shaking. Thank you so


much. Thank you so, so much. You don't know how much it means. Thank


you. Listen, Marvin is waiting. He wants


to hear all your thoughts. Head on up there.


Come on, Jermain. Make sure you miss mum -- make sure you give mum a


kiss. Everybody, give it up for Jermain! Come here, Jermain. You are


the first Fast Pass of the night, how does it feel to be in the semi


final? Out of this world. I am surrounded by so many amazing


singers. I am so blessed to be in this competition. Sophie and Iesher


have amazing futures ahead of them. Emma, back to you. Thank you very


much. So, there is only one place left on


Team Will and both of these gorgeous girls wants that. Who gets it is up


to you. The vote will open at the end of the show. Here are the


numbers that you need. You can vote for free online. Visit


the website where you will find all the terms and conditions. Ladies,


the very best of luck. Go up and see Marvin in the V Room. Put your hands


together for Sophie May and Iesher! Give it up for the rest of Team Will


right now. Take a seat. You look amazing. Iesher, I will come to you


first. From now on, your fate is in the public's hands. How do you feel?


Quite scary! But I have trust in the public. Sophie, anything you would


like to say? Thank you, and I hope you vote as well. I know your


grandad will be watching. Anything you want to say? All right, how are


you doing? Mr has already been on Twitter so far. Can we see


what he has been tweeting about? We have got a selfie on the screen.


Give it up for Team Will right now. Emma, back to you.


So, what will's artists have set the bar. Now time for the other teams to


rise to it. Here comes Team Kylie. Being in Team Kylie is unbelievable.


How you see her on TV is exactly like in real life. She's a lot less


serious than I thought she would be. So, are sorry! She's beautiful.


Unbelievably talented. She has got an aura around her. She's the queen


of pop. I am over the moon with my 3/4-finalists. They have three very


different elements of modern pop. Jamie is absolutely adorable. He is


bright eyed, a gorgeous young guy. Rachael is the beautiful belle of


Derry, a pop princess. Lee draws thin. The rest of the world seems to


melt away when he sings. I'm excited that they get to perform on the live


stage. I could have the winner! We were just doing a selfie as they


came back. I have finally got my picture taken with Kylie. How are


you feeling about your team? I am a little nervous but I am so excited


for everyone to see what they have got. How have they been preshow?


They are probably feeling right now but they seem cool enough. I was the


one trying to act cool and say, it is OK, just enjoy it but maybe it is


now role reversal. Keeping them feeling calm? Trying to! The first


artist has come a long way, especially considering his method of


transport. How are you doing? A couple of months ago I was driving


around in my Mini, doing gigs and now I am in the life quarterfinals


of The Voice. Holding Kylie's hand! Very proud of Jamie. It overwhelms


us all to know that he has done so well. My family have been so


supportive. Look at that! My sister Jessica has been doing a brilliant


job. She is no longer my roadie. Now she's doing more by promoting him


and giving out leaflets. She is pretty good at her new job because


she has got a big mouth! Support Jamie on The Voice! Try saying vote


Jamie. Vote Jamie! Support Jamie on The Voice, please! I could not ask


for a better sister. Jamie is a cheeky chappie, for sure. If he ends


up in the semifinals, I promised I would be his roadie. I have got


skills. Maybe I will have to get Charlene's overalls out again! Vote


Jamie Jackson on The Voice! So here is Kylie's first act, it is Jamie!


# Making my way downtown. # Walking fast. # Faces pass. # And I need


you. # And I miss you.


# And now I wonder.... # If I could fall.


# Into the sky. # Do you think time.


# Would pass me by. # 'Cause you know I'd walk.


# A thousand miles. # If I could.


# Just see you tonight. # And I, I, # Don't want to let you


know. # I, I drown in your memory.


# I, I don't want to let this go. # Making my way downtown. # Walking


fast. # Faces pass.


# And I'm home bound. # Staring blankly ahead. # Just


making my way. # Making a way.


# Through the crowd. # And I still need you. # And I


still miss you. # And now I wonder....


# If I could fall. # Into the sky.


# Do you think time. # Would pass us by.


# 'Cause you know I'd walk. # A thousand miles.


# If I could just see you... Tonight. # CHEERING


The lovely Jamie Johnson! How was that? I have been so nervous


all week and I am so glad to do it now. Thank you so much. Relief that


it is over? Little bit but I want to do it again. I am shaking. Thank


you! Kylie, you have offered to be his roadie, used to be a mechanic,


can you fix a car? No! But I can polish it. I can buffet. That is


cool! I have been dying to hear it. Every rehearsal he has done me so


proud. You look fantastic. You are completely comfortable, you are so


dependable, every time you deliver and give a bit extra. It was


brilliant, thank you. Tom, it was another different side to Jamie that


we saw tonight? Yes, and I liked it. It was strong and powerful. You


reminded me of my little bit. By just a little bit. I mean strong and


powerful. You came out blazing and I loved that. What is wrong with his


car anyway? What is up with his car? It is a lovely car, don't get me


wrong, I love the colour, it is the colour of my dress. It is pretty


old. I remember it now. How is your sister by the way? She is brilliant,


she is just there! Ricky, how was it for you? He is such a lovely guy,


sometimes you forget he has got such a demon of a voice. Don't forget he


has got a demon of a voice! He is incredible and his name is Jamie.


Will, how would you describe Jamie's performance? It was magical.


On site you looked like one of Harry Potter's homeboys but you were


singing like the best of them, amazing. Amazing, thank you very


much. Please put your hands together for Jamie!


Next up, Kylie's very first turn from the very first show.


When you sang, can't get you out of my head, it took me a second to


recognise it. I thought there was a chance she would hate it. Are you


crazy, I loved it! Lee is very intense with every performance.


There is a guarantee. I do not even know that I am doing that face!


Shall I do a song with it? You will lose your career! Or that passion or


something like that. Before I applied for The Voice I was a sales


manager. The fact that I have got through to the live shows, I figured


I should give this might all. I decided to quit my job. Have a great


career! This is what I want. There is no other option. This is your job


now. Kylie has had my back up until now, she has believed in me. The


winner is Lee. It as a whole new ball game now. The public may not


see what Kylie has seen so far. Don't slam the door on your way out!


How rude! From Team Kylie, it is Lee!


# Take the ribbon from your hair. # Shake it loose and let it fall.


# Laying soft upon my skin. # Like the shadows on the wall.


# Come and lay down by my side till the early morning light.


# All I'm takin' is your time. # Help me make it through the night.


# I don't care what's right or wrong, I won't try to understand.


# Let the devil take tomorrow Lord, tonight I need a friend. # Yesterday


is dead and gone and tomorrow's out of sight.


And tomorrow's out of sight. # And it's sad to be alone.


# Help me make it through the night. # I don't wanna be alone.


# Help me make it through the night. CHEERING AND APPLAUSE


Ladies and gentleman, Lee! That was beautiful. Are you OK? Do you know


what, doing this prerecorded is something, but doing it live is


something else. I've got so much respect for the other 11 guys doing


this. Back stage, we are bricking it. This is such an experience. I'm


so happy to be here. I'm honoured. Tom, you were on your feet. There


what did you think? When I heard you in rehearsal. I thought the song


wasn't doing enough for you. I've heard you sing, because you have a


tremendous range and your falsetto is very strong. I heard it in


rehearsal and thought it might not be strong enough, but you pulled it


off. I felt it tonight. Thank you, Sir Tom. Thank you so


much. Ricky, we normally see Lee go all out. He's stripped it back


tonight, did you enjoy seeing Lee do that? I enjoy every interpretation


he does of a song. There's no exception tonight. I liked it. I


loved. It Will? I thought it was enchanting.


It was really... It was haunting, wasn't wasn't it? Enchanting. I


thought haunting as well. Like, it was ghostly. No, it was really cool.


It brought out the sensitive side in a really, you know, appreciate that


kind of, like a man really, I mean don't to put it like, that I really


- and then you know, it was really nice.


He's got a great set of tonsils on him? A great set of tonsils. I think


he has great other things. I love you Lee!


Lee, he had me at the blind auditions. That was one thing. We've


just gone on and on and on. It was stunning. You felt the energy change


in the room. It was the slowest song we've had so far, or actually Sophie


May's was slow as well. But the place erupted. You had them in the


palm of your hand. Well done. Coaches, thank you very much. Please


show your appreciation for Lee. CHEERING AND APPLAUSE


So, last up for team Kylie, it's all been a bit of a dream for her third


artist. How are you? Good. You had to be in


my final three. You have something so beautiful.


# I'll be your clown... # It's you, just you. You would-to


work with you. That gives you a lot of confidence hearing Kylie say


that. There's a lot of change happening in Rachael's life right


now. She's going to be away from family. Her excitement levels must


be out of control right now. Dad has given me these rules.


Remember what we discussed? No boys! No bad boys! I'm not allowed to go


out on my own, at any time of the day. I'm sure he knows we've all got


your back. Everyone's seen on TV about proud my dad is of me. So


cringing. It's unbelievable, whenever you hear your own child's


name shouted out. Rachael. I completely relate to Rachael. She's


really excited. I've been there. I know what she feels like. Being the


only girl in team Kylie is super cool. Probably have sleepovers and


she'll probably do my hair and my nails.


LAUGHTER I'm only 17 and for me to get this


far does not seem real. Rachael. # Tell me are you feeling strong. #


Strong enough to love someone. # And make it through the hardest storm. #


And bad weather. # Will you pull me from the flames. # Hold me till I


feel no pain. # And give me shelter from the rain. # Forever. # Where


can I find her. # She took the light and left me in the dark. # She left


me with a broken heart. # Now I'm on my own. # If anybody sees her. #


Tell me can you hear my voice. # Loud and clear above the noise. #


And even if I had the choice. # I would not give up. # Where can I


find her. # She took the light and left me in the dark. # She left me


with a broken heart. # Now I'm on my own. # If anybody sees her. # Eh,


eh, eh shine a light on her. # Eh, eh, eh shine a light on her. # Eh,


eh, eh shine a light on her. # If anybody sees him. #


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE The gorgeous Rachael! Look at your


little face! How was it? That was the funnest thing ever. Like you


were having the time of your life. I did. It definitely beats going to


school and doing my home work. It's just a dream. Think you could have


done this at 17? I think the rugby team would have had something to say


about it, if I did that! No, of course not. Not this outfit. Maybe


not. Why am I. OK, back in the room. Rachael, you're the youngest in the


competition, but it's obvious that you belong up there. You're having a


great time and obvious everyone else is having a great time. I loved it.


Tom, she's suffered with a lack of confidence before, but you'd never


think that watching her. No, I don't think she lacks in confidence. Maybe


last week. You know it was a little shaky. But that was the only time.


When I heard you sing in the blind auditions, I hit my button, strong.


I turned around. I did a pig pitch. I put my hand on my heart and


everything. Sorry. It's very rare I do that. Is he making you feel bad?


I told you then because you sound great, you have the whole package.


You found yourself early. Because a lot of young singers, or young


people in general, they don't find themselves for a while. They have to


learn a lot of things. But to me, you've already learned it. You've


already found your voice. That's very important for a young


performer. You do that. Thank you. Do we have the making a pop Princess


on our hands? We sure do. And tonight, she was living the dream.


She's wanted dances, lights, costumes, she's been almost


uncontrollable all week. She's just ready to burst with excitement. As


Tom was saying, your progression is really evident and yes, it's hard to


find your voice. In the knockouts when it was choosing your own song,


maybe it wasn't the right song. But in this environment we can help you.


You have an incredible team at your service to make your dreams come


true. Can you sum up the performance in


one word? No, I can't. A small sentence? I have a couple of words.


At first I was like this song is operaty cool, but you made me like


this song. I got up from my seat to sit with Ricky, to be like what,


she's not starting off right here? Then I'm like, whoa this is crazy


fresh. I went up to Kylie and said, who came up with the starting from


over there. So wow, after a while you're performing, I came back here


to see what people were saying about your performance. What's great about


lives is you can see what people are saying. Saying like, "Oh, she's


fresh. Oh, my God, she's hot. Oh, my gosh I like her dress." I take it,


you enjoy today? I'm just a spectator. I was spectacularly


erm...... Specifically... Blown away.


Thank you very much. Whose earned Kylie's fast pass into the next


stage of the competition? It's time to find out. Put your hands together


one more time for Team Kylie. Kylie, last decision for you of the


entire competition. How are you feeling about making it? I suddenly


feel quite, I don't know if I'm hot or cold. I've just had a change.


Kylie, it's decision time. Kylie, who's getting your fast pass


through to the semifinals? Quickly, I love you all. You're amazing and


the journey does not stop here. But the person I'm taking through with


the fast pass to the semifinals is... Jamie!


CHEERING You look shocked, yet happy,


relieved. Are you OK? What would you trike say? Thank you so much What


would you like to say? Thank you so much for everything, everything


you've done. And these guys... You guys have supported each other so


much. Honestly, I just hope we stay best friends forever, you know.


Relationship between the two of you, well the three of you is so lovely.


Marv is waiting for you, head on up there.


Jamie, come on up to the V Room. Everyone give it up for Jamie!


APPLAUSE Congratulations, man, you are


Kylie's fast pass. You're feeling emotional? I didn't expect it at


all. I just didn't, yeah, I just... Yeah. These two, honestly, everyone


make sure you vote for them, because they are the nicest people you will


ever meet. Honestly, yeah, thank you.


That's very kind of you. Jamie is very emotional right now.


So Lee and Rachael are now hoping to take that last place on Team Kylie


in the semifinal. Here are the numbers you need to vote:


Listen, at this point, you are still in the game. It's not over quite


yet. Go up to the V Room to have a chat. Give it up for Rachael and Lee


everybody. APPLAUSE


Comen you two. Join me in the V Room.


Give it up for the rest of Team Kylie. Well done. Rachael, you're


the youngest in the competition. Now it's coatally down to the public.


You need the whole of Northern Ireland to vote for you tonight.


Definitely. Please pick up the phone and I won't let you down.


Lee, who have you got supporting you tonight? Here? Yeah. My mum, dad and


two brothers. They've been there since day one. Some of my friends


are in the audience as well. Big love to everybody. I'm so happy to


have them here. Congratulations. Your fate is in the public's hands.


Best of luck to you to. If you want to download the song's tonight go to


The Voice website. With your help one of this lot could be in the


charts before the competition is even over.


Will and Kylie's artists may have the youth. But these guys have the


experience. Just like their legendary commander in chief, it's


Team Tom. I'm the Godfather on the show. All


the coaches always have to watch out for Team Tom. Yeah! Tom is


definitely the boss. Believe me, trust me. Like that. He's done it


all. He's seen it all. And he's sung it all. I don't want to go name


dropping again. Like Elvis, Dusty Springfield. Stevie Wonder. I've


worked with everybody under the -- sun. He's one of the coolest guys in


the business. There's nothing more to be said about that.


Team Tom is the best. Georgia has her own style. She's


fresh, to use Will's expression. What Bizzi comes with that Gospel


flair. There's a spiritual connection between Bizzi and myself.


Sally is my folk singer. Her voice is magical. She could move me to


tears with anything she sings. Let the best man or woman win. Me and


Tom are having a moment. I was just saying you have got your legs on


again. I attached them especially for this evening! There are a lot of


nerves all around the studio but especially backstage with the


artists. How do you conquer them? You just have to know that everybody


is nervous. When I first did the Royal variety show I was fine, I was


in my 20s I felt OK. But to see the seasoned performers, all with nerves


because it is like television, I thought, maybe I should be nervous.


They made me nervous. They are making a legend nervous! I was still


in my 20s then. So everybody gets nervous is what I am saying. You


should not worry. You should give it the best shots you can. Shall we get


on with your first artist? Yeller acquiesce. Time to get the gospel


truth on the life and Times of Tom's first act. Good to see you


again, let's get busy! The reason I am pleased that you are here is


because I feel like we come from the same place. I feel it, I know where


you are coming from. Good afternoon, everyone. It is wonderful to have


you here today. I was born and raised in the church. The church I


come from is extremely energetic. Most people who go to a gospel


church can sing. They are used to listening to people who can sing and


he can sing. Bizzi kept it in church where he came from. Amen. Amen. It


was my dream to be in the final 12. Bizzi. I auditioned on the same day


as my brother but he did not get through so I have to fly the family


flag. I am so happy for him. I know what it means for him. I just hope


he will go as far as he possibly can. Of course we will be voting for


Bizzi! We will do a lot of votes. Not all dreams country, I'm


delighted that this one has. I do not want to go home. To sing If You


Really Love Me, it is Bizzi! And If You Really Love Me won't you


tell me. And If You Really Love Me won't you


tell me. And If You Really Love Me won't you


tell me. Then I won't have to be.


Playing around. You call my name.


Oooh so sweet. To make your kiss incomplete.


When your mood is clear. You quickly change your ways.


Then you say I'm untrue. What am I supposed to do.


Be a fool who sits alone waiting for you.


But If You Really Love Me won't you tell me.


Then I won't have to be. Playing around.


I see the light of your smile. Calling me all the while.


You are saying baby. It's time to go.


First the feeling's all right. Then it's gone from sight.


So I'm taking out this time to say. Oh If You Really Love Me won't you


tell me. Oh If You Really Love Me won't you


tell me. Then I won't have to be.


Playing around no. CHEERING The ever so wonderful


Bizzi! Well done! You look absolutely


gorgeous. Well, you were up out of that chair, you were to step in the


long, what did you think? Man, that is what it sounds like when you know


what you are doing. My eyebrows were so high up, it felt like my eyebrows


were trying to meet my hairline. It was just like overwhelming, it was


nice. Thank you. Kylie, you were up out of that chair. And you turned


for Bizzi. I did! Smooth, soulful and now you are smoking hot as well.


Smoking! You do it every time. What was so funny? I just wanted to turn


it into a dance floor and get going. Tom, how'd you turn singer into a


soul singer? Can you can you turn singer into a soul singer? Bizzi has


already got the soul. He comes from the church, that is where soul music


comes from. It is gospel music really. And that is what he does. He


is a gospel singer, soul singer, this man can sing! Thanks, coach.


Ricky, did you really love him? He deserves to be up there doing his


thing and he does it really well. Team Tom, amazing. Team Tom, thank


you. Please give it up for Bizzi. APPLAUSE Now, Tom's next artist


keeps reducing him to tears. It is the lady who can make a legend


blog. Sally, it is lovely to hear you sing. You move me. That is what


happened on the blind audition. It was so beautiful. I could not help


myself. She hit a nerve. And I felt it. Please give a warm welcome to


Sally Barker! I have been a singer and musician for the last 30 odd


years. When I was younger I was quite successful and toured quite a


lot. Then my husband became ill with cancer. After Chris died it was


difficult dot macro you know, the kids' needs came first. It was a


no-brainer for me. Kids need you. So you do that. Sally thought her


career was over so this has given her a new lease of life. She is a


great singer. She was just mum before but now she is mum the rock


star. At Morrisons check out, suddenly said they saw me on TV.


Somebody said that to me, they said, aren't you Tom Jones? I said, no!


The Voice has given me a second chance. I am loving it. From Team


Tom, to sing To Love Somebody, it is Sally!


There's a light. A certain kind of light.


That never shone on me. I want my life to be lived with you.


Lived with you. There's a way everybody say.


To do each and every little thing. But what does it bring.


If I ain't got you, ain't got? You don't know what it's like, baby.


You don't know what it's like. To Love Somebody.


The way I love you. I live and I breathe for you.


But what good does it do. If I ain't got you, ain't got?


You don't know what it's like, baby. You don't know what it's like.


To Love Somebody. To Love Somebody.


The way I love you. CHEERING


The incredible Sally Barker! That was so, so beautiful. Tom? She has


got you again, hasn't she? Your eyes are full of tears again. You are


welling up again at Sally's voice. What is it about her voice that does


this to you? I do know, she just does it. She is real. She has a


warm, but you cannot learn that. You either have it or you don't and she


does. Ricky, the whole atmosphere in the room changes when she sings,


doesn't it? Firearm macro that was some show, Sally Barker and I think


we are beginning to see the performance that was there when life


got in the way. Now it is your turn again. There is a dark and fragile


quality to your voice which I cannot put my finger on. I know I cannot


wait to hear it again next week. Will, what did you think? Every time


you sing, I just feel so complete and says, like you just make me feel


like, I cannot explain it. I just love hearing you sing. I think that


goes for the whole room as well. She is just incredible. Kylie, what did


you think of the performance? I loved hearing you do something a


little stronger, little pasty. The way you deliver the emotions so


clearly -- a little pacey. There is some girliness which gives you that


extra thing which I think is blowing our minds. Please, put your hands


together for Sally! CHEERING OK, so you can sum up Tom's final


artist in three words, fun, fun, fun.


With Georgia, I don't think she knows how good she is. Since being


on The Voice, my confidence in performing is definitely growing.


Ten years ago I was not confident in myself. At my heaviest, I was about


16 stone and I was depressed. My first marriage broke down. I knew


that in order for me to be happy, I had to change, grab life and not


waste it. Definitely. Great to see you. I decided to turn my life


around and got fit. Music became my love. The fitness is really


important to me. If I ever feel like I have had a bad day, I can go


training. Tom would make a great personal trainer! He would


definitely motivate me. I want you to be confident and happy and


pumping. So I am going to try and pump it!


Pump it. Looking back on being a 16-year-old, it's like I'm not even


that same person any more. The whole experience has been incredible.


# When I signed my deal. #I felt pressure.


#Don't wanna see the numbers. #I wanna see heaven.


#You say, could you write a song for me?


#I say, I'm sorry I won't do that happily.


#When I go home. #I tend to close the door.


#I never wanted more. #So sing with me.


#Can't you see. # I don't have.


# Money on my mind. # Money on my mind.


# I do it for. # I do it for the love.


# I do it for the love. # Please don't get me wrong.


# I wanna keep it moving. # I know what that requires.


# I'm not foolish. # Please, can you make this work for


me? # Cause I'm not a puppet, I will


work against your strings. # I never wanted more.


# So sing with me. # Can't you see.


# I don't have. # Money on my mind.


# I do it for. # I do it for the love.


# Don't you fret # No, I don't have money on my mind


# No money on my mind # Money on my mind


# No, I don't have money on my mind # Just love


# Yeah # Money on my mind


# I do it, I do it # I do it for the love. #


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE The gorgeous Georgia That was


wonderful. Congratulations. Kylie, there was a lot to enjoy about that.


That's like one of my sets. A lot going on. But Georgia on my mind.


That was brilliant. Thank you. I love you. Tom, there were 12 artists


left at this point, what makes Georgia stand out? Well, have a look


at her. Well, yeah. She's a cracker. And you've got built-in rhythm. I've


told you that from day one. You have a thing that is very vibrant. Then


when you see you working out, you can tell why. Because when I saw


that clip, I thought good God. Leaping up on that thing, well,


apart from that, you sound great, honestly. You came through with it.


You didn't like the song to start w, I know that. But you did. It I told


you, pump. It and you pumped it. You're confirming the fact that I


have the strongest team, that's all I've got to say.


Big words. Ricky, it was a change of direction for George ya, due enjoy


it? It -- Georgia, did you enjoy it? It's a bold song choice. If anyone


can get you through it, it was Tom. Well done both of you. I loved it.


Thanks. ( Will, how was it for you? You started off a little pitchy,


just in the beginning. But you notice today and you got back into


it. I got to say, this number, because everyone gets pitchy every


once in a while, this number is probably the best number of the show


so far. Wow! Whose idea was the


choreography? The lovely Nathan, he is amazing! Fantastic. That's


awesome. Tom's about to guarantee one of his three remaining acts a


place in next week's semifinal. But who is getting that one-time-only


fast pass. Please welcome back Team Tom.


APPLAUSE OK Tom, this is your last decision


of the competition. Who you choose now could change your


chances. Can I say something? Yes. First of


all, I think tonight, I thought the three of you did fantastic. You


really, and... APPLAUSE


You make me proud, honestly. But it just makes it more difficult. That's


the thing. Because you are so strong, the three of you. OK Tom,


it's decision time. Tom, who's getting your fast pass


through to next week's semifinal? Have I got to say now? When you're


ready, Tom. Well my fast pass is... Sally.


CHEERING Sally, congratulations. Any words


that you'd like to say to Tom? Thank you very, very much, Sir Tom. I'm


really looking forward to singing with you defo. Too. I think we're


all looking forward to that. Please put your hands together for Sally.


Marvin is waiting for you in the V Room.


APPLAUSE Congratulations, Sally. Come and


give us a big hug. Everyone make some noise for Sally Barker.


APPLAUSE I mean everybody here is so proud of


you, what is this like for your family right now? I'm especially


pleased because my mum's here. She's had her hair done, all special,


like, this morning. So she looks fabulous and I've had my hair done


as well, so I look fabulous. Beautiful. Lots of high fiving over


here. Now, it's between Bizzi and Georgia, only one can return next


week and only you can make that happen. Here are the numbers you'll


need to get behind your second Team Tom semifinalist:


Don't forget you can vote for free, just visit the website where you can


find terms and conditions. Guys, there is nothing else you can


do at this point. But what can you do, head on up to Marvin, he's


waiting to have a chat. Please put your hands together for Bizzi and




Come on Georgia, Bizzi. Everyone give it up for the rest of




take a seat. Well done, my man. Georgia, congratulations, on that


performance, is there anything you'd like to say to everybody at home? I


just don't want to leave this stage. I love it. It's so much fun. And I


love you'd to vote for me so I can come back next week.


Great stuff. Bizzi, you've been busy at the church this week. Anything


you'd like to say to everybody watching from the church? I'd like


to say thank you for everybody supporting me and long may that


continue. Please vote for me, I don't want to go home. Men to that!


-- Amen to that! Our artists have recorded versions of tonight's


performances for you to download. At least 20 p per down loads go to the


BBC performing arts fund charity. Ladies and gentleman, Team Tom.


Right, time for our final team of the night, as the chief Kaiser goes


to war with his elite unit, bang, bang, it's team Ricky.


Ricky is like the cool, indie God. The first time I met him, I thought,


whoa, that's Ricky from Kaiser Chiefs. He's like this amazing front


man and he's so cool. Team Ricky, if we were a band... We would be like


the Ricky-chiefs. We could be the ind yay version of steps. As a team


we're pretty strong. Chris, I put him at the front. He wears his


heart, in his voice. I feel like you really know him. Emily, she'd be the


manager. She is like a spovrning. When she sees someone do something,


she will learn how to do it. Kristina is like the musical


director. She's flawless. She should be everyone's favourite female


Deeament and me, I'm just along for the ride.


So Ricky, your acts are about to perform live for the very first


time. I'm going to give you this one on a plate, Ricky Wilson, what do


you predict? Good! I wish I could predict it, it would make my life a


lot easier. I just want them to do the best they can. I know they can


do that, because I've seen them. I think you're as nervous as they are,


aren't you? More so. I see it in your eyes. Uh-huh. Up, from team


Ricky, it's the shy guy, who lets his vocals do the talking.


# Wake me up when it's all over... # I will not give up until you've won


this. I think I do struggle a bit with


confidence. I'm quite reserved and laid back. Chris is a very quiet


person. He's a shy person, until you get to know him. I don't feel


confident and comfortable if I'm not on a stage singing somewhere. I


think that's how I express myself. Ricky's helped me a lot. All it


takes is one person to believe in you. I have found that one person


through being on this show. People see you as laid back and you're not.


You're not one of those people to come out here telling me how much


you want it, because I know that when you sing.


When he sings he opens parts of your heart thaw didn't know were. There


he makes you feel instantly emotional. He's a special guy, man.


He's wicked. I try to go back to Manchester as


often as I can. You OK? Chris adores his niece Renee. He doesn't see her


as often as he would like because he lives in London. It's hard but I


found there were no opportunities available for me. That'sy moved.


That's why I moved. We need a pop star like Chris in the world,


someone that comes from nowhere and blows your mind.


It's just an honour, when people are saying, wow, he's amazing and I say,


"That's my son." # Drinking in the morning sun. #


Blinking in the morning sun. # Shaking off a heavy one. # Yeah,


heavy like a loaded gun. # What made me behave that way? # Using words I


never say. # I can only think it must be love. # Oh anyway, it's


looking like a beautiful day. # Someone tell me how I feel.


# So throw those curtains wide # One day like this a year would see


me right # So throw those curtains wide


# One day like this a year would see me right.


# Holy cow I love your eyes # And only now I see the light


# Holy cow, I love your eyes # And only now, I see the light. #


CHEERING The wonderful Chris Royal! Ighalo K? I am fine. -- are you OK?


At the beginning of the series you said everyone would fall in love


with this person and they have. Some of my predictions are correct. We


love you, your voice and your energy. I know Ricky has spoken


about that. You are just a cool guy. You're warm and soulful voice. You


keep giving. Ricky, you looked like you were welling up there. Little


bit, it does happen. He has a beautiful voice. You need to take


great confidence from that performance. It was outstanding. I


know this man will make great albums and everyone in this audience will


buy them and everyone at home. Well done, Chris. Tom, it is a big song,


how do you think he did? I think he did wonderful. When I heard you this


afternoon, I felt maybe the key, I think you could have sung it in


maybe a semitone up because you have a big range. But the key that you


did it in, having listened to the whole thing was a warm and very


beautiful. Was it a royal performance? If I had a hat I would


give hats off to Ricky. The song choice was great. You sang amazing.


The way it looked was like Grammy, Brits level. You are a bona five


star tonight. Thank you. OK, all the way from Blackpool, the


Vegas of the North, Ricky's next artist is in the building.


How are you doing, all right? Whenever Emily Seebohm is, I always


think there is more. She gets better and better. -- whenever Emily sings.


I am born and bred in Blackpool. Life before The Voice was college,


seeing my friends and then helping my dad out with the hotel. Come on,


chop chop. It feels strange that my friends are at home worrying about


their A-levels and I am in London preparing for a live show. I won a


twisting competition in Blackpool! My end my friend Craig went on


holiday and we won a twisting competition. We will miss Emily a


lot at the hotel at Easter time but Blackpool is tremendously proud. My


mum organised a gathering where my friends and family could turn up to


watch the show. It seemed like the whole of Blackpool turned up.


Everybody got behind her. They all want to be a part of her success.


Emily. The turnout tonight is incredible. Feeling the love and


support from home is incredible. From Team Ricky, singing Happy, it


is Emily. ?? new line # It might seem crazy


what I'm about to say. ?? new line # Sunshine she's


# Come along if you know that happiness is you


# Come along if you feel that's what you want to do


# No holding back # I should probably warn you I'll be


just be the one # No wasting time


# Oohhhhhh # Bring me down


# Your love is too high # Come along if you -- clap along if


you feel like a room without a roof # Clap along if you feel like


happiness is the truth # Because I'm happy


# Clap along if you feel like happiness is to you


# Clap along if you feel like that's what you want to do. #


Emily! Check you out! I want to bow down to you. I want your voice, I


want your legs, there was a party going on in the studio right now. It


was fantastic. Tom, one of the biggest songs of the year, did she


rise to the challenge? Yes, they were all up dancing. It was very


strong. The only thing with your team is, you are not going to win!


No, they are great looking people, it was great. I must say, the talent


on this show, everyone has been great. Ricky, you are smiling like


the cat that got the cream. You were amazing. Oh, Emily! You have got so


much ambition and drive and you totally matched it with that


performance. It was clear in the room. She has got an incredible


voice. She has got an incredible pair of legs. What did you make of


the entire performance? Legendary. I like the song. It is really fresh. I


like it even more after you sang it. You sang it awesome. Thank you.


Kylie, are you happy? I am ecstatic. A song like this, we love it but for


you to take it and make it seem fresh, it was brilliant. And the


legs, Surrey, had to mention it, amazing legs. It is just the girls


mentioning her legs! What is going on? ! Coaches, thank you very much.


Emily, thank you very much. CHEERING OK, remember, the vote does not open


until all the artists have sung. So Emily has gone. All of the


artists recorded a performance so to download them please go to our


website and download them will stop they could be in the chart tomorrow.


At least 20p per download goes to the BBC Performing Arts Fund.


Finally from Team Ricky is a girl who has quit her job for The Voice


but can she keep her place in the competition?


Everyone expected I would be the indie guy who went for guys with


guitars but then I heard Christina. It is The Voice of a pop star. You


must be feeling pretty good? Yes, it is amazing to be here. I am


petrified. I had to quit my job to be here. That was a massive thing


for me to do. So you have to make this happen? I have to make it


happen. I am 20 years old. I got my office job to support my mum. She is


a single parent. She helped to bring up her sister. I am so proud. I love


her. My sister is so important to me. Whenever she has got a problem,


she comes to me for advice. She's always there for me and will help me


my work. I am the oldest child. I had to grow up faster. It has been a


struggle. She has got all this going on in her life, how will she make it


work? Through singing. I will hold this long note and it will fizzle


out. In a roomful of people, is telling them what she should be


doing -- what they should be doing. She knows what she wants and she is


not afraid to say it. That is the definition of a superstar.


Finally, from Team Ricky, it is Christina-Marie!


Hello. I've waited here for you.


Everlong. Tonight.


I throw myself into. And out of the red.


Out of her head she sang. And I wonder.


When I sing along with you. If everything could ever feel this


real forever. If anything could ever be this good


again. The only thing I'll ever ask of you.


You gotta promise not to stop when I say when she sang.


Breathe out. So I can breathe you in.


Hold you in. If everything could ever feel this


real forever. If anything could ever be this good


again. The only thing I'll ever ask of you.


You gotta promise not to stop when I say when she sang.


CHEERING The sensational Christina-Marie!


Lots of deep breath coming from you there. How was it? It was amazing.


It is amazing to be on the stage with them and sing in front of all


these people. And everyone watching at home. I can feel you shaking. You


took nerves to a whole new level today, didn't you? Oh yes, I was


throwing up earlier big-time. It was not pretty. You certainly look very


pretty and sensational now, so don't worry. Ricky, the last act of


tonight, was it worth the wait? I think it is what the world was


waiting for! The world does not need telling that that was amazing and


you will go a long way. Thank you so much. What did you make of the


informants, Will? Foreperson who was throwing up, you sounded amazing.


You were nervous? You are nearly there, you are so


nearly off the stage. Sorry, we will carry on. You controlled it so well.


You looked wonderful and the way you performed the high note at the end


was mesmerising. If that is how you control your nerves, every single


person who ever complains about being nervous should learn from this


wonderful singer right here. Tom, how would you sum it up? I know I


say great a lot but that was great, great, great. Weston-super-Mare,


right? Close? Bristol. Are you all right, my lover? That was


tremendous! Really tremendous. Kylie, that was a sensational


performance but what an incredible dress as well? Yes, and standing on


a box. It is just one extra thing to think about. Don't fall, don't take


one step, don't look down, concentrate, you did all of that. I


am just in awe of your talent. That is world-class. Well done, Ricky.


Just amazing, amazing! The good news is that this is the


last time you have to make a decision Ricky. The bad news is


you're about to make another decision. Please welcome back to the


stage, Team Ricky. APPLAUSE


So Ricky, we all know from experience, you hate making these


tough decisions. That is why we have left you till last, so that you can


sweat it out just a little bit longer. You're about to guarantee


one member of your team a place in next week's semifinals. Just


verbalise how you're feeling for us? I'm good, but not that good, Emma.


Jeez. Terrible. Because I think they all deserve, they could all win it.


So, I wish I didn't have to make this decision. But, hopefully the


great British public will do the right thing.


OK, Ricky. It's decision time. The person I'm taking through to the


semifinals next week, straight through is... Erm...... I can't risk


it, it's Christina-Marie. APPLAUSE


She's absolutely trembling. Kristina, what would you like to say


to Ricky? Thank you so much. You have believed in me from the start.


You have been so supportive and always there, at the drop of a hat,


whenever I need you. I can't thank you enough for everything you've


done for me. I can't wait to share the stage you next week. It's going


to be the best thing ever. Done. Head up to mash. -- Marv.


Christina-Marie come into the V Room.


APPLAUSE Wasn't she sensational.


You look absolutely shell shocked. How due get through today? How due


pull off that performance? I just tried to breathe a lot and not be


sycamore than twice. It seemed to have worked quite well. Oh, gosh,


I'm shaking. That was amazing. Emma back to you.


Thank you very much. So, then there were two and only one member of team


Ricky can sing next week. Only you can make that decision. Ricky, you


are officially off the hook. The vote will open shortly and here


are the numbers to vote: To vote for free, visit the the


website where you register and find terms and conditions. We're minutes


from opening the vote. If you head up to Marvin he's waiting for you in


the V Room. APPLAUSE


Chris, Emily, come on guys. Jump in and take a seat.


Absolutely amazing. You two have definitely stepped it up this week.


Emily, singing and dancing, like a ready-made pop star. That was the


best I could do. It's down to the British public to hopefully keep me


in and see more for next week. And the rest of Blackpool. I've got my


tavrning reen on. I've got my tavrning Rhone orange. That


performance was epic. Will referred to it as a Brits performance. How


was it for you? I've loved every moment of this experience so far.


Yeah, you realise that your dreams are not too far away. I'm just


grateful to be here. I can't even speak. Yeah, thank you.


Great stuff. We've had a lot of reaction online tonight. Scott Mills


says he's loving the great talent. Ed Balls has been shouting his


support. You'll be pleased about that Jermain. Yeah. Chris Moyles


says, "Don't forget to vote everyone." Our very own Kylie has


posted this photo of her and Emma. We call this a selfie, don't we?


Look at that. Also, Zoe Ball has been in touch. She said she's so


psyched about The Voice she's on the sofa and her kids are shouting,


"Mum, get down." Thank you. Don't forget The Voice Loud is on every


weekday this Monday at 6. 30. The coaches have handed out their


one and only fast pass. Now the power is gone for them. It's all


down to you. Ask yourself, who is the real deal? Who has the presence,


performance and voice of a true star? Remember, you're voting for


your favourite artist on each team to go through to the semifinals.


It's time to decide who stays to sing again, because... The vote is


now open! CHEERING


Calls cost 15 p from a mobile and BT land line, other networks may vary.


To help you decide, here are those all-important numbers you need:


Wow, what a show. Remember, the one artist from each team with the most


public votes is guaranteed to go through to next week's semifinal. If


you want to save your favourite, here are those all-important


numbers: You can vote for free online. Go to


the website for more details. Ht's show is far from over. We're going


to be back here in just ten minutes, after the lottery results.


You don't have long to decide which artist from each team you want to


stick around for the semifinals. Minutes until we're back with


performances from Jason Derulo and One Republic. It's only ten minutes?


I think ten minutes. We'll see you back here in ten minutes.


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