06/01/2017 Asia Business Report

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Live from Singapore, the essential business news as it breaks and a look ahead to the news that will shape the business day.

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of alleged abusers questioning their own victims.


Now on BBC News, all the latest business news live from Singapore.


US President-elect Donald Trump pics on Japanese car maker Toyota for its


plans to build a new plant in Mexico.


And a new gadget for cyclists, one that tracks your performance while


keeping your eyes on the road. Hello and welcome to Asia Business Report.


Shares of Japanese car maker Toyota are down 1.5% right now after


tumbling 3% earlier this morning. This comes after President-elect


Donald Trump tweeted that if Toyota goes ahead with plans to build a new


plant in Mexico, especially for its Corolla car model, instead of the


US, then it faces a big border tax when it ships cars north. Toyota


announced in April that it would build a $1 billion macro -- Carolla


factory in Mexico. I asked if there had been any reaction to that latest


tweet. Toyota was quick to respond to the latest tweet by the


President-elect and they said quickly in a statement that they


employ someone and 36,000 people here in the United States and that


the production in the United States would not be impacted by this


facility that they are planning to build in Mexico. They also talked


about just how many millions of dollars of US investment that the


company brings here, so it was really quick to talk about its


achievements in the US and offcourse that it is looking forward to


working with a Trump administration. Why do you think he is particularly


going after the auto industry this week? This is really part of Mr


Trump's America First policy. This is something he campaigned on and


right now we are really seeing him call some of these companies to


task. He wants to see companies that are manufacturing things, to make


them in the US, and if they don't he wants to see them pay really heavy


tariffs on those items that they are going to be selling in the US. This


is really part of the more protectionist language that we heard


from Mr Trump and that will be carried through to his


administration, especially when you look at some of his appointments.


Samsung Electronics says it expects to make $7.8 billion in profit in


the final quarter of last year, that's a jump of 50% from the


previous year and better than many analysts were expecting, thanks to


sales of memory chips. Samsung embarrassingly stopped sales of its


Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phone after reports of them catching fire. We


are joined by a technology consultant from IDC. Memory chips


have offset concerns about the Galaxy Note 7, but you were


expecting this? When you look at a lot of the headlines in the past


couple of months it has always been about exploding batteries, doom for


Samsung, that's not their only business. If anything, what really


driving things is the strong memory, they have high memory and demand


from mobile phone makers and it also displayed, this small, high end


screens that are increasingly going into a lot of high end phones.


Really helping them. They are very profitable businesses, so these


businesses are behind the scenes of the mainstream consumer and that's


what is driving it. At the end of the day what happened to the Galaxy


Note 7, as painful it was, it just bounced right off because all of


these other businesses helped it. It is to use a that's because there are


many concerns that it will impact them and their reputation. Will that


follow Samsung into this year and how can it continue to stay


profitable? It still is a cloud lingering over their heads. They


still haven't explained what caused those exploding batteries. The good


thing is a couple of days ago at the consumer Electronics Show in Las


Vegas they said something was coming soon. They didn't say exactly when.


They will explain what happened. What that will be key to the


reputation, got until then people are still worried. They are the butt


of jokes. If you buy a Samsung it will explode. They have to make it


clear what went wrong, why it won't happen again and they have to get


this announcement soon announcement now. Of course there's the arch


rivalry with the Mac and iPhone. Because of the Galaxy Note 7


scandal, Apple's iPhone 6 was said to be the most popular smartphone.


How can Samsung regain ground? In terms of popularity, there are


different ways to measure it. In terms of market share, Samsung still


has a commanding lead and it is continue to have that. They are just


at the high end, have a low-end and that carries things through. But as


you say what about from a mind share perspective? That will depend on the


user. Some are Apple's fans, others are Android fans. The rumours we are


hearing about the next Galaxy, maybe no home button, stuff around AI. So


there is interesting stuff, if these rumours are true, that could end up


being a nice product for them, but they have to get the battery


reputation behind them. We look forward to the next big product.


Thank you so much for that. Will it be a better year for Asia's property


markets this year, after a mixed bag in 2016? Property markets in China


and Australia remain strong, driven by growth in major cities, there's a


different in much of Southeast Asia where growth was more subdued. Which


markets are likely to do well in the coming 12 months? Here is the view


from someone with a real estate firm. Let's pick out some of these


star performers. China, this has caught the imagination of many


people. 20% plus price growth in cities like Beijing and Shanghai. So


much so that the authorities have stepped in again to try to bring in


cooling measures. Elsewhere, Australia has still been a steady


performer, as you mentioned. This is like Sydney and Melbourne, still


seem fairly reasonable price growth. And then places like New Zealand,


Auckland continues to be a star performer. China and Hong Kong have


been seeing growth, despite these measures. The government has tried


to put in more measures and are regulating the finance, trying to


impose some capital controls. What impact might this have full Bell? --


might this have? It is difficult to say. Over the last 12 months with


the number of cooling measures. It is difficult if you don't have the


money to invest in certain cities. That's not to -- that has had a


cooling effect. But PS3 and four cities still have a big overhang of


supply. -- tier three and four. How could this impact the market? It


could have a dampening impact on outbound but that could lead to the


benefit of some Chinese markets themselves. Chinese investing in


Shanghai and Beijing, instead of overseas.


The annual Consumer Electronics Show is a mecca for anyone interested in


the latest high-tech gadgets and among them a type of smart glasses


designed to make people fitter. Smart glasses have failed to have


much of an impact. People will remember Google class. But it's


believed these $500 glasses will succeed.


These are some smart glasses, especially for cyclists. I am


wearing them now. Very fetching. It is a Google Glasses like setup. I


can see the calories on burning, how fast I am cycling and the


innovation. How high I am, if I was on a bike. You are the creator of


this device. Why is it better to have smart glasses than a little


device on your handlebars eating it the same information? We are seeing


an evolution of how people in different areas consume their data,


especially sports, where data is becoming the norm. You are training


to become better. There is standard technology out there for cyclists,


that amount on handlebars, but we believe the evolution of how data is


consumed is real-time, and so you don't have to get distracted. Isn't


it more distracting to have things projected over my vision? No,


because you can see through the information. The information


disappears when you focus beyond it for five metres and that information


is actually on demand. When you change focused information suddenly


appears in your field of view, art at the same time you aren't losing


your context because you are focusing on the road. In addition to


the display you also have integrated speakers in the headset that are


acoustically giving you directions for your training. So I don't have


to look at my phone. Why are these built into tinted spectacles? Would


it make driving or cycling at night more difficult? The lenses are


interchangeable. There is a dark lens, but the user can change it for


a clear and lens or a mirrored on. It is just another smart set of


glasses, with technology built in. That ends this edition of Asia


Business Report. Thanks for watching.