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Fireworks and festivities welcome in 2017.


In Australia, there was a spectacular display of fireworks


Security is stepped up for New Year celebrations in major


In London, thousands of extra police are deployed.


Sydney, Australia, one of the first cities to welcome in 2017.


The Harbour Bridge the focus of their spectacular display.


Soon after, it was Hong Kong's turn and this was their party.


In London, they're preparing for tonight's celebrations.


The Met Police says it is not had any specific intelligence


to point to an attack, but they've looked at


what happened in Berlin and Nice and adjusted their plans.


There'll be more than 3000 visible police officers present tonight.


As in the past, there will be officers with firearms,


but the key thing is to strike the balance, and none of us wants


to disrupt the enjoyment all of us want to have on New Year's Eve.


We can't allow the bad guys to spoil our way of life.


In other European cities, including Berlin, security


In her New Year's Eve address, the German Chancellor Angela Merkel


acknowledged the threat her country faces.


TRANSLATION: The biggest test, without a doubt,


is Islamist terrorism, which has had Germany


In 2016 it attacked us in Wurzburg, Asbach and just a few days ago


in the Christmas market here in Berlin.


Other political leaders sending New Year messages


Around the world, millions of people are getting ready


to celebrate their New Year's Eve, welcoming in 2017 in style.


Our correspondent is in Edinburgh. Things are well underway here. The


gates opened at 9pm and thousands of people have been streaming and ever


since. The event tonight as a sell-out. Some 75,000 people will be


seeing in the 2017 when it comes. They're partying is going to be


beamed around the world to something like 1 billion people. The live


music has already started and spirits are quite high. Public


safety is paramount in public events like this and other Hogmanay events


are rendered the UK have had to review the policing arrangements.


That is no different in Edinburgh. Police Scotland to have said that


they are taking a proportionate view. They want people to have fun


but they want to make sure that they are safe at the same time. There are


hundreds of security guards on duty as well so very much hoping that


everything goes to plan tonight. The big build-up is towards the giant


fireworks display, which is happening from the battlements of


Edinburgh Castle at are told that we will be able to see the firework


display for 30 miles around. The weather is good, spirits are high


and we are in for a pretty spectacular night.


So, Islamic State has claimed is responsible for a blast.


For a Raaqys, 2016 ended in bloodshed and grief. -- Iraqis.


There were two bombs. One in a car park. And another when a crowd had


formed around the first. Fathers and sisters and mothers and brothers.


TRANSLATION: When we heard the explosion we found many people


killed and wounded, whom we rescued and sent to hospital. Why does this


happen in Iraq? Why to the Iraqi people? To the north, the battle to


take Mosul, Iraq's second city, from so-called Islamic State, continues.


It is a long slog. And for many residents, the only way is out.


Three more months, Iraq's government says, the action may take. Maybe


next year will be better. But many Iraqis giving up. They flee their


battered city with nothing but bags and suitcases.


Here, Hull becomes the second UK City of Culture tomorrow. : Paterson


reports. Hull, city of Culture 2017. Many were surprised when it was


chosen. Tomorrow it's year in the spotlight begins. Last-minute


preparations continue. It's great. One of its most famous residences


very excited. We always thought culture was rugby and fish and


chips. Now it is more. It is art, it is history, it is a wonderful


feeling, its new buildings, a new confidence. People are proud. Hull


is promising at least one cultural event every day of 2017, with ?32


million being spent. What are you hoping the city of Culture will


achieve for Hull? I want nationally and internationally people to see


this is a fantastic city with great stories, great people and a lot to


offer. Because every city deserves its moment in the limelight. 2017 is


ours. It all starts tomorrow afternoon. Buildings will be used as


giant screens to retail the city's history. With one... People here


have recreated famous movie scenes. Later in the evening there will be a


giant fireworks display. That is what is going to be set off. Those


are bigger than those that will be used in London. For the soundtrack,


every single song is by an act from Hull. It is hoped that in 2017 a


million people will visit Hull. This has caused a problem. The city only


has a thousand hotel rooms. So a campaign has encouraged locals into


the bed-and-breakfast trade. I feel like an unpaid ambassador, I can


welcome people into our home and help them to understand a bit more


about the city. I feel they will leave with a positive perception


after they have stayed here. And other bonus. The BBC has decided


that every time the TV weather map appears in 2017, Hull will be


honoured. The City of Culture has literally been put on the map. In


today's football, Premier League leaders Chelsea beat Stoke City 4-2


for their 13th win in a row. Liverpool and Manchester City had


the chance to close the gap in the late kick-off.


Patrick Geary reports. This is a night to remember old acquaintances.


Jurgen Klopp and Pep Guardiola met many times on German touchlines.


They are two of the Premier League's so-called super managers, charged


with invigorating teams and players, like Adam Lallana, picking out


Wijnaldum. Through the first-half, the pressing came from the men in


red. The only thing missing, precision. Those in offered little.


Manchester City took the best part of an hour to muster anything. That


was Sergio Aguero's first shot of the match. It sparked a mini surge.


David Silva gave and filled its first truly nervous moment. But this


was an anti-climax. -- Anfield. This win sets up Liverpool's New Year's


chines. -- talents. Much more throughout the


evening on the BBC News Channel. Now it is time for the