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The NHS is the victim of a massive cyberattack.


39 hospital trusts and GP surgeries are affected.


There's serious disruption as routine operations


are cancelled, patients sent home and ambulances diverted.


I think it is a heinous crime, this hacking,


because they are putting people's lives at risk.


As a precaution, they were doing all the paperwork on paper,


The cyberattack is a form of ransomware, demanding hospitals


It is an international attack and a number


of countries and organisations have been affected.


74 countries are known to be affected.


We'll be looking at the impact of this attack worldwide and what it


Jeremy Corbyn insists he's no pacifist, while Theresa May


accuses him of deserting patriotic working-class people.


The schoolboy who died after an allergic reaction.


A coroner says staff could have saved his life.


And, Donald Trump versus his former FBI director.


Did the President secretly record their conversations?


The President has nothing further to add on that.


The President has no further comment on this.


For the third time, there is nothing further to add on that.


Chelsea clinch the Premier League title. In Antonio Conte's first


season in charge. And coming up in Sportsday on BBC


News: Gloucester were hoping to win the first major trophy of the rugby


union club season in the final of the European Challenge Cup


against Stade Francais. The NHS has fallen victim


to a major cyberattack. 39 hospital trusts and GPs


in Scotland and across England have had to cancel routine operations,


send patients home The NHS says its services have been


targeted by a ransomware attack, which means NHS data is,


in effect, being held hostage Dozens of other facilities have


shut down their email and computer The scale of the cyberattack


on the NHS is unprecedented. It's been declared a major national


incident, disrupting hospitals and trusts from Glasgow,


Dumfries and Carlisle, Blackpool and York, to some


of the big teaching hospitals in London, and services


in the south of England. The Prime Minister says the incident


is part of a wider attack affecting It's thought 74 countries


have been affected. There was serious disruption in some


parts of the NHS today, with signs warning of significant


delays at A units and some GP All this the result


of the biggest cyber attack Some patients like Tom,


waiting for nonurgent surgery, were told their operations


had been postponed. It's inconvenient, very frustrating


for my fellow patients The nurses are absolutely fabulous,


and the doctors, and also I think it's a heinous crime,


this hacking, because they are Richard, who was due


to have an operation on his leg, was also told it


wouldn't happen today. It was disappointing,


because I've got all... They helped me, because I was a bit


nervous about it, so I'll have to go through it again,


I hope, not very long way. Laura, whose new baby arrived


yesterday, was delayed As a precaution, they were doing


all the paperwork on paper, their systems were down


because of all these Some patients going to


Colchester Hospital were told The gentleman just inside the door


said that all the computers have gone down and, "We're not sure


whether the doctors can see you, If it's x-rays or breakages


or whatever, they're It's happened before, at this


hospital trust covering North IT systems were closed


for three days as a result Hundreds of operations and patient


appointments were postponed. People were told to go to A


only if it was really necessary. There were warnings then that


NHS IT was vulnerable. And today, staff logging in at some


other hospitals found this on their screens,


with the message saying, If you want to recover them,


you need to pay up." Ransomware, a hidden programme used


by criminal hackers, was to blame. In a statement, NHS Digital,


responsible for IT, said... NHS England said it wanted


to reassure patients that, in the event of emergencies,


they should visit A as normal, but some GPs are warning


there will be disruption There will be referrals that GPs


have made this afternoon or wanted to make a referral that will now


have to be processed on Monday. Hoping that everything


is back up and running. And there will be a backlog


of things like repeat prescriptions, We'll have patients unable


to book future appointments and things this afternoon,


so there will be things that will give us a backlog from this,


depending on how long it The Prime Minister gave


the Government's response. It's an international


attack on a number of The National Cyber Security Centre


is working closely with NHS Digital to ensure that they support


the organisations concerned and that Some hospitals and GP surgeries


in Scotland have been caught up The Scottish Government,


like ministers at Westminster, and NHS leaders, will be trying


to assess the extent of the problem Well, similar ramsomware attacks


have been reported at organisations in 74 countries across the world,


including the US, China, Security analysts believe


the incidents are all linked. It looked at first like an attack


just an hospitals in the UK, but it's now becoming clear that this


malicious software has run riot Russia, the United States


and many points in between have been hit by what is now


a common form of cybercrime. It's become a tool of choice


for an awful lot of criminals simply because it's very easy to make


money very quickly. You can buy ransomware online


for as little as $39. At the top end of the market,


it comes with a lot of support and payment systems


to help you get your money. It often arrives in an innocuous


looking e-mail. You click it, the software is downloaded and spreads


through June at work, locking up the files on it. Then a message flashes


up on screens, warning that if you want your data on blogs, you will


have to pay a ransom, often in Bitcoin. The irony is that security


experts think a hacking tool allegedly leaked from America's


National Security Agency in April may have been used by the attackers


will stop Microsoft warned about the threat this vulnerability post, it


said anybody who had secured a security update the previous month


would be OK. The worry is that many health service computers may not


have been updated. The NHS is vulnerable, because it has not


invested enough in computer security, they use old systems, and


if they don't keep them patched, they will keep on getting hit by


attacks like this. The health service will point out it is one of


many organisations around the world that had by this attack. It now


faces what could be a lengthy process of cleaning up its computers


and making the network safe again. Our Health Editor Hugh Pym


is at the Department of Health. What's the likely


impact on patients? Presumably people are busy getting


the system back up and running? Officials here have been working


late this evening, Jeremy Hunt has been here, keeping in touch with NHS


leaders who have been trying to gather information from around the


system. It is a disparate system, trying to work out what is happening


takes time. It was a key hours before the centre could get any


information about how badly services were affected. There seems to be a


consensus that around 40 organisations have been affected, it


is not clear how many trusts, how many GP practices and other NHS


groups. There are more than 200 NHS bodies in England. The priority over


the weekend will be to try to help hospitals and other NHS facilities


stabilise their systems and try to get back to normal. There will be a


debate about how formal ball the NHS is, how much investment there has


been to avoid this sort of thing, that is one source said, that is a


question for another day, he priority now is to stabilise the


system. What about the disruption for patients? How badly will it


affect them? How likely's how long is this likely to go on? NHS leaders


are making clear that emergency care is there as normal for people who


need it, but when it comes to routine surgery Tom outpatient


appointments, quite a lot postponed today, it is likely that more will


be postponed on Monday and maybe Tuesday, which will create a backlog


which could run for some time, because the NHS is under such


pressure. GPs say they have been affect it in some areas, that will


affect appointments and prescriptions and so on. It is not


clear how long it will last, but almost certainly well beyond the


weekend. Jeremy Corbyn says the war on terror


isn't working and Britain In a speech outlining his foreign


policy, he said he wasn't a pacifist and could see circumstances


in which he would involve Britain in a war, but he warned


against what he called a "bomb Mr Corbyn accused Theresa May


of pandering to Donald Trump, who he said was making the world


a more-dangerous place. He's used to it now,


all the attention, and not always friendly, though


he still tries to be. Labour's campaign is so much


about Jeremy Corbyn, his character, ideas he's held dear for 30 years,


though some in his party wish And today the Labour leader


was holding to his oldest and deepest convictions,


writing off years of Britain's way The fact is that the war


on terror has been driven, which has driven these


interventions, has not succeeded. It has not increased


our security at home. In fact, many would say


just the opposite. But this, Britain's leader onside


and alongside with Donald Trump, More talking, less fighting, yes,


and a lot less cosiness Britain deserves better than simply


outsourcing our country's security and prosperity to the whims


of the Trump White House. A Labour Government


will conduct a robust In this election, it's become clear


that a vote for the Conservatives would be a vote to escalate the war


in Syria, risking military confrontation with Russia,


adding to the suffering of the Syrian people


and increasing global insecurity. The message - when facing terrorism,


time somehow to rely But what about Britain's nuclear


deterrent, and Jeremy Corbyn's lifelong opposition


to nuclear defence? For a potential Prime Minister,


it's become a nagging question, a live election issue,


and he knew it. I'm often asked if,


as Prime Minister, I would order It's an extraordinary question,


when you think about it. Would you order the indiscriminate


killing of millions of people? Would you risk such contamination


of the planet that no life could exist across large parts


of the world? He wanted nuclear defence


reconsidered, too. We cannot obviously decide


what a review would decide, otherwise you wouldn't


have a review. What do you say to supporters


of British military power, when it's not clear in what circumstances


you would ever order forces into battle, in or out of Nato,


and including strikes I doubt many, if any in this room


would have questioned the legitimacy ultimately of the Second World War


because of the catastrophe that had But controversy today


is about recent conflict. British air strikes on the so-called


Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, He is proud now that he joined


the marches against the Iraq invasion in 2003, a war which drove


down support for Today, he wanted British raids


against IS reviewed. We examine what they are doing


straightaway, examine what their presence is straightaway,


but above all, that fits into the whole point I'm saying,


that I would do everything I possibly could in order


to reignite the whole peace process. Political opponents,


out campaigning too, A Labour Party led by Jeremy Corbyn


would simply chuck away our ability I think that is crazy,


and it's not the way I want to go. We see defence policy sucking


in billions of pounds on Trident at a time when our conventional


defence forces have seen cut Approval for the leader's line


here today, but Labour needs Well, Theresa May was campaigning


in the north-east today, in an attempt to win over


Labour voters. And as Mr Corbyn was outlining


Labour's foreign-policy plans, Mrs May accused him of deserting


proud and patriotic What the Tories might expect,


a raw reception in much The Tories will ruin


our environment. Will the Conservatives


win around here? It is a small selection


of people canvassing for the Tories, we have a huge


following for the Labour. But inside, Theresa May believes


she can swell these polite ranks of her supporters,


trying to stir up national pride with talk of security and defence,


while slamming her Labour opponents, who have been in charge around


here for a long time. Proud and patriotically


working-class people in towns and cities across Britain have not


deserted the Labour Party, We respect that parents


and grandparents taught their children and grandchildren


that Labour was a party that shared their values and stood up


for their community. But across the country today,


traditional Labour supporters are increasingly looking


at what Jeremy Corbyn believes Can she really take


the Tories beyond small Look at the side of the bus to see


how they hope she will. Her name in giant letters,


you almost need a magnifying She may be well ahead in the polls,


but the Tory manifesto Just working life and what is


happening in this country, You will be voting for them


for the first time? Strong opinions on Brexit,


that is what I want to see, us standing alone and moving


forward that way. Getting on the road


in the north-east is part of a deliberate strategy,


not just to try to win, But however she travels,


and whatever the polls say today, shifting huge numbers of votes


in Labour territory is a hard sell. Theresa May has already been to more


than 20 Labour seats, including some here in the north-east that should


traditionally be safe as houses. The Tories say she is having


a positive message, but every day they are trying to display contrast


between her and Jeremy Corbyn, brutally trying to strip


away Labour's vote. You don't get anyone more important


than the Prime Minister! Convention suggests whole chunks


of the north of England, Scotland and Wales just are not safe


for the Conservatives. But Theresa May wants to persuade


you the country's future The Liberal Democrats have confirmed


they would legalise the sale The party would allow licensed


shops to sell the drug People would also be able to grow


cannabis at home and smoke A coroner has called for changes


in the way schools care for pupils with severe allergies after finding


that a 14-year-old boy who collapsed during a detention and later died


could have been saved The coroner said staff


at Nasar Ahmed's school in East London last November weren't


familiar with his condition and his medical kit contained


no instructions on how Nasar Ahmed loved maths and science


and wanted to be a politician. He also suffered from severe


asthma and food allergies. His family have heard in detail how


he came to die after having an extreme allergic reaction


to an ingredient in a curry he had A couple of hours after he had


eaten, he told staff There was confusion as to what might


be wrong and his personal It contained an adrenaline pen,


but there were no instructions as to how or when to use it,


so nobody did. The coroner concluded that


if the pen had been used promptly, and he had been administered


adrenaline, there is a possibility, but not a probability,


this would have changed the outcome. His family say the school let


them and their son down. They failed their care


of duty for my son. If they gave him the injection that


time, within five minutes, before the ambulance,


maybe that would have The school issued a statement today,


saying that following his death, "We rigorously reviewed


all of our safety procedures and are providing more training


for staff across the board." The coroner will be


writing several reports, including to his school,


in an effort to prevent She will also suggest


to the Chief Medical Officer in England that if the pens


were more widely available and President Trump has warned the man


he fired as the director of the FBI against talking to the media,


and suggested that there could be tape recordings


of their conversations. James Comey had been leading


an inquiry into possible collusion between Trump election


officials and Russia. Now the President has tweeted,


"James Comey better hope there are no tapes of our conversations


before he starts Well, our North American Editor Jon


Sopel is at the White House. Mr Trump has come out fighting


against his former FBI director with a threat and now a suggestion


that he may secretly be recording his conversations


at the White House. Yes, and those are the two things


that are utterly fascinating from an extraordinary week of kind of tumult


in Washington. It was just the tone of that tweet from the president


early this morning, suggesting to James Comey, you'd better keep your


mouth shut or else. And, you know, I'm sure it is pure coincidence that


this afternoon we've learned that James Comey, who had been invited to


testify before the intelligence committee next Tuesday, has declined


that invitation. More remarkable still is the suggestion there may be


some kind of secret recording devices in the White House where,


wherever you are, you are being recorded, because it may be that


there is a recording of a dinner that James Comey had with the


president shortly after Donald Trump took office. Inevitably, it was the


only question people wanted to ask that they's briefing with Sean


Spicer. Did President Trump


record his conversations with former FBI director,


Director Comey? I assume you are referring


to the tweet, and I've The President has nothing


further to add on that. Are there recording


devices in the Oval Office As I've said, for the third


time, there is nothing Does he think it's appropriate to


threaten somebody not to speak? That's not a threat, it's stating a


fact. Retweet speaks for itself. One reason it has been so chaotic in


Washington is that people stories have kept changing. White House


briefing people have said one thing, the president has contradicted the


few minutes later. This morning, the president tweeted that maybe the


answer that is to stop briefings altogether because it's hard to give


accurate information when things are changing so quickly. At the end of


this week, it's been a rare week of tumult and turbulence. And it's hard


to believe that the thunderclaps are over yet. This could go on for some


time yet. A brief look at some


of the day's other news stories. Police forces have warned


of an increase in the number of young people carrying knives


and other weapons in schools. They say that more than 2,500


weapons were seized in schools in England and Wales


in the past two years. The value of finance deals


used to buy new cars has ?3.5 billion of loans


were taken out in March, The Financial Conduct Authority has


said it will investigate whether there has been irresponsible


lending. The United States has


signed a number of trade agreements with China,


in an attempt by Washington to reduce its trade


deficit with Beijing. Among American firms


to benefit will be beef and natural-gas exporters,


plus big credit-card companies such Football, and Chelsea clinched


the Premier League title tonight with a 1-0 win at West Bromwich


Albion. It means they have their hands


on the trophy with two games to spare in what's been manager


Antonio Conte's first Our Sports Editor,


Dan Roan, reports. Glory was within their grasp.


Chelsea strolled to the title almost complete. West Brom have also


enjoyed their season, and victory at the hawthorns would have to be


earned. The visitors enjoyed the better chances but failed to break


down a stubborn defence in a cagey first half. There was added urgency


after the restart. Victor Moses denied by Ben Foster. Chelsea's


prostration beginning to show. In the final ten minutes, and with the


game seemingly heading for a draw, the pressure finally told. Batshuayi


with the crucial touch. The substitute has barely played this


season, now he scored the goal to sealed the title. This is how much


it meant to manager Antonio Conte. Chelsea were champions once again.


It has rarely been in doubt, but this, a moment to savour for a


reunited team and their coach in his debut season. From the moment he


arrived in England last year, the Italian has been an animated and


passionate presence on the touchline but, having been top of the table


for months, his team's March towards the title has been calm and assured.


Every single player is playing to their potential, everybody from


goalkeeper to centre forward, and when the squad players come in, they


also perform at a very high level. So what you can see there is that


Antonio Conte has created a culture of achievement, one of competition,


but healthy competition, and the players have delivered. Winchelsea


and Watford at Stamford Bridge on Monday, they and their fans will be


able to celebrate a second Premier League triumph in three seasons,


re-establishing this club is the dominant force in the English game.


When you consider what went on here last season, it's an achievement


that shouldn't be underestimated. Jose Mourinho was sacked after a


Celtic defence of the title, the club finishing tenth. -- after a


chaotic defence. Chelsea hired Conte but had to wait until after the


Euros. There were one or two big signings, Antonio Conte, the Player


of the Year, but the new coach has largely transformed an


underperforming squad. It's not easy to adapt new methods and new


philosophies, and also to work very hard, to change totally your work.


If you compare the work of the season and the past. And there could


yet be more success. Conte is also guided Chelsea to the FA Cup final.


Other managers may have grabbed more headlines and created more


controversy, but the Italian has eclipsed them all.


At the start of the season, all the talk was about Pep Guardiola against


Jose Mourinho, the two big Manchester clubs, and it's dead is


Antonio Conte's Chelsea who have prevailed, with two games to spare.


-- instead it is Antonio Conte this isn't like Leicester City. After


all, Chelsea are one of the wealthiest clubs in the world and


this is the fifth title triumph of the Roman Abramovich era. But this


represents a real turnaround in fortunes and one senses that this


could be a double winning season and then next big challenge for the


champions again as well. The international art festival


the Venice Biennale opens tomorrow and some artists have decided


to challenge the customary idea of countries having


their own national pavilions This year there are pavilions


for imaginary countries, complete with their own unusual form


of passport control. The whole point of the Venice


Biennale is for countries across the world to have their own


national pavilion in which they proudly present the work


of one of their artists. But the notion of art belonging


to nation states is becoming an increasingly anachronistic


concept for many artists and curators, some of whom have set


up alternative pavilions, such as NSK State, an imaginary


country which we are all welcome to come along and join,


although they have made it a bit This is a state without rules


or regulations, rights or responsibilities -


although citizens do need to get You've got to do all the boring


admin stuff and hand over your fee to a passport officer,


who, in this instance, is a migrant seeking


a European passport. So, in a way, the power dynamic


is being turned on its head. You then go up this moving stair


to an elevated office, where you come along and hopefully


pick up your authorised passport. And then there is the Diaspora


Pavilion, showing the work of predominantly non-white British


artists, which is challenging the very notion of nationhood,


arguing that a multicultural society needs a fresh approach


to established ideas It's about what is


represented by the nation. For us, that terrain or that


definition has to change. We feel diaspora is really


much more appropriate, to talk about fluid communities


and diversity within the UK, For some countries, though,


those that maybe feel marginalised or misunderstood,


Biennale offers a public platform Venice becomes even more important


for a country like Iraq, that can participate because it's


allowed to - you know, as a national pavilion,


as defunct as that notion may be. It's one of the few


venues available. These antiquities from


the Iraq Museum form Some have never left


the country before. Others were looted after


the fall of Saddam Hussein. They represent both traditional


craft and contemporary politics, like much of the work at this year's


Biennale. Now on BBC One, it's time


for the news where you are.