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Struggling to cope - a major alert in almost half


of all NHS trusts in England in the first week of the year.


No beds were available, routine surgery was cancelled,


There have been moments in the last two weeks,


like the whole country has had, where it's been quite frightening


for the members of staff, for the nurses, doctors,


for the ambulance crews who are bringing patients in.


And six trusts issued the highest alert -


meaning patient safety could be at risk.


As a storm surge hits the east coast of England,


thousands of people are evacuated from their homes.


Twitter storm - Donald Trump blames US intelligence again,


for releasing allegations linking him with Russia.


The Labour MP Tristram Hunt resigns - triggering a potentially difficult


And Lord Snowdon, the former husband of Princess Margaret and celebrity


And coming up in Sportsday on BBC News:


Diego Costa is dropped by Chelsea.


The striker has been left out of the Premier League leaders' squad


for their match at Leicester, amid rumours of a big


There's been further confirmation of the difficulties within the NHS,


as it's emerged nearly half of all hospitals in England


declared a major alert in the first week of the year.


That means they had no more beds available,


all routine surgery was cancelled, and doctors were


Four out of ten trusts were forced to raise the alarm,


as hospitals and accident and emergency departments


NHS England says six of the trusts overall issued the highest alert,


meaning patients' safety could be at risk.


It's still sore but a lot better than it was.


Here a fractured wrist is dealt with.


Patients waiting and NHS staff doing the best they can


The story here at Northwick Park Hospital in London


Things are a little quieter today, but they know bad weather


could bring a surge in patients this weekend.


This A consultant told me it was the busiest she'd known


There have been moments in the last two weeks,


like the whole country has had, where actually it's been quite


frightening for members of staff, for the nurses, for the doctors,


for the ambulance crews who are bringing patients in,


and there have been moments where it has been very sticky.


But we have managed as best as we can and everybody has


Today's figures from NHS England showed that last week 43%


of hospitals had declared a major alert.


That means when help's required to handle patient numbers


16% faced this serious pressure every day of last week.


After a difficult few days, the Prime Minister was asked again


We have acknowledged that the NHS is under pressure.


We always see increased pressures in the NHS over winter periods.


That is why in preparing for winter the period this time ?400 million


was put in to ensure that winter preparedness.


But the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn will argue in a speech tomorrow


that the government must invest more in social care to ease


the pressure on what he calls a danger zone for the NHS.


In Northern Ireland, nearly four in ten patients waited


more than four hours in A during the Christmas period.


In Wales, latest data showed nearly one in five patients were waiting


Scotland was performing better than those levels and England's


in the holiday week, but at this Glasgow hospital


pregnant women were turned away yesterday and sent to other


maternity units, because of a high level of general admissions.


Management said safety was maintained at all times.


Back at Northwick Park, a traffic light style


screen monitors hospitals across the capital,


As you can see there are some hospitals under


real pressure right now, and that's indicated by the black.


This is the sort of thing you will find in most


hospitals each day - ambulance crews queueing


in a corridor with patients, waiting to hand them over.


They are in a safe situation, but there is no room in the accident


and emergency unit at this stage for them to be treated or assessed.


The message is they're coping for now, but they know a flu


outbreak could make life even tougher on the front line.


Thousands of people living on the east coast of England have


been evacuated and had an anxious wait, as the emergency services


prepared for severe flooding caused by a tidal surge.


Preparations have been underway since yesterday,


with the Army helping police forces and volunteers to bolster


But tonight, as high tide has peaked along most of the coast,


Sophie Long reports from Great Yarmouth.


Right along the east coast of England waves battering seaside


towns. Streets have been submerged in water, as the tidal surge


breached the wall. Hearing Great Yarmouth people build sandbags late


into the evening. Last-minute precautions to protect their


properties. From early this morning people


in Great Yarmouth braved the cold and snow to prepare for worse,


potentially life-threatening, Emergency services knocked


on thousands of doors, A little bit worried,


but this happened a couple of years ago and we got evacuated


and it was all OK, thankfully, because they'd


built the defences up. Fingers crossed the Environment


Agency have done a good job and built the defences well enough


to protect us, but who knows? We live over the road and we do get


flooded quite a bit. As long as we've got


the sandbags for now... We've moved everything upstairs


so it's a waiting game. In Essex, police activated a full


evacuation plan at Jaywick, And emergency services were poised


to assist anyone in need. The Environment Agency warned people


not to be complacent. The issue with a storm surge is it


really is about the high winds coinciding with what would be


high tides anyway. And if you get that,


you get really high levels, but that can be very changeable


through the day. So we're forecasting as closely


as we can and watching it through, but it is really important that


people stay alert because some of these high tides will happen very


late through tonight. Police urged people to comply with


their instructions, to head to centres like this one, in the


relative safety of daylight. Some needed less persuasion than others.


There was no question, the moment I needed to go, I left, I left my


phone behind, everything else, more or less. As long as I was safe, that


was all that mattered. Earlier, waves crashed over the lighthouse


here and breached the walls in Scarborough, forcing those who chose


not to stay away to run for cover. And much of Whitby has been drenched


in water, as communities up and down the country battle against the


elements. You can see how high the water got here but that is now


starting to recede. And tomorrow, people will be able to return to


their homes and hopefully breathe a sigh of relief. Further down the


coast, to the south of here, people are still bracing themselves. In


Essex high water is not due until after midnight. People there are the


worst still could be to come. Sofia Great Yarmouth, thank you.


Donald Trump has accused political opponents -


including members of his own Republican Party -


of putting together a dossier of what he called "totally made up"


In a series of tweets, the President-elect


described those behind the allegations as "sleazebags".


He also singled out the former British intelligence officer


believed to be responsible for the dossier, calling


From Washington, Nick Bryant reports.


They are storylines that could easily come from a Cold War spy


thriller and plot twists involving sex allegations and potential


Russian blackmail that even the TV series House of Cards might baulk


But this is reality, not a show, and the first episode of Trump,


The Presidency, airs in just one week's time.


At Trump Tower today, he was commending his nominees, many of


whom have been fiercely critical this week of Russia.


I could have said, do this, say that.


Before dawn came a gale force Twitter storm.


It turns out the phoney allegations against me were put out by my


political allegations, totally made up facts by sleazebag political


operatives, both Democrats and Republicans. Russia says nothing


exists. Footage has come to light


of Christopher Steele, the former MI6 officer who produced


the dossier, at an event He is now in hiding,


apparently fearing for his life. Former colleagues have


defended his professionalism. It is certain that what he has


reported is something He recognises that this is raw


intelligence and needs validation, and it needs


further explanation. On Capitol Hill today,


lawmakers received a behind closed doors briefing on the unverified


dossier, and Russia's alleged interference in the


presidential election. And many left demanding


more answers. The American people


are owed the truth. And there is a great deal


of evidence to say that this is an issue of high interest


to the American people, the strength, the integrity


of our own democracy. And there is yet more intrigue,


a senior US official confirming today there were frequent contacts


between Donald Trump's top national security


adviser and Russia's ambassador here in Washington, and that the contacts


took place on the day that President Obama expelled dozens


of Russian officials in retaliation for


the alleged hacking. It again raises questions


about the Trump team's All this as Barack Obama


performs his final acts, one of which took his deputy


completely by surprise. I am pleased to award


our nation's highest civilian honour, the


Presidential Medal of Freedom. Joe Biden couldn't


contain his emotions. It was a parting


presidential gift that I can say I was part


of the journey of a remarkable man who did remarkable


things for this country. It has always been a city


of political farewells, and this time next week, this


capital, this country, will be under This time next week Donald Trump


will have taken his oath of office, delivered his inaugural address, sat


behind his new desk in the Oval Office. We got a clear sense tonight


of how dramatically things will change. The house of Representatives


voted to start the process of dismantling and destroying


Obamacare. Now that was the signature domestic achievement of


his presidency. What he hoped would be the centrepiece of his


legislative legacy. Now arguably to be a truly transformative president,


your major reforms need to stay on the books, to stand the test of


time. But the Republicans set a deadline tonight for preparing the


legislation to repeal Obamacare and that timetable is two weeks. Nick


Bryant in Washington, thank you. Labour's former education spokesman


Tristram Hunt is resigning as an MP, triggering a by-election


in his Stoke constituency, an area which voted for Brexit


and where Ukip came second Mr Hunt, who's leaving to become


director of the Victoria and Albert Museum in London,


had been critical of Today, Mr Corbyn said he was looking


forward to the by-election campaign. Stay with Labour, convinced


they will lose, or walk away His leader doesn't like it


but for this famous TV historian, when I caught up with him in Stoke


today, this job offer It's a very tough decision


to leave Stoke-on-Trent. But being director of the Victoria


and Albert Museum, the greatest museum of art and design,


was my dream job and was not You have been clear that Labour


is heading for trouble You haven't changed


your mind, have you? I have had differences with Jeremy


in the past but I am off to be a museum director,


an impartial director of a great museum, and so it is not the time


to rehearse those differences now. You told Jeremy Corbyn you were


stepping down earlier today. I spoke to Jeremy this morning


and he was incredibly gracious, he was interested in the job,


he was interested in the Victoria... And also, I imagine,


rather disappointed? He was pulling his punches today


but his verdict on Labour's leader We are facing an historic wipe-out


of the Labour Party. Today, Jeremy Corbyn is glossing


over troubles ahead. No, I do not want anyone to resign,


I don't want to lose MPs but he has taken this position as director


of the V Good luck to him, and we


will have a by-election. Yet here in the Staffordshire


potteries, Stoke is just the kind of industrial city where many


working class voters feel overlooked, on the wrong side


of the global economy. Most voted for Brexit


here and Ukip came second by 5500 Labour has never lost


here but ask anyone, this will be a hard test for Labour


and its leader. Ukip, Labour, it will


always be in the balance Is Labour going to have a tough


time holding on here? Traditional Labour voters do not


know how to vote now, Tristram Hunt has left fundamentally


because he feels he has a brighter future away from Jeremy Corbyn


and the Labour Party. We are confident there


is a large number of voters in the Stoke Central constituency


that will feel exactly the same way. For Labour, this is a difficult


time for a by-election. It is in a tough place,


and it is not the only one. Some Labour MPs I have spoken


to have told me they are either preparing to quit politics before


the next election, or resigned Labour will have to throw


everything into this campaign, which, if they fail,


will make losing all Just now, this fight will gauge,


can Labour hold its ground, or are traditional supporters


turning their backs Lord Snowdon, the former husband


of Princess Margaret and celebrity The first commoner to marry a king's


daughter for 450 years, the then Anthony Armstrong Jones


married Princess Margaret in 1960. Theirs was the first royal


marriage to be televised. But they separated after 16 years


and eventually divorced. Nicholas Witchell looks


back at his life. He was the society photographer


who took pictures of the royal family, and who married one


of its leading members. It was in 1960 at the start


of a decade of considerable social change, that the then


Anthony Armstrong-Jones married the Queen's younger


sister, Princess Margaret. He was an untitled commoner,


she was the princess who, a few years earlier,


had had to renounce her love for a royal official


because he was divorced. With unbounded enthusiasm, acclaimed


Princess Margaret and her husband, The couple brought glamour


to the British royal family. This was them on a visit


to San Francisco. A-list celebrities before the term


had really been invented, presenting an image of Britain more


in keeping with the Although he became the Earl


of Snowdon, he continued This was a portrait he took of his


wife wearing a tiara in the bath. He photographed many


showbiz figures. One of his proudest achievements


was the aviary at London Zoo. The Queen wanted above all else her


sister's happiness and her sister seemed to have found happiness


with this very different young man who was extremely artistic,


very talented, and I think people By the late 1960s, the couple had


two children, but their marriage was in serious difficulty -


both were having affairs. In 1976 Lord Snowdon announced


that he and Princess Naturally, desperately


sad in every way. Throughout his life he campaigned


on behalf of disabled people and in latter years,


despite his own increasing frailty, he retained his


passion for photography. I like these ones


because they are simple. He could look back on a life


notable for his marriage into the royal family,


but which had also produced many Memorable images, among them


this one of the Queen, which ended up on Britain's postage


stamps, or this relaxed 80th birthday portrait,


taken at his home. As for the photographer himself,


he shared the view of many I'm always relieved


that they come out! Lord Snowdon, who has


died at the age of 86. A brief look at some of the day's


other other news stories. Turkey has ruled out withdrawing


all of its troops from Cyprus as part of any reunification deal,


unless all Greek troops The two sides have been


holding talks aimed The island was divided


between Turkey and Greece in 1974. The FTSE 100 index of leading shares


has closed at yet another new high. It's finished the day


up 45 points, at 7338. It's the 12th record


high in as many days. The record-breaking run has been


driven by the weakening pound, due to the ongoing uncertainty over


Brexit. French authorities have launched


an investigation into Renault, over allegations they tried to cheat


emissions tests with some A newborn baby girl abducted from a


hospital in Florida 18 years ago has been found safe and well. Police say


DNA tests have proved her true identity. Her real family cried with


joy when told she had been found in a house in South Carolina. A


51-year-old woman has been charged with her kidnap.


Theresa May is expected to deliver a key speech on Brexit next week,


with just two months left until she's expected


to trigger the formal process of leaving the European Union.


One of the areas up for negotiation is freedom of movement,


which allows EU citizens to live and work here, and vice versa.


Many who voted Brexit oppose it, claiming it costs British jobs.


It's a debate that's also being played out in the Netherlands,


where the Deputy Prime Minister has told the BBC he believes


the system is open to abuse and needs reforming,


500 years old, a fort in Amsterdam and a reminder of a time


when Europe's borders were the subject of wars, not


Those borders are open now, open to workers who live


in the EU to work within any other member state.


But that has led to controversy over wages being undercut,


I met one of the Netherlands' top politicians and asked him why


You can find a Romanian or Portuguese painter doing


the exact same work as a Dutch painter who is standing


right next to him, who is allowed to earn 200,


300, 400 euros less than the Dutch worker.


But that means, of course, that the Dutch painter is out


And it means that the support for the principle,


which is in essence good, is eroding.


Immigration is not a new issue for Europe.


This hotel was built 100 years ago to house economic migrants


from Eastern Europe on their way to South America to pick coffee.


The search for an economic better life is as old as history.


But today history is dominated by that search, a core part


The free movement debate has become increasingly controversial.


It is one of the four principles of the European Union.


The other three are free movement of money, goods and services.


Agreeing to all four principles is necessary to be


a member of the economically important single market.


For some sectors, like flower picking, immigrants are necessary,


but union leaders say there is a problem of cheap Labour


The Polish worker is hired by a Dutch employer in the Netherlands,


there is full and equal treatment, according to Dutch


But if this Polish worker is hired by a temporary agency based


in Warsaw and then he is brought with a bus to work in


the agriculture, then all of a sudden he is falling under


different rules and that is really creating havoc.


With leading politicians in the Netherlands at least willing


to have a debate about free movement, could Theresa May


find some willing allies as she launches her battle to keep


open trade relationships with the EU without keeping open borders?


We have always been allies and we are very important trading


We should not go out there to punish the Brits.


He wants Europe to reflect on why Brexit happened.


He doesn't want to close borders, he doesn't want Britain


But he does want to make reform of free movement a key


part of the UK's exit from the European Union.


It was intended as a light-hearted drama about a rumoured road trip


which Michael Jackson, Marlon Brando and Elizabeth Taylor


But the choice of a white actor, Joseph Fiennes, to play Jackson,


The programme prompted criticism from the late


pop star's daughter, an online petition, and today,


Sky decided to drop the show, as Colin Paterson reports.


I sensed danger. This is all that audiences are going to see Joseph


Fiennes playing Michael Jackson, two clips from a trailer for a new sky


show, urban myths. Today, sky announced they will no longer be


broadcasting the episode. The reason, concerns expressed by


Michael Jackson's immediate family, adding that they never intended to


cause any offence, and that Joseph Fiennes fully supports the decision.


Michael Jackson's daughter, Paris, was asked on Twitter what she made


of a white actor taking on the role of herb black father. She said she


was incredibly offended and it made her want to vomit. The Scottish


actor, Brian Cox, plays Marlon Brando in the show and thinks the


decision for it to be dropped is ridiculous, especially when this


year's hottest ticket is Hamilton, a musical where a predominantly black


and Hispanic cast play America's White founding fathers. It is a


celebration of a historical event from a very extraordinary


perspective, so it is telling an amazing story, but doing it in a


diverse way. So the idea that people get hot under the collar about


Joseph Fiennes playing Michael Jackson, I think is truly, truly


ridiculous. It is almost a year since Michael Jackson died but he


still has legions of devoted fans, many of whom come to the National


football Museum to see this statue, which used to be outside Fulham's


ground. Stories about him make headlines around the world, but this


is far from the first time a white performer has played him in a


comedy. Lee Francis' take on Michael Jackson was a huge part of a Channel


4 comedy show. While one of the biggest names in US comedy, Amy


Poehler, regularly impersonated him on Saturday Night Live. It's just


the flu, Liz Taylor, I'll be back on my feet soon. When probably the most


famous black performer certainly ever is being cast, they still cast


a middle-class white guy. I can understand why people would be


annoyed by that. It's believed that the decision for Sky to drop the


episode was made at the top of the organisation. They insist it is a


matter of taste, not censorship. Now on BBC One, it's time


for the news where you are.


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