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A huge police operation is underway in Istanbul -


to find a gunman who shot dead 39 people at a nightclub.


The man opened fire at the Reina club at around 130


Dozens of injured remain in hospital.


15 foreigners - from Israel, Saudi Arabia


and Morocco were among - were among the dead.


Our Turkey Correspondent Selin Gerit has just sent this report.


One of the most famous nightclubs in Istanbul,


Reina is packed with a jubilant crowd, ready to welcome


They are counting down to what they hope will


A man armed with a long barrelled weapon opens fire outside the venue.


He kills a policeman and another civilian as he rushes his way in.


The club immediately turns into the scene of a massacre.


As the attacker fires on the people partying inside.


Survivors still in shock of what they have been through.


My husband suddenly told me to get on the floor, a man ran inside,


two or three people started firing and then there was a fog.


I fainted at that moment until special forces


There were bodies lying on the floor.


There has been no immediate claim of responsibility for the attack


and authorities did not name any suspects.


This man was a security guard at the club last night.


He said he heard gunfire and ran away.


Everyone is nervous at the moment, he said, the attacker


The security forces say the assailant was alone rather


He was wearing a jacket and trousers when he opened fire,


but there is separate information that he tried to leave wearing


The nightclub area remains sealed off this morning,


heavily armed police block the street leading to Reina club.


Crime scene investigators were inside searching for evidence.


This is as close as we can get to the scene of the attack that


In a span of 18 months more than 500 people have been killed in this


Now, civilians got hit on a night of hope and joy.


This already feels like it is going to be yet another difficult


Turkey faces the Islamic State threat, a renewed conflict


with the Kurdish rebels and the south-east and


across the border in Syria and Iraq, and big cities like Istanbul feel


Our Correspondent Selin Gerit is outside a hospital in Istanbul


where some of the victims are being treated.


On the security operation and the manhunt. The attacker is still at


large and the hunt for him carries on. In several districts in


Istanbul. After reports of suspicious people came through. I'm


at one of the hospitals and there are almost 70 people injured, four


are in critical condition and the death toll is still at 39 but the


fear is that it could rise. The Prime Minister has spoken and has


said no nation is immune to such terror attacks, but Istanbul, having


witnessed an attack only three weeks ago, feels increasingly edgy. Thanks


for joining us. The Queen was absent from the annual


New Year's Day church service in Sandringham this morning,


because of a "lingering heavy cold". She also missed the Christmas Day


service at her Norfolk estate Buckingham Palace says the Queen has


been up and about in recent days, but is "still recuperating"


as our Royal Correspondent, For a second time in the holiday


season at the Royals headed to church, and for a second time the


Queen was a notable absentee. Her 95 erode husband did attend, he was to


scrub by one observer as chipper. -- 95-year-old husband. The Windsors


are an attraction for the dedicated, and despite the weather they gather


outside the Sandringham church, but once again the monarch was not on


display. Disappointed that the Queen was not there but that is


understandable at 90 years of age. She is in the best place and I wish


her all the best for 2017. She is not well and we do not want to see


her out in this weather. At Christmas our attention is drawn to


the birth of a baby some 2000 years ago. The Queen recorded her


Christmas message early in December and will not have taken the decision


to miss church likely, the supreme Governor of the Church of England


has a deep faith, but on the advice of her doctor that she is exercising


caution in the face of a heavy cold she has had for nearly two weeks.


The Queen has been laid low and left feeling pretty miserable at the end


of another significant year in her long reign. As well as celebrating


her landmark birth date she has started to acknowledge her advancing


age and reduce her workload. Just last month she severed hurling stick


25 organisations she had been patron of for many decades -- she severed


her links with 25 organisations. As head of state she continues to deal


with the government documents she receives and she is clearly doing


all she can to get rid of a lingering cold rather than make it


worse. Peter Hunt, BBC News, Buckingham Palace.


A police hunt's underway for a hit-and-run driver who knocked


down two teenage girls in Oldham, leaving one dead and the other


12 year old Helina Kotlarova was killed when crossing with her


The two girls had been holding hands at the time.


One of her relatives described what happened.


When we went there, she was on the floor and she had


I was touching her, seeing if she was going to breathe


or something, but she couldn't breathe or nothing.


There's been delays in attending to emergency ambulance calls


across London after its computer system crashed on one


Staff in the London Ambulance control room had to log calls


using pen and paper for nearly five hours overnight.


Jon Ironmonger is at the London Ambulance Service headquarters.


A troubled start to the New Year for staff here with a direct impact on


the safety of Londoners, and for about five hours from 1230 in the


morning the computer system used by London Ambulance Service crashed and


that was because of a technical error and it forced the control room


staff to process and log the emergency calls coming in by hand,


with pen and paper. This delayed emergency response times and


treatment, and had an impact on another service, a real-time web


mapping tool which tells the control room staff where the ambulances are.


That also went down, and they had to communicate via radio communication


only. And this on one of the busiest nights of the year, tens of


thousands of partygoers were on the streets in London at the time, they


were alcohol fuelled and London and live service said it responded to


hundreds of calls. -- London Ambulance Service. They said staff


are trained to cope with these situations and prioritised the


response to patients with life-threatening conditions. An


investigation into the cause of the problem will now be carried out.


Thanks for joining us. The Archbishop of Canterbury,


Justin Welby, has urged people to use 2017 to heal divisions caused


by the EU referendum. In his new year message


recorded in Coventry, the leader of the Church of England


praised the efforts of refugees Our religious affairs correspondent


Martin Bashir has more. Surrendering to the demands


of television lighting, the Archbishop of Canterbury


prepares to deliver his New Year's Justin Welby returned to Coventry,


the city where he started A city whose wartime suffering


and forgiveness, he says, The story of this city says


so much that is true about Britain at its best,


about our courage, standing up to tyranny, how we stand alongside


the suffering and defeated, how we stand for human


dignity and hope. The Archbishop visited a drop-in


centre for refugees, people he called a blessing


to our way of life. And he drew his message to a close


by focusing on an issue that has divided so many parts


of the country. The EU referendum was a tough


campaign, and it has left division. But I know that if we look


at our roots, our history and our culture in the Christian


tradition, if we reach back into what is best in this country,


we will find a path towards reconciling the differences


that have divided us. From Coventry to Canterbury,


the Archbishop believes that looking back will only help us prepare


for the future. A very happy New Year. We have a


contrast across the UK to