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the news as seen across the United States a couple of hours ago, in ABC


World News with David Muir. Welcome to World News. Tonight, the breaking


news. A reported tornado on the ground in Nebraska. Severe storms


hit much of the country this hour. Hale, high winds, and possible


twisters. Our storm chasers tracking it all. The note and a new


investigation, what an army sergeant wrote just before he disappeared


from his base and was held captive by the Taliban. Tonight, we all saw


the videos. What we didn't see, the video at the end that Bowe Bergdahl


never made public and what it told him. And who hasn't cracked their


smartphone? Tonight, the surprising results. The simple step which could


solve it. Tonight, the results. Good evening. Diane is on assignment


tonight. We begin with the severe weather this power. Which is coming


in from Omaha, Nebraska. Whipping winds, dark skies, and a twist that


touching down. All part of dangerous storms on the move tonight. Look at


the radar. This system powering up well into the night. The forecast


for the next wave five hours in a moment. But leading off with


pictures and sounds of the storms hitting right now. Sirens blaring in


Omaha, Nebraska tonight. Tornado warning. Skies going dark as the


severe weather porches heartland. Our correspondent was in Omaha.


Those severe thunderstorms have finally arrived. You might be able


to see just how fast those clouds are rolling behind me. We have had


lightning, thunder, hail, and rain. The concern is that streets may


flood. Nearly 100 mph winds have been shredding trees and knocking


over trailers. Huge Hale has been peppering the landscape. Dropping


baseball sized monsters. It has been clawing at homes and smashing


through windshields. Incredible pictures. You have had storm reports


coming in this hour. Close to 100 storm reports, including damaging


winds. It is not done. We have a whole night ahead of us, especially


looking at parts of Illinois and Indiana. They are next with that


initial storm. It is not over. That hot pink is a rare, relatively high


risk area, still including Omaha all the way to Des Moines. I also want


to point out that this doesn't end tonight, it goes through tomorrow


and will go into the Ohio River Valley. Pressure system will form


through the Rockies. We are going to move on now to the other major


story. The intention focused on the army sergeant freed by the Taliban.


Tonight, what we now know about the note he wrote before leaving his


base. There is something else as well. After years of studying the


images, his appearance changing and his uniform replaced. At times you


can see at least one of his captors with him, tonight we learned that


was a final video we didn't see which most troubled US authorities.


What was in it? Our correspondent with what she is learning tonight.


Bowe Bergdahl is innocent until proven guilty although they will


want to speak to him as soon as he is recovered enough to talk. He


wrote a note before disappearing saying that he was disillusioned


with the mission in Afghanistan and an army investigation earlier


concluded that he had walked away from his remote base on his own.


Fellow soldiers now say that there were signs. He wanted to know how he


could send his computer and some blogs home and wanted to know how he


could get some money. Officials are not certain how he ended up with the


Taliban but the young man who loved motorcycles and had performed ballet


in his hometown was so extremely idealistic that he may have thought


that he could bring the two sides together. In the first video, he was


asked about soldiers who go AWOL. And it was those videos that US


officials were watching closely, images of Bowe Bergdahl appearing


calm and grateful for his treatment gradually giving way to a face full


of fear and panic. Release me please. I am begging you. We learned


today that there was another video released this year and only seen by


the US government that sparked the greatest concern. The once


freshfaced soldier was clearly becoming frail and disengaged. That


is why there was such urgency going after him and once the deal was


secured according to the official, as for the accusations of desertion,


that is a crime punishable by jail time but no officials we are


speaking to believe that is on the table currently given his years of


captivity. The US military is now saying it will look into any


potential misconduct on the part of the American soldier but tonight,


questions are being asked weather or not the White House dug into any of


this before making the decision to exchange prisoners and tonight


President Obama is firing back. Here in Europe talking about defending


our allies, the president is having to defend his own decision.


Regardless of the circumstances, whatever they may turn out to be, we


still get an American soldier back. What the White House said initially


about Bowe Bergdahl is now in question. He was per trade as


something as a hero on Sunday. But today, news is that the Army is


prepared to investigate him. How about the five Taliban exchanged in


the deal? Is there the possibility of some of them trying to return to


activities that are detrimental to us? Absolutely. Finally there is the


man's father, clearly doing anything to help. He joined the president on


Saturday to help announce the release and we now know that he has


tweeted directly to a Taliban spokesman. For all the criticism and


second`guessing, a White House is still facing many questions. The


President's top advisers insist that it was an easy call and as one


senior official told me tonight, any other president would have done the


same thing. The five detainees are now living in luxury villas in


Qatar, their families allowed to live with them and tonight officials


we spoke to were unclear as to whether they were prisoners or they


were free. Qatar's capital city has made itself into a modern`day desert


oasis and now the five freed Taliban leaders will be able to travel


anywhere within the country and enjoy its pleasures over the next


year. One official told us that they are not prisoners. I can still have


conversations with the Taliban, especially those who are in Qatar.


An official told us that they have their families with them and after a


year they can go home. Home would be Afghanistan and the areas controlled


by the Taliban. Still engaged in fierce combat with American


soldiers. US intelligence reports found that 29% of freed Guantanamo


detainees are confirmed or expected to have rejoined the fight,


including one who became the senior military mentor of the Taliban. We


were struck by this today, an official telling us that they are


not prisoners? That's right. The State Parliament said that President


Obama had assertions from the Qatar government that they would be


prisoners and the spokesperson we spoke to refuse to say whether or


not there would be restrictions on them. A search after explosions were


discovered in a California Park. The dramatic conclusion to the manhunt


as a San Francisco man is arrested and captured by the FBI with people


who knew him leftist on. `` left stunned. Police struggled to take


down the 32`year`old man. His captor culminated `` capture, concluded a


manhunt. We found items in his apartment that caused us great


concern. Tonight we find out the specifics of what so spooked the


FBI. Components of a bomb that could be detonated by remote control, a


device that the FBI claims were made to maim and kill. He is well`known


as a social media and political correspondent but there was no


indication that he was planning to harm anyone or himself. He was a


very dangerous and desperate person. Tonight, Elise said they could take


no chances. Those who knew him are shocked and cannot believe that he


was building bombs. To Syria where voting has taken place in the


presidential election with President Bush are all aside `` Bashar


al`Assad expected to easily take the election. A scientific discovery of


a mega earth discovered 560 light`years away, with one Harvard


astrophysicist calling it a" Godzilla Earth" with positive


implications for life although it may be too hot. The simple solution


to protect your smart phone from this, the cracked surface. We have


tested this solution in water, and being runover and here are the


surprising results. How many of you are walking around


like me with a broken phone? We asked you to send us pictures of


your cracked screens and it seems I am not alone. Americans have spent


$6 billion on replacements in 2007 and that is just with iPhones. We


came up with a simple solution on how to protect your phone. So you


have just spent $200 on a new phone, one of about a billion sold


each year and you have trashed it. You are not alone. Turns out there


are many products promising to keep them safe and many people online


pushing them to the limit to find a true safe way to protect your


phone. So we decided to get some real answers and take a look at one


of the more durable brands, the author box `` Otter Box. I am going


to test my iPhone with it and put it to the test. We will test it against


the $10 gel case. The first test, the skill test `` spill. They have


both survived. Test two. The Dunk test. They sat inside for five


seconds. The Otter Box worked but be gel case, not so much. The Otter Box


promises to protect from balls up to six points six feet. The phone is


fine. He gel case is fine as well. We now go beyond claims, driving


over your phone. While, it looks like it's OK. `` wow. But get a load


of this. The $10 case? No way. It is fine. They were so surprised by that


that we tossed it around and still nothing is wrong. What before you


think it is the phone that is indestructible, we took all the


cases off. Done. It is shattered. We got calls about the crazy man in


Central Park and it was just him. I do say it is the edge of the case?


That's right, you want to make sure that the edges are protected so that


it is the edge that is hitting the floor and not the screen. A headline


about food that may be on your dinner table tonight. Many fast food


restaurants have removed additives in their food and tonight Panera


Bread is doing the same. A video that will warm your heart. Soldiers


in Georgia walking information and singing as they go, one soldier's


girlfriend in the distance never suspect a thing. He drops to one


knee, popped the question and she says yes. And the platoon approves.


From a proposal to a modern American wedding in Minnesota posing when the


deck, well, there it goes. The bride is soaked and guests arrived after


Justin out `` just an hour but they decided not to let anything get in


the way of their special day. All of us here, good night. Wednesday is


going to be a wet one for many of us so it is umbrellas and waterproof at


the ready. It will be wet across England, right across from the


Southeast to the


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