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The Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn, has called on President Trump's


state visit to the UK to be cancelled amid a global outcry


against his ban on refugees and citizens from several Muslim


The Prime Minister is facing criticism for not condemning


the controversial US ban more quickly, but has now said action


will be taken if British nationals are affected.


Overnight, a US court ruled to stop deportations of those affected -


we'll have more on that in a moment, but first our political


correspondent Susanna Mendonca reports on growing row.


correspondent Susanna Mendonca reports on the growing row.


Protests have spread across America's airports


ever since Donald Trump's travel ban came into force.


At the time, Theresa May was in Turkey for trade talks,


where she failed to criticise the ban, when asked


Well, the United States is responsible for the


The United Kingdom is responsible for the United Kingdom's


Hours after landing back in Britain, Number Ten issued a


statement, insisting the Prime Minister did not agree with this


It added that if there is any impact on UK nationals, then clearly,


"We will make representations to the US Government."


The British Olympic champion Sir Mo Farah is worried he could be


one of those affected, as he was born in Somalia and lives


He described the US policy as coming from a place of ignorance


and prejudice and one of Theresa May's very own MPs,


who was born in Iraq, has been told he would be affected.


How does it make you feel that Donald Trump doesn't want


Gosh, I don't think I've felt discriminated against,


probably since little school when kids were very cruel,


as a young boy coming from Iraq or Kurdish origin.


For the first time in my life, last night, I felt discriminated against,


The Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson, has now


criticised the travel ban on seven merely Muslim countries


and wrong and a petition calling for Donald Trump not to be invited


for a state visit to the UK has picked up pace, gaining enough


signatures to be considered for a debate in Parliament.


I'm not happy with him coming here until that ban


Because, look at what is happening with those countries,


effect of this on the rest of the world?


But Ukip's Nigel Farage has defended the US President.


He said Mr Trump agreed with democracy and was doing


what the voters who backed him wanted him to do.


He was elected to say he would do everything


America from infiltration by Isis terrorists.


Now, you know, there are seven countries on that list.


In America, the opposition continues, with families being kept


For the British Government, it's perhaps a sign of the challenges


ahead of trying to maintain a special relationship


with a president who has some very different views to the UK.


This morning, President Trump stood by his decision


He tweeted that America needed strong borders and extreme


His comments come after chaos at airports yesterday


when travellers with legal visas were turned away,


Outside this New York courthouse, they chanted,


They were waiting for these lawyers to emerge after fighting for two


Iraqi men held on arrival into the US despite


It's a case which challenges President Trump's authority.


The judge, in a nutshell, saw through what the Government


was doing and gave us what we wanted, which was to block


the Trump order and not allow the Government to remove anybody


who has come and is caught up in the order nationwide,


The ruling will be reviewed next month and there's no direct


directive about what should happen now to the dozens


detained at airports across the country.


At Chicago's O'Hare Airport, the authorities released 17


migrants they have detained, but for them and thousands


of others, the freedom to come and go from the US freely


And that's a concern for major US companies which have brought


in talent from the seven countries hit by the order.


Google says more than 100 of its employees have been affected


and it is trying to bring back those travelling abroad.


Donald Trump, though, is holding firm.


In a tweet this morning, he said, "Our country needs strong borders


Look what's happening all over Europe and indeed


And he got tweeted support from the leader of the Dutch freedom


"It's the only way to stay safe and free."


But the countries included in the Trump order are reeling.


Iran's Foreign Minister asked the Swiss ambassador


to convey a message that it was against human


And in Iraq, an American ally, there is confusion.


This Kurdish family was prevented from boarding


If someone says it and it's effective immediately,


It's just like Saddam Hussein's decisions!


President Trump seemed very confident about this policy


when he signed it yesterday, but the ink is barely dry and it's


already causing a furious debate in America and around the world.


The Northern Ireland Secretary has criticised the way


inquiries are being conducted into the Troubles.


James Brokenshire said the current re-investigations into the conflict


were disproportionately focused on the police and the army.


A number of former soldiers are facing prosecution for deaths


Jeremy Corbyn has warned his Shadow Cabinet that it will be


impossible for them to keep their jobs if they vote


against triggering the start of the Brexit process.


The Labour leader has ordered his party's MPs


to support the bill when it reaches the Commons.


Two of his front bench have already resigned over the issue.


Living standards are set to fall this year, according to a report


The Resolution Foundation said the UK had experienced a "mini-boom"


from 2014 to the beginning of last year.


But it predicts rising prices and stagnating wages would now put


Our Business Correspondent Joe Lynam reports.


It may not feel like it for some of us, but we've enjoyed


a mini-boom in living standards over the past two-and-a-half years.


That's thanks to low inflation, low interest rates and growing


employment levels, but that's set to end, according to a think-tank.


The Resolution Foundation's annual living standards audit


says the weaker pound will reduce our spending power,


especially among low earners, and employers won't be able


to increase wages as fast, while employment levels will slow


There's things the Government can do.


But they can't deal with inflation, the Government, but they can deal


with trying to get even more people into work and obviously


if the Chancellor solves some problems around productivity,


The Government said that the UK, under Theresa May had the fastest


growing economy in the G7 and it was determined to build


an economy that worked for all, but the Government's


own official forecaster expects the economy to weaken somewhat this


year and that could leave many of us a little bit poorer.


Polls have opened in France where the socialist party


is choosing its candidate for April's presidential election.


Manuel Valls, a former Prime Minister,


The party faces a tough battle from France's right wing.


At 35 years old, and five years after his last Grand Slam victory,


Roger Federer has triumphed at the Australian Open


He was up against his old adversary, Rafa Nadal.


It's the Swiss player's 18th Major trophy,


but as Tim Hague reports, it didn't come without a battle.


Roger Federer and Rafa Nadal, a match-up made in tennis heaven


and a final no one could have predicted, yet everyone


And this, with 31 majors between them, lived up to expectations.


Back and forth, like two prized fighters.


Federer struck the first blow, but Nadal, like his opponent,


Relentless and ruthless in equal measure, and this match was level.


The 17-time grand slam champion produced some scintillating


stuff in the third set, taking on Nadal and


In the bullring and taking the set by the horns.


It meant we inevitably went to a fifth and final decider.


There were so many break points, three of them executed,


An 18th grand slam title for a 35-year-old many


After this, it would be hard to disagree.


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