09/08/2017 Asia Business Report

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Live from Singapore, the essential business news as it breaks and a look ahead to the news that will shape the business day.

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luggage, has been convicted of possessing explosives with intent


Now on BBC News all the latest business news live from Singapore.


Paying the price dashes economic of tough sanctions on North Korea by


its closest neighbour, China. And stem cell banking but is it worth


the cost? It is a Wednesday, good morning Asia, hello world and glad


you can join us. The words from US President Donald Trump, fire and


fury, frightening North Korea if the country does not give up its Newk


ambition. -- threatening. But will they have any impact? -- 's nuclear


ambition. More than $5 billion worth of good in 2015. The Chinese Foreign


Minister said that traditional economic ties mean it will mainly be


China paying the price. He was referring to UN sanctions slashing


$1 billion in estimated value. I spoke to an economist who says China


will not be severely affect dead. I think China is a huge economy and it


is basically importing from North Korea coal, iron ore, seafood,


things that are not banned under the UN sanctions. It. Importing idle and


seafood and has already stopped importing coal. --I all. The China,


it has many alternative supplies. For coal it has already diverted


other sources from domestic supplies or other global sources. In terms of


iron ore if he gathered from Brazil or Australia. Donald Trump also


wants to him important -- impose trade barriers. The UN Security


Council putting bands is important. From the US perspective, they were


going to reduce their efforts to put pressure on China in relation to


trade differences because they really appreciated the Chinese


impose the new resolutions. It will impact North Korean economy by a


third at what if they continue their tough stand and posturing? What is


likely to happen next? There is still room to escalate sanctions and


that is what Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is doing by attending the


asiago forum -- asked ASEAN Forum. Also reducing Thailand's link to


North Korea. Taking a look at some earnings news. A fall in bad debts


and Commonwealth bank said there was a rise as a result of being accused


of breaking money-laundering laws more than 50,000 times. The bank is


claiming a software glitch is to blame. More than $400 billion to be


slashed as a restructuring for time link. It has been struggling with


falling advertising and revenues as more people read articles online.


The term has already cut jobs and its shareholder dividends to reduce


costs. -- the firm. Profitability falling by 9% in the three months to


June two $2.4 billion because of higher programming cost and fall of


television subscribers but what a surprise of the markets was the news


that it plans to pull its movies from Netflix. Disney pulling out


from Netflix, this is one less major provider for the stream so first? It


is quite a big blow for Netflix because the two companies had come


to an agreement back in 2012 but that only kick in last year. Net


flick has hardly seen any benefit from the deal. Now they are pulling


all movies in order to start its streaming service. It makes sense


for Disney with all the movies and shows it can offer and in order to


do so it is buying an additional state in the company to boost its


video streaming. ESPN is going to start a similar service next year.


ESPN has been losing a lot of money, particularly on the cable side, they


have been cutting. What about some of those great movies like Star


Wars? By not going to lose them just yet, Netflix. Disney says it. It


from the new movies from 2019. So not the final Star Wars will be


available. Thank you so much for joining us. Well, moving on. The


third instalment of our series of running across the BBC. Today we


turn to India and the controversial topic of stem cell banking. In the


future it is expected that these cells will be used to treat a host


of genetic disorders and rebuild damaged tissue. Some companies are


taking advantage and making good money by offering the bank these


stem cells. Is this money will spent when the benefits are clear? --


unclear. Moments after entering the well, this pay big L may have


already saved another lie. Her stem cells are being others that from the


blood in her at umbilical cord. With hundreds of trials under way


globally, one day they could be used to cure a number of genetic


disorders. This is the best time to harvest stem cells, rather than a


painful procedure later in life. And there is huge potential for stem


cell banking here. At Moe people need to do what is happening here.


India Council 20% of the world 's population but less than 1% of stem


cell donors come from here. That means the chances of finding a


suitable match in India are extremely low. Awareness is growing.


A customer base of 250,000 people -50,000 signing up last year alone.


As a business expense, prices have come down. It costs just over $1000


to stall stem cells was 75 years. It is still a high cost for the average


Indian especially when the chance of using your stem cells for treatment


at less than 0.0 1%. The benefit was only limited to the baby but now we


have made a way that parents can share stem cells at large and that


increases the odds. It is a multi- folded benefit. Experts agree that


sharing stem cells will increase the chances of finding a donor


exponentially. The concept of community banking encouraged


first-time parents to bank their babies stem cells. We are very lucky


that something will come from a baby to help babies in the future.


Although sceptics said the medical science is in the early stages,


parents are willing to take a chance and pay the price to potentially


protect their new arrivals. Join us in the conversation online. We are


asking whether stem cell banking is a worthwhile investment in the


future. Let us know your thoughts. Looking at the financial markets in


Asia... Rising tensions between the US and North Korea, the Nikkei is


down. And the all ordinary is getting back a 2.5 points --8. Thank


you for joining us.