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they would not be drawn on it, but expect more challenges through


European courts, perhaps, on that issue. Damian Grammaticas, thank


you. President Trump is meeting American


car manufacturers today in a bid We are going to leave


the One O'clock news now in order to bring you our special


Oscar nomination programme. we will find out in the next few


minutes who has been nominated. I'm joined by the film


critic Jason Solomons. We will be discussing the


nominations. The countdown is under way. We will find out the news from


Los Angeles within the next five minutes. We know what did well the


Golden Globes. It was La La Land. Let's look at some of the films in


contention this year. It was my impression you'd spent


a lot of time here over the years. Your brother has provided


for Patrick's upkeep. I assumed Joe had


discussed this with you. You've got to decide for yourself


who you're going to be. Can't have nobody make


that decision for you. You going to tell him why the other


boys kick his ass all the time? I'm starting to remember.


Our beautiful boy. Just a suggestion as to the films


they may be hearing about in the next few minutes. A different format


this year. They may look different for all of us. No one is getting up


at the crack of dawn in Los Angeles, they are doing things differently.


We will explain more in a moment. Lion, La La Land, Moonlight, could


all be in the running for Tom Lawrence. -- awards.


Hello, and welcome to this BBC News special programme.


I'm Jane Hill and we are minutes away from learning who has been


nominated for the 2017 Academy Awards.


The film critic Jason Solomons is with me, we'll be


getting his insight into who should - and perhaps shouldn't -


Let's have a quick thought about main contenders. And worth flagging


the different format this year. I know you liked La La Land. I loved


it. There is a backlash because people think they've been sold a


classic musical from the Hollywood golden age. It is not that. It is


charming many people. It got 11 BAFTA nominations. I expect


double-figure nominations today from the Oscars Academy. Whether it wins


on the night, that remains to be seen. There are other films


available. Moonlight, I think that Scott the charm and beauty and


poetry and political heft to dislodge La La Land, the story of a


black boy growing up into a man in Florida. Very the moment. Manchester


by the Sea is charming many people. And also in the sci-fi, Arrival,


starring Amy Adams. Just ahead up what we think we will be seeing in


the next few minutes because it is very different. In Los Angeles, they


generally make a couple of actors and actresses get up early in the


morning and stand in a theatre and announce everything life. In its


infinite wisdom, the Academy has decided to do things differently


this year. They are telling us they will be giving us information that


has been filmed presumably in the last few days. They decided to film


nominations in various cities. We will be getting details through in


two tranches. We should hear the first tranche in the next few


minutes. Best supporting actor, things like that. This has been


filmed in Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Toronto, Canada, London and


Tokyo. That is what they have been filming. That is as much as we know


at this stage. Let's find out exactly what the Academy wants to


present this year. It is being played out live in Hollywood,


keeping to a bit of tradition at least. Let's head to LA and see this


transmission from the Academy. The Oscar nominations... Being nominated


felt like... And honour, a legal fight, I guess I just flipped out.


It is like when a pinata breaks open. I feel like the greatest.


Really proud. You don't get moments like that every day. That was a


moment in time. The Academy Awards you think you know? That's not how


it has always been. In 1929, there were no nominations and the winners


were announced in advance. Today, we're going to change things up.


We're going past nominees and winners to welcome this new class


and walk them through the next 33 days. For the year, I was part of


that small selected group of the brightest star is. I was able to


bring my mother. She always wanted to be an actress. She sat next to


me. She was so proud of me walking on that stage. The nominees for


supporting actor are... The nominees for cinematography


are... The phone rang and my lawyer was on


the phone. He said, your nominated for an Oscar. I was by myself in a


hotel room. I had no family near me or anything. Before I could call my


mother, the daughter rang and the waitress came in. And I just burst


into tears and said, I've just been nominated for an Oscar. And she


said, give us a hug. We're fortunate and of course you


should have fun with all of this. But a day after, the very next day


after the Oscars, the focus should be back to making films. Good films.


The nominees for foreign language film are...


The nominees for the live action short are...


When I heard my name, I think I just about passed out. Then when I heard


the director of 's name, I really lost my mind. It was just the best


moment of my life. The nominees for the actor are...


The nominees for sound editing are...


It was early in the morning and the first thing I did was wake up my


wife. Immediately, call someone that is going to take you down a few


notches. That is why I woke up my wife! The nominees for production


design are... The nominees for visual effects


are... We were making the big chill and I


was gobsmacked. Out of the blue, I had no clue. I had no expectations.


A score of music in a film, that is the most impactful and powerful


music. That type of power that it in pursuits, to drive every emotion and


you don't even know that is what is driving your emotion. That is


powerful! The nominees for original score are...


The nominees for original songs are...


Well, as you see, they will be back with further nominations. That is


striking. Perhaps a format we can discuss. It is all new to us. That


is a film produced by the Academy in the United States, not something


that any media were given a preview of. That is how they have decided to


do at this year. With all those, dare I say, indulgent films? The


moment I heard I was nominated... It is a bit of backslapping that the


film leading the way it already is La La Land. It is a big back slapped


in Hollywood, it is about Los Angeles. But eight nominations for


La La Land already. It is on course for a nominations record. Titanic


had 14. La La Land, if it gets nominated in all other categories,


and we think it might, it could equal the record. Certainly, the


cinematography is knockout in La La Land. It does deserve a note for


that. In terms of what we have heard so far, Jason, perhaps some


categories people are interested in, best actor and Best supporting


actor. Best actor, it went a lot of the way we expected. Andrew


Garfield, Denzel Washington and Casey Affleck. Ryan Gosling as well


from La La Land. I see this as being between Casey Affleck and Ryan


Gosling. I think this is Casey Affleck's performance, he is in


Manchester by the Sea and place a janitor who is frozen in time. He


has to thaw throughout the drama. I cannot be his Guardian. Well, it I


mean, I can't. Now, it is a curious film. It is an interesting story


that stays with you. Casey Affleck is good. But he is just not a


likeable character in any way. I wondered whether people might leave


the cinema thinking, what a miserable so and so! Yes but the


incremental floor, any smile he might break by the end, you think,


thank you for that. You wait two hours for someone to smile in this


movie and just about get it and feel relieved. That is his skill and he's


very good in it. Best supporting actor, Lucas hedges, I thought was


excellent in Manchester by the Sea, playing a nephew to Casey Affleck's


uncle. He is very good in it. Best supporting actor, Lucas hedges, I


thought was excellent in Manchester by the Sea, playing a nephew to


Casey Affleck's uncle. Using the 20. His father, Peter hedges, wrote the


screenplay to About a Boy. Oscar fact. I was delighted to see that


award for her Moonlight, one of my favourites this season. Strong


performance I've thought. People might know him from the TV series,


House of Cards, he plays a fixer for Kevin Spacey's character. He has had


a fantastic year and is in another film coming out soon. And there he


is. A kindly drug dealer, a strange role. A man making his own way. A


terrific film, Moonlight. Yes and Naomi Harris, we wait to see whether


she might get a nod as well. It has performed strongly in the Golden


Globes and this will be another interesting thing to watch. We have


the second tranche of nominations coming up shortly. We have talked


for a couple of years about diversity within the Academy and the


people who vote for these categories. Interesting to watch how


much diversity there is overall. Last year, we weren't talking about


the new president of the Academy, a woman of colour herself, who was


furious about the lack of diversity and she change the make-up of the


academy and I think it has had an immediate effect. This year, we are


discussing films like Moonlight, which has no white people involved


in it, it is about the black experience and it is the kind of


film that could have got lost in the cracks when we're not looking for


these expanded stories. It's thoroughly deserves its place. A


fantastic story. I think this is the film with most chance of dislodging


everyone's front runner, La La Land. Another film made by the academy.


Let us see what they present us with now with the rest of the


nominations. My big piece of advice when you are nominated is not to pop


the champagne. It will continue for a long time. Maybe 33 days. You have


got a big job ahead. You might have to give a speech in front of


millions and millions of people and you do not want to screw it up. The


nominees for original screenplay award are...


The nominees for adapted screenplay are...


The first time I truly ever experienced the academy and the


Oscars was when I was there, nominated for an Oscar. I have not


stopped watching it since. The nominees for animated feature are...


The nominees for animated short art...


I got to meet the director and he just gave me the role after about


30-45 minutes. I don't know how other people get nominated for


Oscars, but for me, it was easy. Here are some more of this year's


nominations. Actor in a supporting role...


My phone rang, it was my father. We both started crying. Neither of us


could finish the sentence. One of the greatest moments of my life. Two


years later, we got nominated together. The nominees for lead


actress are... To our global community of


film-makers and fans and everyone who is inspired by movies and loves


them as much as we do, thank you so much for joining us this morning. I


am thrilled to be here, to welcome the nominees for the 89th Academy


Awards. I am honoured to help announce this year's nominees for


Best Picture. Arrival. Faxes. -- fences.


Congratulations to all the extraordinary artists and


film-makers nominated today. It is going to be a great show. Huge


congratulations. Congratulations. The idea of you being an Oscar


nominee is part of your name until the day you die. Embrace this


moment, just being nominated makes you a winner. Make a speech anyway


because there is nothing more boring than an unprepared actor. I advise


them to wear comfortable shoes. Get sleep, sneak in with a flask, have a


good time. All the nominations are in. The new format, all produced by


the Academy in California. That is the 20th Oscar nomination for Meryl


Streep. It is. She had a record already. The underrated actress! 20


Oscar and nations, not bad. She is fabulous in Florence Foster Jenkins.


I do not think she will win. Only three convergence into a win. I lost


count with La La Land. We were watching to try to see whether it is


a record. How is your maths? I think it is one short, 13 nominations, not


bad. It does not have supporting roles. All of the other films have a


big cast. This is concentrating on Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone both of


whom who are nominated. But director. Twice nominated for


original song. One of the great songs. There are lovely songs in it.


Very catchy. This is perhaps not my favourite. The opening number. It is


an upbeat film. If you are feeling blue, it is the film to see. We all


need a bit of La La Land. It is cold in England, cold around the world,


the political climate is volatile. La La Land is giving people a bit of


a throwback and fun. One trip up might be that people go for the


slightly more downbeat Manchester by the Sea or the sci-fi of Arrival


which is sneaking up. People are flocking to the film. Surprise


omission for Amy Adams who is not nominated for her lead role in that


film. The academy generally seems to love Amy Adams. The conceit behind


the film is that when the aliens arrive, you send an interpreter to


talk to them. You do not send the army and guns and tanks come you


send an interpreter to try to find out what they want and she is said


interpreter. As an idea, it is interesting. It is about language,


how we connect. It is part of an empathetic version of Arrival which


is connecting with audiences because this is a time of division in terms


of politics and people are very worried about aliens, on earth or


out of it. This is a film connecting because it is a very human level,


language and communication. Very smart. It changes at the end. A


smart set of nominations from the Academy. Interesting, I am just


hearing, I hate to diss your maths, mine is no better, we are hearing


from our entertainment team that La La Land has got 14. That is a joint


record. With All About Eve and Titanic. All about Eve got six and


Titanic got 11, the record. I do not think it will win all of those


categories. We will probably end up with seven or eight. It is looking


like the big number on the night. It won ... It has been nominated in the


screenplay category which is an indicator. One man who has been


nominated, I'm joined on the phone by Stuart Craig, nominated for


Fantastic Beasts. Production design. Congratulations. Thank you. What


goes through your mind that you have -- when you hear you have been


nominated? The movie Fantastic Beasts was quite a challenge. To be


recognised, given the difficulty. There were literally hundreds of


people involved. A close relationship between the design


department and visual effects. We were mutually dependent and a very


successful relationship. Lots to remember and think about. It is a


fantastic looking film so I am not surprised when you say it was a very


big team. When you talk about the difficulties, what particularly were


the challenges? New York, we did not film, none of the principal actors


went to New York at all. We decided to build a big chunk of New York in


the studio. That was the number one challenge, to create a set on that


scale. Without going to New York at all. Apart from with at stills


camera to take some background elements to add to our physical set,


real actors in the foreground. A remarkable achievement that has been


recognised today. You work with JK Rowling whose first screenplay this


was to make this film, recreating this from her head, carrying on from


Harry Potter, how close did you work with JK Rowling on the design? Is it


how she imagined it in her head? A lot of information is in the script


and the stage directions, an enormous amount. More than usual.


She is famous for her descriptive text, so that is an enormous help.


She also visits once or twice near the beginning of the project when


the designs are just about under way, so was involved in the crucial


moment, if things are not quite as she imagined, they can be included


at that stage. Congratulations. It is a great nomination for Britain


and for British production design and British teamwork. Fantastic.


Congratulations again. Thank you. Enjoy your trip to California in


late February. Nominated for Fantastic Beasts. I am quite


interested in the Best Actress. Some we expect, Natalie Portman, I think


she was fantastic as Jackie. I was thrilled to see Ruth make the list.


Nominated as well. She is up for the rising Star award at the Baftas at


the British Academy Awards. In this country, she is still considered a


rising star but she is nominated for an Oscar. She has risen to become an


Academy Awards nominated actress. It is a film called Loving, people


probably do not know Ruth Negga, Irish Ethiopian actress, starring in


a great story as a woman who is married to a white man in the


Mississippi south of the 1950s and they are chased out of town for


being illegal. A great story. She is terrific. I think she is the big


surprise. Again, no one can level at the academy that the Oscars are


white because they are incredibly diverse this year with Ruth Negga's


nomination, Naomie Harris nominated in the supporting category,


alongside Viola Davis and Octavia Spencer. An increase in that from


what we said at the beginning, a groundswell of opinion to change the


colour of performances and the stories being told from a different


kind of background on the big screen and Ruth Negga, great story, Loving.


Wonderful story, you feel every child should be told about it in


history class. Apps we will talk about that in the next few minutes.


I'm pleased to say we are joined by Britain's Imke Henkel nominated for


an Oscar. So lovely you could speak to us -- Dev Patel. I am floating in


the clouds right now. It is really magical. I am sharing it with my


crew in Bombay. We are so delighted for you, nominated for your


performance in Lion. True story. Your first nomination. You have been


to the Oscars before but your first personal nomination, is that right?


Absolutely. Yes. I am sitting here with my mouth wide open, feeling


overwhelmingly grateful right now. Have you told your family yet? I


hope your folks know. I did. My mum is at work and she was screaming in


her office, just she is a wreck, a ball of tears. Calling my sister and


my father right now. It is just... I keep using the word amazing. I need


to figure another word out right now. Lovely. Don't say any more, you


will reduce us all to tears. So lovely to talk to us. Lion, for


people who have not seen it, very much still on in the cinemas in the


UK, based on a true story, explain to us why you were attracted to this


story, why you wanted to be part of this film. I just really think it is


an anthem of love. At its core, it is about mothers and sons, a young


boy who goes through so much adversity to connect to his birth


complex and completely uplifting at complex and completely uplifting at


its core. For me to play a role at this and take on such a soulful


journey, it truly was a blessing. A new look for you. Jason here.


Congratulations. A new look for you, you grow up on screen. You are not


the geeky kid we have seen. A new look Dev Patel. Tell us what you did


for the role. That was the first conversation I had with the director


after I got the role. I was shooting with Jeremy Irons at the time and I


was very skinny. They said, we will turn you into an alpha male. I had


to hit the gym, grow out my hair, grow a beard. He is a very sporty


young man. Quite charming. Eight months of hitting weights and


changing my voice and stuff like that to try to get it right. It has


obviously had a great effect and the voters... Not just for you, the


has been nominated, your screenplay has been nominated, your


writer, your mum, Nicole Kidman, she writer, your mum, Nicole Kidman, she


will be on the red carpet with you. Such a beautiful journey, for


everyone to be recognised, it is... Many, many congratulations again. It


is going to be quite tough to carry on filming. Dev Patel talking to us.


Very happy, not surprisingly. Nominated for his role in Line. Can


we do the next shot without a smile? The director will be saying. It is


supposed to be a sad scene. We will see him on the red carpet. Let us


had to Los Angeles because our LA correspondent has been watching this


as well. Peter, it was the cheeriest procedure, wasn't it? A complete


change of approach for the Academy. -- it was a curious procedure. The


thinking is they want to try to reach a larger audience, by doing


this digitally. Most of the announcements, in fact, all of it,


was pre-recorded. That made sure they are absolutely got it right,


all the names were pronounced Brett Lee, that kind of thing. We did not


have the prediction -- all the names were pronounced correctly. We did


not have the traditional audience. Surreal event, 5:30am in the


morning. It did give the event a bit of excitement and just watching the


digital feed, watching it on television, it did not feel quite


the same, very slick and they have got all the facts correct, but it


did not seem to be quite as exciting as the usual announcement. Whether


it reached a larger audience by streaming this on YouTube, on the


Academy's website, it remains to be seen, but certainly a very different


way of doing it. You have been talking about it, a list of


nominees, very interesting this year. The main talking point


certainly here for the rest of the date will be the diversity issue


which was such a big issue last year -- the rest of the day. Last year


was so white, they said. They certainly cannot say that about this


year's nominees. That is one of the key things we will be talking about.


A quick thought about La La Land. For those who have not seen it, a


love story to Hollywood, in many love story to Hollywood, in many


ways. Great fun though it is, the risk is it could be seen as a bit of


backslapping, lovely film about our own industry, that is how it can be


perceived. Yes, it is very much an insider movie as far as this town is


concerned. Los Angeles, set in modern-day LA. Extraordinary first


seen leaping out of cars on the overpass on a freeway. As a feat of


cinema, quite an achievement to do that. It certainly harks back to the


old days of Hollywood, the golden days of Los Angeles, in terms of


film-making. A modern-day edge. There are some critics of La La Land


who so the story itself does not actually amount to much. Boy meets


girl movie. But it personifies and gently pokes fun at a little bit at


the whole ethos of Hollywood and the town of dreams and many broken


dreams as well of course. Yes, indeed. Personal and professional.


Thank you very much. Peter, of course, will be getting reaction to


the nominations through the day for BBC News. But as talk to another


nominee. Joining me on the phone, nominated for Best Costume Design


for Florence Foster Jenkins. Congratulations. Thank you so much.


What goes through your mind when you hear you have been nominated for an


Oscar? I feel a joy and a pride in the work we did and in the wonderful


team around me. All of that comes into my mind. Just happiness to be


among this incredibly strong group of peers who have also been


nominated. That is a huge honour. Consolata, you obviously dressed


Meryl Streep primarily in this, fabulous outfits for Florence Foster


Jenkins, what were the challenges and the joys to clothe the most


nominated actress, even if someone feels she is overrated, I am sure


you do not... What was the collaboration with the actress


herself to get the costumes right? There was a lot of collaboration.


She was very strong and clear and great contribution to the look.


Partly because we had to pad her, she was padded throughout and she


wore the padding with good humour, there was a lovely challenge of


doing both her day wear and her performance were, she did many


performances, but the character of Florence which is based on a real


person, in a way, her clothes for day work like out of a dressing up


box as well as her performance. It was a challenge. Is there any


greater challenge in the fact that it was based on a real person? Does


that make a difference to your work? You start with firm roots and then


in a way because it is also a story, you are telling a story, and there


is a point of view, there is an element... There is a lot of


research done but you need to leave behind the research and take off and


tell the story in the way the director wants and it has all been


decided beforehand, this is a wonderful collaboration of film, the


magic of film. What happens to the costumes after? Presumably Meryl


cannot fit into them without the padding, she does not take them


away, will we get to see them again? Will they be displayed as artefacts


from Hollywood, Oscar-nominated indeed? Wonderfully enough, Meryl is


taking some of the stuff, she has such a sense of humour, she has


earmarked some of her pieces. A group of them are going on


exhibition in Hollywood. They will be on exhibition over the next few


weeks. They will be taken and archived which is a lovely thought,


that they will be kept safely. That is the plan for those costumes in


the future. Consolata, lovely you could join us so quickly.


Congratulations again. Nominated in the Best Costume Design category. We


will find out in a few weeks from now whether she has won. Do we


quickly have time to talk about West actor -- Best Actor? If you had to


pick one? Casey Affleck. The one, that sort of performance, it lives


on him. The other raptor, Dev Patel is up against Jeff Bridges. -- the


other actor. And Michael Shannon, a former winner, in Nocturnal Animals.


It will be a tight contest but I think it is Casey Affleck's on if he


can edge ahead the charming Ryan Gosling. I wonder whether it will be


a fantastic day for Naomie Harris. She has just joined us on the phone.


Many congratulations. Naomie Harris, I hope you can hear us? We wanted to


say, congratulations on your Oscar-nominated in. Thank you so, so


much. I am over the moon. I cannot believe this. I heard the news from


my brother because I was too terrified to listen to the live


nomination. Fantastic, fantastic moment. I couldn't be more thrilled.


I am so excited as well that the movie has been nominated in so many


categories. Really fantastic. So unexpected. This must be a real


surprise. You only did three days work on this movie, not a bad


return! I know! I only did three days and also it was a movie I was


considering turning down. Initially, I did turn it down. It is quite a


result. And I certainly would be kicking myself if I had turned it


down. I wish we could talk to you for so much longer. So brilliant you


could speak to us, even momentarily. Well done to your brother for


getting in touch with you so quickly. Naomie Harris, thank you,


nominated for Moonlight. We find out who will win on the 27th of


February. We will be with you to find out who wins in the Baftas as


well before then. Goodbye for now. Once again fog causing issues. This


was up the road from Heathrow. The sun trying to come out under the low


cloud. Sunshine across most


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