President Trump: The Roadtrip

President Trump: The Roadtrip

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What a week it has been in the United States. The transition of


power from Barack Obama to Donald Trump, who is now the 45th president


of America. So we've spent the last few days heading down Route 45,


stopping at high schools and sports grounds, factories, talking to


ordinary voters about their hopes and fears, expectations for the next


four years. What you think of your new president, Trump? Give him a


chance. To do what he said he was going to do. We will just have to


see how it plays out. We do know what he will do! This is a man who


has not got a political record. Trump exodus each in and get it


done. I am concerned what he will think about us, especially Mexicans.


I think he can make America great again. We just have to believe in


him. I will never respect him as my president. Never. We are nearly at


the end of the road here in Alabama, but we started 1000 miles further


north in freezing cold mill walkie, in the state of Wisconsin. Mill


walkie. Known for its harsh winters, for making cheese and beer, and now


for its role in America's fragile new politics. This is no place for


fragile. Junior ice hockey. Jonathan is coaching the under nines. He


likes Donald Trump because he is different, a nonpolitician, and


outside. It just goes back to an alternative that is outside of the


box. A different viewpoint. He is a billionaire though, he isn't every


man. He certainly is not, what I think there's something to be said


for him being able to relate to a plumber, a welder, a teacher. The


state of Wisconsin switched sides in this election. It is largely white,


working-class electorate normally votes Democrat, but this time they


chose Trump. A little grassy, but I will give him a try. They like


giving you things a try here, like soccer on ice. But might a Trump


presidency and up feeling like this? Your gloves are nearly as big as my


hands. Engineered Jason is confident. After nine redundancy


threat in six years he says it is time for a businessmen in the Oval


Office. It would be nice to have a bit more stability in the job front,


so I'm hoping that from an economic standpoint Trump reflects giving


that stability back to the country. Are you more optimistic for your own


family and household economy? Absolutely. Take about four steps.


Confidence on the ice is another matter, for me at least. Some of


America's top ice athletes practice on this rig. I understand you like


to do this? You are not doing that as much. Nancy was an Olympian and


is now a coach. It is time to be a little risky. She told me Donald


Trump can bring a winner's mindset to the White House. He makes a


decision and get it done. Do you have any reservations about his


personality, the things he has said about women, for example? I think


everybody who is behind him has some reservations are closely really


don't know the truth behind that and they are just hoping at this point


in his life he has put that behind him. Wisconsin may have voted Trump,


it only by 1%. And some are still struggling with the result. This is


one of the most important jobs in the world and I am not certain that


he is prepared for it. But hockey mum Leila is willing to give him a


chance, even though as a Muslim she is worried by some of his comments.


I try to look at the bright side. I think we have to just wait and see


what happens. You sound to me like you are maybe a little nervous? I


might be. Are you prepared to support him? Not quite prepared to


support him, but iambic head to initiate change to support him. What


does that mean? How do you initiate change to support him? Change my way


of thinking, try to find the good. Here in Milwaukee many people told


us they want to put the country first now and move on. It is that


the feeling elsewhere? And howl easy will it be to unite? We hit Route 45


as the nation prepares for its 45th president. Right through the middle


of Donald Trump's America. To get a sense of the country


he is taking over. But our next stop is


not Trump territory. This is Barack Obama's


favourite diner. He lived around the corner


before he was President, Normally he is a breakfast person,


egg whites come an omelette. I hope you are hungry? Very!


As a nurse, she likes the changes he made to healthcare,


She worries Donald Trump will overturn the reforms,


They will not have adequate care, they will not have access


they have to come through emergency services.


Many of them will be very sick, can't get medicine, some


Her son Daniel thought having a black President would mean a more


inclusive America, but he fears Donald Trump's form of populism


I do feel my safety might be in danger.


Really - you feel more vulnerable now?


Post-Trump, yes, because it is something that you can see


from the energy that Trump built, and the way people


express themselves, who support Trump.


A lot of them have certain beliefs and things like that that do not


Some here do question the Obama legacy, and think change is overdue.


Aspiring businesswoman Erica hopes Donald Trump will help


I believe that it's going to open up doors for small


..that's trying to create big businesses.


Maybe you'll be as rich as Donald Trump in a few years.


Elgin, where nearly half the population is Hispanic.


Donald Trump's plans to build a giant wall along the Mexican


border mean many here cannot support him.


I am concerned, what does he think about us, especially Mexicans?


But some views here may surprise you.


Rosa hopes a wall would stop illegal immigrants.


We have our own problems here in America.


So, you know, to add more of them coming over here,


I think - that, I don't think it's a good thing.


And in the choir, Margarita hopes Donald Trump will safeguard her


I'm so excited and I'm so happy for him.


And we should not be afraid of anything, not even


Elisa confirmed to me that the Hispanic community is split


It's a scary time because we don't know what will happen and how things


will roll out. There is the unforeseen,


with our future, Hispanics, and a lot of people are scared


about what is going to happen. If you want to understand


Donald Trump's election win, Next to Route 45, the Ohio River


meets the Mississippi. It's an essential artery for the US


economy, carrying 18 million tons But things aren't


what they used to be. The locks which boats pass


through here have seen better days. Nearly 100 years old,


they regularly break down, A boat could be waiting out for 52


hours before coming through? Mark, the lock keeper,


says it's a struggle The concrete is starting


to break up and crumble. Every time it gets hit by a boat


and it lands on it it puts pressure on it and causes more


cracks and stress on it, we patch it together


and try and keep it going, Donald Trump has pledged $1 trillion


to rebuild America's rivers, A promise that's won him plenty


of support round here. But he hasn't said where


the money will come from. We head back on Route 45


to see the kind of project the new president


wants to encourage. A huge dam and lock system to


replace the failing one downriver. It's nearly 20 years behind schedule


and $2 billion over budget. Many here believe Donald Trump's


life in business will mean I think he if he really wants


to put his mind with it and really wants to work with the people,


for sure, why not? One person can't do it


but if you take a group of people and you've got good conversation


communication skills, good listening skills, you can


pretty much accomplish anything. Trump's critics say his pledges


are unrealistic and unaffordable. But in an area where jobs can be


scarce, they're prepared Once you start pulling people and


government assistance is go down in these communities, and people start


making good, well paying jobs brought in, it will pick up, and in


my opinion I think it will outweigh it, yes, it will be expensive but in


a business cost analysis it will make a good return back on the


investment. We drive on into


America's rural South. There are 2 million


farms in this country. Will a property developer president


understand this business? At the University of Tennessee,


students are learning how to weigh Stick it in, press it


forward, pull it out. Some are gonna be more willing to go


forward and some are wanting Donald Trump won nearly 80%


of the vote in the Martin area. They like his confidence and in turn


they have confidence in him. He might have a few mess-ups


on the way but eventually he'll We're always going to need


agriculture, that's what feeds us. So we're going to need


it to keep going. But is farming compatible


with Trump's plans for building? What about the land,


the environment? Donald Trump is a man you associate


with skyscrapers and New York City, not with farming


and places like this. Do you think he understands


you and what you want to do? I think he's going to help


small town people out. I'd don't think he's


going to be the big city man What about farming, does


he understand farming? Not as well as some


agriculture people. Whether it's agriculture


or infrastructure, in these communities away from Washington,


many feel Trump will be a president Someone not just following


the political herd. Halfway through our journey down


Route 45, and as the 45th president prepares to take over, we've reached


the Deep South. One last practice before heading to Washington.


Tonight, the Tupelo High School band will be travelling 900 miles


from Mississippi to the capital to play at President Trump's


Just to march in the parade and go to Washington for the first time.


What do you think of your new president?


Donald Trump got 60% of the votes in this state.


The students might be playing for him, but that doesn't mean


they are all fans of the new man in the White House.


If you had been able to vote, put your hands up if you would have


I think some of his ideas are pretty great and I think he can make


America great again, we just have to believe in him


But you're about to go and play for him.


I like Washington, but I don't like him.


Lots of celebrities said no to performing, didn't they,


I'm not a fan of Trump, but I'm going for the experience


I'm not going for him, I'm going for me.


Music matters in this small southern town.


Just off Route 45 is the tiny house where Elvis Presley was born.


But we're not here to talk about The King, we're here to talk


Because as well as producing rock 'n' roll stars,


I wish we had hired one of these for our road trip.


Donald Trump has promised a return to the heyday


He says he will create jobs and improve trade deals.


This local steel company supplies the car industry.


They believe the new president will cut red tape, cut taxes


The boss here hopes Donald Trump will fill his government


And if they don't do it he will fire them!


Politics is more complicated and more nuanced.


Will he be able to cope with the political diplomatic challenges?


I think he is introducing something into the political landscape that


Elvis stood right here on the cross and asked for his first guitar.


This hardware store is where the young Presley's


As well as guitars they sell tools to local businesses


and they are waiting to see what Trump really means


This is a man who has not got a political record.


He has gone on record sometimes supporting things,


Does it worry you that he hasn't given much detail about


He has made big promises but not explained how.


It does worry us and I think it worries everybody,


Anything you take to the parade is subject to being searched.


Tomorrow they will perform outside the White House.


And this nation will have to march to a very different beat.


We have arrived. But this is Washington County, Alabama, one of


America's poorest states. And on a wet mornings are busiest spot we


find... We are open, ladies, open for business. Is the local food


bank. These volunteers hand out hundreds of parcels every week.


Well, here you go. To people like Roosevelt, a President's name but he


is out of work anti-trust Donald Trump to make life better. I hope he


is right about getting jobs. You just want a job? If he doesn't get


it going, I went like him. Will he? I hope so, I believe so. Catherine


and Willeen run the front desk and say some of the poverty here is


heartbreaking. Some of them come in and they don't have toilets in their


houses. They believe Donald Trump will invest in this community. He


spent a lot of time campaigning here and it worked. He has been out in


the community, out in the countryside, and he has seen how


people need help and he has been there with the community to help,


and he does. He is not afraid to go into poverty areas and talk to the


people, where most politicians you don't see around unless you have


$1000. It is very tough for a lot of people, especially in rural areas.


Larry will watch the inauguration later, once finished helping here.


He hopes Donald Trump will use his speech today to inspire the nation.


I hope he says enough good things that people will give him a chance


at to do what he said he will do. We will just have to see how it all


plays out. Along this section of Route 45, one quarter of the people


live in poverty. Many believe Donald Trump can make America great again.


I can't believe that do to won. But not Tyrone. We join him and his


family as the inauguration began and this former soldier believes Donald


Trump will only make the country more divided. He is doing everything


he can really to try to make us feel like this is not our and America.


This hat will show you are and an American and I fought for this


country. And I would never respect him as my president, never. Are you


going to be watching the big moment? No. Tyrone's mum says the new


president is a bully and she hates his Thai raids on Twitter. I don't


like him, I don't trust him, -- tirades. He is talking about making


America great. I don't like the way he downeds women. We have met so


many pro and against Trump, but there are also voters like Jeff. It


is tough, real tough. Unemployed and unimpressed. On his porch he told me


it doesn't matter who is sitting in the other White House. Do you feel


forgotten? Yeah, I do. These small counties do. Bad roads, that


bridges, you know. They don't look at us. Do you think Donald Trump


will change that? Is he going to look after the likes of you? No. You


don't things are? No, no I do not. Why not? Because the politicians,


the governors, they all have their hands like crabs in a bucket, you


know, they are looking out for themselves. After 1000 miles


crossing the United States, we reached the end of Route 45. And


this divided nation will try to move on and begin its new journey.


Many of us have enjoyed quite a settled spell of weather in recent


days, but that's not to say that we're all enjoying the same


The Weather Watcher pictures again tell the tale.


Cold, frosty starts across the southern half of Britain.


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