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A shooting at the United States Capitol building --


two are wounded and a gunman arrested after he opened fire


Funerals for some of the 70 plus people killed at a playground


suicide bombing in Pakistan -- many of them were children.


Belgian police release their only suspect in custody after last week's


Brussels attacks -- citing a lack of evidence


The first pictures from inside the historic city of Palmyra --


Be having a look at the front pages. This is the front page of the Metro


carrying a picture of some of the damage caused by the storm. In


football, Northern Ireland sees a victory over Slovenia in their


friendly at Windsor Park and they are now unbeaten in ten games.


Good evening and welcome to BBC News.


Police have arrested a gunman after he shot and wounded a police


officer inside the US Capitol Building visitors centre.


The building and the White House were put on lockdown earlier


One policeman and a female bind stander were winded as well as the


gunmen. The US Capitol police chief said there is no reason to think the


innocent was anything other than a criminal act and a weapon was found


at the same. Every day thousands of people visit the United States


Capitol and the officers and more than 2 million people per year are


screened through the visitor centre. Today at approximately 2:39 p.m., an


adult male, subject entered the North screening facility at the


centre and during routine screening, the individual drew what appeared to


be a weapon and pointed it at officers. An officer fired and


struck the suspect who was subsequently treated by medical


personnel. The suspect was taken into custody and transported to the


hospital for treatment. The suspect is currently undergoing surgery and


his cadet -- condition is unknown at this time. A weapon was recovered on


the scene. The Congressional complex was locked down and there was a


shelter in place based on the initial investigation at around 3:40


p.m., the lockdown was lifted and that was in all buildings except the


CDC will weather as counselling processing.


Our Washington Correspondent Barbara Plett joins us.


People will be relieved that the police seem to be playing this down


as not a terrorist attack but a criminal act but it still leaves a


lot of questions how someone with a gun got so close into a high secure


area. Yes, he got to the visitor centre which is the gateway which


all tourists have to go to to get into the Capitol buildings and a


police officer there said he was apprehended at the screening process


and he appeared to draw a weapon as he was being screened and he was


shot, taken to hospital. They would argue that the system worked, he did


not get through screening and into the buildings. This centre was set


up after a fatal shooting in 1998 when a number of police officers


were killed. It is a security element


that has increased over the years. Certainly the pictures of people


running and screaming on Capitol Hill, the stories we were told by


people who had been in the centre, they were told to run or take cover


or to shelter in place or hit the ground, all of these things raise


fear in Americans. They are nervous about terrorist attacks because of


what they hear about happily in Europe and previous attacks. It is a


very nervous time. Would you say that what we saw, so many armed


police on the scene very quickly, the arrest very quickly, would you


say that this was actually a security operation that did go to


plan, because America is on such high alert? From all the evidence we


have heard and I asked the people, the tourists who had been at the


centre how they felt the police responded and they felt that the


response had been very quick, that the police had been in control, they


were told what to do, one gentleman said he was outside the building, a


row of police officers carrying heavy guns, training them on the


centre, and the man being arrested so quickly, shot as well, and then


the lockdown happening, not for a very long time, but until it was


determined that he was an individual, it seems that the


security response was adequate. Thank you.


Security forces in Pakistan say they've arrested a number of people


and seized weapons in the hunt for those behind yesterday's bomb


The death toll has risen to more than 70 -


A breakaway faction of the Pakistani Taliban claimed


responsibility -- saying it was targeting the city's


Our Correspondent Shaimaa Khalil reports now from Lahore.


Eerily quiet this morning, the park where dozens


Families had come here to celebrate Easter,


but instead, were caught up in carnage.


A place where children came to play, now the site of a massacre.


A 16-year-old boy had been at the park with his brother.


His mother was too distressed to speak.


All she could tell us was the last time she saw him


The body of the 16-year-old has just been brought outside his family


He's just one victim among the dozens killed in yesterday's


blasts and many families across Lahore will be mourning


Christians were the target of the bombing by a splinter group


Christians and Muslims, men, women and children,


When we came to know, our hearts broke.


We could not handle ourselves because we knew it was Sunday,


many Christians and Muslims would be gathered there.


And when we came to know that the majority was Christian,


even the Muslims, all are human beings, and really, we cried.


Pakistan's Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif visited survivors today.


He vowed to hunt down those responsible.


He admitted that Pakistan's different security agencies needed


to be better coordinated in the fight against terrorism.


This is another attempt by government and security forces


to show strength in the face of a national tragedy.


But for families burying their dead today any


security operation will be of little consolation.


Let's speak to Lord Alton of Liverpool, he's launched a report


on the plight of religious minorities in Pakistan


He joins us via webcam from Longridge in Lancashire.


That report was to try Commons the British Government to see


persecution as the general issue, the persecution of Christians. Do


you think this heightens what you're trying to put forward? The report


was published a few weeks ago in Parliament. It was at attempt to


demonstrate to the government that Christians in Pakistan are not


facing discrimination, the phrase the Home Office used, but they are


facing outright persecution and the Taliban made it clear that they are


specifically targeting Christians and this was a particularly cowardly


attack where children and women were targeted in an audio violence. The


genesis of these events was really five years ago when the Minister for


minorities was assassinated and since then there has been a culture


of ingenuity as religious minorities have been hunted down, there have


been killings, there have been rapes and abductions, forced conversions,


a whole litany of things that need to be addressed and the culture of


impunity in Pakistan needs to be changed. We have both seen what


happens to those Christians who flee Pakistan to countries like Thailand


where asylum is not recognised, they are often locked up in prisons. What


difference would it make if the British Government did recognise the


persecution of Christians in a more general scenario? With that mean


they could find refuge in the UK? After I visited the detention


centres, that report has helped to concentrate the minds of just the


British Government but the United Nations High Commission of refugees,


some of these questions and there are thousands of them, many of them


are held in appalling conditions, the United Nations say that the


conditions in Thailand prisons are worse than the detention centres and


yet they are not processing asylum claims and that is the key. Many


countries are key -- keen to accept asylum seekers from Pakistan but


unless the United Nations speed up applications they will continue to


languish in prisons. One of the things I saw in the documentary was


that people, men and boys, women and girls sharing accommodation, small


rooms where there is not enough room to sleep on the floor and people


have to stand around the walls while others had a chance to sleep, women,


lactating mothers, women with babies, young children in those


conditions, it is their ages. I think events in Lahore might help to


concentrate the minds of the government of Pakistan particularly


about the reasons why people are fleeing these horrors. When the


state of Pakistan was founded in 1947 it was based on a constitution


and it was said that it was a place where all minorities would be able


to live in equality and diversity and that is paid in the not the case


today. The buck does stop of Pakistan, people would not have to


run if there was not so much persecution and Human Rights Watch


in 2015 criticised the Pakistani government for not doing enough to


protect them religious minorities, is that fair criticism and with the


British Government be better off putting more pressure on the


Pakistani government to do more? Certainly add one of the


recommendations we made in our report, which was taken after


several days of evidence taking both in London and amongst people who had


flee -- who had fled persecution, is that the Pakistan government is the


key to making the situation better but the British Government gives


over half ?1 billion in development aid to Pakistan, they are the


biggest recipients of bilateral aid and we should be demanding that that


money is used to create protection for these minorities and also an end


to the culture of impunity that does not bring people to justice for the


horrors they perpetrate. Thank you. A man who was charged


with "terrorist murder" just two days ago over the Brussels attacks


has this afternoon been released Belgium's federal prosecutor's


office now says it does not have enough evidence to continue


holding the suspect, It means that Belgian police


are still hunting for the man seen here in the light jacket and hat


on CCTV from Brussels airport He's believed to still be on the run


after his bomb failed to detonate. Authorities say the two men with him


- Najim lash-RAA-wi and Ibrahim El The death toll has now risen to 35 -


that excludes three suicide Our correspondent Anna Holligan gave


us this update from Brussels. This is quite a remarkable


development, given that Faycel C was the only person


who had been charged with terrorist murders in connection


with those attacks Belgian police have just released


a statement saying that the evidence that led to his arrest


could not be validated. The circumstances of his arrest


were interesting in themselves. He was picked up outside


the prosecutor's office here in Belgium


and he was charged. Belgian media had been reporting


that Faycal C was the third man in that CCTV footage taken


from the airport before the man in white on the


right of the screen. He, Faycal C,


has been released without charge. The man in the CCTV video has


not been identified. This was that decision


by the Belgian authorities today. They have asked for anyone


with information about this man, anyone who recognises


him, to come forward and share their information


with the police. Earlier I spoke to Evan Lawrence


who's a specialist in counter terrorism at the University


of Central Lancashire. She said it was unlikely the suspect


who had been released was an imminent


threat to the public. I think that realistically the


police have enough power is in most countries that if they suspect the


-- suspected someone of being an imminent threat to society, they


have those safeguards in place where they can hold that person without


charging them. So, to me, this tells us that we have a case of perhaps


mistaken identity or the evidence that they have is not able to be


admissible in a court. Perhaps they want that person released to follow


up and see where he goes and what he does. So there are a couple of


different reasons but certainly the police would not be releasing anyone


that was going to be an imminent threat to society. The police will


be able to monitor him and watches every move? Absolutely. I would be


surprised if he does not have some form of tracking device, whether it


is an ankle bracelet or something along those lines. He will certainly


be being watched closely by the police, but it may be a case of


mistaken identity, it may be a case of someone wanting to take credit


for something they did not do as well. That happens in these kinds of


situations. Let us bring you up-to-date with the latest


headlines. The shooting at the United States Capitol building, two


were wooded and gunmen arrested after he opened fire at visitor


centre. Funerals for some of the 70 plus people killed at a playground


suicide bombing in Pakistan, many of them were children. As we have just


been hearing, Belgian police release their only suspect in custody after


the attacks in Brussels last week, citing a lack of evidence against


him. Storm Katie has battered large parts


of Southern Britain - leaving flights cancelled,


property damaged - and thousands of


people without power. Gusts of up to 106mph were recorded


- as more than 100,000 homes were left without power


at the height of the winds, with thousands still awaiting


reconnection tonight. The Environment Agency has also


issued 27 flood warnings Robert Hall reports


from Woodley in Berkshire. A rude awakening after


the Easter weekend. Storm Katie may have arrived


while most of us were asleep, but there was no missing


its journey east. The storm dismantled three


stories of scaffolding. Some of these businesses


will be closed for one to two days until


scaffolding is repaired. We also have to make sure


electricity lines or anything untoward, making sure


all the residents are safe In Gosport in Hampshire a series


of storm force gusts tore the entire Suddenly we heard this tremendous


crash and the whole building And that kind of got us out


of bed quite quickly. The storm had tracked


from Cornwall to the North Sea. Toppling trees, damaging buildings,


bringing down power lines. At its peak the gale had enough


force to twist this tower crane Along the south coast


there were warnings of coastal flooding and ferry


sailings were disrupted. More than 80 flights were cancelled


at Heathrow and Gatwick airports, and some fights that did attempt


to make it in were forced to abort. An uncomfortable few minutes


for travellers on the way home. In the Thames Valley,


the centre of Woodley was sealed off after scaffolding


collapsed to the street. Back in Gosport, the sun is shining


but the clear-up has some way to go. At these flats near the naval base,


roofing installation and timbers had dropped three storeys


and crashed onto cars below. Storm Katie may have been relatively


short lived but the incidents we have seen give some indication of


its power. If it had not moved


through in the hours of darkness, the consequences could


have been more serious. Russia's President Putin has phoned


President Assad to congratulate him on the recapture of Palmyra. The


Army says it will use the city as a strategic stronghold to make further


advances. Palmyra is a World Heritage Site and there are hopes


that IAS might not have rigged as much damage as first feared.


Syrian troops relaxing in the streets of Palmyra town


after what appears to have been a victory


It took them just a few weeks to recapture the area which lies


on a vital highway leading from Damascus


They had significant support from the Russian air force.


The militants took control of Palmyra in May last year and soon


began a campaign of destruction. They publish this photograph showing


one of several ancient tombs in the area being blown up. This new video


seems to show that they expected wholesale destruction of the UNESCO


World Heritage Site has not happened. To the relief of


archaeologists everywhere, especially in Syria. When my son was


born it was one of the most beautiful days of my life, the


second beautiful day of my life was the celebration of Palmyra, that it


is not destroyed completely. Palmyra was saved in part because the top


archaeologist at the site refused to reveal the whereabouts of hundreds


of artefacts which had been moved away. He was later be headed. But


recapturing Palmyra from so-called Islamic State has significance


beyond preserving the prized agent city, it is also an important


strategic gain. Because from Palmyra the Syrian military can broaden its


offensive against jihadist forces to attack another key city held by IS


and the Syrian Army is even vowing to move against another city,


regarded as the headquarters of Islamic State in Syria. The Russian


air force would probably be behind all of this, it has already been in


action in one city in recent months. The combination of Russian air


strikes and reenergised Syrian forces on the ground is putting a


President Assad and at the Kremlin at the forefront of the battle


against Islamic State in this country. And western leaders are not


complaining. That is the latest from BC news, next a look at the papers


tomorrow. -- BBC


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