20/04/2017 100 Days

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As President Trump takes office, Katty Kay in Washington and Christian Fraser in London report on the events that are shaping our world.

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Hello and welcome to the One Show with Matt Baker.


Now, tonight's guests have something in common.


It's Europe's big test. edition of One Hundred Days.


France prepares to go to the polls in the first


Yes good evening from Paris, according to the polls one in four


France prepares to go to the polls in the first


Yes good evening from Paris, according to the polls one in four


French voters still undecided with three days to go.


Those polls couldn't be tighter ahead of Sunday's vote,


tonight all 11 Presidential candidates will be making


In just over half an hour, they will be taking to the stage


for the last televised forum before the voters decide on Sunday.


Course France isn't the only country with election fever, in the UK


the Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn has laid out his case ahead of


it is the establishment of verses of the people. It is our historic duty


to make sure the people prevail. Also, Fox News parts ways


with Bill O'Reilly after allegations Was the split because


of money or morals? Rupert Murdoch wants


to expand his media empire and the O'Reilly scandal risked


getting in the way. And there are few things as iconic


in America as a Harley Davidson. It turns out the famous Wisconsin


bike can teach us a lot Hello and welcome to One Hundred


Days, I'm Katty Kay in Washington, US politics has dominated


headlines since we began the era of Donald Trump,


but now there's another election This weekend is the first


round of the French election and the latest polls suggest it's


a tight race. In the next hour, French television


will start grilling the candidates, there are 11 of them in total,


but there are five in particular Each contender will get just fifteen


minutes to convince French voters they should be in the second


round run off. A quarter of those who plan


to vote say they may still change their minds


on who they will plump The big question of course


is whether the populist trend we have seen in Britain


and in the United States The histories of France and America


have often followed a similar path. The American Revolution that ended


in 1783 was quickly followed by the French Revolution of 1789. The


question is whether history is about to repeat itself this coming


fortnight. There are obvious similarities between Donald Trump


and Marine Le Pen. Nationalism, populism, protectionism, support for


Brexit and hatred of the mainstream media. Both are cast by the people


as revolutionaries in the battle against the establishment. There are


many things besides Marine Le Pen that we regard as could essentially


French. The food, the fine wines, the smell of burnt rubber in the


Paris Metro. Equally distinctive is the French style of thinking. The


programme of Mr Melenchon goes a long way to changing capitalism. I


am for Macron. I wouldn't vote for Marine Le Pen. France has become


increasingly inward looking. Far from the high-fashion critiques of


the left bank, there is no chronic unemployment. It is worst in the


city suburbs amongst the young and ethnic minorities. There is slow


growth and there is death. Amidst the doubt, the feeling that French


culture is itself in crisis. Since Charles de Gaulle founded the fifth


Republic in 1958, the French political system has been dominated


by the two party system. Now the Socialists and the Republicans.


Three of the four main candidates, Le Pen, Melenchon and Macron are


considered outsiders and it is quite possible that this second run will


pit the fight back against the far left. Imagine the consequences of


that not only for France, but for Europe. Traditionally, the French


use the first round of the presidential election to vote for


the politician they want. The second round to vote for the politician


they fear. The odds are still stacked against Marine the end, but


to predict the outcome this weekend would be foolhardy in the extreme,


given how wrong we all work over Brexit and Trump.


With me now is Pierre Lellouche, former Europe Minister for France


and member of parliament for The Republican Party.


You have just come from a rally. You wrote the terror legislation here in


France, which we will talk about in a second. A lot of people will be


confused in the United States in Britain, how is Francois Fillon held


on question facing the weight of allegations that he did and to be


within a couple of points at the top of the polls, it probably couldn't


happen in any other country, could it? Probably not. He has shown


extraordinary resilience and, at the same time, the schedule of the legal


procedure was such that it made it just impossible for the right to


have another candidate in effect. So, you still have the campaign from


half of the French people. That is one of the explanation will stop had


this happened much earlier, it would probably be different. We were


caught in a binder here. There was no way to have another candidate at


that point. The right-wing voters do want to change the system in France.


We have just had five years of Francois Hollande with a disastrous


impact on the economy and on unemployment. We have 1.2 million


more unemployment at the end of this five years and an enormous amount of


deficit and new taxes. A lot of people here want a change. All the


candidates simply agreed that the system is broken. What happens if,


come Sunday evening, we are talking about a second round with Marine Le


Pen and Jean-Luc Melenchon of the hard left? What happens to France


then? Probably some kind of a revolution. We love revolution. The


country would be split into. Nobody even knows what would happen then.


In this particular case, a number of things will happen. One is Europe is


dead. Second, interest rates will shoot up, making it tragic for the


French debt. We have a debt now of 100% of GDP and most of that debt is


owned by foreigners. That means if the interest rates go up, we will


have a huge problem. Just to pay salaries. The crisis would be


immediate and the other half of the country will disagree, so if that


happened, we would enter a period of incredible instability. That is why


I believe that at the last moment, reasonable probably prevail. The


open they will say this is the man with experience, he can lead France.


One thing is sure, after Brexit and after Trump, the fact that two of


the key candidates are outside the system and want to go out of Europe


is already some kind of a victory for Brexit and Trump is, because if


the ad of Le Pen and Melenchon, it is nearly half of the vote. It is 23


plus 19 or something like that. It is about 40%, 42%. Leaving Fillon


and Macron, who are pro-European ad about this level. It is a referendum


fought against Europe way. If if, by any chance we are in a situation


where the two extremists, right and left extremists are defined the


contenders, it would be a massive crisis for Europe and, probably, a


moment of historical instability in the country. We are out of time. One


last thing, it is not the most probable option. I do not think it


is the most probable option. Even though the collection is unreadable


at the moment. If you speak to any poster, they do not know. Thank you


for coming. All of these candidates are campaigning. Each has come from


a rally, they are going to rallies. Marine Le Pen was in Marseille.


Let's hear what she had to say. We have to protect the unity of our


people. We have to protect them, how to do that if we are in permanent


posterity? I want to protect the people I am part of, the people who


have seen he go and seen my children grow and he will seek my children.


Children grow. We just heard the view from the centre-right. Let's


get the view from the socialist camp.


With me is the Socialist politician Helene Conway-Mouret,


You were at the Senator for the expatriates abroad. I still am.


Hamon has just not cut off the ground in this campaign. He is


nowhere. Yes, unfortunately, after the primary which he won outright


and had a very good score, he was unable to launch a campaign


immediately stop I think it was about a month where he spent time


talking to his opponent on the left, Jean-Luc Melenchon, and to the


Greens. His idea was to have a big alliance on the left and then go


forward, except the wasted time. During that time Melenchon started


getting some of the votes and Macron was also campaigning. Hamon is the


expression of the time that has been taken off on the left and right.


Even the campaign is good, he is asking the right questions and so on


and has a good programme, the French are not into the deep debate on


programmes, on whatever is being offered. We are talking about


candidates, the personalities and so on. It is a funny kind of campaign.


You are still with Mr Hamon, but there are a number of your fellow


senators and fellow socialist who alerted tiptoeing over to the Macron


side, is that where you will be going in the second round? We will


have the same. My adversary in politics is the National front. I am


against everything they stand for. The economic programme is absolutely


ridiculous as detrimental to France. The against Europe. I will fight the


extreme right and... Is either wandered off to Mr Macron's side,


they just say this is the continuity candidate, this is really the


candidate of Mr Fernandes? It is not. Nobody forces me to be part of


the party. I will be part of it for as long as I am comfortable. Mr


Macron has greeted a new Centre for he has described himself as neither


right nor left. He wants to gather people who are on the centre, but


the centre is a void. Maybe it has to be defined that way. Maybe it is


something for the future. At the moment, it is not a clear ideology


with the purpose, if you like, for the type of society that we want to


live in and I think Hamon has been defining that. He has been talking


about ecology, talking about the place of work within our lives and


so on. He has asked the right questions. I am sure Mr Macron has


done that. The question you are asking is in the second round, if it


is against Marine Le Pen, of course I will vote for Mr Macron because


from a social point of view, he is most compatible with me and


certainly not Madame Le Pen. Good to get your thoughts. A big day for the


expatriates. There are 1 million voters in the UK. They will go to


the polls on Sunday and we will be watching what they do very closely.


I love the tour of Paris. I am jealous. It looks like a fantastic


evening. I can't imagine anyone will watch that long debate. Then you


were huge pool of everybody living in Paris, have you found there is


much excitement for Emmanuelle Macron. It seems we are living in a


time when people want a bit of excitement about the candidate. Are


you hearing about Macron? There are two things surprisingly today while


I wandered around the left bank am one was that I spoke to be for the


full knowledge, the taxi drivers. I have two or three taxis around town


and all of them said they cannot believe Macron is so high in the


polls. They say he is not really the outside candidate, he is the former


economy ministry, he is a Rothschild banker. He is part of the


establishment and he is very much Francois Hollande's candidate. The


media have jumped on his bandwagon. He is a smart guy, he talks very


well and he is up there I in the polls with a good chance to get


through. The other thing which surprised me, and maybe that is


because those on the left bank, is just how many people are talking


about Melenchon and how he can defeat capitalism. It is a strange


thing for British people and Americans to listen to, this idea


that capitalism is a bad thing. Among many French people, they still


think back to the banking crisis and what happened in 2007 and there is a


suspicion about finance in this country. He talked to a lot of


Marine Le Pen voters, a lot of Melenchon footers and they will say


we are voting for them because we want to put down capitalism. After


Brexit and the trump election here, all bets are off in terms of making


predictions. We are living in a very interesting and unpredictable


moment. The more from Paris in a moment.


In the UK, the opposition Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has


made his first major campaign speech today, ahead of June's


He says he wants to 'overturn the rigged system' by putting power


and wealth back in the hands of 'the people', painting himself


We don't accept that the British people just have to take what they


are given, but they do not deserve better. In a sense, the


establishment and their followers in the media are quite right, I do not


play by their rules. And, if delivered -- Labour government is


elected, we will not play by their rules either.


What really strikes me as interesting about that, I have not


been fully chewed into the UK election today, but listening to


Jeremy Corbyn, I hear echoes of what I am hearing here in France and I


think politicians who are under the cosh and under pressure are starting


to steal ideas from the Donald Trump campaign. We heard Jeremy Corbyn


talk about the news and how he is against the system and the


establishment. Francois Fillon went into Le Monde newspaper and he was


due to go with a sit down interview and he walked out of that interview.


He said to them as a rock god, he said it is not the media that


decides the questions. Imagine that. Potentially the next president of


France Secci does not want to live in a country with the press are able


to ask whatever questions they want. It is quite extraordinary. The media


bashing, the theory of the fake media. Nigel Farage has said he is


not going to run. He has decided that your times is not a chance. He


has lost seven times, so he has decided he will not run again this


time. We broke the news that Bill O'Reilly


was being cut loose by 20th Century Fox. His departure marks a blow to


the Conservative movement in America. Mr O'Reilly calls the


charges against him by at least five women unfounded, but his employers


have decided his huge ratings success does not justify the


scandal. We have a contest on Bill O'Reilly


.com. Guess where Bill O'Reilly is common. Except Bill O'Reilly will


not be coming back to Fox News where he was the biggest star for decades.


Five women have come forward with claims of sexual harassment and the


revelation the settled out of court by Bill O'Reilly, and Fox News ?10


million. Earlier this week, one former


colleague said the host regularly made passes at her when no one


was watching and described When major sponsors started


to pull their adverts, his position weakened further,


and now the parent company, 21st Century Fox, has


confirmed he's been fired. We are so happy he's gone and he's


no longer able going to be able to spit all of his vile comments


and everything that comes out of his mouth that's disparaging not


only to women but specifically to black women and black


folks all over the world. Last July, the boss of Fox News,


Roger Ailes, resigned over allegations that he had sexually


harassed female employees. Now the acting CEO, Rupert Murdoch,


has made an attempt to usher in a new era at the channel


by issuing an internal memo, also signed by his sons,


saying that the staff are committed to fostering a work environment


built on trust and respect, and this comes at a delicate time,


with 21st Century Fox trying to buy the remaining 61%


of Sky TV in the UK. Bill O'Reilly, who found out he'd


lost his job on the same day he met the Pope,


says that it's tremendously disheartening to leave Fox due


to completely unfounded claims, but all across America


he is the main talking point on exactly the type of show


he used to host. Let's speak now to the media


analyst Claire Enders, He has been a very significant


revenue spinner for Fox News for a very long time. Responsible by all


accounts for up to half $1 billion of advertising every single year. He


has been very significant and the major opinion programmes on Fox


News, in particular his, have been extraordinarily pro-Donald Trump.


You could say that Rupert Murdoch graded Fox News in 1986 and that


network created President trump. You think there was any morality in the


Fox News decision to listen to what was it really all about money? Was


it the younger Murdoch saying we do not want a news organisation with


this cloud hanging over? I am certain that James Murdoch would


have been angry about the accusations of sexual harassment.


Last summer when Roger Ailes was on hold, it happened very quickly


again. He appointed external counsel within a matter of days and he took


action very fast against the founder of the network. As Sir Alex Ferguson


once said, no player is bigger than the team and James Murdoch is making


absolutely sure that the level of corporate governance standards at


21st-century Fox is much higher than it has been and he is particularly


vulnerable at this time because, of course, in 2012, of, found he had


not behave with the highest standards of corporate governance


and he is actually being investigated as we speak by off, and


three separate crimes, but one of them is the fit and proper test. It


is extraordinary and wooden Phrygians murder to succeed in


acquiring Skype because, effectively, it is a second chance


for him and it is extraordinarily important for his vision of the


future of 21st-century Fox. Skype is a very significant business with 22


million customers. We have delivered there. Thank you very much. Thank


you for joining us. Nine years since the global


financial crisis the head of the International Monetary Fund


has given an upbeat assessment It's probably welcome news


to Donald Trump on day 91 in office that Christine Lagarde says that


strong growth is returning Our economics editor,


Kamal Ahmed, has this report. Meet Matt Levatich -


the man who runs, and rides, The all-American company that


exports around the world. If things are going well


for businesses like this, then that is a signal


that the global economy is set fair. I asked Mr Levatich if the economy


is indeed looking up. When people feel more confident,


then they're willing to make, if you will, financial risks


of investing in something, improving their home,


buying a motorcycle. When they feel really uncertain,


they pull back and they wait. And so the election and so forth has


helped people feel more optimism. Running more smoothly


at Harley, and for the US. The official IMF forecasts have


certainly made for better reading, although they have


been wrong before. And for the head of the world's


leading financial organisation, We are forecasting


growth in 2017 at 3.5%. And that's a significant


uptake from 2016. But we need to make sure that this


momentum is sustained. When you come to a company


like Harley-Davidson, you are immediately struck,


not just by the size of the factory, Yes, some of that is down


to the presidential election. But a lot of it is down to the


return of global economic growth. A return so marked, some


are arguing, that ten years after the financial crisis,


the global economy has It is not just the makers


of big American bikes that Like so many American firms, they


are waiting to see if the better economic news is here to stay. We


sought Melenchon on his barge yesterday, he should have taken a


Harley-Davidson. Before you go, I want to show you something that has


been getting a lot of attention on social media. This is an official


photograph released by the White House of Donald Trump and some


visitors you will recognise. That is Sarah Palin. She also has two


friends with, Ted Nugent and kid Rock Salt and get this photograph


therapy and put on her Facebook page, also taken in the White House


in front of the official portrait of the former first lady is, Hillary


Clinton. This is shocking in America because there is a reference


surrounding former first lady sent former presidents. It is like the


Buckingham Palace and having a laugh against a portrait of Prince


Charles. You just don't do it. I am not sure that is reverence,


especially when we know what is behind it. She will probably get


told off on social media. You're watching One Hundred


Days from BBC News. I'm Christian Fraser, live in Paris,


where the 11 candidates for the French presidential election


will take to the stage in the next few minutes in the final set-piece


televised encounter of the campaign. We will hear from the man who said


Donald Trump would win and is now predicting Marine Le Pen will win.


One protester arrested arrested in Venezuela. We will have that in the


programme. Good evening. Beautiful sunshine


across north-eastern England today and the north-east of Scotland. The


east coast of Scotland had the highest temperature, nearly 19


degrees. This was relatively bright here. For the most part it was dry.


We had a future was from this cloud which develops and moved southwards


through the day. This line of cold across Scotland is developing


weather front as well. That would take centre stage in the next 48


hours because it is behind that introduce the colder air. Under


clearing skies in the south it would be a tad chilly overnight with towns


and cities will hold double figures. It will turn misty with four in


Southern counties with the extra moisture from the cloud that we saw.


Further north, the weather front is with us through the day. Not just


rain but potentially deal force winds. That's because the details.


It doesn't look particularly pleasant for the morning rush across


Scotland. There will be good breaks of cloud sunshine East of the


Pennines to start the day, that cloud is heading south. Northern


Ireland is cloudy and breezy. Further south we have quite a bit of


cold, mist and fog to get rid of it is a promising day. It should be


gradually try and bright with increasing amounts of sun is that it


was on. In that case, for most of us staying dry by the occasional


shower, we might see temperatures getting up to 14 or 16 again. That


is the likelihood in the south. Were fired 17 or 18 today, it will be


significantly colder, even if it brightens up because we have a


change in wind direction. That weather front pushes its way south


through Friday night and into Saturday. It is picking up the


Saturday morning. We have the north-westerly wind setting in that


it is brighter in the north Finland and Northern Ireland, there will be


some showers. Further south there is more cold again. With sunshine


together we will see 14 to 16 Celsius. It is notably called to the


north. It is a wicked weather front because the high pressure is close


by. The changes subtly across the north-west later on Sunday with


windier, wetter weather to enter the begin. For the majority, it looks as


if it was the dry, bright and not too bad temperature rise into


Sunday, especially with the strength of the sun this time of year.


Welcome back to 100 Days, with me Katty Kay in Washington,


The scene is set - 11 candidates for the French Presidency get ready


to appear on national television to sell their vision


And we catch up with Trump voter - college student Tylar Martin.


Three months into his presidency, is he living up to her expectations?


As we've been discussing throughout the programme -


this weekend the voters of France go to the polls in one of the most


unpredictable elections the country has seen in decades.


After Sunday there will be just two candidates left standing


and for more on how things are shaping up we can cross again


With me now is Bruno Jeanbart - who runs the polling


organisation OpinionWay, and the physicist Serge Galam.


You're one of the few people who predicted Trump would win. What is


the latest with the polls? We're predicting Macron winning the waist


with about 23% Fillon is at 20. The far left leader at it man 19. Only


two will qualify. It is not the same for the second run. But for the


moment we are expecting who will qualify on Sunday. Amazing that


Francois Fillon has hung on so long. The real phenomenon for me of this


election is that when you look at Brexit it was older people in


Britain who wanted to come out of Europe, here it is younger people


who are voting for Marine Le Pen who has the anti-Europe agenda. And


older people want to stay in the Eurozone. It is because they are the


people who have the most savings in the country and they are worried


about that. The young people are protesting by voting for Marine Le


Pen. They are not all voting from Marine Le Pen. The students are


voting for the left. But we have 25% unemployment for young people. These


people are voting for the National front. Taking that into account, if


you put Marine Le Pen in the second poke round, all the polls was a she


loses. You say she can win. When I use my modelling which allowed me to


predict Trump, I also get Marine Le Pen losing. However, what is very


new today is the fact that in order to implement what has been chord the


Republican front, people have to do vote against for the challenger. But


this time for many people to vote for the challenger is going to be


rather high, if it will be Macron Fillon or Melenchon, we have a


substantial section of voters who have an aversion to all of those.


There will be a strong dilemma, on the one hand they want to oppose


Marine Le Pen on the other, they would have to do to swallow a hugely


bitter pearl. The point is, on the day any excuse would be good to stay


home and forget to vote. So you are saying her vote is Woakes solid, if


she gets hers out, the others have to do, and if everyone abstains she


might get in. But people are saying they will vote against her. But will


they? This is the question. Using the simply mathematical formula I


can calculate the situation I can give you an illustration. In case


she has voting intention of 42%, the challenge challenger, 58, normally


she would totally lose will stop but with 90% turnout for her and only


65% for the challenger, she would win the election with 50.07%. This


is just one illustration. It is enough to have a discrepancy of


around 20% to compensate six, seven, 8% missing to win the election. Your


maths looks really complicated, but I will take your word for it because


you got it right last time. Do you think you gets it right? No. The


pollsters are really interested... In 2012, they got it pretty much


right. She got about 16% and at about 17. It shows you how far she


has come now. They did all right last time.


In last election here in the United States we heard about secret Trump


vote, I'm beginning to wonder if there is a secret Le Pen voter as


well. The Venezuelan opposition


is promising to keep up pressure on President Maduro by planning


more protests today, The demonstrations took


a deadly turn on Wednesday when three people were killed,


including a teenager. The nationwide protests have been


dubbed "the mother of all marches". These pictures came into us


from Caracas a short time ago - as you can see there's a big crowd


walking through the capital and, You can see police firing tear gas


canisters at the protesters. Joining us now to discuss


the unrest is Eric Farnsworth, Vice President of the Council


of the Americas. What do these protesters think they


can achieve in Venezuela? I think that is a good question. What is it


they are asking for? They are asking for the Government to simply listen


to their demands which is to say loosen up the economy to allow food


to be imported once again, to restore the health care system, to


restore security on the streets, to change the education system. These


are big demands and the reason they are not being listened to in any


meaningful way is they are the result of the model that the


Government has in place and does not seem to be able to change -- willing


to change. The way for red is an electoral process. Yesterday General


Motors plant in Venezuelan, an American plant, was basically


requisitioned by the Venezuelan Government, a bunch of vehicles were


taken in the process. That seems to be what despots do when they are


feeling desperate, they turn against foreigners and foreign entities. Are


they feeling the pressure? I think he is feeling increased pressure


from the international community and his own citizens. This was a


one-time thing. This is what people in Venezuela have done for a long


time, nationalising foreign companies, domestic companies, a


full-scale assault on the private sector. This is a concern in terms


of the recovery of the country, if and when there is an opportunity to


do that, the energy sector which energy Venezuelan relies on will not


be sufficient. You need a vibrant unproductive time private sector


which has been strangled by the Government. This is the continuation


of clearly an approach they have used for over 17 years and it is


very worrisome. I would imagine the sort of things will continue because


you are right, the Government is consolidating its power and it is


radicalising and it is unclear it where it wants to go from here. We


will watch how those demonstrations continue.


At the end of each week we like to check in with voters


on how the President is doing. for Donald Trump, to get their view


I first met college student Taylar Martin in December of 2015,


and this is how she described candidate Trump.


Passionate, driven, confident. Motivated. You are studying


international business. That is his sweet spot. Is that part of the


appeal? He's very successful as a businessman so I'd like to see how


as the leader of the United States. So, how is he doing now


on day 91 in office? Thank you for coming in. I know you


have exams coming up. How is he doing? I'm really pleased overall.


As the biggest setback so far has been health care reform. Otherwise I


think he is aggressively trying to fulfil campaign processes --


promises. One of the things you are interested in is the American


economy and how he performs in that. How has he done? So far I think he


has really been trying to pass legislation in order to bring jobs


back to America. What kind of legislation are you thinking of? The


TPP, withdrawing from that. I am glad he did that. And also just


recently he reached out to the people in trying to... What you


think happened on health care? Why do you think he didn't manage to get


health care reform through? He said it was one thing he said he would do


during the campaign. I think there is too much division between


Republicans and Democrats in Congress. They can't work past it.


They aren't able to fully pass something that is beneficial to all.


What else do you want him to do in terms of legislation, changing


things, to getting Congress to work with him, what you want see happen


next? I think the bombings in Syria were a good start. Honestly, because


they set the standard that if, because Syria agreed not to use


chemical warfare, because if you break these promises there will be


repercussions will stop is addressing you say that, because a


lot of people who voted for President Trump did so thinking he


would not get involved in other conflicts in the Middle East.


Doesn't it bother you this is a president who might be more


interventionist than he suggested? I think overall he will do what he


thinks is right for the US. In setting that standards, the videos


were heart breaking so I think it had from his heartstrings. I know


you did not want to tell friends of yours that you were voting for Trump


during the campaign. Do unique now feel happy to say you voted for him?


It is what it is when you go on the BBC. Everyone knows what your


opinions are. I think I've lost some friends that way. But it is what I


believe. Thank you for coming in. Is interesting is in it that you


hear someone like her, who didn't want to tell her friends she was


voted the Donald Trump, but is clearly happy with the direction he


is taking. Particularly on the economic front. Very interesting.


And of course it applies here in France. But we don't know where


those shy voters will go. One in four are either undecided or will


change their minds once they get into the box, which is why with


those 11 candidates on the television tonight they will be


hoping to squeeze another few thousand votes out of the system.


You lived in Paris and when you live there the National front had a


different image. Going back now, do you get the impression the French


believe the party has changed under Marine Le Pen? No doubt. I was here


in 2012 when she became the leader. Under her father it was very


different. Though she has softened the party. The DNA of the party,


some say, is very much the same, but she has softened it. That is why you


see young people on campus is up and down the country prepared to vote


for her. Waddle were surprises me,. -- the French want a different


system to the one they have at the moment.