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The NHS in England have denied claims from the British Red Cross,


that there's a "humanitarian crisis" in its hospitals.


Latest figures show A departments have had to shut their doors


to patients more than 140 times in December because


The Red Cross - which helps patients return home from hospital -


is calling for more government money.


But NHS England say plans are in place to cope


with additional demand, and that talk of a humanitarian


Our Health Correspondent Smitha Mundasad reports.


Winter pressure on accident and emergency - nothing new.


But the Red Cross says the strain on hospitals in England amounts


The charity claims social care cuts mean patients are being sent home


without the right support so they end up back in A


Red Cross volunteers support NHS staff and say they've seen patients


Some, who don't receive the care they need to get washed,


even some who have fallen and not been found for days.


A staff recognise the problems too.


The pressures on the NHS and especially in emergency care


are particularly intense at the moment.


But what is more concerning is the number of patients who have been


managed within four hours and then the delays to admission


into the hospital bed base which unfortunately are very,


very significant and our staff are working under some pretty


And sometimes they just can't manage.


Figures from NHS England show that overflowing A departments had


to close their doors to new patients more than 140 times


Compare that to the same month in 2015 and it's up more than 60%.


No, I think that's an overstatement at this stage.


Clearly, demand is very high and it's higher


than it has ever been, but we have the most comprehensive


plans in place that we ever had, but it is very difficult


The death of two patients on emergency trolleys


at Worcestershire Royal Hospital are being investigated.


One of them had waited 35 hours for a bed.


The Department of Health says it's providing billions more each year


Beds are actually not quite as full as they were this time last year.


But everyone in the Health Service knows things could get worse


It's emerged that the man accused of shooting dead five people


at an airport in Florida yesterday had a history of mental health


problems - some of which followed military service in Iraq.


Esteban Santiago, who's 26, was arrested after opening fire


on people in the baggage reclaim area of Fort Lauderdale airport.


Our Correspondent, Jonny Dymond, reports.


As shots rang out in Fort Lauderdale's


terminal 2, the area around the runway became the nearest thing


Some lay on the ground to protect themselves.


The gunman is believed to have brought a weapon out of his checked


He loaded, fired, reloaded, fired again, then gave himself up.


The subject is being interviewed by a team of FBI agents


and Broward Sheriff's Office homicide detectives.


In custody, a young man, Esteban Santiago.


A 26-year-old military veteran with a history


He'd served in Iraq and come back, a relative said,


He'd said the government was controlling him.


The individual did walk into our Anchorage office in November.


He came in and spoke with FBI agents at that time.


He clearly stated that he did not intend to harm anyone.


However, his erratic behaviour concerned FBI agents that


As the police locked down the airport, rumours swirled back


But it was just one gunman, a badly disturbed man with training


Talks aimed at averting a strike by London Underground


workers are being held are the conciliation service ACAS.


Members of the RMT and TSSA unions are due to walk out for


24 hours on Sunday evening, causing travel chaos for


They're in dispute with the company over staffing levels


Dozens of people have been killed in a car bomb in the northern


The bomb went off in a busy market in the rebel held town, which lies


It's a key staging post on the supply route for rebel


groups, and has been fought over by a number of factions


A mutiny by the army in Ivory Coast has spread


to the commercial capital, Abidjan.


Gunfire has been heard inside a military camp


There have also been shootings overnight in other towns.


The mutiny began early yesterday in the north of the country.


The US Department of Homeland Security says it


will increase protection of the country's voting mechanisms


It follows a report by intelligence officials accusing


Russia's President Putin of trying to boost Donald Trump's


The president-elect has described the claims


as a "political witch-hunt", and said no voting machines


But President Obama said that America's political


The Russians intended to meddle, and they've meddled.


I'll be honest with you George, one of the things I am concerned


about is the degree to which we've seen a lot of commentary lately


where there are Republicans, or pundits, or cable commentators,


who seem to have more confidence in Vladimir Putin


than fellow Americans, because those fellow


With all the sport, here's Mike Bushell


It may have come off his knee, but Wayne Rooney has equalled


Bobby Charlton's all time scoring record for Manchester United.


Goal number 249 came early in the FA Cup third round


Anthony Martial made the goal after 7 minutes,


with a stunning burst of speed into the box and a decent


cross which came off Rooney's leg and looped in.


So a big moment, 13 years after Rooney joined United and among


those giving him a standing ovation, Sir Bobby Charlton himself.


It's now 2-0 with Martial drilling in a second.


Sir Andy Murray will play world number two,


Novak Djokovic, in the final of the Qatar Open today.


Murray is on a run of 28th wins in a row, on the ATP Tour,


and another title and victory over his main rival,


would be the ideal preparation for the Australian Open,


We played at the end of last year. The ultimate goal was to find a way


to win the match. Maybe at the beginning of the year


you are focusing a little bit more on yourself, and how


you are playing, and how you want to play, moving


into the Aussie Open, rather than just solely


focusing on the outcome. The chairman of UK Anti-Doping,


David Kenworthy, says he is very disappointed by the information


given to a parliamentary select committee by cycling


chiefs last month. Sir Dave Brailsford was one


of the British Cycling and Team Sky figures who answered questions


on anti-doping, including a medical package delivered


to Sir Bradley Wiggins. Kenworthy described information


given to the Culture, Media and Sport Select


Committee as extraordinary. Britain's badminton players


were left stunned last month when UK Sport cut their funding completely


ahead of Tokyo 2020. It followed a first Olympic medal


for the sport in 12 years. In the coming weeks they will


attempt to overturn that They were superb. Winning Olympic


bronze in Rio was supposed to be the catalyst for future badminton


success. No one predicted UK sport would cut all their funding. To


receive that information was getting. It almost felt like our


medals were snatched away from us. Without any support at all from UK


sport, our programme will take a severe hit. Lots of players will


have to leave and stop playing. Badminton is the most played racket


sport in the UK, but UK Sport base their funding model on who they


think will win Olympic medals they are not sure about badminton. This


board believes they can overturn the decision in the next month. We have


a really strong case. We have players who in the last 12 months


have won Olympic medals, world tour titles, super series titles, the


biggest events in our sport where we are competing regularly and beating


the best in the world. Commonwealth champions missed out on a medal in


Rio, which could have been crucial to the UK Sport decision. The pair


have consistently mixed it with the world's elite. Something these


rising stars aim to follow. Without the UK Sport funding, it will be


virtually impossible for those that Milton Keynes at the norm to make


the jump to the Olympics. Individually we have the potential


to win medals in Tokyo. Everybody should have the opportunity to reach


their goals and dreams. I've had my time. I got to go and achieve what I


did. I feel like it's been a waste. Don't just go from support to


nothing. Give these guys a chance. Now it's almost like Mount Everest.


But we are willing to climb it. We are going to fight this until the


very end. The battle begins later this month with UK Sport insisting


they will give badminton a fair hearing and the opportunity to earn


a reprieve. An update from Old Trafford, 40 minutes gone in the FA


Cup third-round tie and it still Manchester United 2-0 Reading.


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Good afternoon. It's a benign weather story across the UK. But


it's great for most of us. This was a weather watcher's photographs sent


earlier. The dew on the grass in Cumbria. Some sunshine, this was


sent from Derbyshire, the tops of the hills. But the sunshine is


fairly limited as you can see from the satellite picture. In a


north-east of Scotland and they few glimmers across northern England.


Further south, the remnants of a weather front across Devon and