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Stars from around the world have been paying tribute


to the actor Sir John Hurt, who has died at the age of 77.


He had been suffering from pancreatic cancer.


The Hollywood actor and director Mel Brooks said he was a "truly


magnificent talent", and the author JK Rowling


called him "immensely talented and deeply beloved."


His career spanned over six decades and more than 120 films -


including the Elephant Man, Alien, and Harry Potter.


Nick Higham, looks back at his life.


John Hurt, as the deranged Roman Emperor Caligula


Well, of course I ordered no triumphs.


Do you think I'd order triumph for myself?


Yes, and you took me at my word, didn't you?


I wear rouge, I wear mascara on my eyelashes, I dye my hair,


I wear flamboyant clothes, far more outre than


He was an unusual actor, instantly recognisable,


Here, he played the notorious and flamboyant Quentin Crisp.


People said tt was a brave part to take on.


Many people said "Don't do that, you'll never work again", and so on.


And I said "But it's not about homosexuality,


it's about the tenderness of the individual,


as opposed to the cruelty of the crowd, really".


His breakthrough had come in A Man For All Seasons


in 1966, a small part in an Oscar-winning film.


He earned an Oscar nomination himself for Midnight Express,


in which he played a heroin addict in a Turkish prison.


I'm very pleased to meet you, Mr Merrick.


And another for his performance as the hideously disfigured


Like Quentin Crisp, Merrick was an outsider


Late in his career, he reached new audiences in Harry Potter.


And in a guest appearance in Doctor Who.


Why are you pointing your screwdrivers like that?


In one of his last performances, he played a dying screenwriter,


quoting lines from a famous Dylan Thomas poem.


Do not go gentle into that good night.


Old age should burn and rave at close of day.


Rage, rage against the dying of the light.


"The most sublime of actors and the most gentlemanly


of gentlemen, who touched all our lives with joy and magic".


The United Nations has urged the United States to continue


protecting refugees - regardless of their


It follows President Trump's latest executive order,


which suspends all refugee arrivals for four months and imposes tough


controls on travellers from seven Muslim countries.


Mr Trump says the order will protect the country from Islamic terrorism.


From Beirut, Alex Forsyth sent this report.


Protection of the nation from foreign terrorists' entry...


With a flourish of his pen, another sweeping change, a halt on visas


from seven mainly Muslim countries, entering the US, to stop, says


I'm establishing new measures to keep radical Islamic terrorists out


On social media, reports of people being stopped at airports.


In Doha, claims Iranians with immigrant visas were


In Qatar, the father of a former LA Times


employee in Iraq reportedly turned back by US officials, what it means


But for the Syrian refugees who fled war,


They are now indefinitely banned


refugees are suspended for four months.


Like Navine, not her real name, a transgender woman who fled Iraq,


persecuted for her sexuality, now living in Lebanon.


Sh was accepted for resettlement in America.


TRANSLATION: The moment I heard the news, my dreams were shattered.


My parents want to kill me, I'm terrified they'll find out where I


I hoped I would feel safe in the US, that I'd


finally be able to sleep in a country where I have rights,


This order will not just affect tens of thousands of refugees,


but many across the Middle East who travel to the US


Google has recalled its staff, saying it's worried


For some, rather than improve security, this will


only leave Muslim communities more isolated.


Theresa May has arrived in Ankara, where she is holding talks on trade


with Turkey wants Britain leaves the EU. They are expected to hold a news


conference within the hour. Our correspondent Mark


Lowen is in Istanbul. What are they hoping to achieve from


this visit? Top of the agenda is trade, as you say. Post-Brexit


Britain keen to strike up a strong bilateral trade agreement with


another country on the cusp of the EU. They also want closer


co-operation on security. Both countries are involved in the


coalition against so-called Islamic date. Both are Nato members and


Turkey is of course Europe's eastern flank, so Britain is keen to have a


strong European border in Turkey to keep terror threats out of Europe.


But Theresa May will also be keen to try to tame Turkey somewhat. This is


a country that has moved rather away from Europe in recent years, more


towards Russia. She will have been keen to raise human rights issues,


facing pressure to raise those issues, like the fact that 140,000


people have been arrested, dismissed or suspended here since the failed


coup last year. Turkey is the world's biggest jailer of


journalists. As for Recep Tayyip Erdogan, despite the bluster against


Western governments that he frequently comes out with, he is


keen to keep up relations with Europe even though the hopes of


Turkey joining the EU look slimmer than ever. So two controversial


presidents, Donald Trump and Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Theresa May will


emerge from these two days better versed in delicate diplomacy than


ever. Mark, thank you. Diesel drivers in parts of central


London will be charged an extra 50% to park from the


beginning of April. Westminster City Council will trial


the price rise as part of a pilot project aimed at cutting high levels


of air pollution. Poor air quality is linked


to the early deaths of around 40,000 With all the sport,


here's Mike Bushell Good afternoon - now, we're


about to tell you about the women's If you're waiting for the highlights


which follow this bulletin at 1.15, please look away, close your ears,


leave the room. Right, Serena Williams has broken


the record for Grand Slam victories in the modern era after winning


the Australian Open It was the first final


between her and her sister Venus and Serena Williams, bringing


true meaning to the term sibling rivalry for 20 years. This was a


throwback final between two women who know each other inside out. That


was clearly the case in the first set, with five breaks of serve. And


while Venus, in her first Grand Slam final for eight years, was always


chasing her little sister, she gave as good as she got. Her problem was


that Serena, despite the odd mishap, found that bit extra when it


mattered most. The fifth of those five breaks going her way, once


overhead, and the second was equally close, venous edging ahead on serve


this time, only for Serena to match her with some brawn and brilliance,


both of those evident for the crucial break. What a window that


was. It allowed Serena to serve for the match, which she achieved. And


with it, and open era record, 23 grand slams now, surpassing Steffi


Graf, a seventh Australian title, the world number one spot and all


against her sister. Sibling rivalry? Most definitely. Sibling love, even


more so. Tim Hague, BBC News. It's a great number. I know she would like


to have a little more. It was a great moment. I am very happy that


she has been able to get to number 23, because there are 22 ahead of


that that she also earned, and she earned it.


The day's FA Cup action is under way.


Liverpool are taking on Wolves in the fourth


It was an incredible start for the Championship side,


Richard Stearman scoring after just 51 seconds.


And it was very nearly 2-0 not long afterwards,


Liverpool have won only one of seven matches so far in 2017.


Wolves have already knocked out Premier League


The biggest giant killers from the last round,


non-league Lincoln City, are hoping home advantage will help


them cause another big upset this afternoon.


Their manager Danny Cowley says beating Ipswich


off the Championship in round three was like climbing


a mountain, and so thinks today's match against the leaders


of the Championship, Brighton, is like trying to get to the moon.


Rangers can go back to second in the Scottish Premiership this


afternoon - a win at Motherwell will take them above Aberdeen again


- but they're down to 10 men after Michael O'Halloran was sent


But now there has been a red card for Motherwell as well.


Whatever happens in this game, leaders Celtic won't be troubled -


That is the second sending-off. A feisty match so far.


Tiger Woods told reporters he was "rusty" after missing


the cut in his first competitive tournament for 18 months.


He managed a par round, but he was always in peril


He said he needed to get more rounds under his belt -


England's Olympic champion Justin Rose still leads -


he's a shot clear of the field on eight-under-par.


And I can tell you that upset at Anfield could well and truly be on


now, because it is Liverpool zero, Wolves two. That is the sport.


You can see more on all of today's stories on the BBC News Channel.


We are seeing quite a change in our weather patterns. It has been a


week, of course, where the UK has been stuck in the deep freeze. We


have had some sharp frosts and disruptive for, but the weather is


changing now.


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